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, to the Stilson/Stillson A Family History, by Christie Stilson, put on line by Margaret Lee, to help the Stilson's searching. continueing on these pages with John Stilson 1771/1831, son of John & Hannah; Nicanor Stilson 1776/1862, son of Riverius & Anna; Cyrenus Stilson 1771/1845, son of Nathan & Elizabeth; Moses Stilson 1774/1859, son of Nathan & Elizabeth. Happy Hunting.

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(Vincent1; Moses 2; Moses 3; John 4; John 5)

V. JOHN STILSON,born May 2, 1771, at New Milford, CT., son of John and Hannah (Trowbridge) Stilson, died April 1, 1831. He married April 29 or 30, 1794, Rachel Bostwick, daughter of Benjamin, Jr. and Olive Judson Bostwick. Rachel was born May 9, 1770 in New Milford, Conneticut. John died April 20, 1863 the same location.

Apparently John owned the gristmill at Little Falls below New Milford, the name of the brook was "Naromiyocknowhusunkatonkshunk" - per New Milford Town History.

Confirmation on the datesof the following were provided by Genealogy of Bostwick Family in America, by Henry A. Bostwick. p. 227.

See unplaced Stilson under John for additional information that might be related to either John or his son John Judson.


1. William Bostwick, b. March 24, 1795; (Bertha Taft Keith's records listed that he d. May 30, 1819 at Louisville, KY.) IGI family history files show his death as May 2, 1844 i Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis. See Generation VI.

2. Olive Hanna, b. March 9, 1797, d. October 28, 1857, m. September 2, 1822 to Philo Hickox.

3. Samantha Eudoxia, b. February 23, 1799, d. May 14, 1888, m. November 25, 1818 to Alvin Brown. Samantha Brwon had a daughter Mary Augusta Brown, b. 1820, maried 1854 to James L. Scott.

4. Solomon Jay, b. June 27, 1801, d. October 18, 1867, m. February 1, 1837, Phebe Ruggles Moore. See Generation VI.

5. John Judson, March 25, 1804, d. October 10, 1871, m. August 29, 1832, Elvira Turrell.



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Riverius 4; Nicanor 5)

V. NICANOR STILSON, born May 3, 1776, at New Milford, Ct., son of Riverius and Anna (Baldwin) Stilson, married Lucy Hine, daughter of Daniel and Lydia (Beecher) Hine. She died March 13, 1855, aged 77, (born 1778). Nicanor Stilson is usually spoken of as "Deacon Nicanor." He died December 22, 1862, "aged 87".


1. Daniel (See Daniel under unplaced Stilson for census information.)

2. Phebe, b. _____ m. George W. Marsh

3. Charity

4. Jane E. ______ m. Seneca Butts of Clinton, NY, May 28, 1845. Mentioned in father's and mother's will.

5. Ethel

6. Jay

7. Riverius, b. 1806 at New Milford, CT., d. September 17, 1830, "age 24 yrs., 8 mo." m. Elvira E. Gregory, both of Milford, CT., b. 1806, d. April 20, 1828. Children?

8. Albert H. (perhaps "Hine?", b. 1807, d. 1841 m. Jane E. Stone, October 4, 1837, Records of Agnes Stillson report the death of Albert H. Stilson in 1841. Children?

(1840 Census lists an Albert H. Stilson of New Milford, Litchfield County. May be the above Albert. The other Albert in this generation resided in Delaware Co., NY)



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Nathan 4; Cyrenus 5)

V. CYRENUS STILSON, born 1771, New Milford, Litchfield, Conn., son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Stevens) Stilson, married Sarah Baldwin, daughter of Asahel and Esther Baldwin, who was born January 10, 1769, and died March 31, 1844. Cyrenus died December 28, 1845, Meredith, Delaware County, NY. He is spoken of as a singer. Cyrenus and Sarah Stilso settled in Meredith, New York, Probably in the 1790's. Some of their children may have been born in New Milford, Conn.

(Research by Dan Touse shows that Sarah Baldwin was the daughter of Asahel Baldwin, b. about 1739 and d. April 24, 1821 in Meredity, NY and his wife Ester (Buck) Baldwin b. about 1746 and d. December 27, 1820. Ashel Baldwin was the son of Capt. Theophilas Baldwin and grace (Buck) Baldwin.)

The 1810 New York Census lists a Cyrenus stilson in Delaware County, New York. The 1820 New York Census reports Cyrenus in Meredith, Delaware County, New Yourk. The 1830 New York Census shows Cyrenus resdiding in Meredith, Delaware County, New Yourk. No listing shown in the 1840 NY census. The New Milford Town History reports that Cyrenus Stilson began a singing school in 1792. It mentions two children Philo and George who "went to Ohio" - However it seems that it was Philo and his son George, descendants of Moses did go to Ohio - nephews, rathern thatn children of Cyrenus.


1.Corinne (or Corinna) Stilson b. about December 25, 1791, d. about November 21, 1865 in W. Meredith, NY, m. 1810 to Medad Jackson, not Medad Johnson as appears in some records. Medad was the son of Isiah Jackson b. about 1763 and d. 1829 in West Meredith and his wife Amaree (Baldwin) Jackson. They had a son Henry Jackson b. April 5, 1819 in West Meredith, NY who m. October 16, 1839 to Janet Burgess. See Generation VI.

2. Sally or Sarah, b. 1794, d. 1874; m. George Howland. 10 ch. Res. Meredith.

3. Clara Stilson, b. aobut 1795, m. Horace Jones

4. Edwin, b. about 1797. (Records of Agnes Stillson report birth may have been as late as 1803.) Delaware Gazette records the death of an Edwin Stilson aged 83 in Newark, Wayne Co. Newspaper issue dated December 8, 1880. The only Edwin that fits into this time frame appears to be the Edwin that may have been the son of Cyrenus and possibly the second child after Sally.

5. Baldwin Stilson, b. about 1799-1801 (see below)

6. Posible son: ??Asahel b. November 18, 1802 in Meredith, Delaware, NY m. in 1825 to Salome Georgia in Newfield, Tompkins, NY (See unplaced Stilson at end of volume- Note wife of Cyrenus was the daughter of "Asahel" Baldwin.)


7. Lyman Stilson, b. January 29, 1805, became a Baptist minister m. (1) Lucretia Brownson who d. 1851, (2nd) Mary A. Paine or Payne, d. 1857, (3rd) Miss Wright d. 1898.

8. Esther Stilson, b. around 1807, m. Henry Graham in 1831

9. Phebe Stilson, b. around 1809 and m. Nehemiah Whiting. Records of Agnes Stillson list her death in 1852 and her birth in 1797, which would conflict witht he birth of Edwin.

10. Marcus, b. about 1811 - A Marcus Stilson is listed in 1850 NY census records for Middletown, Delaware County, New Yourk. This is probably the above Marcus as he would be of the right age to be included. Information not verified. The 1865 special census for Middletown, Delaware Co., NY shows a Marcus Stilson aged 54 years. This wuld mke his year of birth 1810 or 1811 which would fit inot this family. The Bertha Taft Keith shows no birth date for Marcus, however listed him as he eighth child. We have moved him to the position of child #10. The 1865 census confirms his wife Clarasey, aged 47 years (making her birth around 1818), son Albert aged 23 (birth around 1842), son James (birth around 1844) and daughter Adaline aged 19 (birth around 1846). He is reported to have owned 80 acres.

     Albert, b. about 1842
     James b. aobut 1844
     Adaline b. about 1846

Church records where Lyman Stilson was pastor state that Lyman had three other brothers: Baldwin, Edwin and Marcus. One of these three moved to York, Neb. and left a son, Lyman Stilson, who had four sons, Charles, William, Fred and Henry. William was a publisher.

Based on the above piece of information,combined with research done by Hazel E. Thornton, we have been able to piece together the family of the son Lyman Stilson who relocated in Nebraska. None of the records indicated the parentage of Lyman, so he oculd be the son of either Baldwin or Edwin, probably not Marcus. None of the records indicated that he is the grandson of Cyrenus, but it seems very probable. A bit of further research could affirm this. It is also noted that in 1870 Lyman visisted his uncle's house in Iowa. It is not known which uncle, possibly Baldwin, marcus or Edwin. The following has been determined fromt he military and pension records.

Lyman D. Stilson, b. July 26, 1839 i Alden, Erie County, New York. He d. May 9, 1912 in York Co., Nebraska. He m. La Delle Cushman on January 10, 1864. La Delle was b. 1840/1841 and d. April 24, 1914 in York Co, Nebraska.

Lyman enlisted on September 16, 1861 and served int he Civil War with Co. D of the 49th NY Vol. Infantry commanded by William Wheeler. He received a number of injuries. He was discharged December 16, 1862 at Annapolis, MD.


Lyman and LaDelle had children:
     Charles L. (L. for Lyman?) b. September 23, 1864
     William E. (E. for Edwin?) b. June 11, 1867
     A daughter Minnie or Winnie L. (L. for LaDelle?) b. March 10, 1874
     Fred C. (C. for Cyrenus?) b. January 25, 1876
     Henry L. b. March 12, 1885

The following history is frm a book entitled Old Settlers Early History of York County, Nebraska published by the Old Settler's Association.

"Reminiscenses of Pioneer Days by L.D. Stilson, Soldier and Farmer"

"I was born July 26, 1839 in Erie County, NY and lived there until the braking out of the war of 1861-65 when on September 16, 1861, I enlisted in Company D., 49th regiment, NY Volunteers and went to the war and was soon a partaker of the incidents of warfare. A bullet struck me in my chin passing up into my mouth thus rendering the eating of hard tack an unpleasant task. At another time I was put with others to digging trenches; an accident occurred which nearly proved serious. A man behind me in the trench, struck me across my back with his pick, accidentally of course. In the battle at Antietam I was wounded int he head and was unconscious for some time, when I came to the battle was over and dead soldiers all around me, but at last I was picked up and taken to the hospital; as soon as I recovered I was again at my post of duty. I received bullet wounds at other times, once in getting away from the enemy at Libby Prison by escaping between two guards, they fired a shot tht entered the calf of my leg which I'll carry to the day of my death. I was discharged the 16th of December, 1862, on account of physical disability, and laid in the hospital at Annapolis Junction for three months from chronic difficulties, caused from exposure in camp and field.

I came back to my "father's house" where kind friends cared for me most tenderly and I improved quite rapidly. In the Spring I went to farming on my father's farm (my father and mother had moved to a town some four miles away). I found it quite lonesome, living alone and I sought a companion to whom I was married onJanuary 10, 1864, a Miss LaDelle Cushman, who has been a devoted wife and mother of four sons and one daughter.

I came to York County, Nebraska, March 1870, locating on a homestead on Sec 22, Town 10, Range 2. I spent a few days looking around and went into Iowa, where I superintended the building of my uncle's house. After an absence of two months I went back to York State and spent the summer settling up business and getting ready to go to my western home. I left there the last of August, leaving my wife and two sons to come later. My wife was convalescing from a severe attack of spinal fever. At Linclon, Nebraska I was given a chance to work for the B & M R. R. Co. in the bridge and construction gang, from Crete to Kearney; I was with them until we reached the end of the line to Kearney, I then came to York and went to work, Superintending carpenter work. I helped to build the first frame


building in York. I put up some forty frame buildings in York, and several schoolhouses in York County. I tried farming on my homestead by hiring the breaking done at four or five dollars an acre, I also put up a fame building 12 x 20 for a house on my farm and went back to York State for my family, July 26, 1872, returning the last of the month.

The next great event was the "April Storm." The day of the 12th of April had been a lovely day, but as night came on a hugh black bank of couds came up from the northwest, bringing a thunder storm and then growing cold as the north wind came, turning the rain to snow and beating against the windows and blowing the snow into every crack and crevice. For three days we were without fresh water, as we had no well and it was unsafe to go to the neighbors, we melted snow and kept as warm as we could, burning corn on the ear and wrapping up in outer garments; no meat in the house for three days but the good Lord provided n the third day, in the afternoon the sun came out and looking out the south window on a pile of corn was a prairie chicken getting something to eat. The chicken was prepared and we enjoyed the feast.

We helped to establish a Sunday School in our district school house and had a good attendance of some seventy-five persons. We also had preaching service during the summer by Rev. Broadwell, a Methodist preacher and homesteader living some four miles west of us. Then the days of grasshoppers in 1873-74. The sun darkened at noonday by the insects; at feeding times how the idolized gardens suffered, even eating into the onion bulbs, stripping trees, bushes and cornfields till nothing remained but bare stalks. The prospect was not very promising. One morning we observed immense flocks of birds which proved to be swallows; they seemed to be feeding upon the grasshoppers. Another morning after a heavy thunder storm the ground was covered with tiny frogs, walking along over them they would crunch and sound like breaking eggshells; never since have we witnessed the like.

The early days of pioneer life was fraught with trials and disappointments. when everything seemed to point towards prosperity, something would take place to discourage and darken our prospects and we come down to the years of helplessness with the satisfaction that we did the best we could within our environments and now, I bid you adieu."

Addidtional information on the children of Cyrenus and Sarah comes from the Baldwin Genealogy #198, page 123, by Charles Candee Baldwin.



(Vincent 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Nathan 4; Moses 5)

V. MOSES STILSON,born September 21, 1774, at New Milford, CT., son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Stevens) Stilson, died October 22, 1859, "aged 85 years, one month and one day." He married Charlotte Foster, born May 29, 1792, who died June 16, 1869, "aged 77 years, one month and seven days. They were married June 14, 1807, and moved to West Meredith, New York. They wre married at Williamstown, Mass. Charlotte died at New Salem, WI.

A Moses Stilson is listed in the 1810 Census records for New York in Delaware County. In the 1820 Census for New York there is a Moses Stillson reported in Meredith, Delaware County, New York. In the 1850 census Moses Stilson is shown as a resident of Meredith, Delaware County, New York. It is assumed but not verified that these records apply to this Moses Stilson. In the 1850 census the other Stilson reported in the town of Meredith include Albert, David, Minor, Nathan, John and Lansing Stilson.

Delaware Gazette, published weekly at Delhi New York, reports taht Moses Stillson of Meredith was appointed guardian on April 14, 1812, of the following children of Adin Todd, late of Meredith: Chloe age 15, Titus age 13, Eliada age 11, Edmund age 9, Erastus age 7, Sally age 5, and Lydia age 3.) The November 2, 1859 issue of the Delaware Gazette reports the death of Moses Stilson in W. Meredith at age 85.

Probate records for the son of Moses, Frelinghuysen show that Frelinghuysen was institutionalized on three occasions and records show the cause was Hereditary dementia. Also indicated in these records is that his father Moses was insane late in life.


1. Bedora, b. March 6, 1809, d. November 11, 1811

2. Lucien Sylvanus, b. June 7, 1813, d. June 22, 1885; married December 20, 1838 to Eliza Van Akin, who was b. January 3, 1816 and d. November 22, 1888. See Generation VI.

3. Lansing, b. May 3, 1818, d. January 4, 1872, m. January 1, 1840, Cornelia Gallup. See Generation VI.

4. Elizabeth, b. July 30, 1820, d. March 27, 1842, m. September 20, 1840 Samuel Graham of Delhi N.Y. Shjed died at the birth of her daughter, Elizabeth Graham. Elizabeth Graham m. Dr. F. H. Benedict of Weedsport, NY and died at Delhi NY.

Nathan, b. February 3, 1823, d. January 3, 1825

6. Nathan, B. October 1. 1826, m. November 16, 1849, Lodemia Sampson. See Generation VI.

7. Edmund, b. May 17, 1829, m. February 16, 1853, Salenda Jackson. See Generation VI.


8. Merritt, b. May 26, 1857, Elizabeth Dewuth (or Dewitt?), divorced, m. 2) Margary ________ prior to 1879. See Generation VI

9. Frelinghuysen, b. September 23, 1834, m. October 22, 1863, Jessie Marion Thompson b. 1846. See Generation VI

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