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1949 RUTHERFORD / STEWART Reunion List

The descendants of James RUTHERFORD and Rebecca STEWART had frequent large reunions. These reached their peak when 150 people attended the 4th Reunion on Sept. 7, 1949. The event was hosted by Mr. & Mrs. W.G. "Will" BEATTY, who was the President of Beatty Brothers Manufacturing of Fergus, Ontario at the time. Will was the eldest son of Martha RUTHERFORD who married George BEATTY, a co-founder of the firm which was celebrating its 75th Anniversary that same year. The Invitation List for the reunion is shown below. It is organized into groups according to which of the children of James & Rebecca the invitees are descended from. Also included is a list of those related to the STEWART line, and also those descended from James’ sister, Rebecca, who married James HUNTER in Ireland. The names are listed alphabetically by Surname within each group.

Please look carefully through the list, and if you or your ancestors are shown, please contact Bob Sterne at so that you can be included in the genealogy of this pioneering couple from Albion Twp. Peel Co. Ontario, who were my Great-Great-Grandparents. I am attempting to discover and record all of the descendants of James & Rebecca if possible. It's long past time for another Reunion! For a look at a Descendant Report on the first three generations, click on the link below.

Invitation list for the 1949 RUTHERFORD / STEWART Reunion held at Beatty Brothers, Fergus, Ontario
Descendants of James RUTHERFORD (1817-1888) and Rebecca STEWART (1822-1874), Married 1840.

Descendants of William James RUTHERFORD (1842-1921) & Mary HAMILTON, Married 1868.

BROWN, Edward; Mr. & Mrs.; 161 West 87th St., New York, NY, USA
OSTERMEIR, H.M.; Rev. & Mrs.; 1224 Glem Ave., Fresco 4, CA, USA
PERKINS, Dorothy; Miss; 3188 Cadillac St. Montreal, Quebec
PERKINS, Joan; Miss; 3188 Cadillac St., Montreal, Quebec
RUTHERFORD, Henry H.; Mr. & Mrs.; Brampton, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, J.H.; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario, #4
RUTHERFORD, Martha; Miss; Orillia, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, W.J.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Fergus, Ontario
SHATFORD, J.E. ; Mr. & Mrs.; 89 Norman St., Stratford, Ontario
SINDHOLT, Sadie; Mrs. & son; c/o Mrs. O. Wilson, Bolton, Ontario
STEPHENS, Fred; Mr. & Mrs. & son; 52 Sherwood Ave., Toronto, Ontario
TOPPS, Sidney Rutherford.; Mr. & Mrs.; 150 Queen’s Ave., Mimico, Ontario
TOPPS, Stanley; Mr. & Mrs.; Orillia, Ontario
WATSON, Bruce ; Mr. & Mrs. & son; Woodbridge, Ontario
WILSON, Oliver; Mr. & Mrs. & son; Bolton, Ontario

Descendants of Robert John RUTHERFORD (1843-1912) & Sarah DIXON, Married 1870.

ARMSTRONG, Gordon; Mr. & Mrs., John & Edward; Inglewood, Ontario, R.R.#1
BRYANS, Elgin; Mr. & Mrs. & Jack; Brampton, Ontario, #5
DUFF, Dixon; Mr.; Owen Sound, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, J. Stewart; Mr.; 406 Pine Ave. Montreal, Quebec
STEPHENS, John; Mr. & Mrs.; Richmond Hill, Ontario

Descendants of Samuel Dill RUTHERFORD (1844-1919) & Eliza Jane HARRISON, Married 1873.

CERSWELL, C.J.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Beeton, Ontario, #2
EDWARDS, Malcolm; Mr. & Mrs.; Yale, USA
GRAHAM, Clarence; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Woodbridge, Ontario
GRAY, J.; Mrs.; 73 Manor Rd., Toronto, Ontario
PINKERTON, Murray; Mr. & family; Norwich, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Albert; Mr. & Mrs.; Woodbridge, Ontario, #1
RUTHERFORD, Charles H.; Mr.; Bolton, Ontario, #2
RUTHERFORD, George; Mr.; 50 Pembroke St., Toronto, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Grenville; Mr. & Mrs.; Schomberg, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Harvey; Mr. & Mrs. & Barbara; Tottenham, Ontario, R.R.#2
RUTHERFORD, Herb; Mrs.; Schomberg, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Lawrence; Mr. & Mrs.; 935 Bay St., Toronto, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Stewart; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario, #2

Descendants of Catherine RUTHERFORD (1848-1904) & Matthew BEATTY, Married 1873.

BEATTY, Catherine; Miss; 835 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ontario
BEATTY, J.A.; Mrs.; 835 Bayview Ave., Toronto, Ontario
BEATTY, James B.; Mr. & Mrs. & 2 children; 23 White St., Toronto, Ontario
BEATTY, John; Mrs.; 23 White St., Toronto, Ontario
LIDDY, Catherine; Miss; 473 Baker St., London, Ontario
LIDDY, James; Mr. & Mrs.; 473 Baker St., London, Ontario
LIDDY, R.B.; Dr. & Mrs.; 473 Baker St., London, Ontario

Descendants of Eliza RUTHERFORD (1849-1925) & Isaac HUDSON, Married 1873.

ARLOW, Roy; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Woodbridge, Ontario
BOWES, George ; Mr. & Mrs.; Brampton, Ontario, R.R.
HUDSON, H. Henry; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario
WILSON, David; Mrs.; Brampton, Ontario
WILSON, Henry; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Bolton, Ontario
WILSON, Hudson; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Bolton #2, Ontario

Descendants of Martha RUTHERFORD (1851-1940) & George BEATTY, Married 1876.

BEATTY, Betty; Miss; Fergus, Ontario
BEATTY, David; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Fergus, Ontario
BEATTY, Fred; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Fergus, Ontario
BEATTY, George E.; Mr. & Mrs. & 3 children; Fergus, Ontario
BEATTY, W.G.; Mrs. & Mrs.; Fergus, Ontario
BISHOP, Charles F.; Mr. & Mrs.; England
CAREY, Bruce; Dr. & Mrs.; Fergus, Ontario
ERRINGTON, J.; Mr. & Mrs.; 10347 – 118th St., Edmonton, Alberta
McGREGOR, C.H.; Mr. & Mrs. & 3 children; Fergus, Ontario
PARDEE, C.H.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; 10405 – 123rd St., Edmonton, Alberta
SANDERS, F.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; 4 Farley Place, St. Thomas, Ontario
STERNE, G.B.; Mr. & Mrs.; East Saanich Rd., Sidney, B.C.
STERNE, W.H.; Mr. & Mrs.; 10159 - 118rd St., Edmonton, Alberta
TOOLE, Grant; Mr. & Mrs. & daughter; 65 Maple St., Guelph, Ontario
WEAFER, Al; Mr. & Mrs. & 3 children; Fergus, Ontario
WILSON, Claude; Mrs.; 1315 Polk St., San Francisco, CA, USA

Descendants of Rebecca RUTHERFORD (1852-1914) [Step-Mother] & William McKINLEY, Married 1881.

McKINLEY, Fuller; Dr.; Bronte, Ontario
McKINLEY, J. Louis; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario
McKINLEY, W.E.; Dr.; Unionville, Ontario

Descendants of Henry Adam RUTHERFORD (1856-1918) & Mary CASSIDY, Married 1884.

BROOKS, Murray; Mr. & Mrs.; 141 Highbourne Rd., Toronto, Ontario
DODDS, R.R.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Gander Airport, Newfoundland
DODDS, William; Dr.; Ladner, B.C.
DUFF, Maitland; Mr.; Frankford, Ontario
DUFF, Robert; Mr.; 58 Charles St., Oshawa, Ontario
HUFF, E.E.; Mr. & Mrs.; North Bay, Ontario
MARTIN, N.; Mr. & Mrs.; Algonquin Park, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Beryl; Miss; Fergus, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, F.S.; Mr. & Mrs. & dau. Francis; 42 Buckingham Ave., Toronto, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, J.J.; Mrs.; Fergus, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Luella; Miss; 7 Edmund St., Toronto, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Robert; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Fergus, Ontario
WALKER, George; Dr. & Mrs. & family; Coppercliffe, Ontario
WALKER, R.R.; Dr. & Mrs.; 67 St. Clair Ave. E., Toronto, Ontario

Descendants of Albert Stewart RUTHERFORD (1859-1948) & Hannah R.TINDALE, Married 1895.

RUTHERFORD, Lillian; Miss; Bolton, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, Lloyd; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario, #2
RUTHERFORD, R.J.; Mr. & Mrs. & Catherine; Bolton, Ontario, #2
RUTHERFORD, Tindale; Mr. & Mrs. & Morley; Brampton, Ontario
RUTHERFORD, William J.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Bolton, Ontario, #2
SCOTT, R.H.; Mr. & Mrs. & John; 37 Hillhurst Blvd., Toronto, Ontario

No Descendants of Fanny Ann RUTHERFORD (1862-1926) & Edwin HARRISON, Married 1895.

Descendants in America of John STEWART (1835-1906) [ Brother of Rebecca ] and Martha LOGAN
(1829-1905) of The Ballyboe, Kilmacrenan, Ireland, Married 1855. Father & Mother of:

Dr. Samuel STEWART (1859-1929) & Margaret Elizabeth McFARLANE, Married 1885 [ *=siblings ].

KNOWLES, W.L.; Mr. & Mrs., Barbara, Peggy, & Craig; 71 Indian Grove, Toronto, Ontario
NORTHRUP, J.T.; Mr. & Mrs. & family (dau.of Mathilda *); 4916 Del Ray Ave., Bethesda, MD, USA
STEWART, D.L.; Mrs.; Thamesville, Ontario
STEWART, David H.M.; Mr. & Mrs., Gail, Suzanne, & Zillah; 312 Grosvenor St., London, Ontario
STEWART, Donald; Mr.; Bank of Montreal, W. Toronto, Ontario
STEWART, Glen; Mr. & Mrs & family (son of Logan); 435 North Bartlett, Medford, OR, USA
STEWART, Herbert; Mr. & Mrs. (son of Peter *); Rte 4, Box 64A, Portland 22, OR, USA
STEWART, John J.; Mr. & Mrs.; 48 Binscarth Rd., Toronto, Ontario
STEWART, John L.; Mr. & Mrs. (son of John *); 208 S. Lasalle St., Chicago 3, IL, USA
STEWART, Karolyn; Miss; The General Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
STEWART, Kate F.; Miss; Thamesville, Ontario
STEWART, Logan; Mr. & Mrs. (son of Peter *); 2425 S.E. Lincoln, Portland, OR, USA
ZINKAAN, Kenneth; Dr. & Mrs., Linda & James; 231 Lydia St., Kitchener, Ontario

Descendants of Andrew STEWART [ Son of Albert and Nephew of Rebecca ].

LONGSTREET, John; Mrs.; Indian Head, Saskatchewan
PAISLEY, Lorne; Mr. & Mrs.; Mount Albert, Ontario
ROGERS, Joseph; Mr. & Mrs.; Tottenham, Ontario
ROGERS, Josephine; Miss; 93 Dupont St., Toronto, Ontario
ROGERS, Stewart; Dr.; Tottenham, Ontario
RUSSILL, Elmer; Mr. & Mrs.; Arkona, #1, Ontario
STEWART, Andrew; Mr. & Mrs. & Heather; Abernethy, Saskatchewan
STEWART, Dill; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario
STEWART, Fred; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario, #4
STEWART, George; Mr.; Palgrave, Ontario
STEWART, H.E.; Mr. & Mrs., Andrew, Henry, R.J., Bertram, Hilliard, & Murray; Bolton, Ontario, #4
STEWART, John; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario, #4
STEWART, Laura; Miss; 76 Oriole Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
TATTON, Nelson; Mr.& Mrs. & James; Palgrave, Ontario
TURNER, James; Mrs.; 30 Vaughan Rd., Toronto, Ontario

Descendants of Robert NELSON & Elizabeth HUNTER [ Neice of James RUTHERFORD ].

BOYCE, Harry; Mr. & Mrs.; Caledon East, Ontario
CONOVER, Harvey; Mr. & Mrs.; Brampton, Ontario
GATH, Gerry; Mr. & Mrs.; Calgary, Alberta
GRAHAM, Carl; Mr. & Mrs.; Trenton, Ontario
HUNTER, Alfred M.; Mr. & Mrs.; Picton, Ontario
HUNTER, R.G.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; 187 Inglewood Dr., Toronto, Ontario
HUNTER, Robert L.; Mr. & Mrs. & two daughters; c/o Fraser, Beatty, 320 Bay St., Toronto
HUTCHINSON, J. Wes; Mr. & Mrs.; 823 – 12th Ave. W., Calgary, Alberta
HUTCHINSON, Lester; Mr.; Blindloss, Alberta
LITTLE, J.O.; Mr. & Mrs.; Newmarket, Ontario
LYONS, Frank; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Cheltenham, Ontario
McLENNAN, Willis; Mr. & Mrs.; Blindloss, Alberta
MONTGOMERY, Garfield; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Malton, Ontario
NELSON, Elgin; Mr. & Mrs.; Caledon East, Ontario
NELSON, Hunter; Mrs. & son Orville; Caledon East, Ontario
NELSON, Murray; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Caledon East, Ontario
NELSON, R.B.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Mono Road, Ontario
ROBINSON, C.E.; Mr. & Mrs.; Bolton, Ontario, R.R.#1
SNYDER, W.N.; Mr. & Mrs. & family; Inglewood, Ontario

In above group, but actually are Descendants of Samuel HUNTER [ Nephew of James RUTHERFORD ].

HUNTER, J. Campbell; Lt. Col. & Mrs.; 18 Emerson Ave., Port Arthur, Ontario
HUNTER, Robert Melville; Mr.; Vancouver, B.C.
HUNTER, W.A.; Rev. & Mrs.; Virden, Manitoba
LESTER, Annie; Mrs.; 15 Beach Drive, Victoria, B.C.

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