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(transcribed by J. Mosman, OPC)

Alderton Mrs Rachel Grocer 7 East Hill
Andrew Benjamin Linen & Woollen draper & outfitter 9 Fore Street
Andrew Henry Stribley Rate Collector & Estate agent
Andrew James Bookseller,printer,stationer 12 Fore Street
Andrew Misses Ladies boarding school Moorland House
Andrew Misses Ladies boarding school Moorland House
Andrew,Jr Benjamin Linen & Woolen draper & outfitter 9 Fore Street
Armstrong Mrs Mary Shopkeeper 31 High Cross Street


Badge John Joseph Grocer 28 Fore Street
Ball Alfred William Mgr,Devon&Cornwall Banking Co High Cross Street
Ball Henry Adolphus China clay merchant
Banfield Richard Veale printer,stationer,bookseller,bookbinder, 32 Fore Street
machine ruler,concert agent,
publisher St. Austell Weekly Gazette
Bawden John Joseph Cabinet Maker 31 Fore Street
Bell James Commercial Traveler 15 South street
Bennett Joseph Baker 37 Western Hill
Bennetts William Coal Dealer Bodmin Road
Bennetts & Co Ironmongers 37 Fore Street
Berryman John P. Surgeon Bodmin Road
Best Mrs Ellen Linen Draper 1 Bodmin Road
Blake Henry Shoemaker 8 Truro Road
Body John Cabinet Maker Drews Court
Bond John Cabinet Maker Drews Court
Bone William Baker 27 Western Hill
Borrows Thomas Gilbert Saddler 39 Fore Street
Bray Thomas Linen Draper 29 Fore Street
Brewer John Station Manager, Railway Railroad Stn
Brokenshar Edwin Ornamental writer 12 West Hill
Browne (& Sons) William China clay merchant East Hill
Burn William leather seller 6 Market Hill
Burrows Horatio Gardener/shopkeeper 22 Ledrah Road
Burton Thomas Princep Glass & China Warehouse 1 Victoria Place


Carhart Miss Manager,Globe Family & Comm'l Hotel Truro Road
Carlyon Alexander Solicitor
Carlyon Edmund Solicitor,commissioner for taking
acknowledgements of Married Women, clerk
to local school board, registrar of Country court
Clark John Glasson Agricultural seed & imple. Store 13 Hotel Toad
Clemes & Son William draper,tailors 15 7 16 Fore Street
Collier John Saddler 10 Victoria Place
Congdon William Frederick auctioneer Truro Road
Coom Thomas Sleeman Relieving Officer Drews Court
Coon Alexander Outfitter 4 Church Street
Cory Miss Helen School South Street
Cotton Henry Essery Ironmonger 11 Fore Street
Couch Francis Hairdresser 42 Fore Street
Creba John Blacksmith Tregonissey
Curtin John Farmer

D - E

Daniel James Tailor 3 East Hill
Daniel James Samuel Linen draper,milliner Coton House,12 Church St
Darlington Thomas Grocer/draper 8 Victoria Place
Davey & Davey ladies outfitter 1 Hotel Road
Dawe John Mason 11 Pond-dhu Lane
Dawe William Potato dealer 12 Drew's Court
Derry James Iron & brass founders Higher Foundry
Derry James Bookseller 10 Truro Road
Derry John Iron & brassfounders/coach bldr
Devon & Cornwall Bank Bank High Cross Street
Dunn Sampson Chemist 4 Fore Street
Dunn (& Co) Robert China,stone.clay merchants
East Cornwall Bank Robins,Foster,Coode, and Bolithos Fore Street
Easterbrook Phillip ShoeMaker 2 Grant's Walk
Eddy William Butcher/game dealer 9 Church Street
Ede Henry Essery Mason
Eyres Samuel Butcher 6 Truro Road
Faull Chales Mining captain tregonissey
Floyd Thomas Mining captain Grey Cottage
Francis Edwin Travelling draper 10 Grants Walk
Francis Richard Tinman/plumber 2 High CrossStreet


Geldard John Pharmaceutical chemist 13 Fore Street
Geldard John Agent,Royal Insurance Co 13 Fore Street
Giles Philip Printer,stationer,bookseller, stamp 24 Fore Street
distributor,publisher of St. Austell
Weekly News and County Advertiser
concert agent
Giles Walter builder/surveyor 13 South Street
Glanfield George Shopkeeper Trenance Bridge
Glanville Francis Grocer 3 Truro Road
Golley John ShoeMaker 12 Market Hill
Goodall Thomas ShoeMaker Carvath
Goodman Henry Grocer 40 Fore Street
Green Albin Coach builder East Hill
Gregory Francis William White Hart Hotel & posting house
Grigg Jacob Corn & flour dealer 16 Truro Road
Grose Joseph New Inn/butcher Fore Street
Grose (& Son) Thomas Linen & woolen draper 17 Fore Street

H - I

Hambley Charles Rope Maker 4 Bodmin Road
Hammer Henry Builder/Cabinet Maker 3 Duke Street
Hammer Philip Henry Farmer Towan
Hammer William Henry Photographer Bull-ring
Harper John ShoeMaker West End
Harper Miss Mary Ann Shopkeeper 9 Workhouse Lane
Harrigan William Chimney Sweep East Hill
Hart Miss C.M. Ladies seminary Oakleigh House
Hart Richard Albert Butcher 10 Fore Street
Hart William Baker Vicarage Hill
Hawke Jonathon Geach Linen draper,grocer 36 Fore Street
Hawke Samuel agent,Pickford & Co. Bodmin Road
Hearle John Butcher 12 Ledrah Road
Hender Francis Coach builder 44 Bodmin Road
Hern William Henry Chemist 3 Victoria Place
Hicks Mrs Jane Grocer 4 Market Street
Hicks Walter Brewer/Wine&Spirit merchant Tregonissey Road
Higman Henry William China,stone.clay merchants Biddicks Court
Hitchens Jr. Thomas Corn merchant,miller,tallow chandler Bodmin Road
Hodge John Sun Inn & Nursery & seeds man 3 Market Street
Hodgers Mrs. Johanna Shopkeeper 45 High Cross Street
Honey John Painter Market Hill
Honey William & John Painters and glaziers 2 Truro Road
Hooper James Stag Inn Victoria Place
Hooper & Son Horse clipper Polkyth
Hore Benjamin Farmer Trevissick
Hore thomas John Farmer Geewans
Howitt Llewellyn Emigration,insurance,ship & gen'l
Commission Agent
Huddy Robert Hairdresser 7 Church Street
Hugo William Henry Cattle Dealer 38 Workhouse Lane
Ivey James Lodging house East Hill


Jacob William ShoeMaker 5 Victoria Place
Jasper William Farmer Tregorrick
Jenkin Denis Mgr,St.Austell Gas Works West Bridge
Jenkin John Thomas Basketmaker 13 High Cross Street
Jenkin Miss Mary Jane Basketmaker 43 Western Hill
Jewell Thomas Coach smith 44 Bodmin Road
Job John General Wolfe Bodmin Road
Johns William Grocer & Provisions dealer 2 Tregonissey Rd & West
Jones Rev. Thomas,MA,LLD Headmaster, Ledrah House School End
Jonson Joseph Stationer 7 Grants Walk
Jory J & W Steam saw mills
Julyan Benjamin Blacksmith 41 Fore Street
Julyan Benjamin Sr. Blacksmith East Hill
Julyan Thomas Blacksmith High Cross Street
Julyan Thomas Commission Agent 12 Tregonissey Road
Julyan & Son Mrs Mary Coal merchant 7 High Cross Street


Kelley John Boot & shoe maker 6 East Hill
Kellow Mrs Jane Farmer Tregonissey
Kelly John William Butcher Tregonissey
Kelly Mrs Mary Shopkeeper Waterhen
Kinsman Thomas Auctioneer,appraiser,accountant,law stationer,
estate & gen'l agent, mining engineer,
inspector of mines, agent for
London & Lancashire Fire and Life
Kissell Richard Baker East Hill
Kitt Edwin Stone mason 4 Tregonissey Road
Knight Mrs Mary Boot & Shoe dealer 37 High Cross Street
Knowles Albert Richmond Agent,Guardian Fire & Life Ofc Devon & Cornwall Bank


Lake William Henry Earthen ware dealer East Hill
Lakeman Francis Carpenter & builder 29 Grants Walk
Lakes Robert Gould Superintendent,registrar, commissioner of taxes Trevarrick
Lamerton Thomas Phillips Linen & woolen draper 23 Fore Street
Lanyon John Linen & woolen draper 33 Fore Street
Lawrence Joseph Chief Officer of coast guard Porthpean
Ledrah School House School Rev. T. Jones, MA LLD
Levers Francis Cooper & shopkeeper Caryath
Levers Joseph Cooper 7 Truro Road
Libby Robert Shopkeeper 2 Union Road
Lobb William Blacksmith Penrice
Long Mrs Sophia Saddler 45 Fore Street
Lovering John China Stone and Clay merchant
Lovering Miss Elizabeth Linen draper & grocer 2 Fore Street
Lower Halviggan China Clay Co
Loye William Linen & woollen draper,milliner,tailor 25/27 Fore Street
& general outfitter
Luke Edward Boot & shoe maker 11 Church Street
Lukes Thomas Henry General merchant & posting master Railway Station

M - N - O

Marshall Mrs Elizabeth Ann Grocer 2 Western Hill
Martin Bros China Stone and Clay merchant;mfg
Lee Moor porcelian fire bricks
Martyn Elias China Stone and Clay merchant Carthew
Matthews James Forrester Surgeon Truro Road
Matthews Mrs Ann Toll collector Bodmin Road Gate
McCracken John Linen draper 2 Hotel Road
McTurk James Baker 9 Union Road
Menzies David Veterinary surgeon 2 Duke Street
Meredith James Austin Solicitor Bodmin Road
Merifield Henry Farmer Towan
Michell thomas Guy Chemist 35 Fore Street
Michell Joseph Wholesale/retail draper,tailor,hatter & gen'l outfitter 12 High Cross Street
Michell Henry Farmer Towan
Michell & Son Jewellers 6 Church Street
Mitchell James Melhuish Builder Merrifields row
Mitchell Joseph Boot & shoe maker 9 Truro Road
Mitchell Sampson Temperance Hotel 13 Menacuddle St.
Mitchell Thomas Farmer Trevissick
Mitchinson John Nurseryman,florist,seedsman,manure Pensance & Truro
merchant & at
Nancollas Christopher Grocer 1 Truro Road
Narramore (& CO) RE China clay merchant
Nettle Israel Butcher & game dealer 5 Fore Street
Nettle & Box Grocers,provisions,merchants,Italian 2 & 3 Church Street
warehousemen, agents to Messrs
W & A Gilbey's wines & spirits
Nicholls John China Clay & Coal merchant,naptha,acetate,of line,
founders dust,charcoal & coke maker
Nicholls John Confectioner 26 Fore Street
Nott Benjamin Julyan Architect & surveyor 14 Bodmin Road
Oliver John Gibson Provision dealer East Hill
Orange George Flint China clay & stone,mineral & fire clay merchant Bodmin Road


Pascoe Edward Farmer Skenoweth
Paul John Builder & grocer 1 Duke Street
Penhall William Grocer Duke Street
Penna John Western Inn Western Hill
Penna Miss Tabitha Shopkeeper 58 Western Hill
Penrose William Cabinet Maker & builder 19 Mencuddle Street
Perrow John fancy repository 1 Fore Street
Perry William Shopkeeper 18 Western Hill
Petherick Charles Agent to the Cornwall China Stone Co 23a Fore St
Philips & Son J Coopers 4 Western Hill
Philp William Queens Head Commercial & Family Hotel; Market Place
agricultural house & posting establishment
Physick Miss Phillippa Ann Milliner 38 Fore Street
Pollock Mrs. Jane Grocer 6 Fore Street
Preston Henry Mitchell Surgeon & dentist(attends also at Mrs.COADE's
stationer,St. Columb; and at Mr. WICK's
21 Market Street, Falmouth
Prior John Tailor,outfitter & depot for sewing machines


Reed Henry Dining rooms 44 Fore Street
Reed Philip Coal merchant West Bridge
Reynolds James Jeweller 34 Fore Street
Richard & Johns Richard & Blacksmith New Inn Yard
Richards Edwin Grocer East Hill
Richards Charles ShoeMaker 18 Mencuddle Street
Richards William Farmer Trenarren
Rickard James Librarian Grant's Walk
Roberts John Farmer Mulvra
Roberts Samuel Butcher 9 Victoria Place
Robins Mrs Mary Shopkeeper Porthpean
Robins Nicholas Tailor 22Duke Street
Rockaday Samuel Land & Mineral agent Laburnum House
Roseveor Francis Baker 22 Mennacuddle Street
Roseveor Richard Baker Drews Court
Rowe George Shopkeeper Tregonissey
Rowe William Shopkeeper 1 Western Hill
Rowett John ShoeMaker 17 Western Hill
Rowse Thomas China clay merchant
Rundell Thomas Shopkeeper 52 Western Hill
Rundle Miss Caroline Dressmaker 18 Duke Street
Russell & Palmer Linen drapers 1 Church Street


Sampson Rev. Richard Secty,Cornwall Baptist Assn& hon. Weston House
Clerk to St. Austell School Board
Sanders William Temperance & Com'l Hotel & Boarding House Market Place
Scott Sack Noy China clay merchant South Street
Shilson-Coode & Co St. Austell Bank
Sims Mrs Ruth Schoolmistress Porthpean
Smith John Painter 5 Menacuddle Street
Smith Joseph Miller & Gen'l agent Workhouse Lane Mill
Smith thomas Blacksmith Blowing House Hill
Smith Thomas James Builder Biddicks Court
Smith William Henry Carpenter Bodmin Road
Snell Henry Farmer Porthpean
Snell Henry Seven Stars Inn 1 East Hill
Sobey Cooper Boot & shoe maker 7 Fore Street
South Cornwall Bank William's Treffry West & Co.,Geo Petherickmgr High Cross Street
Spear Gregory Confectioner 2 East Hill
Spiegellhalter Savory Clock cleaner 19 Duke Street
St.Austell Gas Co Ltd Denis Jenkin, mgr Westbridge
St.Austell Reading Rm R. H.Kirton, secty Biddicks Court
Stephens Henry Farmer & Posting manager 14 East Hill
Stephens Richard Frederick Surgeon Truro Road
Stephens William Grocer Polkyth
Stocker Edward China Stone and Clay merchant Glenview
Stocker Francis Edward Ironmonger 5 Church Street
Stocker Thomas China Stone and Clay merchant Glenview
Sweet Mrs Jane shopkeeper Polkyth
Symmons William Miller and farmer Mollingey


Taylder John Painter 1 Union Rd
Taylor Peter Travelling draper 9 High cross Rd
Thomas George tea dealer 12 East Hill
Thomas Miss Mary Ann shopkeeper East Hill
Tinne Misses Emma & Clara fancy repository 3 Fore street
Tinney Silas Cabinet Maker 3 Fore street
Townsend John Grocer 7 Western Hill
Tregilgas Richard Hair Dresser 1 Tregonissey Road
Treleaven Edwin Farmer Pentwoan
Treleaven William Farmer Polglaze
Trethewey William Miller Trevarrick
Treverton Samuel Bill Poster & Town Crier Ledrah Road
Truscott James Golden Lion 10 Church St
Truscott Joseph Jeweller 14 Fore St
Truscott Samuel Saddler 2 Bull Ring
Truscott Samuel Salter Linen draper/grocer 1 Market Street
Truscott William Coal merchant West Bridge
Tucker John King Coach Builder 13 East Hill
Tucker William Linen draper East Hill


Varcoe John Accountant/registrar,Births&Deaths Angle House
Veale Andrew Hingston Woolstapler/linen draper 3 Menacuddle St
Veale James Grocer 4 Menacuddle St.
Veale John Wheelwright 65 Western Hill
Vercoe Maclin Parnall Saddler 30 Church St
Vivian Mrs Catherine Beer retailer 7 Hotel Rd
Vivian Mrs Mary Ann Grocer 11 Bodmin Rd


Wahlen William Merchant 23a Fore St
Warne John bookseller 11 Truro Rd
Warne Joseph Ring O Bells Victoria Place
Warne Mrs Rosamund Marine Store Dlr 20 Western Hill
Warne Richard Daniel Marine stores 33 Workhouse Lane
Warne William Painter 4 East Hill
Warrick John shopkeeper Tregonissy
Wellington Abraham Currier/leather seller Truro
Wellington Peter Blacksmith LondonApprentice
Wheeler Philip China,stone,clay merchant
Wherry Walter Grocer & Beer 3 Bull Ring
Whetter Frederick Watch Maker 3 Western Hill
Whitaker Mrs Prudence shopkeeper 8 Workhouse Lane
White George Baker 4 Hotel Road
Williams Francis Farmer Menacuddle
Williams John Michael Wholesale/retail grocer 46 & 48 Western Rd
Williams Richard Harris Mining Engineer Cuddra House
Williams Samuel LondonApprentice
Williams Thomas Butcher 8 Fore Street

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