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extracted from "The King's England"
J. Mosman, OPC


"To the memory of Samuel Drew, a native of this parish, whose talents as a metaphysical writer, unaided by education, raised him from obscurity into honourable notice, and whose virtures as a Christian won the esteem and affection of all who knew him. He was born March 3rd 1765; lived in St. Austell until January, 1819; and after an absence of fourteen years, during which he conducted a Literary Journal, he returned to end his days in his native county, as he had long desired, and died at Helston, March 29th 1833. To record their sense of his literary merit and moral worth, his fellow townsmen and parishioners have erected this tablet."


"Sacred to the memory of Mr. Richard Elliot, of Polmear, who died October the 15, 1774. And also of Gertrude, his widow, who died Dec. 28, 1789, aged 92 years. She was a sister of the late Ralph Allen, of Prior Park, in the county of Somerset, Esq. Elizabeth, their daugher, was married to Thomas Daniel, of Truro, Esq."


"Sacred to the memory of Charles Geach, M.P. son of George and Grace Geach, of Saint Austell, who died at Westminster 1st November 1854; aged 46 years; and was buried at Kensal Green Cemetery. His short life was marked by great commercial enterprise and untiring energy. His name is associated with most of the public undertakings of his time. He was elected Chief Magistrate of Birmingham in the year 1847, and Member of Parliament for the city of Coventry in the year 1851. He was earnest in friendship and benevolence to all. 'Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy.' This tablet is erected in the Church of his birthplace by his affectionate brothers and sisters."


"To the memory of the Rev. Richard Hennah, A.M., who died the 13th of April 1815; aged 82 years, after being above half a century minister of this parish. And of Mary Hennah, his wife, who died the 28th November 1811; aged 68 years. This tablet is erected as a mark of filial and affectionate regard by their surviving children."


"Near this place, at his particular request, lie the remains of Thomas Jones, Esq. Having past the early part of his life in St. Austell, in the practice of the Law; he retired to Trinity, where, on the 7th of June 1775, in the 65th year of his age, he died as he had lived, universally revered and respected."


"Sacred to the memory of Frances, the beloved wife of the Revd. Thomas Scott Smyth, who departd this life April 22nd 1820; aged 30. Her remains lie interred in this churchyard.

Mild, duteous, tender, artless, yet refined,///with matchless temper blest, and pious mind:///while yet with youthful look her beauty bloomed,///A fever's sudden fires her life consumed;///and who unmoved could see the gentle friend,///Tho wife, the mother, to the grave descend?///With man a sigh was mourned her early bier,///And long regrets her memory shall endear,///Fast fell the tears before this verse could flow,///Which faintly speaks a brother's love and woe;///but one there is, who met far heavier pain,///to watch, to weep, to pray, to love in vain;///His trail, firm and faithful to adore,///His heavenly Master's will,and ask no more./// William Smyth"

"Also of the Rev. Thomas Scott Smyth, late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford; Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral, and Vicar of the parishes of St. Austell and St. Blazey from 1815 to 1838; who died at Clifton, November 14 1854; aged 77. Beloved and lamented by all who knew him. Rev. xiv. 13"

"Sacred to the memory of Georgiana-Theophila, relict of the Rev. Thomas Scott Smyth, and daughter of Sir Theophilus Metcalfe, bart. of Fernhill, Berks., who for 14 years laboured unceasingly amoung the poor of this parish, died at Clifton on the 5th of February 184; aged 72. In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust. Ps. xxxl.1."


"This monument was raised by Mary, ye widow of John Sawle, late of Penrice, Esq., in memory of her departed husband, who dyed 2nd January 1715, aged 50 years. And likewise of Trevanion Sawle, their son, who dyed 23 January,1714."

"Near this place lie the remains of Joseph Sawle Esq., who died May 22nd 1787, aged 63. Of Agnes his wife, who died June 20th 1769, aged 80. And of their son John Sawle, Esq., who died March 2nd, 1783, aged 59. Mary Sawle, the only surviving person of the family, erects this monument to the memory of her parents, and her brother."

"In memory of Mary Sawle, daughter of Joseph Sawle, late of Penrice, Esq., who departed this life on the 18th September,1803, aged 76 years. Likewise in memory of Elizabeth Graves, daughter and co-heiress of Richard Sawle, late of Barley House, in the county of Devon, Esq., and widow of the late Admiral John Graves, who died on the 4th day of March, 1819; aged 71 years. This monument is erected by Joseph Sawle Sawle, Esq., as a tribute of respect to his cousin and mother."

"Departed this life, May the 6th, 1811, John Graves Esq., Rear Admiral, Royal Navy, aged 68; second son of the Rev. John Graves of Gravesend, in the county of Derry, Ireland, who married Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Richard Sawle, Esq., of Barley House, in the parish of St. Thomas-the-Apostle, in the county of Devon, by Bridjet Vyvyan, daughter of Sir Richard Vyvyan, bart. of Trelowarren, in the county of Cornwall, whose four children by the said Elizabeth his wife, lie entombed in the family vault Vyvyan Graves, Mary Sawle Graves, and a daughter unnamed. To the memory of her dear husband this monument is erected by his afflicted widow, and only surviving son, Joseph Sawle Graves, Esq, lineal descendant and heir to the late John Sawle Esq. of Penrice house, in the county of Cornwall."

"Religious, just and brave, - Feared only God,//Death struck the blow;- resigned he kissed the rod,//Honour and honesty in life adorn'd,//Merit he noticed - Knavery he scorn'd,// To humble worth a friend; -to regues a thorn."

"This monument is erected by Sir Joseph Sawle Graves Sawle, bart., to the memory of Dorothea Prideaux, his beloved wife, eldest daughter of the Rev. Charles Prideaux Brune, of Prideaux Place, in this county, who died on the 23rd day of October, 1853, aged 64. Likewise to Erasmus Henry, their beloved grandson, and son of Thomas Graves Sawle, Esq., and Juliana, his wife, second daughter of the Revd. Sir Erasmus H. Griffins-Williams, baronet, of Llywyny-Wormwood, Carmarthenshire, who departed this life on the 15th of January, 1859; aged 8 years."


"Sacred to the memory of Caroline Handley, wife of John Way, M.B., who died in this town February 4th 1859, aged 35 years. Also of Arthur John Brown, son of John and Caroline Handley Way, who died March 4th, 1859, aged one month."

March 10, 2006


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