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to Stilson/Stillson A Family History, STILSON - SECOND GENERATION. This page Created and Maintained by Margaret Lee, August 25, 2000.You will find on this page Vincent II; James Stilson; Mary Stilson; Moses Stilson (this is mine); & Hugh Stilson.


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(Vincent 1; Vincent2)

II. VINCENT STILSON, son of Vincent I and Grace Stilson, born about 1656, married Sarah__________, at Marblehead, Mass., Sarah Stilson died in 1695, and the marriage of "Vincon" Stilson to Susanna Gray, of Boston, May or March 4, 1696, is reported in Marblehead Vital Records. Death date of Vincent is not known.

"Mrs. Sherman thinks that Vincent Junior was a gay young man and his father a man of descretion. The first that we learn of Vincent Junior he was involved in a suit against Charles Gibbs, whose wife Elizabeth had defamed him. His mother Grace, aged about thirty-seven, testified in defense of her son Vincent. Account of this testimony may be found in the Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts, Vol 6, pages 149-151 and 169, dated June 1676. In those early days a slight misdemeanor was magnified many times, and a thing that today might attract only passing attention was at that time considered to be a major crime." -- Charles Stillson

In the church records of Marblehead are noted the baptisms of two children of Sarah Stilson, presumably the first wife of Vincent II.


1. Susanna, christend April 19, 1685

Birth and christening records of Marblehead, Massachusetts show Susannah, daughter of Vincent and Sarah Stilson was christend April 16, 1685.

IGI records per Boston Marriage records show a Susanna Stilson christened in 1685 in Massachusetts, married a John Bonner June 2, 1709.

Marblehead Records give marriage on May 18, 1702, of Susanna Stilson and Joseph Vyoll. Whether this Susanna was the widow or daughter of Vincent II is not known. Either hypothesis is tenable.

Susannah Stilson b. 1677. Her first marriage was to John Baster (1657-1691), her seconds marriage to Samuel Gray in 1697. Marriage records list her first child as being born in 1690, father possibly John Baster. It is unknown if her fourth husand was Joseph Vyoll. May 18, 1702 in Marblehead, Massachusetts or if the Susanna listed as his bride was the daughter of Vincent Stilson the second.

2. Vinson, b. Aug. 22, 1686



(Vincent 1; James 2)

II. JAMES STILSON,son of Vincent I and Grace, born about 1658, died August 2, 1689, married 1675, Margaret Gould, born 1660 (she died ?December 1750 or early 1751 at "about age 92"). She was the oldest daughter of Alexander and Margaret Gould. James took the Oath of Fidelity before the Commissioner of Marblehead December 18, 1677. Margaret joined the First Church of Marblehead April 18, 1686, and their children were baptized May 16, 1686. It was in this year that James sold his land and moved to Pemaquid, Maine. Margaret Gould Stilson had inherited the island of Muscongus and a tract of land on the mainland, (Maine) in all, eight square miles. John Brown, Margaret's maternal grandfather had purchased a large tract of land from the Sagamores for "fifty skins", July 15, 1625, and the deed was acknowledged at Pemaquid July 24, 1626. This is supposed to be the earliest Indian deed on record. Margaret's portion was a part of the original tract owned by her grandfather.

The History of Bristol and Bremen, Maine, Including the Pemaquid Settlement, by John Johnston, 1873 gives a full account of John Brown and a detailed account of the Indian Wars that affected the early population on this coast of Maine. The following information is found in John Brown of New Harbor Maine, and some of his Descendants 1623 - 1670, published in 1920. "John Brown gave the Island of Muscongus, and a large tract upon the mainland to Alexander Gould, the husband of his daughter Margaret, as Margaret's marriage portion. This was by deed dated August 8, 1660; and she 'continued to live upon it long after the death of her husband.' (york Deeds & Lincoln Co. Depositions.)

During the "Second Indian War", on August 2, 1689, the fort at Pemauid was taken, and James Stilson, then living on Muscongus Island, was killed by the redskins while crossing a stream in a canoe. His wife Margaret and their children were taken captive and carried to Canadas where they were sold to the French. The Indians tooke the Stilson infant and burned him to death, before starting the captives on their way. An expedition was formed October 1695 to ransom the Canada captives. Margaret (Gould) was among those brought back, but two of her children, remained in captivity, her daughter Margaret until about 1699, and James, her son, until after 1703. Her daughter Mary remained in Canada and married. The whereabouts of John are unknown. Margaret (Gould) Stilson married as her second husband on March 30, 1696, Thomas Pittman. They had four children, Elizabeth, Thomas, Hannah and John, all who died young. Margaret and Thomas lived in Marblehead until their deaths, Thomas dying April, 1736, and Margaret December, 1750 at age 92.

Children of James and Margaret (Gould) Stilson:
1. John, christened May 16, 1686 in Massachusetts, taken captive. Bertha Taft Keith shows him unaccounted for, possibly died young. However, the same was speculated about his sister, Mary, and according to the records shown below, she survived and married. There is a John who has shown up as an ancestor in the Ontario, Canada line of Stilson. Although, this John would have been too old, it might be interesting to investigate whether one of the descendants of this person, also named John, was the Stilson who establisehed the Canadian line. while records in Quebec show his brother James and sister Mary, John has proved more illusive. the only reference this editor found (without undertaking any in-depth research) as to the fate of young John was a mention in the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire by Syble Noyes, Charles Thorton Libby and Walter Goodwin Davis. It notes on page 662 that John the son of james may have been Jean. (The other family members all adopted French names when they lived in Canada.) It gives no other information except to reference Louis XIV's bounty list November 11, 1702, Parkman MS, Massachusetts Historical Society.


2.James, b. about 1680, baptized the same date as his sister Margaret, returned from captivity about 1703, married Hannah ("Mary") Odiorne, widow of John Batson Jr. Book entitled John Brown of New Harbor, Maine & Some of His Descendants reports James Stilson born at or near Muscongus, Maine about 1676. Research by Phyllis Jensen Butler reprots his birth near Muscongus Island, Maine in 1680, which would make him the third child born and Margaret the second. He went by the name of Jacques Dutilly in Canada. See Gereration III.

3. Margaret, baptized in Marblehead First Church, May 16, 1686, taken captive with her mother, returned about 1699, and on June 2, of that year married 1st Lt. William Hilton. New England/New York Ancestors before 1850 lists Margaret's year of birth as 1679. William Hilton b. about 1678, probably in York. In one deed he styles himself at Yourk, a fisherman. William evidently occupied lands at Muscongus, which he held in the right of Margaret, but it is unknown if he lived there during the fishing season each year or not. He seems to have been extensively engaged in the fisheries and coating trade at Muscongus, making great improvements and having a large stock of cattle. He is buried in the old burial ground at Manchester with his gravestone bearing the inscription. "Here lyeth the body of Lifnt William Hilton - Who died June ye 21st 1723 aged 45 years." Margaret (Stilson), his widow, married in Manchester, Mass., 1727, John Allen who died in 1737. She died in Manchester, Nov. 1763, aged 84. The New England Historical and Genealogy Record Vol. 31 page 185 carries an account of William Hilton and had children: Elizabeth Hilton, Stilson Hilton, Mary Hilton, Margaret Hilton, Joshua Hilton, William Hilton, Samuel Hilton, Thomas Hilton, Benjamin Hilton and Amos Hilton. The use of Stilson as a first name continues through a number of generations. These children were born/christened between 1700 and 1721.

4. Mary, b. after 1680 and before her christening of May 16, 1686 in Marblehead, MA, taken captive.She was bp. in Canada as Marie Magdelaine on October 28, 1695. Bertha Taft Keith stated that she was unaccounted for, possibly died young. However, the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and N.H. shows that she married Jean Baptiste Cardinet and had 16 children. Additional research by Dr. A. E. Edwards of St. Lambert, Quebec, providd us with additional informatiojn on her family. See Generation III.

5. Infant (possibly a daughter) b.about 1688 in Pemaquid, Lincoln, Maine, d. August 2, 1689, burned to death by Indians.

More detailed accounts of the capture and return of this Stilson family may be read in History of Bristol and Bremen, Maine, page 245; New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, Vol 52, pages 29-34; Vol 31 New England Historical and Genealogical Register, and Vol 24, page 290, same publication, mentions a Stilson boy in the hands of the French in Canada in 1699.



(Vincent 1; Mary 2)

II. MARY STILSON,m. George Barly or Barlow (d. 1706). (2nd) Samuel Hubbell. Child of Mary and George listed as b. in 1688 in New England Marriage Book.

Information from Don Southwood is as follows:

I (Don Soughtwood) am the son of George and Helen Iva Latin Southwood, grandson of Irving and Melissa Ann Trickler Lattin, gr. grandson of Orrin and Eliza Ellen Burr Lattin, gr. gr. grandson of Abuid and Anna Baldwin Lattin, gr. gr. gr. grandson of Jacob and Buler Wetmore Lattin, gr. gr. gr. gr. grandson of Benjamin and Mary Barlow Lattin, gr. gr. gr. gr. gr. grandson of George and Mary Stilson Barley and then gr. gr. gr. gr. gr. gr. grandson of Vincent and Mary Stilson. Benjamin Lattin was the son of Thomas and Mercy Wakely Lattin, and the grandson of Richard Letin who arrived in Concord, Massachusetts in the early 1640's, when he stated that he arrived in Massachusetts in 1639. He moved to Fairfield, Connecticut, then to Hempstead, New York and back to Fairfield.

The Lattins remained in Fairfield County Connecticut until the winter of 1803/1804 when Abiud led a wagon train to south central New York. They settled in Tioga County which later was split off into Chemung County. Orrin Lattin and his sons Irving and James moved to Bureau County, Illinois after the Civil War. Irving married there and moved with his bride to Bradford, Stark County, Illinois, where he had a blacksmith shop and then a hardware store. My mother came to Rock Island, Illinois for employment before the First World War where she met and married my father. I was born there in 1922 and moved across the Mississippi River in 1953 when I was married.



(Vincent 1; Moses 2)

II. MOSES STILSON, son of Vincent I and second wife Mary Stilson, born about 1676, died in 1760 at the age of 84 years. He married 17 March, 1704/05, Charity Gridley, Bayley, Bailey or Lagly, of Boston. She was born 1686, and admitted tothe church at Milford May 9, 1708. She died July 3, 1736. The Vital Records of Milford call her Charity Bayly and "Lagley" is added in pencil. The cross index reads" Charity Lagley married Moses Stilson." The Connecticut Vital Records of Births, Marriages & Deaths 1640-1850 a part of the Connecticut State Library Barbour College show her as Lagley, and report her marriage as shown above conducted by Samuel Eels, J.P. They had nine children and adopted a tenth, Charity. One record says that Moses died in 1760. This family settled at Newton in 1720. (A Charity Stilson is shown i Newtown Vital records with a death of July or October 30, 1736. This may have been Carity, wife of Moses.)

History written by Hamilton Reddick Stillson states that "From the notes that I append to this account of the Stillson you will see that Hugh and his younger brother, Moses, came to Newtown, Connecticut, about 1720. Possibly Moses settled there a year before Hugh did. Quite a colony of Stillsons grew up at and near Newtown, where our (Hamilton's) family tree remained until my father (VI. Joseph) ran away from home for the West in 1829.


1. Moses, b. December 25, 1705, bpt. May 16, 1708, d. 1777, married Mary Beers. See Generations III.

2. John, b. March 13, 1708, m. Hannah __________

3. James, b. March 3, 1713, m. Joanna Wheeler. See Generations III>

4. David b. 1716, married Rebecca Bailey. See Generation III.

5. Susannah, bpt. August 9, 1719 at Milford, CT, d. 1776, m. about 1744 Timothy Shepard, b. May 22, 1718, d. 1776, son of John and Abigail Shepard. He was a Lieutenant in Revolution. Settled in Newtown, Conn.

From Chart prepared by Dorothy Mae Dorman Howell Stroble, published in "1776", Volume ?, Number 4, Page 278, published in 1984. Susannah and Timothy had son James Shepard bpt. Aug. 6, 1749 in Newtown, Ct., d. Dec. 28, 1816 in Newtown who m. Feb 21, 1769 Ruanna Merritt who was bpt. 1748 in Stratford, Ct, d. May 5, 1794 in Newtown. They ahd a son Andrew Shepard b. August 21, 1771 in Newtown, Ct, d. April 19, 1846 in Newton who m. Rebecca Stilson, the daughter of Israel Stilson. They had son Orrin shepard who m. Sarah Gray. Orrin and Sarah Shepard had daughter Jane Ann Shepard b. December 1, 1825 in Newtown, Ct who married 1) Alfred O. Bandks, 2) ________ Draper. Alfred and Jane Banks had son Edwin Alfred Banks b. November 28, 1846 in Newtone, Ct, d. July 2, 1921 in Darien, Ct who married Mary An McKeown b. January 1847 in Weathersfield, Ct, d. May 19, 1909 in Harford, Ct. Dewin and May ahd daughter Minnie Isabel Banks who married John Edwin Laurie. John and Minnie had daughter Florence Clark Laurie b. Feb. 19, 1897 in New Britain, CT., d. November 27, 1959 in St. Petersburg, FL who married Rober Myron Dorman b. April 17, 1892 in New Have, BT., d. July 3, 1946 and had Dorothy Mae Dorman Howell Stroble.

6. Jonathan, b. (?1710), m. ____________ : said to have had a daughter Sarah


7. Mary b. ______, said to have m. a Rev. Mansfield, settled in Newtown, Conn.

8. Anna, b. 1721, m. Josiah Beardsley in 1745, settled in Newtown, Conn.

9. Sarah, b. _____ , m. Sept. 3, 1746, Joseph Canfield, son of Abiram Canfield. They had a daoughter Anna b. unknown, d. unknown and possibly other children as welll. According to Jacobus, Anna was married to Joseph Riggs, b. October 17, 1751, d. December 1, 1823 at age 72. Now a widow she became the second wife of Abner Bradley, b. November 15, 1748, d. September 29, 1825 at age 77. Abner's first wife had been Comfort _______ who died January 23, 1801 at age 52. There is no mention of children.

10. Charity, said to have been adopted child m. perhaps Samuel Beardley or Ebenezer Bristol. (Bible source says Ebenezer). Settled in Newtown, CT.

NOTE: Sarah (Stilson) and Joseph Canfield (above) had daughter Ruth Canfield, b. 1750, m. at Derby, Conn., 1773, Ransford Whitney, b. 1753, son of samuel and Amy (Northrup) Whitney (source: Jacobur - Families of Old Fairfield.) Anna Stilson (above) married Josia Beardlee June 5, 1745. They had one son Jonathan, perhaps more. Vital Records of Newtown, Barbour Collection.

Land Records, Town of Newtown, Conn., Vol 6, page 118, ahs the following: "To all people to whom these presents shall come, greetings, etc, Know ye that I, Moses Stilson, of Newtown, for considration of ye sum of 13 pounds, 9 shillings, money of ye old tener, i hand received to my full satisfaction and content of my son-in-law, Josiah Beardslee, -- do grant, bargain, sell and confirm to the said Josiah Beardslee------ Mr. moses Stilson ye signer and sealer of ye above written instrument, personally appeared in Newtown ---- on ye date above (Feb. 1, 1753), and acknowledged ye same to be his own act and deed. Before me, Josiah Beardlee's deed of his father Stilson's received for record Feb. 8, 1753 -

-recorded by John Northrup. Town Clerk."



(Vincent I; Hugh 2)

II. HUGH STILSON was born about 1678 or 1679. His father named his son Moses first in his will, then Hugh and Charles, which would indicate that Moses was the older, but Hugh was married several years ahead of Moses -- his first child was born in 1699, while Moses' first child was born in 1705, which is a contrary indication. He married (1st) Martha Fenn, bapt. June 10, 1677, at Milford, daughter of Benjamin and Mehitabel (Gunn) Fenn.

In Milford Land Records, Vol 6, p. 156, a deed dated April 22, 1721, from Benjamin Fenn of Milford to Martha Stilson, in consideration of a release from Hugh Stilson and Martha his wife for their claim "unto ye estate of ye honored father, Benjamin Fenn, late of Milford deceased," The first Benjamin named was brother of Martha, the oldest son of Benjamin and Mehitabel )Gunn) Fenn. This is positive proof that Martha Stilson was a Fenn. Her mother, Mehitabel Gunn, was daughter of (?) Dr. Jasper Gunn and there is also a Christian Gunn mentioned as an ancestor.

Four children were born to Hugh and Martha Stilson at Milford. Martha was a member of the First Church of Miford and the children were baptized in her name, "son or daughter of Martha, wife of Hugh Stilson," or "Daughter of Sister Martha Stilson."

About 1721, Hugh and Martha moved to Newtown. Various land records of 1721 speak of Hugh and Marth Stilson of Newtown. Martha apparently died before 1724, as Hugh married a second wife, Jane _______, and had a son born June 11, 1724.

Fairfield Probate Records, Vol. 7, 1721-1750, page 93 show Hugh Stilson, late of Newtown, April 9, 1728, letters of administration of his estate granted to Joseph Stilson of Newtown, page 92. May 16, 1728, James Stilson of Newtown appointed guardian of Vincent Stilson, son of descendent.

That Samuel, Joseph and Benjamin Stilson, named below, were the sons of Martha, is shown by a deed, Vol. 6-4, June 23, 1735/6. "Partiton of land between Samuel Stilson, Joseph Stilson and Benjamin stilson, all of Newtown, -- they mutually divided " The real inheritance to us descending from Our Honoured Mother, martha Stilson Deceased, once Wife to Our Honoured Father, Hugh Stilson Deceased." (Vol. 3-4, page 234, June 23, 1738'6, Newtown land Records. (Witnesses: Tho. Tousey, James Brisco.)

Hugh Stilson d. at Newtonw March 4, 1727/8

A family history penned by Hamilton Stillson in 1933 tells the following: "From the notes that I append to this account of the Stillsons you will see that Hugh and his younger brother, Moses, came to Newtown, Connecticut, about 1720. Possibly Moses settled there before Hugh did. Quite a colony of Stillson grew up at and near Newtown, where our "family tree" remained until my father (JosephVI.) ran away from home for the West in 1829."


By first wife, Martha (Fenn): From Milford First Church Baptismal Records:

1. Martha, daughter of Stister Martha Stilson; b. Aug 6, 1699. This child died in July, 1700.

2. Samuel, "son of Martha, wife of Hugh Stilson", b. April 27, 1701. Married (1st) Susannah Dean, (2nd) Eunice Dean.See Generation III.


3. Joseph, son of Martha, wife of Hugh Stilson, baptized June 18, 1704: died before 1768, possibly in Newtown, Ct. m. (1st) Mary Dunning (daughter of Benjamin Dunning and Elizabeth Minor of Woodbury); (2nd) mary Brisco, b. about 1700/01, d. August 2, 1754 in Newtown, Ct. See Generation III.

4. Benjamin, son of Martha, wife of Hugh Stilson, b. Feb 6, 1708/9 in Milford, Ct. m. Mehitable Fenn (Acousin?). See Generation III.

5. Stepehn, son of Martha, wife of Hugh Stilson, b. Feb. 6, 1719. m. Jane _______, See Generation III.

Fro Newtown Land Records, Vol. 2, pages 349, 350 (the early Vital Records of Newtown were entered in the back of the Land Records Volumes):

By second wife, Jane _______

6. Vincent, child of Hugh and Jane Stilson, b. June 11, 1724, and in a later hand the death of Vincent is entered as January 3, 1797, aged 73. His wife was Abigail Peck, whos parent were Joseph Peck & Abigail Baldwin (Source: Baldwin Genealogy 80-91-95-417). See Generation III.

"Widow Stilson" died June 29, 1767, "over 80">, Newtown Vital Records. This undoubtedly was Jane, second wife of Hugh Stilson, and mother and guardian of Vincent, the only widow who culd have been born about 1687.

Charles Stillson reports that there may have been more children of Hugh born in Milford. Hugh Stilson settled in Newtown, Conn.







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