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Have you ever wondered about your STEIERT surname?

Then welcome to the STEIERT Surname Research Project!

This project combines DNA testing and traditional genealogy to explore the meaning and origins of this highly unique surname. DNA testing is a great tool to further your genealogical research. We encourage you to make it one of your tools. If you are not certain at this time, you are still warmly invited to participate in the traditional genealogy portion of this project.

What if I don't spell my surname this way?

Because STEIERT is the most common form of this surname, it is used as the all inclusive form when referring to any of the known variants. Currently, the known forms of the STEIERT surname are: STEIERT, STAIERT, STAYERT, STEYERT and STIERT. Any individual with one these surnames, or a researcher with one of these surnames in their family tree, will automatically qualify for membership.

However, if you have a surname, including any of those below, that is phonetically equivalent and you believe you can establish genealogical linkage to the known forms of the STEIERT surname, you are also encouraged to apply for membership.

Surnames that are believed to be phonetically equivalent, but currently are not believed to be genetically related are: Steinhardt, Steinhart, Steigert, Steert, Steighert, Stewert, Steuert, Steeart, Steiwert, Seidert, Staert, Stairet, Stiwert, Styaert, Styrt, Styert and Styart. Other similar names may exist.


About the STEIERT Surname Research Project.

The project maintains two primary websites. They are available to all participants and those who are interested in finding out more about the STEIERT Surname Project. You do not need to be registered or logged in to view any page of either of the project's websites. You are encouraged to access both websites, whether your specific interest or participation is in DNA testing or the Genealogical portion only. While some information is unavoidably duplicated on both websites, there is significant information that is unique to each website, so it is important that you visit both websites to learn the full project scope.

The STAIERT Surname Research Project - DNA Component WEBSITE:

This website is the primary site for those who are participating in the Y-DNA testing portion of the project. In addition to providing overall project goals and project background, the primary tools of this website are the DNA Results page and the Results Tab on the About page. The DNA Results page posts the Y-DNA results for all DNA tested project participants. The Results Tab on the About page will provide reports on the analysis and progress of participant test results and their import on project goals and objectives.

To participate in this portion of the project you must be either, a STEIERT surname male, or be a researcher who can enlist a father, brother, male cousin, or other directly related STEIERT-variant-surname male to submit a valid Y-DNA test kit sample on their behalf. Valid DNA test results from as many STEIERT male lines and their analysis are essential to this projects goals. This website is hosted on Family Tree DNA.

The STEIERT Surname Research Project - Genealogy Component WEBSITE:

This website is the primary site for those who are participating in the Genealogy component of the project. The primary tool of this website is the Patriarchs Page. The Patriarchs Page is used to aggregate the Pedigrees for all project participants, including those participating in the DNA portion of the project. A pedigree is a list the direct male ancestors for each project participant going back to their earliest known STEIERT ancestor.

Posting of pedigrees is 1) a great way for both the project administrator and participant to get a feel for the lineages and the researchers for this surname and 2) more importantly the pedigrees will enable us to find and develop possible linkages in paper trails, and put project members in touch with each other. Both of these abilities are critical to project goals. This website is hosted by World Families.Net Both websites are linked and integrated. Each contains reciprocal links to allow easy navigation between them.

In addition, both websites provide additional links to offsite web pages that are of a more general nature that are felt to be either supportive of this project and its' goals or that you may find useful in your own research.

Here are the links for each of these websites:

STEIERT Surname Research Project - DNA Component Website ( )
STEIERT Surname Research Project - Traditional Genealogy Component Website (

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