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to the Stilson/Stillson A Family History, by Christie Stilson, put on line by Margaret Lee, to help the Stilson's searching.We are now starting the fifth generation, where you will find on these pages William Stilson 1743/1799, Son of Capt. James & Mary; Truman Stilson 1857/1828?, son of Enoch & Freelove; < href="#v1m2m3e4b5">Beers Stilson 1762/aft1850, son of Enoch & Freelove. Happy Hunting.
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(Vincet 1; James 2; James 3; James 4; William 5)

V. WILLIAM STILSON, born about 1743, son of Capt. James and Mary (True) Stilson of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, married December 23, 1772, Sarah, daughter of Francis and Mary (Carr) Roberts, born June 2, 1750. She died January 8, 1843 and William died in 1799, at Philadelphia. William Stilson was a captain in the Revolutionary War. His widow, Sarah Stilson, applied for a pension in 1834.

The following letter was found in the Nathional Archival records by Frank Stillson, descendent of William. What acts he committed to apparently cause his family such distress are unknown. Apparently, things were patched up between William and his wife following his return as is demonstrated by the fact that children were born to this couple sebsequent to the writing of this letter!

Boston, May the 28, 1779

Dear Wife

I, now have taken my pen in hand, and vow to write to you but what I shall write I know not, as my soul is at this time in the greatest of trouble, to think in what manner I have led this poor miserable life of mine. (O my dear) if I ____ to venutre to call you ___, ___ or which way is it ____ possible for you to forgive such a monster as I am. Or can I ask or expect forgiveness from you. I have so Much injured you and my Dear Children who should have the misfortune to be born to meet with so many difficulties on my account, God grant if I shoul live to get home from this cruise that I have now engaged to go. I hope I shall be able to make you some amends for this what is past. I wrote to Cap. Mounford a few days ago but did not venture to write to you as I did (not) know whether you thought or cared anything about me or not. Nor could I have blamed you if you had banished me or wholly from your mind as I am not deserving the least of your thought. I would let you know where I am going, ti is in the ship of War called the Queen of France as a mid shipman. Where I shall Draw three shares and half. I should try to come home, now, but I know not Where to find you, as I can't tarry but a Day or two when I come as it will be after some ____ to go with us. I suppose yur mother and sister has quite turned your heart against me. They always had an antipathy against me, but what is past I cannot help its only by striving to amend. Sooner than I would Live the Life I have in times past I would rather depart this life than live any Longer as my Tortured Heart is perplexed more than any Humane persons's I Belive ever was Before on your account as well as my own; I was taken About Five Weeks ago and Let go again.When I came to Boston I put my chest and beddin in Captain ___ Store which was Broken open the night after and that Seven or Eight Thousand Dollars belonging to him taken out Which we have been in search of every day since but can hear nothing of them. I would Dare to ask you if you would be kind enough ____ ____ _____ my great coat one whit shirt. One outside Jacket Light? Escalard? ?two ?under Jackest, one pair of overhawls, my shoes and buckels 2 pair stockings 2 check shirts. I shall not be forced to take any up which if I do will take away three or four Hundred Dollar from my ___ money I only ask it as a favour that you would send as I left in my chest a great many clothes more than I found wanted. I hope my Dear you have ?regard enough left for me yet as to take some pity on me. Although I have been so unhumane a crature diserve none from you avobe all Persons on Earth. I should be glad you would take time and write me the Whole Circumstance of all affairs by Capt. Mountfourd and send them things by him as he is coming round to Boston to go in Company with us the whole cruise. Your brother John or Frances will bring them down I should be lad as soon as possible as they will sail soon. I hope if God should let me Live to return I will see you if in the Land of the Living. Let what will happen if I don't before we go But I should not Before I go and anything should befall me as to being killed or wounded


you would never trouble your mind about me. I have no more to add. But my hearty and sincere love to you and my children and all friends and relations from your Loving Hunband Till Death. Wm. Stillson To Mrs. Sally Stillson


1. Molly, b. October 11, 1773, married at Durham, N.H., March 13, 1792, Joseph Langley (or Longley), both were of Newmarket. William d. in Philadelphia, PA in 1799. As his widow applied for pension in 1834. This information is per document in the Connecticut State Library that was compiled by Mrs. Joshua Vincent David D.A.R. Their chidren: Henry b. January 21, 1793, m. a widow named Abigail (Tasker) Nelson' Clarissa b. August 28, 1797 in Stafford m. 1) _____ Rollins, 2) Benjamin Coffin; Nancy b. about 1800 m. Nathan Proctor and lived in Charleston, MA

2. James. b. February 9, 1775 in Stafford, N.H.

3. William, b. June 22, 1780, in Sommerworth, N.H. Ann Carr Stilson married 1837 in Durham, New Hampshire to Jacob B. Thompson. Source IGI records filed by individual. See Generation VI.

4. John Carr Roberts, b. December 30, 1781 (1790 Census records lists a John Stilson in New Milford, CT., which could be this one or John the son of Moses. In 1820 census for New York, John again appears as a resident of Seneca, Ontario County, New York.)

5. Henry, b. May 23, 1784, m. 1806, at Lee, N.H., Abigail "Nabby" Randall. From the History of Durham we have that they were married by Rev. John Osborn, Elde, Lee, Stratford Co., N.H. He died before 1862 possibly in Lee, N.H. Abigail was the daughter of Job (b. Jan. 7, 1761, son of Miles) and Sarah (Langley) Randall. The record shows they had seven children born between about 1810 and 1830, all in Lee, N.H. Information from Frank Stillson lists five children. See Generation VI.

     1. Philena Stillson b. unknown in Lee, New Hampshire and married about January 26, 1846 to
     Frederick A.M. Perry.

     2. Daniel B. Stillson, b. about 1808 i Lee, New Hamphsire. Married Adaline ____.

     3. Hannah Stillson b. February 23, 1814 in Lee, NH. Married June 11, 1843 in Lowell
     Massachusetts to William Bunker.

     4. John Stillson b. about 182_ i Lee, NH. Married May 20, 1848 in Barrington, NH to Mary
     Tuttle. He d. about 1863 in Newmarket, NH.

     5. William H. Stillson b. about 1823 in Lee. N.H. He married Lizzie E. ___.

6. Lettie (or Lettice), b. Sept. 15, 1785, m. _______ Footman.

The 1790 census index for New Hampshire lists a William Stillson residing in the county of Strafford, town of Somersworth. It shows one white male age 16 years and up, tow white males under 16 years and 1 white female 16 years of ageor older. This might apply to this William. The census record was not examined, only the index.



(Vincet 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Enoch 4; Truman 5)

V. TRUMAN STILSON, born May 4, 1757, son of Enoch and Freelove Stilson, of New Milford, married to _______ Lum. His father, Enoch died about 1776 and in 1777 Truman was named guardian of his brother, Beers Stilson, who was then about 15 years old. Turman Stilson is listed in the 1790 Census in New Milford Township, Litchfield County, CT. The Census shows his family included one free white male, age 16 years or older, including head of househould, thre free white males aged sixteen years or younger, and four free white females including head of family. The 1800 census shows him with three boys and one girl. The 1810 census of New York State lists Truman as a resident of Delaware County with two boys and one girl and Orrange/Orange Stilson living next door. The 1820 and 1830 census were not explored by this editor, but the 1840 census no longer lists Truman.

According to the "History of Delaware Co., N.Y." published in 1898, by William Clark of Delhi, N.Y., Truman Stilson joined the settlement founded by Joseph Bramhall at Meredith Township, NY in 1793. Moses and Nathan, his cousins, had gone there a little earlier, between 1791 and 1793. In the Baptist Church Records, "Baptist Church of Christ," Franklin,Delaware Co., NY his death is recorded as 1802, however, other probate records show he died in 1828.

Children (order not determined):

1. Orange Stilson/Stillson (War of 1812 - History of Delaware Co., Page 349) This certainly is an interesting first name. It was a popular English, Irish, French name. The 1820 census lists an Orange Stillson in Franklin, Delaware County, New York. Note two L spelling in the 1820 census report. The name again appears in the 1830 census for the same town with a different spelling. Orrin Stilson is again listed in the 1840 census for Franklin, Delaware Co., New York. Soldiers of the War of 1812 lists a request for pension money ($58) and lists the requestor as Orange Stilson, by Administrator.

Information from Pine City, NY, descendent William D. Stilson is the grandson of Lemuel Egbert Stilson and great grandson of William Stilson, born in Franklin, MY. William B. was born about 1812. William D. reports he did a report in grade school on family history and an older relative told him that Levi Stilson was the father of William Stilson. b. in 1812 and that the father of Levi Stilson was Orange Stilson. However, if it is correct that this Levi B. Stilson was born about 1800, then he would have been only 12 years of age when William Stilson of Franklin NY was born in 1812. There is an Orange Stilson, who is shown as serving in the War of 1812 and is listed in the History of Delaware County page 349. The 1820 census shows Orange in the town of Franklin, NY which is where William wass b. in 1812. It could be that Orange is, in fact, related to William Stilson. It is unclear, to this editor, how Levi might be connected. Orange is the son of Truman Stilsson. There is also the coincidence that apparently Orange may have spelled his name with the LL version, as did Levi B. There is also a Levi B. shown i Rye, NY in the 1860 census. This brings up the possibility of two Levi's and the son of Orange would be more likely to have a descendent remainin in NY. Perhaps this second Levi is the son of this Orange. The 1860 census shows Levi in Rye NY with wife Sally, two daughters, and a son David or Daniel age 9, born in 1851.


2. Gaylord Stillson - b. Unknown, d. unknown. He is listed in the 1820, 1830, 1840 New York Census for Franklin, Delaware County, New York. Listed as executor for the estate of his father.

3. Amos Stillson, b. unknown, d. unknown, He is shown in 1830 census New York Census for Franklin, Delaware Co., New York.

4. Anna Stillson, b. unknown, d. after 1828, m. _______ Spring

The will of Truman Stillson with spelling as shown in the original document:

In the name of God Amen ... I Truman Stillson of the Town of Franklin, in Delaware County, and State of New Yourk, being weak and afflicted in body, but of sound mind, memory and mental faculties, thanks be rendered to Almight God for the same inestimable blessing, and calling to mind that it is appointed for all men once to die - and fafter death the reserection. And as touching my temporal affairs and property where with God in his providence has seen fit to bless one with in thes worl, I do make, ordai and declare this Testaments, heretofore by me made -- and first, I resign and give my soul to God who gave it, and my body to the earth to be burried in a decent Christian Burrial nothing doubting, but I shall receive the same again, at the general reserection, thanks be to a just Gof dor the same. Secondly, I give and bequeth to my beloved son Orange Stillson, the lot of land which he now lives on, and ______ being bounded as follows....(descriptions follows) Thirdly I bequeath to my beloved son Amos tillsona ll (land description follows) and further I give and bequeath to him fifty dollars in money to be paid him by my executor whinin one yar after my decease. Further I give and bequeath to my well beloved daughter Anna Spring, one good feather bed and bedding, and a looking glass... I give and bequeath to my beloved son Gaylort Stillson all the remainder of my real and personal property which I am now in possession of, and I do now make, ordain and constitute hime... Gaylord Stilson, to be the executor of my last will and testament...

Will written 2 September 1828 and probated 29 October 1828.



(Vincet 1; Moses 2; Moses 3; Enoch 4; Beers 5)

V. BEERS STILSON, born about 1762, in Connecticut, d. probably after 1850, was the son of Enoch and Freelove Stilson, of New Milford. Enoch died about 1776, before the death of his father, Moses. In 1777, according to a court record, Truman Stilson was appointed guardian of his brother Beers Stilson, then about 15 years old. Beers was given his name to honor his grandmother, Mary Beers stilson. Beers and Truman wer the only sons of Enoch, and their sisters were Mary (Norton), Mercy (Brownson) amd Mehitable and Lois Stilson. Beers is named in the distribution of his grandfather's (Moses) estate on August 19, 1779. Truman married --- Lum, and is listed in the 1790 Census at New Milford, but Beers is not listed, and the 1779 record is the last this compiler (Bertha Taft Keith) has found concerning him. However it has since been discovered that Beers apparently removed to Vermont and had his family there.

Records from the ancestal file show Beers married Eunice Dodge, daughter of George and Mary Dodge. Eunice is reported to have been born in Springfield, CT. in 1772?, or 1778: and d. January 15, 1858 in Monkton, VT of apoplexy. Jean Smith of New Haven, VT. reports that Beers Stilson was her husbands fourth great grandfather. A history of county, written in 1886, says that Beers Stilson came to Monkton, VT. from New Milford, CT. in 1783. He located on road 21. He married Eunice Dodge and had four sons and one daughter. Three of the sons, Lyman, Alpheus and Philemon have been charted by Jean Smith. In 1881, Alpheus was theonly one still living (per the Hamilton Child, Gazetteer and Business Directory of Addison County 1881-2, p. 158 and a similar statement was repeated in Smith's History of Addison county.)

The property Beers purchased was north of Monkton Boro or perhaps more precisely northwest in the valley where he build a house which stayed in the Stilson family for many years.

The index records for Vermont were examined. The 1790, 1800, 1810, and 1820 indexes do not show a Beers Stilson. (NOTE: Apparently the 1800 census lists him in Monkton as Bean Stilman.) The 1830 census index shos Beers and Alpheus in Monkton. the 1840 census index shos "Alphas" and "Bass" in Monkton and Beers as "Bass" and in 1850 in Monkton it shows "Burns" and "Hyrenus" and "aphious." In the 1840 census he is shown living with two males ages between 20 and 30 years and he and his wife are shown as betwee the ages of 60 and 70 years. He had children Alpheus, Lyman, Philemon and another son and daughter whose names are unknown.

Children, birth order uncertain:

1. Alpheus, b. April 15, 1802, in Monkton, Addison, VT., d. November 22, 1895, He m. Betsey follette (Follett) b. 1798. See Generation VI.

2. Lyman Stilson b. December 29, 1812, Monkton, VT., d. May 4, 1874 m. Sarah Bull b. Aug. 13, 1820, d. March 19, 1911, VT. Source: Monkton, Vital records. Both are buried in Monkton Boro Cemetery.


Children of Lyman and Sarah:

     Gertrud E., b. June 19, 1847, d. July 8, 1852

     Willard Watson b. November 9 or 10, 1858, d. January 18, 1874. He is probably the same as the person called William who d. at ae 16 in record boods for Monkton, VT.

3. Philemon, b. June 1, 1814 in Monkton, VT., d. July 1/7, 1885 age 73 yrs. 2 months. (Age on tombstone is two years off.) He m. Delia S. Hill, daughter of Francis and Ruch (Ferguson) Hill b. April 16, 1815, d. March 29, 1895. Botha are buried in Starksboro, VT. village cemetery. In an 1857 map of Starksboro, P. Stilson is shown located east of Norton Hill int he present "Little Ireland" area. He was a farmer.

     Emma, b. unknown (Could possibly bethe same as Emma A. Stilson b. March 30, 1842, d. March 18, 1918 per Sunderland Vermont Cembetery records which records Emma A. Stilson as the wife of Clark J. Williams.

     Caroline b. about 1844, was age 6 on the 1850 census

     Euphemia A., b. February 1846, d. January 26, 1861 age 14 years 11 months. Buried in the Hillsboro Cemetery, Starksborot VT. She is probably the daughter on the 1850 census shown as Unice age 4 years.

     Imogene C. B. December 9, 1848, d. November 5, 1837, m. March 3, 1864 to Wiliam C. Jacobs, son of James Jacobs. William C. was b. August 7, 1843 and d. March 9, 1922. Dates of Imogene are from her tombstone in the Evergreen Cemetery, Bristol, BT. where both she and William are buried. She was listed age 16 on the 1860 Census which would make her birth 1844.

          Willis U. Jacobs, b. 1864, Lincoln, VT. d. 1922, m. Georgiana Boyd. A granddaughter, Carla Jacobs m. Donald E. Burbank. His brother, Rev. John R. Burbank, officiated.

          George A. Jacobs, b. 1879, d. 1931, m. Lottie M. ____, b. 1883, d. 1955. They had two daughters.

          Sylvia Jacobs, m. Henry Sumner. They had six children and many descendants.

          Ella G. Jacobs, b. 1880, d. June 18, 1964. Unmarried.

     Ella b. about 1849. There is a record of an Ella Stillson's marriage in Michigan in 1890, see unplaced Stillson chapter.

     Bion (or Byron) G. b. January 16, 1857, d. November 25, 1857 and is buried in Hillsboro Cemetery, Starksboro, VT.


4. & 5. Another son and daughter of Beers are uncharted. An 1886 history of Addison Co., Vermont says that Beers Stilson and Eunice Dodge had four sons and one daughter.

See Unplaced Stilson for Vermont residents: Abel and Marion Stilson who had children (including a son William). Vital records show a E. Philemon Stilson b. July 5, 1863 in Monkton, Addison, VT.

Monkton records: Lucy Stilson m. Nelson Bull of Brome, Quebec - Orring Stilson m. February 20, 1833 Lydia Morrill.

R.L. Stilson (1854-1923) & Catherin J. Stilso (1872 - ) Monkton Boro Cemetery gravestone. This is probably the same individual as Leonard Stilon who m. Kate Smith, daughter of Carlos and Louis Smith.

The 1870 Cenus record for Alvin Stilson in Saugatuck Twp, Allegan, MI. which lists a William Stilson aged 64, living with Alvin. William has a birthplace listed as Vermont and his birth wuld have been about 1806. Alvin Henry was the son of Briggs STilson (see unplaced Stilson) and it is not known how William was related. He could have been a granfather or an uncle?)

There is a George (Grange) STilson that is believed to have been b. in 1808 in Addison Co., Vermont that would fit in the age group to be the child of Beers.

p.79 V. John Stilson
P.80 Nicanor Stilson
p.81 Cyrenus Stilson


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