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(found in the lists of Prebendary Hingeston-Randolph, Rector of Ringmore)
(he extracted them from the Exeter & Lambeth Registers)
J. Mosman, OPC

[Use of the title "Sir" connotes the person had not obtained a Master's degree, but was a member of the University. Therefore, persons with "Master" after their name were above those designated as "Sir". Also, all "Chaplains" were in Priests' Orders.]

John Noreys, priest, instituted 4 Aug, 1259

Sir Robert, a chaplain, instituted 12 March 1280

Nicholas de Podeforde, deacone, collated by lapse 8 April, 1284; void 14 July 1310

Sir Randulph de Rossydenet, priest, 31 Aug 1311; void 11 Aug, 1323

Roger Dollynge, deacon 17 Oct 1324

Sir Laurence de Carnbygan

Sir Robert de Tresodorne, priest, instituted 26 April 1362; he exchanged for the Rectory of Botrus Fleming

Sir John Kylmynanthe, instituted 15 Dec 1377 - patron, King Edward III, in consequence of the war with France, Tywardreath being an alien Priory.

John Juyl, chaplain succeeded 2 April, 1391

Vivian Codan, chaplain, instituted 11 Dec., 1414

Sir William Codan, chaplain 26 Feb., 1445-6; from this time, the record is continuous to the Commonwealth period

Sir Luke Philippe, chaplain, instituted 1 Jan 1448-9

Master Robert Aiscoghe, resigned 17 Aug., 1467

Sir Thomas Denys, chaplain

Sir Richard Marke

Master William Ewryn, chaplain, instituted 18 Oct, 1500

Master Peter Lygham, Doctor of Decrees

Robert Tregunwell, M.A., instituted 14 April, 1522

William Harrywatts, priest, instituted 21 June, 1543

Master Nicholas Nicholls, M.A., instituted 29 Oct 1547

Sir John Bridgewater, priest, instituted 2 April 1550

Hamund Hansert, instituted 9 Mar, 1556-7

Robert Bracher, S.S. bacc., instituted 24 July, 1563

John Bisshoppe, clerk, instituted 9 July, 1571

Daniel Nayland, instituted before 30 April, 1574

Ralph May, clerk, instituted 28 July, 1584

Joseph May, M.A. clerk, 1 June 1621; also vicar of St. Neot.

William Upcott, during the Commonwealth period.  He put his daughter in the stocks in a driving rain for mending a tear in her jacket on a Sunday, thus "doing work on the Lord's day", and encouraged "boys and other Rabble" to abuse her; her real crime was that she had become a Quaker, & he encouraged her brothers to treat her "roughly". She later opened a small linen draper's shop in town, and married Thomas Salthouse, who was buried in 1696 at the Tregongeeves Friends' Cemetery (which was removed for a highway widening project in the mid 1900’s).

Joseph May, Junior, clerk

Job Weale, clerk

Charles Tremaine, clerk 26 Sept 1673

Stephen Hewgoe, clerk, B.A., 11 April, 1696, vicar for 62 years

Walter Harte, clerk, M.A., instituted 15 April, 1738

Richard Hennah, clerk, B.A., instituted 28 Mar, 1775

Thomas Scott Smyth, clerk, M.A., instituted 31 May, 1813

Fortescue Todd, clerk, L.L.B. instituted 4 Oct, 1838 (son of Capt. Lovell Todd, of the Falmouth Packet Service.)

Joseph Hammond, clerk, B.A. and of Laws, instituted 7 Oct, 1881


Chantry Priests - Chapel of St. Michael

[The Chantry was a substantial Benefice and well endowed. It was quite distinct from the Vicarage. The living of St. Clether, and some land, was appropriated to its Wardens for its upkeep.]

Sir John de Trenansvedeke

Sir Ralph de Retyn, priest

Sir Henry de Treveryn, priest; exchanged benefices with Bray

John Bray, priest, Vicar of Fowey; exchanged benefices with de Trewythosa

Sir John de Trewythosa, victim of the "Black Death"

Sir John Payon, priest

Sir Robert de Nywenham, priest

Laurence Boskeveleke, priest

Sir John Strephyn, priest; exchanged Vicarage of Lanlivery

Sir Philip Rogers; exchanged for Rectory of Grendon-Underwood, Lincoln

Sir Thomas Woubourne; exchanged with Rectory of Withcall, Lincoln

John de Mynstretone, chaplain; exchanged

Henry Pace; exchanged

Sir Richard Whitefote, instituted 1 April 1379

Sir Henry Stontone, chaplain, instituted 14 Aug, 1381

William Markowe, instituted 10 Feb, 1400-01

John Soor, chaplain, instituted 20 Oct 1408

Thomas Hendeman, chaplain, S.T.P., instituted 25 Feb, 1409-10

John Suttone, chaplain, L.L.B., instituted 22 Aug. 1411

Sir John Alet, chaplain, 19 April, 1449

Sir John Crane, chaplain, instituted 26 April 1454

Sir Stephen Hall, chaplain, instituted 20 May, 1477

Sir Ralph Edward

Sir Richard Higowe, instituted 3 June 1495

Sir Vincent Colman, instituted 18 Jan, 1502-3

Master Thomas Wyse

Sir Vincent Colman, chaplain, instituted 15 April, 1506

Sir Thomas Alway, chaplain, instituted 3 Feb, 1519-2


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