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Life in the Parish

Life In Cornwall, In The Early Nineteenth Century; by R.M. Barton;
-          extracts from the West Briton newspaper 1812-1830 -
Editor, Mr. Heard, Truro

(Julia Mosman, OPC)

20 Mar 1812 -

Mr. Dove, of St. Austell, surgeon and oculist, has reason to believe that there are many worthy and deserving persons in that part of Cornwall where he resides, who are labouring under all the evils attending a state of blindness, in consequence of their being unable, through poverty, to procure the assistance of a professional man; and, with a view to alleviating the miseries of this pitiable class of sufferers, Mr. D. wishes it to be publicly known, that he will attend to the cases of such persons, gratis, on application to him, at his surgery; but a certificate from some respectable person, that the applicant is a proper object and in indigent circumstances will be required.


26 Mar 1813

Goud, Windsor, Stevens, Lang and Co. respectfully inform the nobility, gentry and commercial gentlemen, and the public in general, that on the 5th of April next the Royal Mail Coach from Falmouth to Plymouth will, in future, start from the following places, viz. Commin's Hotel, Falmouth; Steven's, Red Lion, Truro; Queen's Head, St. Austell; Town Arms, Lostwithiel; Fountain Inn, Liskeard; Lang's, Ferry-house, Torpoint.  Passengers and parcels booked at the above houses.  Runs to Goud's Hotel, Plymouth-Dock, and Windsor's, King's Arms, Plymouth; where it meets the London Mail, to Exeter, Bath, etc., also a coach every morning at eight o'clock for London.


16 June 1815

On Tuesday, the 27th day of June next, will be rung for, at St. Austell, on a fine new peal of eight bells, the following prizes viz. for the first best peal, the sum of 8 guineas, for the second ditto 4 pounds, for the third ditto, 2 pounds, and for the fourth ditto (if there be more than five sets to ring), a silver bell. And as a further encouragement to ringers who live more than 20 miles from St. Austell, and shall not have tried the bells previous to the day of ringing for the prizes, they will be permitted to ring one peal on the morning of the said day. N.B. Each set of ringers must bring anumpire with them.  No ringers will be allowed to ring on the day before the ringing, after seven o'clock in the evening.


17 Mar 1826

Tin Bounds near St Austell to be sold by auction....part or shares in several pair of tin bounds, called:

Polgooth, Hewas, St. Margaret's, Colscarne, Boskelling, Poldest, Small Hopes, Good-Friday, Easter-Eve, Baldew-weel, Screed, Come-by-Chance, St. Lawrence, Great Hope, Bonaventure, Shillings-go-by, the Pool, Great Groan, Ployden's Misfortune, Hall-Stennicks, Baldew, Lady Beam, Come and Welcome, Little Boskelling, Cock's Barrow, New Bounder's Folly, Fear Nothing, the Pleasure Bounds, High Land, Cafflers, Good Fortune, St. George's Day, Welcome in, Good Speed, Justification, Long leave, Rusty Hammer, Ream Slip, the Slead, and Welcome Fortune.


25 Apr 1823

To be sold by auction, on Tuesday, the 6th day of May next at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Queen's Head Inn, St. Austell . . . two-thirds of the tin stream work called Welcome Christmas, in the parish of St. Austell, and one-eighth part of several pairs of tin bounds, including the bounds wherein the work is situated, and twenty-two 96ths of the tin stream work called Bob-engine, in St. Austell, and in several tin bounds adjoining.

6 May 1825

On Monday night, at St. Austell, a miner, in a state of intoxication, to prove the strength of some gunpowder of which he had a considerable quantity in a bag, enclosed a little in paper, and held it to a candle, leaving the open bag close at hand.  As might have been expected, the smaller quantity ignited the larger; which exploding, burst out the window of the room, shattered and threw down a partition which separated that apartment from the next, and otherwise damaged the premises. The man, his wife, and child are dreadfully burnt, but their lives are not considered to be in danger.

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