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Brokensha Luke Academies/Schools Porthpean
Chivers James Academies/Schools Buckingham
Bond Susan Academies/Schools National School-Girls
Odgers James Academies/Schools  
Martin John Agents for China Clay  
Martyn Elias Agents for China Clay  
Thriscutt Thomas Agents for China Clay  
Close Ephraim Agents for China Clay  
Geach R.R. Agents for China Clay  
Higman John, Jr. Agents for China Clay  
Burnley Anthony Attorneys  
Coode Edward Attorneys Clerk of the Peace; County Treasurer
Lambe Henry Attorneys  
Biddick Lake Bakers  
Butcher John Bakers  
Rosevear William Bakers  
Rowe Joseph Bakers  
Vivian Joseph Bakers  
Brown John Banker Actuary-East Powder
Coode&Sons   Banker  
Bawden John Blacksmith  
Creba Richard Blacksmith  
Hoblin John Blacksmith  
Hockin Walter Blacksmith  
Drew   Books/Printers/Stationers  
Jacob   Books/Printers/Stationers  
Halls   Books/Printers/Stationers  
Hennah   Books/Printers/Stationers & Son
Chivell Matthew Boot&Shoe Makers  
Hendy Richard Boot&Shoe Makers  
Luke William Boot&Shoe Makers  
May William Boot&Shoe Makers  
Michell John Boot&Shoe Makers  
Oliver Dorothy Boot&Shoe Makers  
Parsons Richard Boot&Shoe Makers  
Prowse Henry Boot&Shoe Makers  
Rundle Joseph Boot&Shoe Makers  
Trudgian Bennett Boot&Shoe Makers  
Trudgian Diggory Boot&Shoe Makers  
Vercoe William Boot&Shoe Makers  
Yelland David Boot&Shoe Makers  
Coad Peter Brewers Retail
Cory John Brewers  
Guy Charles Butcher  
Roberts Matthew Butcher  
Vivian Samuel Butcher  
Williams Richard Butcher  
Doncaster John Butcher  
Francis Richard Butcher  
Francis William Butcher  
Annear Samuel Carpenters/Joiners  
Clemo John Carpenters/Joiners  
Cornelius John Carpenters/Joiners  
Michael George Carpenters/Joiners  
Stripp Thomas Carpenters/Joiners  
Daniel Ann Chemists/Druggists  
Higman John Sr. Chemists/Druggists  
Bone Moses Coastal Vessels Fowey to London
Pearce John Coastal Vessels Charles Rashleigh to London
Moyse Thomas Coastal Vessels Ann and Elizabeth to London
Grenfell Richard Coastal Vessels St. Austell to Bristol
Pethick H. Coastal Vessels Duporth to Bristol
Banks William P. Coopers  
Hillman Richard Coopers  
Leavers Thomas Coopers  
Luke Anthony Coopers  
Phillips Josias Coopers  
Pidwell William Coopers  
Stephens Thomas Coopers  
Dungey William Corn/Flour Dealers  
Pedlar Joseph Corn/Flour Dealers  
Vivian Joseph Corn/Flour Dealers  
Gully S.T., Rev. Curate  
Brown John Curriers  
Lewarn Henry Curriers  
Giddy Thomas Earthenware/Glass  
Hopwood Ann Earthenware/Glass  
Hopwood Elizabeth Earthenware/Glass  
Vian William Earthenware/Glass  
Swaffield Bennett M Fire&Office Agents British/Palladium
Brown John Fire&Office Agents County& Provident
Wheeler John Fire&Office Agents Norwich
Cory John Fire&Office Agents Phoenix
Jago William Fire&Office Agents Royal Exchange
Swaffield B.M. Fire&Office Agents West of England
Hocker Fanny (Mrs) Gentry  
Lakes Henry, Esq. Gentry  
Pattison William Gentry Duporth
Penrose Miss Gentry  
Polkinhorne Francis,Esq. Gentry Trewiddle
Sawle Joseph G. Esq. Gentry Penrice
Carlyou Thomas,Esq. Gentry  
Flamank Joseph Edyvean,Esq. Gentry ,
Flamank Mrs. Gentry  
Hext John,Esq. Gentry Trenarren
Thompson Mrs. Honor Gentry  
Tremayne Jno.Hearle,Esq. Gentry Heligan
Allen Thomas Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Dodge Charles Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Glanvill Richard Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Martyn Joseph Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Moyle William Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Odgers James Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Pedlar Joseph Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Philp Jane Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Stephens Jane Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Wheeler Philip Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Veale Richard Grocers/Tea Dealers  
Julyan Benjamin Drew Hatters  
Tallack Jane Inns Queen's Head
Price Elizabeth Inns White Hart
Couch William Ironmonger  
Hoskin Richard Ironmonger  
Tallack Thomas Ironmonger Plumber/Brazier
Andrew Benjamin Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Grose Thomas Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Higman John Jr. Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Lovering John Linen/Woolen Draprs & Maltster
Moyle William Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Peter Thomas Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Tallack Jane Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Tallack Elizabeth Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Thomas Reuben Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Veale John Linen/Woolen Draprs & Woolstapler
Vivian John Robins Linen/Woolen Draprs  
Allen Thomas Millers  
Pedlar Joseph Millers  
Phillips Oliver Millers  
Phillips Benjamin Millers  
Arnold Sarah Milliners/DressMkrs  
Chivell Catherine Milliners/DressMkrs  
Daniell Ann Milliners/DressMkrs  
Long Grace Milliners/DressMkrs  
Russell Mary Milliners/DressMkrs  
Avery Sarah Milliners/DressMkrs  
Hennah & Son   Milliners/DressMkrs  
Collins Solomon Milliners/DressMkrs  
Hodge John Milliners/DressMkrs  
Rendle & Son John Milliners/DressMkrs  
Banks   Miscellaneous Shipping Agent
Banks D. William Miscellaneous Block&Pump maker
Carveth Richard Miscellaneous Land Surveyor
Colmer Michael Miscellaneous Govnr/Workhouse
Cory John Miscellaneous Wine & Spirits
Foster William Miscellaneous Tanner
Foster Thomas Miscellaneous Tanner
Glanvill Julian Miscellaneous Cabinet Maker
Harris Samuel Miscellaneous Tinman/Brazier
Hodge,Richard   Miscellaneous Iron/founder
Jago William Miscellaneous Coveyancer
Kellow John Miscellaneous Clothes/bookbinder
Kelly Matthew Miscellaneous Fruiterer/Confections
Swaffield Bennett M. Miscellaneous Corn Inspector
Thomas James Miscellaneous Mgr, Gas Works
Vounder Matthew Miscellaneous Rope Maker - Charlestown
Warne Richard Miscellaneous Carrier-to Bodmin
Waters John Miscellaneous Carrier-to Fowey
Hawke John Miscellaneous Carrier-to Lostwithiel
Hawke William Miscellaneous Carrier-to Plymouth
Kellow William Miscellaneous Carrier-to Truro
Plent Walter Miscellaneous Carrier-to Truro
Parkyn John Painters/Glaziers  
Whitley John Painters/Glaziers  
Drew Joseph Postmaster  
Dodge D. Richard Saddlers  
Jane William Saddlers  
Stocker Edward Saddlers  
Harris Ann Shopkeepers/Sundries  
Kelley Henry Shopkeepers/Sundries  
Perrow William Shopkeepers/Sundries  
Phillips Elizabeth Shopkeepers/Sundries  
Rickard John Shopkeepers/Sundries  
Ripper John Shopkeepers/Sundries  
Simons James Shopkeepers/Sundries  
White Mary Shopkeepers/Sundries  
Drew John Stone Masons & Builder
Kitt William Stone Masons  
Merifield John Stone Masons  
Merifield William Stone Masons  
Nankivell William Stone Masons  
Arthur Christiana Sampson Straw Hat Makers  
Prowse Ann Straw Hat Makers  
Thomas Mary Straw Hat Makers  
Biddick William Surgeons  
Blackmore John Enes Surgeons  
Dove Thomas Surgeons  
Robinson David Raymond Surgeons  
Guy William Tailors  
Halls Jacob Tailors  
Hancock John Tailors  
Rapsey Paul Tailors  
Roberts Thomas Tailors  
Vercoe John Tailors  
Vercoe John, Jr. Tailors  
Vivian Samuel Tailors  
Hockins   Tallow Merchants  
Petherick   Tallow Merchants  
Nancolas Anthony Tallow Merchants  
Kitchins Thomas Tallow Merchants  
Melhuish Thomas Tallow Merchants  
Collihole Richard Taverns/Public Houses Charlestown Hotel - Charlestown
Nott Rebecca Taverns/Public Houses Fountain
May Thomas Taverns/Public Houses Genl. Wolfe
Bawden John Taverns/Public Houses Golden Lion
Gilbert Hannah Taverns/Public Houses King's Arms
Giles Walter Taverns/Public Houses King's head
Lark Jeremiah Taverns/Public Houses London Inn
Bray John Taverns/Public Houses New Inn
Truscott James Taverns/Public Houses Rashleigh Arms -Charlestown
Minear William Taverns/Public Houses Ring of Bells
Phillips Elizabeth Taverns/Public Houses Seven Stars
May Nicholas Taverns/Public Houses Stag
Julyan John Taverns/Public Houses Sun
May Robert Taverns/Public Houses Western Inn
Smyth Thomas Scott,Rev Vicar- St. Austell  
Higman Jacob Watch/Clock  
Michael Benjamin Watch/Clock  
Pentecost William Watch/Clock  
Cornish Richard Wheelwright  
Paull William Wheelwright  
Veale Henry Wheelwright  



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