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Horne Family

The following information comes from information provided by, Mrs. Mary Horne Marsh, in Wadesboro, NC and Mrs. Flora Watson Ingram, in Candor, NC.

Murdock Franklin Horne was born March 13,1852 in Chesterfield, South Carolina. His parents were William James Horne and Liza McLeod Horne. Murdockís first wife was possibly Mattie Parker. They were married about 1875 in Chesterfield, SC. They were the parents of Nora H. Lowe, Minnie H. Efird, Flossie H. Quick, Malcolm and William Horne.

Mattie died about 1885-1886. Murdockís second wife was Mary Jane McRae. Murdock met her when he operated a store in Morven or McFarland, NC. They were married August 26,1886 in Anson. Mary Jane was born October 5,1866. She was a daughter of Dixon Daniel McRae and Charlotte McRae.

Dixon was in the Civil War. Dixon was born January 28,1838. He married Charlotte about 1865. Her maiden name might have been Cottingham. She was possibly born in Morven,NC. In 1870 Dixon, age 32,Charlotte, age 26 and Mary Jane, age 4 were living in the Wolfpit District of Richmond County, NC in Household number 119. Charlotte died before 1886 in either Anson or Richmond. Dixon died February 26,1916 and was buried at Ellerbe Town Cemetery.

The children of Murdock and Mary Jane Horne were,Clydie H. Watson Stutts,Edna H. Suggs, Iola H. Horne,Mary H. Lewis. Another daughter,Ruth Virginia Horne,was born May 11,1901 and died June 9,1901. A son, Frank, died when he was a baby. Murdock died June 6,1930 and Mary Jane died May 12,1953. They are buried at Ellerbe Town Cemetery.

Murdockís father was William James Horne. William was born at Hornesboro,SC. Williamís first wife was Liza McLeod. To this union were born four children;Murdock Franklin,Ashbury,who died young,soon after his motherís death,Jim and Mary Jane,who died at about forty years old and unmarried.

According to information provided by,Mary Horne Marsh,Jim Horne wanted an education and since there was no money,right after the Civil War,he walked off one Saturday afternoon,when he was 17 years old and settled in Virginia and raised a family there. Murdockís family and Jimís family were later reunited. According to information provided by Flora Watson Ingram,Jim Horne and another man were suppose to have killed a man. They were the first ones to be sentenced at the new courthouse. Their sentence was to leave South Carolina and never return. Thus the reason for ending up in Virginia.

William James HorneĎ s second wife was Martha Kirkley. William and Martha were the parents of 11 children;Jesse,who died at 18 month old,Richard,married Rushie Smith,Dan married Hattie Davis,Ellis,died at about 25 years old of Typhoid fever and was never married,Linnie,married James Sullivan,Hettie,married Cull Rushing,Hattie(Hettieís twin)married Will Helms,Ida,married Jim Helms,Annie,married Frank White and Sally married Gus Adkinson.

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