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   From Tithe Apportionment Documents held by C.R.O., transcribed by J. Mosman

Columns are as follows:

-Owners and Lessee = shown in separate Columns.
If there was no lessee, "none" is shown. SEE EXAMPLE BELOW.

            (Owner = the owner of the land, but not the tithe holder.
            (Lessee = the person who leases land from the owner, then rents it to occupiers.

-Occupier = principal person who actually works/lives on the land; not all occupants are listed.

-Plan = which parcel on the map shows that particular land; numbers correspond to
             the map held at CRO - SOME NUMBERS ARE MISSING FROM THE INDEX

-Location and Holding = shown in separate Columns.
            (Holding = type of land or buildings; name/description of land
            (Location= as given, with mis-spellings (Polglaize for Polglaze, etc.)

-Remarks = state of cultivation: arable, pasture, rough pasture, furze, orchard, wood,
             waste, nursery.

-Acreage = size of the land, in acres, roods, and perches

-Tithes payable = persons to whom "Great" tithes are paid; "Small" tithes, when        due, were paid to the Vicar

Tithe holders were:

M.R. - Martha Rashleigh
J.H.T. - J.H. Tremayne
W.C. - William Carlyon
they "owned" the Great tithes singly and in combination.

See the "Statement" for exact amounts they received yearly, as well as what the Vicar was assigned, and the total area surveyed.


PAGE Owner Lessee Occupier Plan Holding Location R Acres Tithes
30 John May John Hancock James Hancock 38 Dwelling Hse,Gdn Town na 0.0.39 Vic
50 Sir J.S.G. Sawle Mary Treleaven Jacob Gisel 39 7 Stars Inn,Stabling Town na 0.2.7 Vic
8 Col.E. Carlyon none Col.E. Carlyon 297 Town Place Town na 1.0.1 none
12 Charlestown Corp. Mary Hancock Joseph Treleaven 1849 Homer Meadow Charlestown a 3.0.3 J.H.T.&M.R./Vic
30 Sir J.S.G. Sawle Chstwn Corp Hannah Best 2812 Dwelling Hse,Gdns Mt Charles na 0.0.29 Vic
34 Mary Minear Wm.Metcalfe Wm. Tresize 2972 Dwelling Hses,Gdns Polrudden na 1.0.30 M.R./Vic
47 Elias Martyn none Jos. Stephens 3817 Moor Starrick f 38.0.29 M.R./Vic

Elias Martyn

none John Westerly 3887 Three Corners Starrick . see 3817 .
30 Joseph May Elias Martyn Jacob Martyn 4120 Lower Hens Close Trethurgy rp 2.2.27 M.R./Vic

Numbering on the surveyors map started with Holy Trinity Church being number 1, then spiralling out from that location. The larger the number, the further from the church. In this example, one can see that many "occupiers" aren't listed. Not every property had a "lessee", and some landowners leased land as well. Tithe holders were individual or combined, while the Vicar received small tithes.

The original index grouped properties by Owner which lead to very odd combinations - Town Places numbered in the 20's being included next to properties numbered in the 3000's, for instance.

The original Indexers did "group" properties, so to speak. To adapt these entries to spreadsheet requirements, the entries have been shown as "see XXXX", where X=one of the entries of the group. Most of these had separate names - not every property was called "Moor", for instance - and many/most had different occupiers. See Lines 7 & 8.

Abbreviations used in these transcriptions which were not on the originals:

do = duplicate

Hse = house           Gdn=garden         Chstwn=Charlestown          Shpng=Shipping          sa=same      Col.=Colonel

Wm.=William          Edw.=Edward       Richd.=Richard            Jas.=James          Thos.=Thomas      Jos.=Joseph           

a=arable     p=pasture    rp=rough pasture       och=orchard       na=none     w=woods      wst=waste         f=furze


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