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WELCOME to the Stilson/Stilson A Family History, more of the book being transcribed onto line, by Margaret Lee, done on August 25, 2000.On this page you will find the 1st Generation, Vincent and his children. Thanks for reading, hope it is helpful.


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I. VINCENT STILSON is first noted in Essex county, Mass., reocrds at Marblehead, between 1668 and, 1674. But Savage,in his Genealogical Dictionary of New England, says he was of Milford, (Conn.) in 1646. He is called one of the "Principal after Planters" of Milford from 1646 to 1660. (Historical Sketches of Milford, by Sherman.) He died at Milford in 1690. The records of Essex Co. courts show that he was in Marblehead in 1676, but on September 17, 1687, he was in Milford, on which date he drew his will. Many of the "planters" of Milford were from Essex county, according to Mrs. Sherman (Note afterplanters may refer to those early immigrants who arrived after the Pilgrims, who were considered the planters.) Early researchers have attempted to make the first Stilson a William, of Charlestown, but it is now believed that the man believed to have been William Stilson was in reality William Stetson, and that the mistake came from a wrong reading of the sometimes difficult handwriting of those days. According to the eminent genealogist, Donald L. Jacobus, VINCENT was the only early settler of the Stilson name found in New England in his research. (Page 3, "Notes on Stilson Genealogy", by William Charles Stillson.)

Savage, in his Genealogical Dictionary of New England Vol IV, page 196 gives the following information: "Stilson, Vincent, Milford 1646 D 1690 but more than half that interval, lived away from Milford and at Marblehead is seen 1668-74"

I have seen no evidence that he (Vincent) held a commissioned rank, though he is probably ther person referred to as Sergt. Stilson in Essex Court Records. I have not seen evidence that Vincent was ever in Milford until about 1680. --Jacobus.

It is thought that amny of the Milford settlers may have come with the John Davenport group, but as there are no lists of his followers, this cannot be proved. Most of the planters of Milford were from Essex Co., Mass. and York, Co., Mass. Many of the first group were from Weathersfield, Conn. Little is known of Vincent Stilson. He died 1690. Every planter was compelled to bear his proportion of the expense of settling and laying out lots and received land in proportion to the amount he had contributed. --Historical Sketches of Milford, by Mrs. Sherman.

In Vol 6, pages 149-151 and 169, Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex Co., dated June 1676, there are two pages of testimony in a defamation suit in which Vincent, (Vincon or Vinson) Stilson, son of the early Vincent, became involved. From this testimony, it is evident that Vincent I was a shoemaker. Grace Stilson (born about 1639), wife of Vincent I, testified at the trial, and her age was given as "about 37". She is believed to have been the mother of perhaps four of the older children, and Mary, the second wife, was the mother of the second four. Mrs. Sherman (Historical Sketches of Milford) notes the death of Grace Stilson in Marblehead in 1676, aged 37 years. Surnames of these wives are not known.

NEW HAVEN PROBATE RECORDS, Volume 3, page 45 (old page 64), the will of Vincent Stilson of Milford is given, dated 17, Sept., 1687. (Signed by the mark S.) Below


the will is the inventory, taken 13 May, 1690. The total value was L161:01:02. The house and homelot were appraised at 50 pounds. No other realty. In the will, he mentions his "loveing wife, Mary Stilson, his sons Vincent, James, Hugh, Charls, and Moses, and Daughters Agnes Hawkins and "Barly", (Mary, the wife of George Barly or Barlow). After Vincent's death, his widow, Mary, married Samuel Couch.

EXCEPRT FROM WILLIAM CHARLES STILLSON'S, NOTES ON STILSON GENEALOGY: His first wife Grace was born in 1639 and he probably married her in 1655 or 1656. It is evident that he travelled between Milford, Connecticut and Marblehead, Massachusetts several times. He was in Marblehead in 1676 and just previous to this date as the Records of the Courts of Essex County, Mass., show. But on September 17, 1687, when his will was drawn he was in Milford and he remained there until his death May 13, 1690. Mr. Jacobus thinks that Grace, the first wife of Vincent I was the mother of Vincent, James and Agnes. In the will Vincent I gives "to my daughter Barly, wife of George Barly the sum of five shillings.? This was in 1687. This daughter must have been at leat 17 years of age (being the wife of George Barly) which would place the date of her birth at about 1670 and prove that she also was the daughter of Grace since Vincent I was living with her as late as 1676. Grace, the first wife of Vincent I must have died in 1676 or very soon after for all the children of Mary his second wife were born after 1676 or 1677. In fact Mrs. Sherman has noted the death of Grace Stilson in Marblehead in 1676 aged 37 years....Grace the first wife of VincentI was probably about twelve or fourteen years younger than he and likewise Mary his second wife was undoubtedly some years younger.


1. Vincent, b. about 1656, m. (1st) Sarah b. Milford Ct., Marblehead, year unknown, d. 1695; (2nd) 1696 or 1697 Susannah (Baster) (Langdon) Gray of Boston.See Generation II.
2. James, b. abt. 1658, d. 1689, m. Margaret Gould. See Generation II.
3. Agnes, b. between 1660 and 1665, m. Joseph Hawkings, son of Robert
     a. James Hawkings, b. about 1677-1679, baptized March 22, 1684/5; m. Elizabeth Humphrey, March 5, 1692/3 (?aged13?)
     b. John Hawkings b. about 1679-1680; bapt. March 22, 1684/5.
     c. Priscilla Hawkings, b. about 1680-81; bapt. March 22, 1684/5; m. Francis Grant, July 13, 1702. He was b. November 25, 1673, son of Francis and Susanna (Combs) Grant who were married in 1668.
     d.Robert Hawkings, b. about 1681-1682; bapt. March 22, 1684/5
     e.Thomas Hawkings, b. about 1682-83; bapt. March 22, 1684/5

4. Mary, m. George Barly or Barlow (d. 1706). Perhaps (2nd) Samuel Hubbell. Child of Mary and George listed as b. in 1688 in New England Marriage Book.

By Vincent and his second wife Mary____________:
5. Moses, b. about 1676 pr 1679. m. 1704/05, Charity Bailey, d. 1760 "at age of 84 years." See Generation II.
6. Hugh, b. about 1678 or 1679 maybe in Marblehead, MA, d. March 4, 1727 or 1728 in Newtown, CT, m. Martha Fenn. See Generation II.
7. Susanna, b. Milford, Nov. 9, 1680. Bertha Taft-Keith records show she maybe d. young
8. Charls, (shown without an "e") b. about 1682, or perhaps before Susanna. No further information. Mentioned in father's will in 1687.(Editors Note: He could also have been born after the will was written in 1687.)



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