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We have fully transcribed many records thusfar, but have not transcribed all possible records. Please be sure to check with Cornwall Record Office or the LDS database to see what other records are available.

Thusfar, we have records from:

St. John's Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, by Julia Mosman -through 1874 LDS film 2276218


Trethurgy Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, to 1867, transcribed by Julia Mosman LDS film 1796111
Mt. Charles Victoria Road Wesleyan Methodist Chapel from Vicky Allamand
Primitive Methodist Circuit, St. Austell and others, Jean Shepard.
Primitive Methodist Circuit, transcribed by Sharon Jones

Please note the following:

  1. Circuits or chapels are shown, if the information was available.
  2. [as] means "as shown". "na" means Not Available (or left blank).
  3. Maiden surnames of mothers are shown, where available, in brackets following their given names.
  4. Alternate spellings must be kept in mind; not every minister knew how a family spelled their names!!
  5. Duplicate entries from different records have variations such as baptismal year. When identical duplicate entries occurred, only one is included.
  6. Entries followed by ** indicate names not found in the FreeBMD database.
  7. Not every name in our database is in the OPC database, and vice-versa. It's another resource to check, should your relative not appear here. We add to this database periodically; please do check back.
  8. THERE IS A SECTION FOR "INVALID ENTRIES"; if you have partial information, this might help you. Entries were put here if the names are improbable, unreadable, etc., or entries with missing information.
  9. Registers have been transcribed also by the Church of Latter Day Saints - LDS - which maintains an index online, available for search at no cost. Please select the IGI (International Genealogy Index) and use one of the following "batch numbers":

P016511 for Holy Trinity, the parish church, C065351, and C065361, which cover Wesleyan Methodist and other non-conformist churches.



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