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From a DCRS Book in the Western Australian Genealogical Society Library.
(Transcribed by a friend in Australia for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website)

DCO S/4. There is no copy of this Survey in the Public Record Office. The manor occupied the northern part of the parish of St Austell. It came to the Duchy in 1540 as part of the lands of Henry Courtenay, Marquis of Exeter

A Survey of the Mannor of Treverbin Courtney . . . retorned [23 Aug. 1650].

The heirs of William Lower holds [sic] freely to him and his heires for ever in free soccage one tenement . . . in St Austle for which he pays’ 1s 1½d. Heirs of William Webb, mannor of Tregenber, 1s 1d; Olliver Saule esq., ten. called Coynhith, 2s 2d; Mathew Kerne, 2 parts of a ten. In St Austle Knightor [Knightor], 2s; Heirs of Thomas Davye, 1/3 of same, 1s; Mathew Kerne and Nicholas Gilbert, ten. In Knightor, 2s 2d; Peter Laa, ten. Called Ossover, 5s 2d; [-] Colles, ten. Called Carver [Carvear], 2s; Sir Charles Trevanion, moiety of ten. called Carnamaninge, 1s; Mathew Kerne, the other moiety, 1s; Hugh Boscowen esq., ten. in St Austle called Penhendera, 3s 8d; George Harte and Robert Harte, ten. in Hallace, 4s; Mathew Kerne and Tho [sic] Tinner, ten. called Trethergie [Trethurgy], 1s 7½d; William Bonde, ten. in Trethergie, 1s 7½d.
Total £1 9s 7½d.


Oliver Saul de Penris [Penrice], by copy of 20 March 1639, ten. and 43 ac. In Carwallen in St Austell parish, for lives of Oliver (49) and Nicholas (47) his br. Rent 6s 4d. Worth £6. Reversion by the same copy to Robert Saule (34) of Penrice gent.. for life. Peter Boddy (70) and Ipsa Boddy (Dec.) his d., by surr. of William Rowse and Richard Rowse, by copy of 7 Jan 1623, 1 ac. C. in 42 ac. English called Treganhissey [Tregonissy], for lives. Rent 15s 3d. Worth £19 11s 9d. Reversion granted by copy of 5 May 1640 to William Slade (15), s. of Digory S. of St Austle, for life.
Henry Roberts (Dec.) of Tregonhissy and Peter (34) his s., by copy of 17 Oct. 1641, ten. of 45 ac. in Tregonhissy for lives. Rent 10s 3d. Worth £19 13s 3d. Christian, w. of Henry R., holds by virtue of her widow’s estate.
Anne Joseph (80) wid., of John J., by reason of her widow’s estate, ten of 44 ac. called Grey. R…. 15s 4d. Worth £14 8s 3d. Reversion granted by copy of 9 Oct. 1611 to Samuel Hix (40) and Samuell (10) his s. for lives.John Hodge (35) of Carveth and Elizabeth (12) his d. by copy of 20 March 1638, ten. of 19½ ac. In Carvath for lives. Rent 15s 3d. Worth 15 12s. Reversion granted by copy of the same date to William Slade (28) of Curran.
George Roscorly (30) and John Rosecorley (26), sons of George Rosecorley, by copy of 20 Oct. 1635, ten. of 12½ ac. in Rescorley [Rescorla]. Rent 3s 4d. Worth £5 18s.
Sampson Rescorley, another s. of George R., has the reversion by copy of 23 Dec. 1635; he is ‘supposed to be alive’.William Carlyan (dec) and Johan (50) his d., by copy 1 June 1608, ten. of 22 ac. in Rosogon [Resugga] the Lower for lives. Rent 6s 3d. Worth £10 6s 6d. Johan is now w. of John Hand.William Carlian (dec.) and Tristriam C. (58), sons of John Carlion of St Austell, weaver, by copy of 1 June 1608, ten. or cott. of 2 ac. In St Austell for lives. Rent 6s 8d. Worth £2 4s 4d.John Carliam (dec.) and Tristriam aforesaid (58), by copy of the same date, 2 ten. or cotts. and 3¼ ac. in St Austell for lives. Rent 8s 5d. Worth £3.
Rose Leight (60), by widow’s estate, ten. or cott. in St Austell of 1½ ac. Rent 7s 2d. Worth £1 3s 10d.
William Penhalle (60) and John P. (28), by copy of 23 Dec. 1630, ten. in Restorleigh of ½ ac. C. with 4 closes with 16 ac. English [In margin, 46 ac.] for lives. Rent 12s 7d. Worth £13.
[-] Minehair claims an estate by copy in ten. of Benallate of 12 ac., but produced no copy. Rent 5s 2d. Worth £3 4s 4d. [Mgl. note: ‘This estate to be produced’].
John Phillips make a similar claim to ten. in Penwitheck of 20 ac. Rent 6s. Worth £8 10s.

Sir John Walter, Sir James Fullerton and Sir Thomas Trevor, by L. P. of 14 June 1628, ten. of 60 ac. in Rescorleigh, for 31 years. Rent 9s 9d. Worth £19. Lease assigned to Thomas Caldwell 16 March 1628. Caldwell assigned it to William Rosevear of Austle husbandman 10 May 1630.
The same, by L. P. of the same date, moiety of Treverbin Mills with 1 ac. for 31 years. Rent 7s. Worth £2 13s. The other moiety ‘belongeth to an other lord’.
Lease assigned to Thomas Caldwell 27 March 1628, who assigned it to Nicholas Kendall of Luxulion gent. 14 Nov. 1629.
The same, by L. P. of the same date, ten. of 9 ac. in Menogwinner for 31 years. Rent 4s 3d. Worth £2 16s.
Lease assigned 17 [-] 1628 to Thomas Caldwell, who assigned it 20 Feb. 1631 to Richard Langford of Whitstone, who assigned it 4 May 1632 to Thomas Carne of Austle, who is now in possession.

Transcription donated by a friend in Australia.


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