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1910 Census Index St Lawrence County New York



This is an index of all persons in the 1910 census of St Lawrence County.  It is under construction. It is organized in two parts: The alphabetical index will allow you to find your ancestor’s name and provide a link to the page on which s/he is listed.  The town pages will list the people as they appear in the census, in natural order in the census.  Each section provides the names and ages of those listed.  You can then use this information to figure out which films you need to order in order to find the full census listing. 


Towns indexed to date:

Gouverneur (ED 125)

In progress

Gouverneur (Ed 126)


Some notes, caveats and disclaimers: 

1. I have started with the towns in which the folks I am searching for lived.  I will branch out to others, but I figured that since I was going through this census page by page looking for ancestors, I might as well also help other people. If you would like to help me index the towns you are interested in, let me know.


2. The handwriting and spelling in these censuses are sometimes hard to read. Please search for all possible spellings of last names and first names.  In Gouverneur, for example, one enumerator repeatedly spelled all women whose names were “Margaret  as “Marguerite”.  Now, since I am sure there may have been a Marguerite or two in town, I didn’t feel right simply changing it.  This same enumerator left beginning “e’s” off of names like Eunice and Eugene, so they are seen as Unice and Ugene.  Since I made a general policy of copying names verbatim, or as close to it as possible, I left these spellings.


3.  I have coded illegible names to help you figure them out.  If I can make out a few letters, I fill in the blanks with astericks (***) for as many letters as I think are there, for example Ja**v*s If I think I figured out the name, but am not certain, I listed it as follows: Jarvis? If I am totally stumped, I write illegible or simply ?. It behooves you, therefore, to go through the complete alphabetic index.


4. I based my spellings on my familiarity with St Lawrence County names from my research, from living there for a couple of years, and when I am really stumped, consultation with my husband, who is a native.  If you find that I have totally messed up a name, please drop me a line and I will check with the original source and make the appropriate corrections.


5. Any questions or comment? Please contact me



Okay!  Enough with the nattering on, already, let’s get to the data!  Enjoy and good luck!

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