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 MANORS of St. AUSTELL - transcriptions of MANORIAL RECORDS -
(quite roughly, Tewington extended from Duporth (next to Charlestown) South of St. Austell to Megavissey; Treverbyn was mostly where the parish of Treverbyn is today & into Roche parish, north of St. Austell; Tregorrick and Austle held lands that were dispersed.

            Austle Manor - Rents of Manor, 1602 - showing freeholders, lessees, and copy holders of land
Tewington Manor - 1540 through 1788 - properties transferred from one copy holder to another, on which the Lord of the Manor collected fees. (NEW)
            Tewington Manor - 1710 - a list of free tenants of the parish, including Rents and Fines
            Tewington Manor - 1730 - Customary rents, and list of leaseholders; from a group of several such records, some undated (NEW)
           Tewington Manor - 1792 through 1797 - Court Rolls - free and copy holder tenants, plus occupiers of the land; detailed records (NEW)
           Tewington Manor - 1796 & 1815 - list of free tenants and rents (NEW)
           Treverbyn-Courtenay Manor - 1591 - a list of freeholders, and tenants, with descriptions of the properties and many interesting details
           Treverbyn-Courtenay Manor - circa 1628 - survey of leaseholders, etc. (date based on the years Ralph May served as rector)
           Treverbyn-Courtenay Manor - tin mines in 1591, as listed in the Manorial documents of 1591 and 1602
           Tregorrick Manor - 1602 - a list of freeholders, and tenants, of the Manor
           Tregorrick Manor - 1710 - a list of free and conventionary tenants of the manor (no occupiers of land, however)

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