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QUAKER BURIAL GROUND - woodblock prints, and modern photos of the Quaker burial ground, which was obliterated due to highway expansion.


Wall outside burial ground, 1928

Friends' burial ground, Tregangeeves (from within)
circa 1928

Tregongeeves was the home of Loveday Hambley, "the Cornish Saint." A follower and friend of George Fox, she offered Quakers support in turbulent times, and later, her family offered land for a burial ground.

Thomas Lower, mentioned below, was her nephew.

The plaque commemorates the donation of the land as a graveyard; it says:

"The land for this burial ground was given by Richard Edgecumbe, Esquire, of Mount Edgecumbe Park, to Thomas Lower by deed dated the 6th day of 8th mo, 1706 and transferred by Thomas Lower to Trustees by deed dated 12th day of 1st month 1717."

"Thomas Lower became a member of the Society of Friends after visiting George Fox when he was imprisoned in Pendennis castle Falmouth. "

Used with the kind permission of Ian Bulte, and others.

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