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Within in these pages you will find the names Enoch Stilson 1736, son of Moses & Mary; John Stilson 1742, son of Moses & Mary; Riveruis Stilson 1744, son of Moses & Mary; Nathan Stilson 1746, son of Moses & Mary (he is mine); Philo Stilson 1754, son of Moses & Mary; Andrew Stilson 1744, son of James & Joanna; James Stilson 1714, a son of James & Hannah; Annah Stilson 1710, daughter of James & Hannah; Bailey Stilson 1741, son of David & Rebbeca; Jeremiah Stilson 1748, son of David & Rebbeca; Samuel Stilson 1720's, son of Samuel & Susannah. The stilson/stillson bk continued, by Christie Stilson, on line by Margaret Stilson

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(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Enoch 4)

IV. ENOCH STILSON, son of Moses and Mary (Beers) Stilson, was born at Newtown, Conn., April 27, 1736. He had an older brother Moses, who died in 1837, aged 5, and a younger sister, Anah, who died only a few days after Moses. So Enoch was the oldest surviving child. He married October 31, 1754, his cousin, Freelove Stilson, daughter of Benjamin and Mehitable (Fenn) Stilson. Enoch died about 1776, before the death of his father, Moses, in 1777, Truman, his son, was named guardian for his brother, Beers.

Enoch Stilson resided at New Milford, and a record at the Town Clerk's Office, New Milford, names his heirs at Truman Stilson, Beers Stilson, Lois stilson, Mary Norton, Rouland Norton, Mercy Brownson, Augustine Brownson, and Mehitable Stilson. At the distribution of his father's estate, August 19, 1779, the amount for Enoch's heirs was L 197, 10s, 5d. Only Moses' widow received a larger portion.


1. Mary, b. Feb. 7, 1755, married ---- Norton.

2. Truman, b. May 4, 1757, in Litchfield Co., Conn. m. ______ Lum on May 10, 1784. See Generation V.

3. Beers, about 1762. Moved to Vermont.See Generation V.

4. Mercy, b. ___ m. Austin Brownson

5. Mehitable, b. unknown.

6. Lois

(At New Milford 1790 is the recorded marriage of --- Stilson, and Austin Brownson, possibly the Mercy Stilson listed above.)

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(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; John 4)

IV. JOHN STILSON, sixth child and third son of Moses and Mary (Beers) Stilson, was born at Newtown, October 16, 1742, and married August 11, 1763 in New Fairfield, CT to Hannah Trowbridge. (New Milford Records) Hannah was born at Stratford in 1741 and died March 25, 1795 at age fifty four. Hannah's ancestral ine is: Thomas Trowbridge 1; William 2; Samuel 3; Samuel 4; Records of Agnes Stillson show John having the middle name of Moses.

John Stilson was a revolutionary soldier, He died March 25 or 29, 1821.


1. John, d.y.

2. Sarah, b. March 20, 1764 in New Mildford, CT, died 1769

3. John, b. May 2, 1771 in New Milford, Ct, d. April 1, 1831; m. 1794 Rachel Bostwick. See Generation V.

4. BILLY, B. AUGUST 8, 1773 IN New Milford, ct,. D. 1777

5. Samuel Trowbridge, b. August 2, 1775 in New Milford, CT, d. Septemer 1775

6. Thalia, Feb. 11, 1777, m. October 20, 1799 Nathaniel Taylor

7. Dorcas, April13, 1780, d. February 15, 1814; m. Daniel Hine, son of Daniel and Lydia (Beecher) Hine. b. 1779. Dorcas and Daniel Hine had three children: dorcas, Thalia (k.y.) Laura Hine. Dorcas (Stilson) Hine died in 1814, and Daniel m. (2nd) Luch Chanberlain, widow of EphraimBuckingham, by whom he had four more children.

(1790 Census records lists a John Stilson in New Milford Town, Litchfield, County, Ct. Records show his family consisted of two free white males of 16 years or older, and three free white females including heads of families. this wuld match with his three hildren Dorcas, thalia, and John that would have been alive in 1790. There isone other John, the son of Vincent, b. 1755 which would also be the correct age for this census reporting.)



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Riverius 4)

IV. RIVERUIS STILSON, born July 26, 1744, New Milford, Litchfield County, Conn. son of Moses and Mary (Beers) Stilson, died in 1802. His occupation was a farmer. He married August 6, 1767 to Anna Baldwin, daughter of deacon Israel Baldwin and Jerusha Beecher. His will was proved March 12, 1802 and estate was distributed December 29, 1802. In it he names his wife "Anne", five daughters and one son. He resided in New Milford.


1. A son was the firs May 18, 1768, d. December 30, 1768

2. Polly, b. March 17, 1770. d. June 24, 1853. m. John Turrill. She was the second wife of John Turrill (son of Caleb & Abigail (Bassett) Turrill. His first wife was Elizabeth Buck. He had been a revolutionary soldier, and died in 1829. He m. Polly Stilson Oct. 13, 1819. Widow Polly Turrill m (2nd) --- Stilson. A Polly Stilson is listed in the 1810 N.Y. Census for Cayuga County. (Other Stilson listed in Cayuga County at this time include Lara (man or woman?), Abner, Andrew and Zenus (Zenas). Zenas and Abner were both sons of Andrew.

3.Anne (Anna), b. February 9, 1772, married Stephen Hine. Anne, or Anna Stilson was the second wife of Rev. Stephen Hine, b. 1754, sonof Stephen and Elizabeth (Carrington) Hine. The first wife was Naomi Peck b. 1758, d. 1818, m. in 1782, by whom he had 5 children. He m. (2nd) Anna Stilson and he dien in 1833. Anne (Anna) d. October 3, 1851.

4. Tamar. b. August 23, 1774, d. September 6, 1777

5. Nicanor, b. May 3, 1776, m. Lucy Hine.See Generation V.

6. Tamar, March 11, 1778, m. David Morey

7. Urania, b. Sept. 4, 1781, m. Elihu Marsh on November 25, 1799.

8. Aurelia, b. May 23, 1783, m. Noah Ingersoll Hill. She was b. at New Milford on May 23, 1783 and died 1862. She married Noah Ingersoll Hill (1785-1820) son of Solomon Hill. Ch. (surname Hill) were: Albert Sylvester Hill Solomon Baldwin Hill, Silas H. Hill, Noah Hill and Horace Hill. Ref: "Leading Citizens of Litchfield Couny, Conn.," by Biog. Record. Publ. Co., 1895, and "History of New Milford and Bridgewater, Conn.," By Orcutt, 1882.

(1790 Census records list a Revinus Stilson, which is no doubt Riverius and the letters "ri" resembled an "n". Ther record is for New Milford Town, Litchfield County,Connecticut and tates that his household contained one free white male age 16 years or older, incluin head of household, one free while male under 16 years, and six free white females including head of family.)



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Nathan 4)

IV. NATHAN STILSON, born at Milford, October 14, 1746, son of Moses and Mary (Beers) Stilson, m. January 29, 1771 in New Milford to Elizabeth Stevens born July 17, 1752, died July 26, 1820. Nathan died May 32, 1826.

The wife of Nathan Stilson is given eroneously in some records as Elizabeth Stewart. From Stephens-Stevens Genealogy (1909) Lineage of Henry Stephens or Stevens of Stonington, Conn, 1668, by Plowden Stevens, we have that Elizabeth Stevens, born July 17, 1752 at Stonington Conn., married January 29, 1771 Nathan stilson. She was the sixth child of Simeon and mercy (Cotts or Coates) Stevens, granddaughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Fellows) Stevens and great granddaughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Gallup) Stevens of Stonington. Records of Agnes Stllson show her death year as 1820.

(NOTE: Another history shows the wife of Nathan as Elizabeth Stewart says that she was b. July 13, 1751 and was the daughter of James Stewart and Keziah Scofield.)

1790 Census records lists Nathan Stilson. The record is for New Milford Town, Litchfield County, Connecticut and states that his househould contained two free white males age 16 years or older, including head of household, three free white males under 16 years, and three free white females including head of family.


1. Cyrenus, b. December 25, 1771, in New Milford d. December 28, 1845, in New York, m. Sarah Baldwin b. January 10, 1769, d. March 31, 1844. See Generation V.

2. Moses, b. 1774, d. 1859: m. Charlotte Foster.See Generation V.

3. Sally, b. April 15, 1776, d. April 8, 1841 m. Zadock Noble b. 1772, son of Zadock and Freelove (Bibble) Nobel, d. 1826 at Franklin, New York, where they moved in 1796. There were eight children with Noble surname: Frederick Noble, Henry Noble, Elizabeth Noble, Sally Noble, William Stilson Noble, Susan Noble, Charles Noble, and Albert Noble. Ref: Orcutt's History of New Milford.See Generation V.

4. Lucinda, b. November 4, 1779, d. March 4, 1861, m. Ammopn Bostwick, and lived in West Meredith, N.Y. Lucinda and Ammon Bostwick had one son Milton Bostwick b. March 4, 1808 in Meredith, Delaware County, N.Y. He married Jane E. Smith and they had three children. a) Ammon who married Anise Yendes of Hamden, b.)Jennie A. who m. Daniel Munn of Croton, and c.)Robert G. who m. Della Hine.

Source: "1797 - The History of Delaware County, New Yourk with illustrations, Biographical Sketches and portraitsof some Pioneers and Prominent Residents: which was published in 1880 by W. W. Munsell & Co. lists the ackground of ammon's son, Milton Bostwick. Ammon Bostwick is reported to be a native of Newtown, connecticut and a farmer by occupation. The Bostwick family is of English and Scotch descent. Ammon settled in the twon of Meredith in 1794, buying a large tract in the central part of the town, which he improved,


then sold it and located int he town of Franklin where he resided until his death. Jabez Bostwick, a brother of Ammon, was sheriff of the ocunty two terms, and county judge a long term of years. Ammon's son Milton was born on the family farm, received his education at the common schools and Delaware Academy and at the age of thiry three years married Jane E. Smith, "a residen t fo the town and a woman of much intelligence, who was for a time a teacher in Steuben County, New York. They had three children.

5. William.b. September 23, 1783, d. 1862, m. Affa WardSee Generation V.

6. Nathan, b. March 24, 1785, d. March 15, 1858, m. Sophia Ford and moved to West Meredith N.Y.See Generation V.

The History of Delaware County, N.., 1797-1880, published by W. W. Munsell & Co. in 1880 shares some interesting biographical sketches of the founders of the town of Meredith:

The early settlers in the west end of the town were: Joseph Bramhall, who came to the new country in 1878, Capt. Amos Bristol, who settled in 1790; Clark Lawrence in 1791, and Moses and Nathan Stilson and Nathaniel Stewart, who settled at the same time on a thousand-acre tract. Next in order and during the year 1793, Caleb Stron, Oliver Dutton, Daniel North, Daniel Bostwick and Truman Stilson entered the new settlement. Nathan Stilson was a zealous member of the Baptist church and, though not an ordained minister, soon commenced holding meetings in private houses and in the first school house erected, which was so sarranged as to serve the double purpose of a school rooma nd meeting house.... The earliest church on record was founded by the efforts of Nathan stilson early in the present (19th) centruy. The building was located near the cemetery, and prior to its erection, the first settled pastor, Elder Kingsley, preached in the school house and taught school in the same building. After the death of the elder Stilson, Nathan Stilson Jr., was a prominent supporter of its interests, contributing a large share of the pastor's salary, and leaving a considerable sum to be paid annually for a term of years. Among the church deacons was Cyrenus Stilson.



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Philo 4)

IV. PHILO STILSON, tenth child, sixth son of Moses and Mary (Beers) Stilson, was born in 1754 at Newtown, and died December 12, 1787. He married November 12, 1778, Mary Bennett, daughter of Deacon Benjamin Bennett. She married her second husband, on July 25, 1790, Jairus or Zairus, Breen. Mary Stilson, the widow, administered Philo's estate, being appointed administrator April 19, 1788. Only two children are mentioned int he distribution of the estate, and these two are called "only heirs at law of Philo Stilson, late of New Milford," in division of his fathers estate in 1804, (No. 2470, in 1804, and No. 2472, Estte Records of New Milford.) In old records, Philo is sometimes spelled "Filo".

Agnes Stillson reports that Mary Bennett was b. in 1754 and d. in 1800.


1. Anah (or Anna?), b. May 20, 1781, d. 1865; married November 9, 1805, Cyrenus Ruggles, b. 1777, d. 1832. They had 12 Children, and resided in Newburg, a suburb of Cleveland Ohio.

2. Philo, Jr., b. February 26, 1787 d. May 3, 1865; married Hannah Hoyt, at New Milford,See Generation V.



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; James 3; Andrew 4)

IV. ANDREW STILSON, son of James and Joanna (Wheeler) Stilson, born April 1, 1744 (old styel 1745), at Newtown, Conn., married onApril 28, 1768, Elizabeth (Betty) Foote, born 1747. They lived at Newtown and for awhile in Vermont, but Andrew's deaths is recorded at Newtown as of February 8, 1831, "age 88" and Betty's death at Newtown March 29, 1850. There is a record of another Elizabeth (Foote) Stilson dying at Weybridge, VT, April 13, 1789, which was the year given as birth year of Andrew's youngest daughter Elizabeth.

NOTE: the date of death of March 1850 is no doubt incorrect. That would have made her 103 years of age, and not realistic. It is more likely that the correct date is April 13, 1789 and this information was reconfirmed in a Stilson manuscript owned by C. Herbert King. This would also meant the she died 8 days after the birth of her daughter Elizabeth.

Children of Andrew and Elizabeth (Foote) Stilson:

1. Anna, b. May 12, 1769, d. February 14, 1833 per the Stilson manuscript, however, the Stephen Hart Genealogy at Indiana State lists her death as 1823. Eli Stilson bible lists Feb. 14, 1823.m. Eldad ( or Eldred?) Spencer, b. about 1770, at Woodbury. They evidently moved first to Vermont, then to New York, and Anna died at Riga, Cayuga Co., New Youk between 1820 and 1830. Her Children were:

     a. Eldad Spencer, m. Anna____ and had James Spencer, Joanna Spencer and Abner Stilson Spencer among his children.

     b. James Stilson Spencer, b. 1797, m. 1821, at Wheatland, Monroe Co., N.Y., to Ann Forbes.

     c. Anne, M. Jacob Dancer

     d. Laban

     e. Betsy

     f. Joan ( Joanna?)

     g. Ora

Some of this family settled later in Lodi Twp., Washten Co., Michigan. In the Sylvan Cemetery is buried a Stilson Abner Spencer.

2. James, b. August 7, 1771 in Newtown,Fairfied, Conn.,m. Polly Lacy or Lacey. Estae papers on file at Cayua Co. Court House in Auburn, N.Y. lists five children fromthis marriage: Sally, Charles, James, Caroline and William. James d. December 23, 1809 in Scipio,Cayuga, N.> See Generaton V.


3. Eli, b. October 28, 1773 in Newtown, Conn., d. per Stilson manuscript on April 20, 1818, in Hart Genealogy lists date as April 28, 1810. m. Annie Burret or Barritt. Eli Stilson's family bible lists April 20. A Zenus Stilson is listedin the 1810 Census for the state of New York inCayuga County. A bill mortality record 823-815 Vital Records of Newtown, page 127, List the death of a "child" of Zenas Stilson on February 12, 1803. There is the death of an Anna Brisco, ?wife of Zenas, April 4, 1803.

5. Abner, b. May 30, 1778 in Newtown, Fairfield, Conn., d. 1844 in Elkhart, Indiana m. Polly Standcliff about 1799, b. November 30, 1781 Woodbury, CT., d. about 1836 (in 1844 per Eli Stilson's family bible) in Elkhart, Indiana. See Generation V.

6. Sylvanus, b. December 24, 1781 listed in Stilson mss., Hart genealogy gives date as December 4, 1781, Elis Stilson's bible lists December 4th. d. October 9, 1792, and was killed from a falling tree.

7. Joanna, b. February 25 or 26, 1783 in Newtown, Fairfield, Conn. m. December 24, 1801 to David Wooster who was bapt. June 14, 1778, son of Joseph and Hannah (Woodruff) Wooster, of Oxford, Conn. (Ref. Vol. 75, page 186, N. England G & H Register. Joanna d. November 1, 1808 in Newtown.

8. Zerah, b. April 5, 1789 in Cornwall, Addison, Vermont, m. David Hall.

it appears that ther was possibly a second marriageof Andrew Stilson to Elizabeth (Deck?) and that his union resultedin the birth of three additional children:

10)Nancy (recordsof Agnes Stillson list birth as 1795)

11)Sylvanus b. July 19, 1798 in Newtown Ct. and d. August 22, 1880 i Jefferson OH. Burial is at Jefferson OH, Oakdale Cemetery. m. Susannah Simmons about 1818/1819 in Cayuga Co. N.Y. See Generation V.

12) Andrew, b. about 1801, CT., d. 1883 Cayuga Co., N.Y. m. Rebecca Sharp. Children (from porbate records) include Mary J. m. Franklin Brown, Sarah m. ____ Meeds, Jerome B. (relationship unclear, could have been brother), Betsey, Jane, William Henry, and other children that probably preceded their father in death and were not listed in the will - Sylvanus d. 1849 at age 19 years and Jackson who was 20 years old in 1850. (See Unplaced Stilson for Jackson Stilson census information.)


An Andrew Stilson is listed as a resident in Cayuga County, New York in the 1810 Census. This is probably the Andrw, father of Andrew, b. in 1744 as Andrew b. about 1801 would not have been old enough to be counted. An Andrew Stilson is alos listed as a resident of Reading Steuben County, New Yourk in the New York 1820 census. In the 1830 New York census it shows an Andrew Stilson residing inSpringport, Cayuga County, New York. Ther 1840 New York census does not list any Andrew Stilson.

Records of Andrew Stilson - Elizabeth family listed previously is from Cayuga Co. Court House, Auburn, N.Y. Much of this information was provided by Susan Nahas of Bellingham WAshington. Her sources include the Stilson family manuscript owned by C. Herbert King, the Stephen hart genealogy at the Indiana State Library and estate and legal documents on file at Cayuga co., Court House in Auburn, N.Y.



(Vincent 1; James 2; James 3; James 4)

IV. JAMES STILSON, only son of James and Hannah (Odiorne) Stilson, was baptized at Newcastle,New Hampshier, in 1714. He married about 1738 to Mary True, b. abt. 1717, daughter of Joseph and Kezie (Hubbard) True. This James Stilson was a sea captain, and is usually referred to as "Captain James." Captain James, born 1714, was a sea-captain in command of the schooner Hampton, and probably owner of the schooner, "Charming Molly."

He owned land and shop and house on Spring Hill in Portsmouth. This is where he sold goods purchased on his voyages. About the year 1771 he moved to New Durham. He died there in 1789. After his death his wife went to Conway to live near her daughter Sarah. She died at Greenland, N.H. in 1795 at age 78. Their children were all baptized at the South Church, Portsmouth, N.H.


1. Mary, bapt. May 27, 1739; d. May 21, 1828 aged 90 years; married 1757 Capt.Tobias Lear, who was the son of Tobias and Elizabeth (Hall) Lear, of Portsmouth and grandson of Tobias Lear, of New Castle and his first wife Hannah Weeks. Mary Stilson is the "Mrs. Lear" upon whom Washington called when he visited Portsmouth. She had the following children:

     a. Mary Lear, bpt. December 30, 1759; m. April 22, 1781 to Samuel Storer

     b. Tobias Lear (Col.) 1762, m. (1st) 1790 Polly Long, who d. at the home of General Washington in Philadelphia in 1805; m. (2nd) Fanny Washington, niece to George Washington. Col. Lear was secretary to President Washington in 1780.

2. Comfort, bapt. November 16, 1740, m. January 9, 1759, Nathaniel Treadwell and had the following Children:

     a. Hanah Treadwell, Jan 24, 1762 m. Robert Leattson

     b. James Treadwell

     c. John Treadwell, bapt. 1765, d. before age 21

3."A Child" - b. March 21, 1741-2. May have been James who d. without issue.

4. William, b. 1743, m. December 23, 1772, Sarah, Daughter of Dr. Francis and Mary (Carr) Roberts, b. June 2, 1750 and had six children. See Generation V.

5. Martha, baptized July 7, 1745, d. November 1791; m. (1st) December 1, 1763, Stephen Parson who d. 1769; m (2nd) 1770, Capt. Timothy Mountford who was b. about 1731, d. April 26, 1799, aged 68 years, at Portsmouth. He was a sea captain and master of the Snow Fair Quaker, sailing to theWest Indies in 1766. In 1788 he was Master of the schooner Role.


NOTE: The Bertha Taft Keith volum had confused Martha's death with her daughter,a lso Martha, and showed Thomas Dearing as the third husband of Martha rather than the husband of her daughter Martha.

Children of Martha and Timothy Mountford:

     a. Timothy Mountford, b. April 26, 1772

     b. James Mountford, b. Nov. 8, 1773, d.y.

     c. Polly Chadburne (?Mountford), b. Nov. 15, 1776, m. Capt. Joseph Smith.

     d. Child d. 1784 at age 9 months

     e. Martha Mountford m. April 10, 1796 to Thomas Dearing, d. suddenly Oct. 22, 1800.

6. Anne, bapt. July 14, 1751, d.y.

7. Sarah, baptized June 30, 1754, m. Rev. Nathaniel Porter of Topsfield, Mass., New Durham and Conway, N.H. Had nine children: Nathaniel Porter, Tobias Lear Porter, Sally Porter b. about 1776, Mary Porter b. about 1781, Patty Mumfort Porter b. 1786, Nabby Porter b. 1788, John Porter b. 1794, Daniel T. Porter b. 1798 and Stephen Porter b. 1800.

8. John September 28, 1756, d.y., before 1758

9. John, again, Bapt. July 18, 1758, d.y.

10. Lettie or Lettice (marriage records list Lettuce) Stilson, bapt. March 28, 1762, m. Oct. 7, 1779, Zebulon Durgin esqu. of New Durham, b. 1754. They had nine children Mary b. November 22, 1781, d. Oct 1784; Susannah b. April 23, 1783, d. October 13, 1810 she m. William Cogan and had two daughters; Lettie b. August 26, 1786, m. 1806 to Winthrup Bickford; Joseph b. Sept. 3, 1789 and m. Sept 19, 1813 to Martha M. Porter; Marbha b. February 2, 1792 m. about 1816 to James Porter of Conway; Elizabeth b. December 7, 1793 who m. Sauel Neal of Durham, N.H.; Ezra b. 1796 Sept 15 1796 who m Temperance Nutter of Rocheser, N.H.; Eenezer b. 1799; Charles b. 1801.



(Vincent 1; James 2; James 3; Anna 4)

IV. ANNA STILSON, daughter of James and Hannah (Odiorne) Stilson was born at New Castle, about 1710, married Captain Abrahim Trefethen. Children: Abrahm Trefethen of New Castle m. Temperance Trefethen and had five children; Capt. William Trefethen m Lucretia and had six children; Anna Trefethen m May 19, 1766 at Greenland, N.H. to William Seavey of Rye, M.H. and had six children; Hanna Trefethen, d. about 1800, m. Archelaus Fernald of Kittery had five children. (Phyllis Butler reports Anna was "of Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hamshire."> Captain Abraham Trefethern was born about 1708 and referred to as "of Newcastle, Rockingham, New Hampshire. His parents were Henry Trefethern and Mary Robinson.


1. Abrahm Trefethern (Captain) b. about 1738 " of New Castle, Rockingham, N.H." m. Temperance Underwood September 13, 1760.

2. William Trefethern (Captain) who m. Lucretia ___________.

3. Anna Trefethern b. 1748 " of Greeland, Rockingham, New Hampshire, d. November 17, 1826 in Rye, Rockingham, N.H. m. William Seavey (Lt.) on May 19, 1766 in Greenland, Rockingham, New Hampshire. (Town records of Greenland, N.H. & History of Rye, N.H. by Parsons.) They had eleven children. The third child was:

     Anna Seavey b. April 7, 1722 in Rye,Rockingham, N.H., d. March 28, 1852 in Dunadaff, PA. m. Levi Dearborn b.February 11, 1759 in North Hampton, N.H., d. April 26, 1857 in Great Bend, PA.

          Eliza Jame Angeline Dearborn b. September 13, 1814 in New Castle, N.H., d. August 24, 1893 in Willard, Box Elder, UT. m. Lawrence Alonzo Chamberlain on August 12, 1850 inDundaff, PA. Lawrence was b. July 2, 1816, d. June 28, 1901 in Willard Box, UT.

               William Alonzo Chamberlain b. May 12, 1852, Great Bend, PA. d. December 18, 1907 in Pleasant View, UT m. Alice Estella moore on December 28, 1882. Alice was b. October 30, 1860, d. October 22, 1932 in Pleasant View, UT. Alice was the daughter of Francis Little Moore and Charlotte Eliza Blasdell. They had ten children born between 1883 and 1906. Ethel Jane was their sixth child. She was b. March 1, 1894 in Willard, Utah, d. September 22, 1970 in Ogden, UT. She m. Joseph Moroni Jensen on December 10, 1913 in Salt Lake City, UT. They had a daughter Phyllis Jensen Butler who m. Wayne Stephens Butler.

(Reference: Rye, N.H. Family, Genealogy Dictionary of ME and N.H., Rockingham, N.H. Probate Records, History of Rye, NH and NY Gen Bio Record volume 51. - Researched by Phyllis Jensen Butler.)



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; David 3; Bailey 4)

IV. BAILEY STILSON, born April 26, 1741, son of David and Rebecca (Bailey) Stilson,of Newtown, died at Newtown in 1792. He married Ann _________. In his will, dated March 3, 1792 and proved March 20, 1792, he bequeaths land in the Township ofShoram, Vermont and the Township of Moretown, Vermont, to his children Justin and Lucy. His wife, Ann is named executor, with Cyrus Beers of Newtown. His widow, Ann, died January 29, 1807, "age, 61 years, 2m. 12 days." She is buried at Weston, Conn.

Bailey Stilson is listed in the 1790 Census records of Fairfield County, Newtown Town. It recors that the family consisted on one free white male over age 26 years, one free white male six years or under, and three white females, including the head of the family.


1. Justin, son, b. about 1787. On January 2, 1802, James Foote of Newtown, was appointed guardian to Justin, son of Bailey Stilson, deceased with Simeon Beers, surety. Justin was called about 15 years of age in this document. (Newtown Probate Record, #4674, January 2, 1802. He married ______. Ann, his mother, died in 1807. In his will dated March 3, 1792, Bailey Stilson bequeathed land in Shoram and Moretown Townships, state of Vermont, to his children, Justin and Lucy.

The 1820 census for New york Lists a Justin Stillson residing i Groton, Tompkins County, New York. Also residing in that same time is reported a Joseph Stillson.

The 1830 census shows a Juston Stilson, this time no Joseph is reported residing inGroton, but Aaron H. Stilson is shown under the same town.2. Lucy(Records of Agnes Stillson indicate her birth about 1787)



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; David 3; Jeremiah 4)

IV. JEREMIAH STILSON, born about 1748 at Newtown, son of David and Rebecca (Bailey) Stilson, was living in 1761 in which year his fther died, and his mother Rebecca was named as his guardian. His brother Bailey was born in 1741, and his sister Ada in 1754. Jeremiah probably was one of the in-between children. Bailey stilson is recorded at Newtown in the 1790 census, --not Jeremiah.

(Record source: Extraction from Delaware Gazette, Delaware County N.Y., Vol 1 thru 4 in the issue dated June 8, 1820, reports that Rev. A.D. Smith married JeremiahStilson, age 72 years to Mrs. McKay, aged 70 years in Stamford. This seems to fit into the ocrrect era of this Jeremiah and bring his date of birth to about 1748.)

(The 1830 census shows a Jeremiah Stilson residing in Weymouth, Nor. County, Massachusetts - Jeremiah would have been about 82 years at this date, which is possible. It also could be speculated that perhaps he had a son who was named Jeremiah. Also listed in the twon of Weymouth is a Timothy Stilson, perhaps he is related to Jeremiah.)

(The 1840 census reports a Jeremiah Stilson living inStamford, Delaware County, New York.)




(Vincent 1; Hugh 2; Samuel 3; Samuel 4)

IV. SAMUEL STILSON, Jr., probably the son of Samuel and susannah (Dean) Stilson, is believed to have been born at Danbury, Cott., in the 1720's. Susannah Dean was born at danbury, July 30, 1705, daughter of Dr. Thomas and Susannah (Davis) Dean. In the will of Dr. Dean, probated in 1730 at Danbury, mentions his daughter Susannah as the wife of Samuel Stilson, who lived in Danbury prior to 1735/6. The records of the town of Danbury were burned inTyron's Raid during the Revolutionary War, and birth records of Samuel and Susannah Stilson's children have not been found.

Samuel Stilson married Mary_____, and died at Roxbury, July 7, 1788, and his wife, Mary, preceded him by four days. These dates are from Cothren's "Ancient Woodbury."

According to Public Record, May, 1766, Samuel Stilson of New Milford was granted a peeddler's license by the Connecticut Assembly because he had lost the use of his hands, "having served as sergeant in His Majesty's service," in the campaign against Crown Point in the year 1759. The records say that Samuel was "taken sick in said service, and languished for a long time therafter," finnally losing use of his hands, ad was disabled for labor on that account.

History described the campaign against Crown Point and Ticonderoga, in the Adirondaks in New York State, during the war against the French and Indians, as an ardous heartbreaking endeavor. Although theBritish came off victorious in the end, the struggle was bitter, and full of suffering for the men. It was in this section that Major Rogers and his ?Rangers? celebrated in song, stories,a nd movies, performed their thrilling and seemingly impossible exploits. The English were under command of General Amherst, and after many daring encounters with the French and their Indian allies, were compelled to go into winter quartes, 1759-1769. At Crown Pint, they established the strong fortress of timbers and stone whose picturesque ruins remain to this day. The men suffered untold hardships from cold and hunger, and many of them had frozen hands and feet. It was here that Samuel Stilson, Jr., froze his hands.

In Vol. 9, page 211,Probate Records of Newtown, we learn that Samuel Stilson of New Milford sells to Abel Booth of Newtown, certain land, which "Ilately took from my hounoured father by execution, the deed dated November 17, 1762. As Samuel Stilson, Sr., was a resident of Newtown up to 1775, this last mentioned deed eliminates the New Milford man fromb eing the Newtown Samuel. This date, 1762, is shortly after Samuel, Jr., returned from the Crown Pint Expedition, but why he had to take the land from his father "by execution" is a mystery to his descendants of several generations later.

Samuel Stilson's estate was probated at New Milford, October 25, 1788, with his son, Eben Stilson, and his son-in-law, Peter Stilson, executors. He was called "of Woodbury" in this court record, and it is possible that his home was always at Woodbury, rather than at New Milford, which was the county seat, where his business was recorded. since there was o will, the anmes of heirs are not given, the estate being distributed by the executors. Here is another indication that Aaron and Jacob Stilson were half-brothers, instead of his sons, since naurally they would have been the executors, bing older than Eben and peter.


Samuel and Mary died within four days of each other, in July 1788, their deaths being recorded at Roxbury, near Woodbury.

Children of Samuel and Mary were:

1. Annah, b. 1757, d. 1826 m. Cornwall, Conn., July 25, 1782, James Cole, born at Cornwall, June 18, 1761, son of Timothy and Rebekah (Dibble) Cole. His line is: James 1; John 2; Samuel 3; SAmuel 4; Timothy 5; James 6. No birth record had been found for this Annah; she died at Fowler, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y., December 15, 1826, and according to her tombstone was "aged 69 years." While her birth record is missing, there is strong circumstantial evidence that she was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Cole of New Milford. She named her first son Eben, probablyin honor of her brother Eben Stilson. She named another sonSamuel Stilson (Cole), probably in honor of her father. The seplling of her name is distinctive, always appearing as "Annah", possibly a contraction of her grandmother's name "Sus-annah." the name "Anah" appears in other Stilson lines.There is a Peter Stilson reported in 1810 census of Onondaga County, New York. This is the only Peter in this document that fits the time frame. While many records refer to her as Anthey, it appears her full name was Diantha. Records from the Vestry Minutes for the parish of St. James and minutes for meetings of the Female Tract Society, refer to her as Diantha while her burial record was recorded as "anthy" by George Brainard. Information provided by Sean McCarty, Apple Valley, California in 1997 records that Peter and his brother George settled inBoardman, Ohio in 1800. They settled on "the south side of the road leading to Canfield," what is currently Route 224. Peter was the first to make cheese in Boardman Twp. in 1804. "He carried a few hundred weight to Pittsburg and sold it there." -- Notes from the History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, Ohio, published by H.Z. Williams & Bros. Cleveland, Ohio, 1882. Newtown Connecticut, where Peter and his siblings were born, was a Tory Town. It has been documented that Peter and his father did not take the Freeman's Oath until late in the 1700's. Peter took his in 1799 in Newtown and his father in 1885. Peter owned Lot 2 in the Boardman Cemetery and is buried there with Orlando Stilson, his grandson, Orlando's wife Eliza Bow-Stilson, their daughter Jerush, and "Mrs. Stilson" probably Diantha. No other information has been obtained in relation to the other three graves in the lot.

The children of James Cole and Annah Stilson were:

     a. Eben Cole, b. Cornwall, 1783, d. 1867, at Coopersville, Mich.; m. 1815, Penelope Parker.

     b. Samuel Stilson Cole, b. 1784, m. at Dayton, Ohio, and rem. to Pennsylvania.

     c. Timothy Cole, 1785, moved to Chautauqua, N.Y.

      d. Medad Cole, m. Rebecca Patterson at Gouverneur, N.Y., rem. to Chautauqua

      e. Jared Cole, d. in infancy

     f. Ira Cole, b. 1792, married Sarah Kingsley

2. Anthey, b. at New Milford, November 20, 1759, m. at Newtown, Oct. 24, 1782, Peter Stilson,probably son of Thomas and Marion (Johnson) Stilson, b. 1761. This Peter Stilson was one of the executors of his father-in-laws will. There is a Peter Stilson reported in the 1810 census of Onondaga County, New York. this is the only Petere in this document that fits the time frame. (A Peter Stilson is shown as the son of Thomas and ________ Stilson? b. 1761)There is a Peter Stilson reported in the 1810 census of Onondaga County, New York. Thsi is the only Peter in this document that fits the time frame. While many records refer to her as Anthey, it appears her full name was Diantha. Records from the Vestry Minutes for the Parish of St. James and minutes for meetings of the Female Trrract Society, refer to her as Diantha while her burial record was recorded as "anthy" by George Brainard. Information provided by Sean McCarty, Apple Valley, California in 1997 records that Peter and his brother George settled in Boardman, Ohio in 1800. They settled on "the south side of the road leading to Canfield," what is currently Route 224. Peter was the first to make cheese in Boardmant Twp. in 1804. "He carried a few hundred weight to Pittsburg and sold it there." --Notes from the History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, Ohio, published by H.Z. Williams & bros. Cleveland, Ohio, 1882. Newtown Connecticut, where Petere and his siblings were born, was a Tory town. It has been documented that Peter and his father did not take the Freeman's Oath until late in the 1700's. Peter took his in 1799 in Newtown and his father in 1885. Peter owned Lot 2 in the Boardman Cemetery and is buried there with Orlando Stilson, his grandson, Orlando's wife Eliza Bow-Stilson, their daughter Jerush, and "Mrs. Stilson" probably Diantha. No other information has been obtained in relation to the other three graves in the lot.

     Herman Stilson, b. June 4, 1785 at Newtown, CT. Herman's marriage to Nancy McFall is shown as September 28, 1829 i the ancestral files of the Family History Center and was submitted by an individual, source not verified. The Marriage records of Ohio show herman Stilson marrying a Nancy Stilson on January 13, 1833 in Trumbull, Ohio. Possibly this Nancy Stilson is Nancy McFall.

     Herman is listed in Mahoning County, Ohio, The town of BO_______ in the 1850 census. Also living in the town are Samuel O. Stilson (Samuel O.Stilson m. Eliza Ann Bow in 1835 in Ohio) and William F. Stilson

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