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Higgins/Cole Tree

Maine & Tennessee, USA

This tree stays in the United States of America.  The Higgins' are from New England, specifically the state of Maine, and the Cole's are from the South, Tennessee and North Carolina.

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HIGGINS, Robert Gage

b: 1913 ME
m: 6 Jun 1943 FL

HIGGINS, Dwight Lamar

b: 24 Dec 1876 Farmingdale, Kennebec, ME
m: 14 Oct 1908 ME
d: 5 Mar 1948 ME

HIGGINS, Charles J.

b: 20 Jan 1844 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME
d: ME

RICE, Sara Elizebath

b: 6 Dec 1845 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME
three children
d: 19 Jul 1924 ME

PURINTON, Bertha May

b: 25 Jul 1885 Litchfield Corners, Kennebec, ME
two children
d: 18 Jul 1972 Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME

PURINTON, Winfield Scott

b: 1 Feb 1848 Bowdoin, Kennebec, ME
m: ME
d: ME


b: 4 Mar 1856 Litchfield Corners, Kennebec, ME
? children
d: ME

COLE, Maydelle

b: 1921 TN


COLE, Sidney Lemuel

b: 26 Jun 1869 Gibson, TN
m: 1892 Gibson, TN
d: 1936 TN

COLE, James Monroe

b: 8 Sep 1844 TN
m: 24 Aug 1865 Gibson, TN
d: 13 Mar 1930 Milan, Gibson, TN

ADEN, Henrietta

b: 1842 Benton, TN
four children
d: 13 Apr 1923 Humboldt, Gibson, TN

BOYD, Geneva Inez

b: 29 Nov 1875 Gibson, TN
seven children
d: ~1946 TN

BOYD, Joseph Franklin

b: ~1850 MS
m: 1875 Gibson, TN
d: Aft 1920 Gibson, TN

FERGUSON, Mary Elizabeth "Mollie"

b: ~1857 Gibson, TN
? children
d: Aft 1920 Gibson, TN


Bob & Del Higgins' Children

Robert Gage Higgins married Maydelle Cole while both were in the service during World War II.  Bob was in the Air Force, and Del was a nurse.  Being in the military, they travelled frequently, mostly in the United States, but also in Okinawa, Japan.  They had nine granddaughters!

  • Barbara Ann Higgins:  born 1944 in Florida; married Kit Paul Carson and had three daughters, Stephanie, Tamara, and Brandi.
  • Robert Gage Higgins, Jr.:  born 1945 in Tennessee; Chip married Leslie Ann Pickett and had two daughters, Brittany and Kimberly.
  • Sandra Higgins:  born 1951 in Georgia; married David Bernard Farrington and had one daughter, Tayla.
  • John Scott Higgins:  born 1954 in Texas; married Gail Ann Fessenden and had three daugthers, Lindsey, Kellie, and Jenna.

  • Dwight & Bertha Higgins' Children

    Dwight Lamar Higgins married Bertha May Purinton and had two sons in Augusta, Kennebec, Maine.

  • Richard Fernald Higgins:  born 10 Aug 1910 in Augusta, Maine; married Doretta Lindenberg and had two children, Carol and Richard Jr.  Dick died 9 Nov 2001 in Wiscasset, Lincoln, Maine.
  • Robert Gage Higgins:  born 1913 in Maine.

  • Sidney & Inez Cole's Children

    Sidney Lemuel Cole married Geneva Inez Boyd and had their children in Gibson County, Tennessee.

  • Claude Harris Cole:  born 29 Oct 1894 in Gibson County, Tennessee; married Flossie Davis in 1917 and had a son, Adrian; married Gracie Drinkard in 1922 and had three children, Frankie Wynona, Claude Harris, and Sidney Lester; died May 1973 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.
  • Ira Caldwell Cole:  born 29 May 1899 in Gibson County, Tennessee; married Latta Mai Canada in 1919 and had two children, James Franklin and Ruby Frances; died Nov 1979 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.
  • Ila Marie Cole:  born 22 Jan 1901 in Gibson County, Tennessee; married Robert Quincy Foust in 1919 and had three children, Paul Mertice, Ila Mae, and Robert Cole
  • Bessie Laverne Cole:  born 1903 in Tennessee; married Horace Lindsey Tipton and had two children, Horace Lindsey and Beulah Inez.
  • Sidney Boyd Cole:  born 22 Oct 1906 in Gibson County, Tennessee; married Sarah House in 1926 and had two children, Ira Wayne and Sarah Anne; died 4 Feb 1978 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.
  • Sara Nelle Cole:  born 9 Aug 1910 in Gibson County, Tennessee; married Sam Marion Golden and had two daughters, Katrina Lee and Linda Nelle; died 25 Jun 2001 Waco, Texas; buried in Memphis.
  • Maydelle Cole:  born 1921 in Tennessee.

  • Winfield & Ada Purinton's Children

    Winfield Scott Purinton married Ada F. Goodwin and it is unknown how many children they had.

  • Bertha May Purinton:  born 25 Jul 1885 in Litchfield Corners, Maine.