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to Stilson/Stillson A Family History, continued. Page created by Margaret Lee, August 25, 2000.On this page you will find Anna Stilson; Mary Stilson; James Stilson; Moses Stilson (mine also); & James Stilson.


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(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Anna 3)

III.ANNA STILSON the daughter of Moses Stilson and Charity Gridley, Bayley,Bailey or Lagly, of Boston. Anna was born in 1721. She married in 1745 to Josiah Beardsley and they settled in Newtown, Ct. Information provided by Mary Brown of Arizona follows a single line from Philo, the son of Anna and Josiah. She reports that Anna died in Newtown, CT on May 6, 1806 at the age of 86 years. Josiah Beardsley, born December 31, 1716 in Stratfor, CT. died onFebruary 16, 1794.

1. Philo Beardsley, b. 1755 in Newtown, CT., d. 1826 in Kent, CT. Married Esther Curtis or Curtiss in 1784.

     Anna Beardsley, b. 1787 in Kent CT., and d. ?April 15, 1857, m. John Taylor b.
      February 22, 1785 in Warren, Litchfield, CT. John d. May 5, 1859 in Warren, CT.

        Cyrus Curtis Taylor, b. June 1807 in Waren, Litchfield, CT. He died April
          1, 1874 in Lincoln, KY. He married Mary L. Coutant. Cyrus and Mary had
          son John James Taylor b. Janurary 24, 1831 in Medina or Sharon, Medina
          County, Ohio. He married Mary Ann Dawes and died October 21, 1910 in
          Richards, Vernon County, MO. The daugther of John and Mary Ann named
          Hulda Hannah Taylor was b. June 4, 1854 in Stanford, Lincoln, KY. She
          died August 23, 1923 in San Diego, CA. She married John Calvin Vaughn
          who was b. March 7, 1842 in Nossville, Huntington, PA, and died
          November 26, 1928 in Payson, AZ. The son of John and Hulda was Alva
          Taylor Vaughn who was b. August 21, 1880 in Alamosa, CO. She died May
          18, 1961 in Payson, AZ. He married Luella Moores on June 29, 1921. They
          had daughter Mary Eileen Vaughn b. November 26, 1925 in Downey, L.A.,
          CA. She married April 7, 1941 in Phoenix, AZ to alexander Edward Bishop.

             Monroe Edward Bishop b. May 2, 1942, Payson, AZ, d.
               Oct 9, 1986 in Dakar, Senegal, W. Africa. m. Andrea Floriene
                Turn on August 7, 1969.

             Alva John Bishop b. September 15, 1945, Globe, Gila, AZ. m.
             Saundra Sue Hewett in 1965 in Las Vegas, NV.

             William Henry Bishop b. December 8, 1947 in Kellogg, ID.
             Married Patricia Ann Simmons January 15, 1966.

             Evdokia Luella Bishop, b. August 17, 1956 in Phoenix, d. October
             10, 1958 in Flagstaff, AZ.

             Rose Mary Bishop b. July 29, 1958 in Cottonwood, AZ. Married
             Kelly Duane Laursen. They divorced in October, 1959.

             Mary Eileen Vaughn m. September 10, 1961 in Las Vegas, NV to
             Larry Travis Pier. Child Larry Vaughn Pier b. June 16, 1963

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(Vincent 1; James 2; Mary 3)

III. MARY STILSON the daughter of James and Margaret (Gould) Stilson, was born after 1680 and before her christening of May 16, 1686 in Marblehead, MA, taken captive. Bertha Taft Keith stated that she was unaccounted for, possibly died young. However, it was discovered in the Genelogical Dictionary of Maine and N.H. that she married Jean Baptiste Cardinet and had 16 Children. Additional research by Dr. A. E. Edwards of St. Lambert, Quebec, provided us with additional information on her family. Mary Stilson was taken prisoner in Maine and transported to Quebec City where she integrated into the francophone community. On 8 April 1692 in the parish of Notre Dame de Quebec she was baptized a Roman Catholic and the name Marie-Madeleine by which she was known for the rest of her life. On 3 October 1702 she married at Notre Dame de Quebec to an immigrant from France named Jean=Baptiste Cardinet. He was described in the record as "perruquier et chirugien" (he operated a high-class wigging and barber shop). One of the witnesses at the wedding was Jacques Stilson, brother of the bride. The Cardinet couple lived their married life in Quebec City and produced sixteen children. Jean Baptiste Cardinet died in Quebec City on May 1, 1737 and was buried there the next day. No record of the death of Marie-Madeleine Stilson has been found but she attended the funeral of her 54 year old daughter, Marie-Madeleine, in 1760 and there is indirect evidence that she was still alive in Quebec City in 1765.

1. Jean Baptiste b. July 3, 1704. On January 28, 1743, at the age of 39 years, he married at Notre Dame de Quebec to Marie-Anne Gotron, widow of Charles Bouvier to whom she had married in 1731. There is no record of issue fromt he Cardinet/Gotron marriage.

2. Marie-Madeleine b. April 4, 1706, d. January 29, 1760

3. Marie B. March 21, 1708, d. October 27, 1709

4. Charles-Guillaume b. August 4, 1709, d. June 13, 1711

5. Marie-Francoise b. December 20, 1710. Records show she married on October 28, 1734 at Notre Dame de Quebec to Jacques deboucher, described int he record as "Chevalier, Seigneur Dorceval, Mousquetaire de sa Majeste, Lieutenant de Cavalier, Avocat au Parlimaent de Paris" and as being a resident in France. That couple promptly disappeared from Quebec records. It can be assumed, but not proben, that they went to France and stayed there.

6. Genevieve b. September 25, 1712, d. before 1716

7. Marie-Therese b. October 20, 1713, d. October 25, 1712

8.Pierre b. April 2, 1715, d. January 2, 1721

9.Marie Anne b. April 23, 1716, died in infancy

10. Jeane-Francois b. June 10, 1717, d. April 15, 1733

11. Marie-Anne-Louise b. August 8, 1718. On January 12, 1767, at the age of 49, she married at Norte Dame de Quebec to Michel Marchand. No issue.

12.Missing information

13.Marguerite b. December 21, 1720, d. November 6, 1749

14.Jean-Jacques-Phillipe b. May 1, 1722, d. April 11, 1733

15.Marie Anne b. August 20, 1724

16.Renee-Therese b. July 13, 1727, d. September 28, 1729



(Vincent 1; James 2; James 3)

III. JAMES STILSON,born aobut 1680 son of James and Margaret (Gould) Stilson, b. on Muscongus Island near Pemaquid (now Bristol) Maine, baptized at Marblehead, Mass., May 16, 1686, was taken captive by the Indians, August 2, 1689, the day that his father was killed in the vicinity of Muscongus Island, Maine. His mother Margaret (Gould) Stilson, his sister Margaret, sister Mary and brother John also were taken prisoner. In 1695 James was referred to as a boy from Pemaquid. The report of this event is recorded in the New England History & Genealogical Register, Vol 31, April 1877, page 185. Under the descendants of William Hilton it states that in 1686, 1687, or 1688 while crossing the water at Muscongus Island (bought from Indians by John Brown) in a canoe, James Stilson was shot by Indians, who took the youngest daughter, a sucking baby, from her mother and burned her in a fire and carried the mother and the other two children captives to Canada. The mother was redeemed after six years, but Margaret and James were ransomed after twelve years. Apparently Mary married. The whereabouts of John have not been discovered, Margaret, his sister, and Margaret, his mother later were returned. His mother married (2nd) in 1696, Thomas Pittman, and resided and died at Marblehead. His sister, Margaret, married, June 2, 1699, William Hilton.

James was the only male child of James II and Margaret (Gould) to survive. After the death of his wife, James Stilson lived with his son-in-law, Capt. Abraham Trefethen, at New Castle, N.H. untils his son, Capt. James Stilson, moved to New Durham, when he went with him and died there about 1772. (From testimony of Mary Runnels, of New Durham, and of his granddaughter, Mary Lear.)

Bertha Taft Keith reports that James did not return from captivity until about 1703, for in that year he married Hannah Odiorne, widow of John Batson, Jr., of Cape Porpoise, New Arundle, Maine. Hannah was from New Castle, New Hampshire, and also was a captive of the Indians. It is said that James Stilson, upon hearing that a New England woman remained prisoner of the Indians, went to see her, and liked her so well that he gave a hat full of silver for her. Hannah Anne Marguerite Odiorne was the oldest child of John and Mary (Johnson) Odiorne. John Odiorne was b. 1625 in Sheviock, England,. More information on this line can be found in the Odiorne Family in America by David W. Odiorne.

Research conducted by Dr. A. E. Edwards of St. Lambert, Quebec for this Stilson family history provided us with the following information from Canadian records on James Stilson. "Details of his early life, including the name fo the family in which he was reared and the date and place of his baptism do not appear in records...That he was baptized a Roman Catholic is certain since he later was married by and had a daughter baptized by R.C. priests. That he was carefully reared and given much more than the usual education is clear from the fact that he was literate and later held positions of responsibility in Government "magasins" (which could have been either general warehouses or armament depots). In all records he is referred to as Jacquest Stilson dit Dutilly, meaning that in every-day life his associates referred to him as Jacques Dutilly. That name may or may not have some connection with the name of the (Canadian?) amily in which he was reared. His first known appearance in official records was in 1697 when he was mentioned as among those present at a funeral in Batiscan. In 1699 he was recorded as present at three more funerals in the same town and then there is a break until 4 Oct 1705 on which date he is married (at the age of 25 or 26 by one account), in the R.C. Parish of Notre Dame du Montreal to Hannah (Anne-Marguerite)Odiorne (age 30), daughter of John Odiorne and Mary Johnson and widow of John Batson. Hannah Odiorne had been taken captive and transported to New France, along with two very young daughter in January of 1703. Pregnanat on arrival, she gave birth to another daughter who died soon after birth. She became a "domestic" in the household of an influential Montreal>


merchant named Antoine Pacaud and on 14 March 1705 formally renounced the Protestant faith to be baptized at Notre Dame du Montreal and given the name Anne-Marguerite. The Stilson dit Dutilly/Odiorne wedding was attended by Antoine Pascaud and by several other Montreal notables including one "Notaire Royal". The record describes the groom as a clerk in the "Magasin Royal" in Montreal. The Stilson dit Dutilly/Odiorne marriage produced one daughter who was baptized Marie-Anne at Notre Dame du Montreal on 8 March 1707. Threafter the family disappeared completely from Quebec records which is in reasonable agreement witht he statement that they returned from captivity (except for Marie-Anne) in about 1703."

From records found in John Brown of New Harbor, Maine )1626-1670): "On the report of the expedition sent to Canada in 1695, to ransom these prisoners, James Stilson is called "a lad, of Pemaquid." The depositions of Eastern claimants in 1812 show that he (James) not only did remain in Canada after the others returned, but that he married there and that one, if not two, of his children were born thre... his granddaughter Lucretia Trefethen testified 'I remember hearing of his coming to New Castle with his wife, and child Hannah, born in Canada.'..."from other testimony it would appear that she (Hannah Odiorne) had returned to her home at New Castle, after the death of her husband, John Batson, Jr., and that she was taken captive from there (along with her 7 year old daughter); that upon her ransom by James Stilson, her second husband, and their return to New England, they were remarried in Boston."

Additional information of his descendants may be found in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 51, pages 34-39. Also found in John Brown of New Harbor, Main, 1623-1630 pp. 29-37.


1. Hannah (Referred to as Marie Anne), b. in Canada, August 2, 1706 and baptized in the catholic faith at Notre Dame du Quebec in 1707. Hannah died 1776. She married May 2, 1725 at New Castle to Thomas Mead of Portsmouth who d. about 1759. Hannah was admitted to the South Church of Portsmouth, July 17, 1728.

     James Mead, bpt. 1728, d.y.; Joseph Mead, bpt. 1728, d. 1810 at "Pigwacket" Sold his claim
     to the Brown estate to Samuel Storer, of Rochester in 1800. He was then"of Conway."; Hannah
     Mead, bpt. 1730; d. 1776; m. Samuel Wilkinson. He remarried to Sarah Benson. Margaret
     "Peggy" Mead, bpt. 1740; "living at New Market, N.H. in 1812. Anna Mead bpt. 1745, d.y.

2. Alice, b. at New Castle, about 1712, married about 1730 to Samuel Clark.

     Samuel Clark m. Hannah ____. No children;

     Margaret Clark m. 1) Peter Brag 2) Jonathan Vincent 3) William Hobson; Alice Clare b.
     November 15, 1727, d. February 9, 1756, m. June 18, 1750 to Robert Neal and had three

     Anna Clark m. 1) Zacheus Jones and had three children then 2) Robert Morrell.

3. James, baptized at New Castle, 1714; married Mary True, b. 1717, probably daughter of Joseph and Kezi (Hubbard) True. See Generation IV.

4. Anna, b. at New Castle, about 1710, marriedCaptain Abrahm Trefethen. Children: Abraham


Trefethen of New Castle m. Temperance Trefethen and had five chldren; Capt. William Trefethen m. Lucretia and had six children; Anna Trefethen m. May 19, 1766 at Greenland, N.H. to William Seavey of Rye, N.H. and had six children; Hannah Trefethen, d. about 1800, m. Archelaus Fernald of Kettery had five children. See Generation IV.

(Sources: Gen. Dict of ME & NH, Genealogy of the Odiorne Family in America complied in 1875 by John Creighton, Odiorne Family, revised 1966 by David Walter Odiorne. - Much of the new infomation researchd by Phyllis Jensen Butler and Goldie Benser Stillson.)



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3)

III. MOSES STILSON, born December 25, 1705, son of Moses and Charity (Bayley) Stilson, died 1777. His will was proved at Newtown November 17, 1777, and his estate distributed August 19, 1779. Moses undoubtedly was born at Milford, as his father lived there until the trekof 20 or more families from Milford to Newtown in the early 1720's.

His first wife and mother of his children was Mary Beers, b. July 9, 1708, died 1766, daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Sherman) Beers. (Samuel Beers, her father, resided at Newtown, he was the son of John and Mary Beers, and grandson of Anthony Beers of Watertown, Mass. Sarah Sherman was daughter of Samuel Sherman, Jr., and was born in 1681, married Samuel Beers January 16, 1679.) Moses Stilson was appointed ensign of the first company of the train band in new Milford in 1775.

A Moses Stilson was appointed ensign of the First Co., of the Train Band in New Milford, in 1775, but this is not apparently this Moses, born in 1705, as he would have been too old. Another Moses, with wife Annah, lived in New Milford and died there April 17, 1804, relationship to the Moses of Newtown not disclosed (Strange that the names of Moses & Annah also appear below as children who died in early childhood.)

After the dath of Mary (Beers)Stilson, Mosesof Newtown married a second time, Sarah _____ , who died in 1802. She is mentioned in his will. All of the children mentioned below are listed in the will. Enoch had died before his father and Annah and Charity died before their stepmother's death in 1802, also "Filo", (Philo) as shown in estate records.


1. Moses, April 16, 1732, died Dec. 4, 1736. See Generation IV. (New York Families lists first child as John b. April 26, 1732, d. at age 5 years)

2.Annah, July 26, 1734, died December 7, 1736

3. Enoch, April 27, 1736, married Freelove Stilson, his cousin, Oct. 31, 1754, and died in 1776. See Generathin IV.

4. Annah, b. 1738, m. March 3, 1757, d. before 1802, m. Capt. Gaylord Hubbell on March 3, 1757 in New Milford. William Gaylord Hubbell was b. Aug. 31m 1736 at Newtown, son of Ephraim and Johanna (Gaylord) Hubbell. They had the following six children.

     William Gaylord Hubbell, Jr.

     Ephraim Hubbell, b. 1758, d. 1816

     Joanna, b. 1760, m. Isaac Sherwood.

(NOTE: added by Margaret Lee, Aug 25, 2000, this is my side of the family.)


     Urania, b. 1774, d. Apr. 18, 1846, m. in Sherman Conn., Feb. 17, 1788, Isaac Northrup, b. 1767, d. 1839, son of Abraham and Martha (Waters) Northrup. Urania (Hubbell) and Isaac Northrup resided first near Windsor VT., then moved to Cato Twp., Cayuga, Co., NY. Their daughter Martha Northrup b. 1797, d. 1865, at Plainville, Onondaga Co., NY, m. March 14, 1816, James Leslie Voorhees, b. 1794, d. 1865. There were 10 Voorhees children.

     Dorcus (Hubbell) married John Hatch.

     Amarilla (Hubbell) married in Vermont.

5. Charity, b. May 31, 1740, d. before 1802, married Edmund Clark. Records of Agnes Stillson show her birth in 1735.

6. John (middle name ?Moses), b. Oct 15 or 16, 1742, d. 1811, married Hannah Trowbridge. See Generation IV.

7. Riverius, b. July 26, 1744, d. 1802, married Anne Baldwin on Aug. 6, 1767, b. 1743, d. 1811. See Generation IV.

8. Nathan, b. Oct. 14, 1746, d. May 26, 1826, married Elizabeth Stevens. See Generation IV.

9. Abia (woman), b. Feb. 8, 1751, d. May 26, 1826, married Hezekiah Treadwell on March 17, 1779.

     Samuel Treadwell b. May 5, 1788 and d. June 1, 1867. He m. December 23, 1810 to Jane Prime b. New Milford on November 11, 1782 and died there April 14, 1864. They had children: John Prime Treadwell b. October 6, 1811, d. April 8, 1876, m. December 8, 1841 to Mary Esther Lockwood and lived in NY City. Henry Ressegine Treadwell, b. January 17, 1817, d. unknown, m. May 16, 1843 to Martha Downs Mygatt who was b. February 13, 1823 and d. May 21, 1859. They lived in New Milford, CT. Phebe Lucretia Treadwell b. December 4, 1821, d. unknown. She m February 4, 1852 to Alexander Marshall anderson b. February 2, 1804 and d. January 5, 1877. Resided in New Milford, CT. Sources: CT. IGI 1988, Bailey's Early Connecticut Marriages and Ressegine Family of Norwalk CT, published in 1888.

Note: Hezekiah Treadwell (1741-1826) of New Milford, Conn., and East Franklin, N.Y. who married Abiah Stilson was son of Lieut. Hezekiah Treadwell (1707-1761) of Fairfield and New Milford, who married Abigail Minor. Ref: Vol. 83, page 342, New Eng. Hist. & Geneal. Register.

10. Philo, b. June 4, 1754, d. December 12, 1787 in New Milford, CT, m. Mary Bennett. See Generation IV.



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; James 3)

III. JAMES STILSON, son of Moses and Charity (Bayley) Stilson, was born March 8, 1713, probably at Milford, died some time before 1770 at Newtown. He married November 16, 1743, Joanna Wheeler, born 1719, daughter of Capt. Obadia and Joanna Wheeler, -- She married as her second husband Ephraim Bennett on January 18, 1773. The will of James Stilson was administered at Newtown in 1770, by Joanna Stilson, his widow, and by his sons Meridian and Andrew. (Bible record of Eli Stilson states that James moved to Newtown with his father and grandfather in about 1720.)


1. Meridian, b. unknown, m. September 15, 1790, Annis Bagley, the widow of David Bagley of Southbury. Meridian was one of the administrators of his father's estate, at Newtown, in 1770, with his brother Andrew, and mother Joanna. He was probably younger than Andrew, who was born in 1744. Meridian married September 15, 1790, widow Annis Bagley (widow of David Bagley) at Southbury, Conn. (Cothren's "Ancient Woodbury".) One family researcher shows his birth as 1746. The only record of children is Nabby Matilda. There coud reasonably beothers.

     Nabby Matilda, daoughter of Meridain and Annis Stilson b. August 30, 1791, at Southbury. (Cothren's "Ancient Woodbury.")

2. Andrew, b. April 1, 1744, m. April 28, 1768, Betty (Elizabeth) Foote of Newtown, May 1747 - /aoruk 13, 1789. See Generation IV.

3. Ann, b. June 5, 1745, m. Josiah Beardsley, ?b.1740

4. Eleazer Lacy, b. at Newtown, probably after 1745, d. April 15, 1800 at Newtown. It is unknown if he married or had children.

5. Jerusha, b. about 1750, m. Julius Comp (Camp?)

6. Esther b. about 1751, m. James Masters, removed in 1803 to ompey, N.Y.

7. Joanna, b. about 1754, m. Theopolic or Theopholis Allen and removed in 1780 to Vermont

8. Anna, b. about 1756?, m. Abel Bennett (mabye b. in 1750), August 9, 1770 in CT. She died May 13, 1815. Anna and Abel had eight children. The "wife" of Abel Bennet is shown on the Bill of Mortality for Newtown CT. as having died May 13, 1815.






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