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Stephanie Carson Feldman's Family Tree

An American Story 

        Several family lines came from around the world to settle in America.  Jonathan's family is a story of the immigration patterns of the late 1800s and early 1900s to New York.  His paternal family is Jewish and came from Russia (Ukraine), Romania, and Poland.  His maternal family is Catholic.  His grandfather is 100% French Canadian, with many lines through Québec to France in the 1600s.  His maternal grandmother's father is Irish, her mother is German.
        Stephanie's family tells about the Western Migration patterns and the Colonial Period in New England, with a direct line from John Alden and Priscilla Mullins on the Mayflower, among others.  Her paternal grandfather seems to have come from Ireland in the 1700s and there are suspected ties to the Cherokee tribe, as well as stories of the great cousin "Kit Carson," though not completely proven.  Her paternal grandmother is full Swedish, though born in America.  Her mother is from Värmland län (county), in the parishes of Färnebo, Rämmen, and Gåsborn. Her father is a little further south, in Vislanda parish in Kronobergs län, Småland province.  Stephanie's maternal grandfather is from Maine and comes from some families that settled Massachusetts and Maine in the 1600s, including John Alden.  Her maternal grandmother comes from the South:  Tennessee and North Carolina, and there the trail runs cold, possibly back to Ireland.
        [Note:  The tree in the background is from Småland, Sweden and is the oldest oak in Northern Europe, around a thousand years!]

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Jonathan David Feldman

Gerald Jay Feldman

Samuel Feldman

b: New York

Pauline Schwartz

b: New York

Marianne Katherine Provost

David Edward Provost

b: New York

Anna Katherine Byrne

b: New York

Stephanie Lynn Carson


Kit Paul Carson

Eugene William Carson

b: Arizona

Winifred Louise Ryden

b: Arizona

Barbara Ann Higgins

Robert Gage Higgins

b: Maine

Maydelle Cole 

b: Tennessee