Austell Manor




AUSTELL MANOR (Austell Prior) - 1602
(J. Mosman, OPC)

Freeholders .Given name Notes Acreage Rent Lives/
Valuation p.a.
KENDALL Rich.,gent . 3.2.10 10/0d 2 £3.10.0
MAIE Joseph . 5.3.24 7/0d 2 2.0.0
same . . 0.0.5 2/0d 2 1.6.8
same . . 4.3.6 1/0d 2 2.0.0
SAULE Nicholas tenement &mill 0.1.0 46/8 3 3.10.0
same . cottage 1.1.0 9/0d 10yrs 1.2.8
STEPHENS Joseph . 3.2.19 5/0d 12yrs 3.10.0
deLamaine Jo. tenement na 2/0d 14yrs 3.4


The above named tenants all hold by lease. There are of freeholders belonging to this manor in number 18, their rents 39/5d.

There belongeth unto the manor two commons, the one called Sidehill and containing about 12 acres which is challenged as peculiar to the tenants, the other called Austhill Moore containing about 25 acres whereupon some other do intercommon by reason of vicinage.

One William Vivian of Trenance Austell hath erected a new stamping mill in part upon the Prince's waste.

There is a customary mill granted by lease to Mr. Nicholas Saule wehre unto the tenants are bound to grind.

All wayves estrays etc. belong to the Prince and 2 law days within the manor.

The manor lieth in the parish of Austell in the hundred and deanery of Powder in the diocese of Exon.(Exeter)

The parsonage is impropriate and is the King's, as is said granted by lease to one Dagg under the rent of £27 p.a.

The nearest market towns are Lostwithiel 6 miles, Tregney 6, and Grampound 6 miles. there is neither market nor fair within the manor but the town is fit for both especially being so remote from market towns.




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