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   From Tithe Apportionment Documents held by C.R.O., transcribed by J. Mosman
for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website


The Tithe Apportionment Act of 1836 converted the old tithe system into a new, apportioned system of payment based on the amount of land available for cultivation, and the quality of that land. Each parish in Cornwall was surveyed, with detailed maps drawn for every property no matter how small or large. Each owner, lessee, and most occupiers of land in 1839 were included. These maps, and attendant indexes, are held at C.R.O.; they have now been digitized and are available for purchase. See below for their webpage. We DO NOT have the Tithe Map online.


The St. Austell index is dated April 1839.

Entries in our index are arranged by number, which groups properties by hamlet, neighbourhood, and area, as surveyed, rather by land owner as did the original. Pages were determined by numbers of lines - it might prove worthwhile to check previous and following pages if you do not find the information on the page you're viewing. All information on the original is included in our transcription except for monetary amouts. (The original includes the amount of valuation, amount of tithes paid to vicar, and the amounts paid to the Large titheholders; we've merely included the initials of these individuals to show who received the funds.)

-   List of Places and Pages - search the spreadsheets by location then use your browser search function, or go to the Main Menu and use the search engine for name(s)) . Please note spellings may be different than today; many names appear to be spelled phonetically or with English spelling; Trevisik, Treelees, Trevithic, Kessil, all appear. Even the ROWSE family of Tregonissey is consistently shown as "ROUSE" - not to mention "Polglaize".

Pages & Map Numbers

Locations Covered

Pages & Map Numbers Locations
Pg 1 , nos, 001-199 Town Pg 13, 2400-2599 Boscundle Estate, Boscoppa Common
Pg 2, nos. 200-399 Town Pg 14, 2600-2799 Boscoppa Common, Benallacks Tenement, Tregorrick, Minear Estate, Pharnissick
Pg 3, nos. 400-599

Town. Near Town, Near Carvath, Carvath, The Watering, Tregonissey, Trenance

Pg 15, 1800-2999 Pharnissick, Slades Down Park, Tregonissey, Menacuddle Estate
Pg 4, nos 600-799 Trenance, Buggins Tenement, Trembear Estate, Grylls Tenement, Lwr. Blowing Hse, Chipponds, Trevarrick, Trewhiddle, Ponds Tenement Pg 16, 3000-3199 Tregonissey, Menacuddle Estate, Boskell Estate, Lesalson Estate, Gum Estate, Grigg. Ruddle Estate, Crane House, Barbolingy, Colchester Estate
Pg 5, nos 800-999 Trewhiddle, Molingey Estate, Molingy, Mulvra,
Mulvra the London Apprentice
Pg 17, 3200-3399 Little Carwallen, Newton Farm, Penhale Estate, Bojea Mill & Estate, Mt. Stamper, Carwallen Estate, Tregonissey
Pg 6, nos 1000-1999 Molingey Estate, Towan Estate, Longmans Tenement, Haye Farm, Skenoweth, Pentewan, Pentewan Estate, near Pentewan, Crapps Tenement, Polglaize Farm Pg 18, 3400-3599 Penhale Estate, Caerladdon, Higher-Middle-Lower Cannamanning, Penwithick, Nine Stones, Penhale, Carthew Estate
Pg 7, nos 1200-1399 Polglaize Estate,East Towan Estate, Trevissick, Polventon Estate, Penrice Estate, Roseweek Estate, Menagwins Estate, Nansedern, Hallane Mill Pg 19, 3600-3799 Carthew Estate, Greensplatt, Carran Carrow Estate, Cocks Borrow, Biscovallack, Higher Biscovallack
Pg 8, nos 1400-1599 Trevissick, Trenarron, Blackhead Farm, Castle Gotha Farm, Porthpean, near Porthpean Pg 20, 3800-3999 Carthew Estate, Coons Tenement, Carthew, Carbean Estate, Carbean, Yonder Town, Gunheath, Good Fortune, Penwithick
Pg 9, nos 1600-1799 Porthpean, Park Matthews,
Moor-Cottage Trewhiddle, Tregorrick
Pg 21, 4100-4299 Rosevean, Chillowbett, Rock Hill Farm, Stenalees, Chenowah, Kerrow
Pg 10, nos 1800-1999 Tregorrick, Gewans, Polkyth, Union Road, Wrestling Green, The Watering, Mount Charles, Foredowns, Charlestown Estates Pg 22, 4300-4399 Kerrow, Penwithick, Hallaze, Penheddra, Trethurgy, Alsevear
Pg 11, 2000-2199 Charlestown Estates, Holmbush, Western Boscundle Pg 23, 4400-4599

Trethurgy, Kaerfillis Treatment, Starrick, Innes, Trenoweth, Knightor, Menagwins, Treverbyn, Resugga, Rescolla, Penwithick

Pg 12, 2200-2399 Holmbush, Boscundle Estate Pg 24, 4600-4899 Moliness, Rescolla, Little Lavrean, Great Lavrean, Pendulaw


-   The Official Tithe Apportionment Statement, which includes the Great Tithe holders, amount of surveyed land, & amounts to be paid in lieu of Tithes; dated January 31, 1839.

-   Transcriber's Notes, including an explanation of how data has been arranged, use of abbreviations, etc.

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