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On Grand Lake of the Cherokees, in Northeastern Oklahoma.


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July 6, 1999


A seven year search

William Tucker Wright, born Sept 2, 1844  in Lincoln Co., Tennessee. The son of Griffin Wright and Malinda.  They were in Lincoln Co. TN, for the 1850 Crensus.   He married Mary Elizabeth Burrow, probably in Arkansas. Their marriage record has not been found. Mary was born in Washington Co., Ark. The next record of William T. Wright is, he purchased property in Washington Co. Arkansas in 1867.   Malinda, along with William's brother George, and his sister Eliza were in Benton Co. for the 1870 Census.  Eliza was married to Elkanah Richards in Benton Co.  George was married to Mary Redwine in Benton Co.  both were married in 1870.  Where was William's family in 1860 ? (More about the story of how William was found later.)

About Me

My name is Barbara Stewart. I was born in Craig County Oklahoma. My Father Roy Summers was born in Oklahoma Indian Territory. My grandfather, Robert Benjamin Franklin Summers was part of a surveying crew, in Indian Territory, in the 1890's, and later was a US Deputy Marshal, and rode with Heck Bruner, Deputy Marshal, out of the Vinita, Indian Terr. Marshal's office. My Grandmother made him give that up after they married, because it was too dangerous. They all lived in Spavinaw, I.T. and later it was called Spavinaw, Mayes Co., Oklahoma

My interest in Genealogy, most likely started very young. I was always rummaging through my mothers picture drawer. All of the family photos were kept in one large dresser drawer. I would ask my mother who the people in the photos were, and even then it was fascinating. I was probably six years old.

Before I became caught up in this Genealogy madness, I owned and operated an art gallery and taught oil painting on canvas. I am married, have one son, and daughter-in-law, and 3 grandchildren.

About Oklahoma

Oklahoma was designated Indian Territory, in 1830. During the Civil War, the Five Civilized Tribes, were loyal to the Confederacy. Oklahoma has a rich heritage, rooted in hard working individuals who were not afraid to seek out a new frontier. The first land run was held in 1889. The territorial government was established in 1890, Gutherie being the Capital. The Northeast part of the state was opened to a land run in 1893. Birth and death records are few before total compliance was mandatory in 1930.

About Mayes County

Mayes County is situated in the Northeast part of Oklahoma. It joins Craig, Delaware, Wagoner, and Rogers , and Cherokee Counties. Mayes county seat is Pryor (Formerly known as Pryor Creek) The county courthouse has records dating back to statehood. The Court Clerk has marriage, divorce, probate, and civil court records. The County Treasurers Office has Tax records, and the County Clerk has land records back to statehood, 1907, including recorded Indian Allotments.

Mayes County Post Offices

The following is to give the reader a list of communities, but not to infer that the communites were developed on these dates, but that the communites established their own post office on these dates. Note, I.T.=Indian Territory

Post Office Name & Date Established


Adiar, I.T. Mar 15, 1883 Lynch's Prairie, I.T. May 9, 1878
Archer, Okla Sept 18, 1910 Mark, I.T. Aug 6, 1904
Boatman, Okla Aug 28, 1922 Markham, I.T. Mar 21,189
Cabin Creek, I.T. July 6, 1868 Mazie, I.T. July 11, 1905
Chaffee, I.T. June 26, 1897 Murphy, Okla 1916 (day unknown)
Chapel, I.T. July 20, 1903 Pensacola, I.T. May 23, 1896
Cherokee Orphan Asylum, I.T.Jan 10, 1976 Pryor Creek, I.T. Nov 27, 1878
Choteau, I. T. Oct 18, 1871 Pryor's Creek, I.T. Aug 19, 1869
Coo-Y-Yah, I.T. Jan 31, 1882 Rogers, Okla July 21, 1911
Disney May 21, 1938 Rose, I. T. Mar 13, 1891
Dragger, I.T. May 25, 1905 Salina, I.T. Mar 10, 1884
Felix, I.T. Oct 2,1903 Spavina Mills, I.T. Oct 10, 1878
Grand Saline, I.T. Feb 23, 1849 Spavinaw, I.T. Mar 14, 1892
Greenbrier, I.T. Sep 1, 1900 Strang, I.T. Mar 18, 1913
Kinsey, Okla Aug 22,1913 Tank, Okla Sep 3, 1920
Loaf, Okla Dec 21, 1915 Tip, I.T. June 19, 1906
Locust Grove, I.T. Mar 26, 1873 Walnut, I.T. Aug 30, 1902
Lynch, I.T. Oct 30, 1905

Early Map of Mayes County:

The map shows several small communities, that are no long in existence. And it is important in the fact that the Grand River Dam was build in the late 1930's, creating over 1,000 miles of shoreline, and changed the area in the Northeast part of the County. New town sites were established after the dam was built, and others moved from their original location. Some communities disappeared during the depression and Dust Bowl era. Cemeteries were even relocated to other existing cemeteries.( The file size is about 1 megabyte, it should take about a minute to load, but may take longer if you have a slow connection, )

Cemeteries of Mayes County:

(This is incomplete, since I am still compiling a list. If you would like to add to this list, email me with the additions)

Disney Cemetery, was in Mayes County but was moved during the construction of the dam. The graves were relocated to the Ketchum Cemetery in Craig County, about seven miles north of their original location.

Old Spavinaw Cemetery, once situated on Spavinaw Creek, was moved during the construction of the Spavinaw Lake, a project of the City of Tulsa, abt. 1920, to provide clean water, by gravity flow to Tulsa, 65 miles away. The new location of the Spavinaw-Strang Cemetery is north of the Junction of Hiway 20 and 82, just north of the City of Spavinaw.

There are only three graves remaining at the old cemetery location, now a park on the north edge of the lake. Due to a dispute over the moving of the graves by my great uncle, the graves were left untouched. My great grandmother Eveline Bowman Thompson's grave, is one of those. The others are her daughter in law, and her baby. The City of Tulsa, maintains the grounds, and the grave sites.


The Carroll Family


This photo is of Leander Carroll, the second son of Henry, and Henrietta Beaver Carroll, and his wife Marguerite Elizabeth Peeples Carroll, taken circa 1909.

Descendants of Henry Carroll

1 Henry Carroll b: Abt 1808 in SouthCarolina
. +Henryetta Beaver b: 1839 in North Carolina m. Murray Co. Georgia
.... 2 James M. Carroll b: Abt 1858 in Tennessee
.... 2 Leander Carroll b: Abt 1859 in Woodtown, Murray Co. Georgia
........ +Marguerite E. Peeples b: 19 Oct 1864 in Murray Co , Georgia
........... 3 William Carroll b: 28 May 1882
........... 3 Mary Carrroll b: Abt 1884 in Georgia
............... +Frank W. Goins b: Abt 1876 in Tennessee
........... 3 Minnie Carroll b: Abt 1886
............... +Alex Goins b: 1879
........... 3 Henry Grady Carroll b: 25 Feb 1889 in Murray Co. Ga
. ............... +Nannie Brown b: 30 Aug 1893 in Benton Co, Miss
. ........... 3 Benjamin Mitchell Carroll b: 6 May 1890 in Murray Co.Ga.?
............... +Olivia Bowden b: 14 Aug 1872 in Unknown
........... 3 Alfred Doss Carroll b: 27 Jun 1891 in Spring Place, Murray, Georgia
............... +Clara Mable Stewart b: 29 Feb 1896 in Savoy, Washington, Arkansas
........... 3 Georgia Marguerite Carroll b: 1895 in Texas
............... +George Brown
.... 2 John H. Carroll b: Abt 1862
.... 2 Mary Carroll b: Abt 1864
.... 2 William Carroll b: Abt 1868
Henry Carroll, my GG-Grandfather was probably married before he married Henrietta Beaver since he was more than twice her age when they married.

I recently found out that Henry had a daughter named Roseannah Carroll, who married John H.Beaver, and he probably had a son named Edward Carroll.

If you have any information on Henry Carroll, email me,, or write: P.O. Box 250, Disney, OK 74340

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