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General Genealogy Links

The primary purpose for this page is to provide a listing of General Genealogy Links that you feel would be helpful for researchers. These are sites and pages that will assist their research, but not necessarily pages specifically dealing with the surname Stilson.

Links to sites with information directly relating to your surname (i.e. "cousins" homepages) are listed on the HomePage Links page.

To submit Links for this page, please email Margaret Lee, with full information about the site or page you wish to have listed here.

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Eley Family and other Surnames, Joyce

GRACE'S ANCESTORS, you will find here Roy Edwin Stilson 1907-1983, and his father Roy Edwin Stilson 1877;

MY FAMILY THE COLBY's, Bird Stilson & Clyde J. Green are found here, many other Surnames, not relating to Stilson.

STEWART CLAN, Index of Spouses: Ashal Stilson, NY 1821, Cyrenus NY 1818, Cyrus F. ME 1871, Nathan CT 1771, Sarah NY 1818, and many more Surnames.

BARNUM FAMILY GENEALOGY, contains information on Mehitabel Stilson who m. Samuel Camfield.

Sites that Margaret Lee has for personal family members.
CARTER'S of My side
Obit of Mary Ann Webb/Eley
THOMPSON FAMILY, here are the pictures and story of my mothers side of the family.

Ancient Faces, is the visual genealogy website that has thousands of old photos visitors are sharing for free. This adds a visual element to the lists of names and dates to help complete our genealogical research. We also offer a military section just for military photos that contains hundreds of photos covering multiple wars.


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