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to the book, Stilson/Stillson A Family History, by Christie Stilson; put on line for your enjoyment by Margaret Stilson. Within these pages you will find the following names, William Bostwick Stilson, 1842/?,son of Solomon Jay & Phebe Moore(Ruggles)Stilson; Andrew Turrell Stilson, 1833/?, son of John Judson & Elvira (Turrell) Stilson; Sherwood Hawley Stilson, 1842/1907, son of Hiram Hoyt Stilson & Laura Ann (Bostwick) Stilson; Clarence Hoyt Stilson, 1849/1897, son of Hiram Hoyt & Laura Ann (Bostwick) Stilson; Franklin Amos Stilson, 1842/1925, son of Anson & Miretta (Gray) Stilson; David Newton Stilson, 1845/1901, son of William Edward & Deborah (Page) Stilson. This page created on Sept. 18, 2000 and maintained by Margaret. Happy Hunting.

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VII. WILLIAM BOSTWICK STILSON, b.September 30, 1842. He was the son of Solomon Jay & Phebe Moore (Ruggles) Stilson. He was a civil engineer and worked for the Michigan Central railroad at Detroit, MI. as a principal assistant engineer He resided in Jackson, Mich. He married in August 4, 1869 to Ida Cynthia Alvord. Ida was born in Oswego, NY on June 25, 1851. Per information in the Alvord Genealogy, page 535, eight generation, her lineage is John Jacob Mang, Asahel, Thomas Gould, Asahel, Thomas, Thomas, Alexander.

Ida's sister Eve Elizabeth Alvord married a William Henry Jennings and named one of their sons Edgar Stilson Jennings.


1.Jay Alvord, b. April 24, 1870 in New Milford, CT., resided in Detroit, Michigan. He married at St. Thomas, Ont., on September 18, 1901 to Mary McColl.

2.Mabel Louise, b. March 11, 1872 in New Milford, CT.

3.William Walworth, b. New Milford, CT. on July 29, 1874 and resided in New Milford, CT. There is a listing for a Walworth Stilson in Who's Who under Childhood in Poetry. Unclear if it is the same individual as William Walworth.

4. Charles Edward, b. September 11, 1884 in Detroit, MI.




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VII. ANDREW TURREL STILSON, b.1833, son of John Judson and Elvira (Turrell) Stilson, m. 1)1860 Flora Greer, 2)m. 1869, Minerva Allen; 3) m. 1870 Arvilla Cross

Children by first wife:

1. John Henry, b. 1862 m. 1885 Frances Trimmer
Records of Bertha Taft Keith show John Henry having children: Harry Andrew b. 1886, Fanny Gwendoling b. 1890. Records of Agnes Stillson show a John Henry Stilson having a daughter Mabel Lorrette b. in 1888.

2.Flora Greer, b.October 2, 1865, source: lDS archival record

Children by second wife:

3.Frederick, b. 1870, d. 1881




(Vincent 1;Moses 2;Moses 3;Philo 4;Philo 5;Hiram Hoyt 6;Sherwood H. 7)

VII. SHERWOOD HAWLEY STILSON, b. January 17, 1842, d. March 30, 1907, at Cleveland, Ohio, was the son of Hiram Hoyt Stilson and Laura Ann (Bostwick) Stilson. He married February 8, 1871, Isabel Hopkins, b. June 10, 1845, d. April 22, 1925, daughter of James Edgar Dickinson and Mary Dickinson (Lane) Hopkins.


1.Raymond Hopkins, b. December 17, 1871 at Cleveland, Ohio m. June 18, 1913, Florence Rippey Beck, b. August 23, 1878, d. February 15, 1930, at Cleveland, daughter of Samuel H. and Mitilda Beck. One adopted osn, Donald Beck Stilson, b. March 16, 1917.

2. Paul Bostwick, b. December 12, 1873, at Cleveland, m. May 22, 1912, Lillian Alden, b. July 22, 1875 at Washington, D.C., d. January 7, 1931 at Alhambra, CA., daughter of Llewellyn and Georgina (Tyler) Alden.

3. Ethel M., b. December 3, 1875 at Cleveland, d. ?1947.




(Vincent 1;Moses 2;Moses 3;Philo 4;Philo 5;Hiram Hoyt 6;Clarence Hoyt 7)

VII.CLARENCE HOYT STILSON, born Septemer 3, 1849, son of Hiram Hoyt and Laura Ann (Bostwick) Stilson died June 20, 1897. He married June 23, 1875, Martha Pond Osborn, b. December 1, 1853, daughter of Minott Angus and Catherine (Gilbert) Osborn. She married (2nd) ---Brown & died June 16, 1937. (?Clarence went to Yale and became an architect in New Haven)


1.Clarence Hoyt, Jr.,b. April 25, 1876, at Paris, France; d. December 1918 at New Haven Conn, m. May 7, 1902, Leila Anderson.

    Mary Esther, b. April 12, 1903, at Wilkinsburg, PA; m. Aug. 1936, Geralt Trail, who d.
    in July, 1938

    Clarence Hoyt, 3rd, b. Mar. 13, 1909 at Waterbury, Conn.

2.Minott Augur Osbor, b. October 11, 1877, at New Haven, M. April 28, 1909, Mabel Austin at New Haven. He was named for his maternal grandfather.

    Minott A. Osborn, b. Aug. 20, 1910, at Waterbury, Conn., married Aug. 13, 1938 Mary
    Edith Williams at Glen Ridge, N.J.

        Robert Minott Stilson. Listed in Who's Whoe in France and Industry 1889-1990.
         Controller, b. Bridgeport, Conn., July 24, 1941, s. Minott A.O. and Mary Edith
        (Williams) Stilson. m. Susanne Whitaker Nove. 29, 1969; Children Laura, David. BS in
        Indsl. Adminstrative, Yale U. 1964

3. Alec York, b. October 25, 1879 at New Haven, m. November 20, 1907, Mary Carter at Cannonsburg, PA. Alec died in 1948.

    Joyce Gilbert, b. June 29, 1910, Wilkinsburg, PA, m April 4, 1935, Thaddeus Parr.

    Carter, b. April 15, 1916, New Haven, CT, m. Mary Stephenson. Carter was born and
    raised in New Haven CT. He is an M.D.

        Deborah Stilson b. 2/6/48 m. ____Abott. Has three children.

        Girl b. 8/8/50

SOURCES: New Haven Records and notes of Paul Bostwick Stilson.




(Vincent 1;Hugh 2;Joseph 3;Amos 4;David 5;Anson 6; Franklin 7)

VII.FRANKLIN AMOS STILSON, born January 23, 1842, at Sugar Grove, PA,. was the son of Anson and Miretta (Gray) Stilson, married Mary Kenyon. She died before 1916. He served during the Civil War as a private in the 111th Regiment, Co. D., Warren Co, PA and was discharged May 29, 1865, for wounds received at Peach Tree Creek. He also fought at the Battle of Gettysburg and was in Sherman's March tot he Sea.

Folloiwng the birht of his youngest son, Clesson, the family moved to a farm seven miles north of Concordia. Franklin was not equipped for farming, with fingers crippled from Civil War injuries, he had limited use of his hands. He purchased three city lots in the town of Concordia and lived on his war pension with a garden and a few chickens and rented his farm to John Emory. He was wounded seven times in all. He was an avid reader of the history of the Civil War and amassed a large collection of Civil War books and subscribed to weekly Civil War newspapers. He was a member of the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic.) The Battle Hymn of the Republic was his favorite song. Following the death of his youngest son Clesson in 1916, Clesson's widow Fannie and her eight children moved in whit him. He died at Concordia, Kansas in 1925.


1. Son, died young.

2. Dr. William J., b. 1870, m. 1)Etna Sorrell; m. 2)Laura Wright. According to his niece Gladys Stilson he was a county physician in Garden City, Kansas and made house calls to patients in rural areas with horse and buggy. Ruth and Evelyn lived with him and his wife Laura for two years between 1914 until the death of his brother Clesson in March on 1916. Sometimes he would take Ruth, then about five years of age, with himon his house calls. He was a very loving and generous man, as recalled by his niece Gladys. She said he worked in a very economically depressed area and would never press his patients for payment. Died and is buried at Lawrence, Kansas on September 13, 1932. No children of his own.

3. Ina l., b. 1873 was a pharmacist. She m. Professor Daniel H. Spencer of Kansas University. Resided at Lawrence, Kansas. Unfortunately, there is the good and the bad stories in every family and Gladys recalls one of the sad tales. Ina sent $40 a month to Fannie and her children folloiwng the death o fClesson and continued until the death of Franklin Stilson. At that time she collected all that she had sent out of his estate to repay herself and promplty turned Fannie and children Everett, Ruth and Evelyn out of his house and then sold it.

    Edwin Spencer b. December 9, 1905, m. Mary Filkim in 1942

    Mary Spencer b. December 9, 1910, m. George Alred. Divorced.

4. Eldora "Dora", b. 1875, m. at Concordia, Kansas, Fred McCollough. Resided at Topeka, Kansas.

p. 214

    Eldora McCollough m. ___Edwards and had son Marion William Edwards. In 1941 he
    was in Marine Corp. Stationed on U.S.S.Portland.

    Thelma McCollough m. 1)Joe Rockey, m. 2)Ed E. Winn and had one child Bernadette
    Rockey b.Oct. 1, 1923

5. Clesson, b. September 24, 1846 in Ohio, m. Fannie Martin, d. at Concordia, Kansas, Eleven children. Twins, names unknow, d. at Concordia Kansas, Gladys, Ralph, Erma (d. at Concordia Kansas), Clara (lived in Oklahoma), Evelyn m. Marvin Brummett. Ruth, Doris, Everett (killed in Navy). See Generation VIII.

REFERENCE: "The Fannie Martin Stilson branch of the John Rice Martin and Martha Lewelling Huntgate Family Tree." by Gladys STilson, published in 1989. A copy of which is available in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.

Also referenced was the history of Dr. William Charles Stillson's "Notes on Stilson Genealogy", 1939.




(Vincent 1; Hugh 2;Joseph 3;Amos 4;David 5;William E. 6;David N. 7)

VII. DAVID NEWTON STILSON, born November 15, 1845, son of William Edward and Deborah (Page) Stilson, born at Stilson Hill, Warren Co., PA. He was known by his middle name, Newton. His education was cut short in his sixteenth year when serious illness compelled him to withdraw from school and learn a trade which would keep himout of doors. In 1869 he married Elizabeth Kay, born 1845, daoughter of William and Mary (Hilton) Kay who had come to Stilson Hill from Oldham, England in 1848. He was a farmer and carpenter and also worked in a saw and grist mill. In 1887 he bought a grocery store in Sugar Grove, PA., and maintained it until ill health caused him to retire, late in life. He d. at Surgar Grove, PA. June 27, 1901. His widow survived him and died at the home of her son, William Earl Stilson, at Richmond Hill, Long Island, NY, May 15, 1910. Newton and Elizabeth are buried at the Sugar Grove Cemetery. See photo in the Family Photo Album at the ack of this volume.


1. William Earl Stilson, b. May 15, 1870, m. Amy Belle Shortt, b. September 13, 1876, daughter of Chas McKendree and Belle (Davis) Shortt, They married August 31, 1898. He d. January 26, 1937. Two Children. See Generation VIII.

Source: Dr. William Charles Stillson's "Notes on Stilson Genealogy, 1939".


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