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Parish Church of HOLY TRINITY, Marriage Registers,

1900 through 1901 - V. McIntyre, transcriber, J. Mosman OPC

1900 2-Feb HUDDY John s 32 b Hairdresser St Austell Robert Huddy hairdresser Banns George Hine s
BYRNES Annie Maria Theresa s 32 s Nurse St Austell Richard Byrnes coach builder J C Fred Brindley George Collins s
1900 8-Feb MINEAR Fred s 26 b Miner Carclaze St, Austell Thomas Minear sawyer License Beckie Willcock s
CLARKE Rosie Annie s 25 s Draper Carclaze St Austell James Clarke painter Norman E Marsh George Collins s
1900 18-Feb STEPHENS Richard x 19 b Labourer Eastbourne Rd Edward Stephens market gardener Banns John Vivian s
SNELL Gertrude s 27 s Tregonissey John Snell salesman J C Fred Brindley Bessie Hunkin s
1900 16-Apr BLAKE Henry s full w Shoemaker East Hill Peter Blake farmer Banns Winifred May Poad s
ROWSE Sarah Ralph s full s East Hill John Keam Rowse wheel-wright Joseph Hammond Thomas Prout s
1900 28-Apr PARKER Joseph s 53 w Stone cutter Luxulyan John Parker stone cutter Banns Mary Charlotte Coom s
COOM Mary s 50 s St Austell Walter Coom miner Joseph Hammond Elizabeth Ellen Coom s
1900 9-May ROBINSON George s 35 w Mariner Leith, Edinburgh Thomas Robinson engineer License John Warrick s
MINEAR Ellen x 38 s St Austell James Minear farmer Benjamin Davies George Collins s
1900 27-Jun HOOPER Richard s 30 b Mason St Austell Richard Hooper labourer Banns Thomas Long s
HARPER Annie s 31 s Charlestown Thomas Harper labourer Joseph Hammond Martha Hooper s Alfred Eddelbattel
1900 13-Sep JEWELL George Harris s 27 b Gardener Ballinson Trc, Bodmin Thomas Jewell (deceased) farmer Banns Joseph Sandercock s
SANDERCOCK Lilian s 27 s Polkyth, St Austell Joseph Sandercock mason J C Fred Brindley Francis George Harris s
1900 18-Sep MOSELEY William Henry s 36 b Grocer St Austell Edward Moseley commission agent Banns William John Nancollas s Edwd Moseley
NANCOLLAS Ellen s 30 s St Austell Christopher Nancollas grocer Joseph Hammond Annie Beatrice Nancollas s ?? Hancock
1900 24-Sep PEARSE Ernest James s 34 b Iron monger St Budeaux, Plymth Jolhn Greenslade Pearce joiner Banns Frank Brown s Elizabeth Emma Brown
SMITH Edith Sarah s 36 s St Austell Samuel Smith hotel keeper Joseph Hammond Janie Truscott s George Brown
1900 13-Oct WARNE William Andrew s 35 b Farmer St Ewe John Warne farmer Banns Samuel George Lewis s
VENNING Philippa s 29 s St Austell John Venning farmer Joseph Hammond Carrie Penning s
1900 14-Oct PASCOE Arthur s 28 b Carpenter St Austell Martin Pascoe stonemason Banns Wiliam George Andrews s
PARSONS Ellen s 22 s St Austell James Parsons labourer Joseph Hammond William Parsons s
1900 28-Oct LAMERTON Edwin s 35 b Blacksmith St Austell John Lamerton miner Banns Perry George s
SANDERS Ellen Grace s 30 s St Austell Thomas Sanders builder Joseph Hammond ?? Sanders s
1900 30-Oct MITCHELL William Charles s 22 b Chemist St Austell John Mitchell steward Banns Elizabeth Giles s
GILES Francis Marguerite s 20 s St Austell Philip Giles stationer Joseph Hammond L H Mitchell s
1900 8-Dec ARMSTRONG Tom Whetter s 31 b Plumber St Austell Charles Armstrong ironmonger Banns s
HIGGINS Mary Elizabeth s 29 s St Austell William Stephens Higgins labourer Joseph Hammond s
1900 13-Dec MARTIN James Wentworth s 53 b PWD India Castle Jane, Rashcooney,. Co Cork Richard Martin gentleman Banns D G Lucas Hammond s Richard C Pennaforth
HAMMOND Violet Amicia Lucas s 26 s St Austell Vicarage Joseph Hammond Vicar of St Austell ?? Treson Aerwione? R L Hammond s Cr??? Parsorth??


1901 21-Feb CLEMO James s 27 b Miner St Ewe James Clemo farmer License Chas P Dench s
HARRIS Bessie s 23 s St Austell George Harris baker Joseph Hammond Frederick Clemo s
1901 18-Apr MARTIN William Montague s 34 b Chemist Sutton on Plym John Martin chemist Banns John Martin s
CONGDON Jane May s 28 s St Austell William Frederick Congdon bank manager Joseph Hammond Marion Lakeman Martin s F G Martin
1901 28-Apr RICKARD William Henry s 35 b Quarryman St Dennis George Rickard (deceased) clay labourer Banns Daniel Tremayne s
TREMAYNE Charlotte Louise s 26 s St Austell William Tremayne labourer Joseph Hammond Charlotte Tremayne s
1901 29-Apr SALT Matthew s 24 b Shipwright Lanteglas by Fowey John Salt Trinity pilot Banns Wm John Salt s
HENDER Adela s 22 s St Austell William Hender mariner Joseph Hammond Julia Durstow s







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