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Parish Church of HOLY TRINITY, Marriage Registers,

1895 through 1899 - V. McIntyre, transcriber, J. Mosman OPC

1895 3-Feb COX Joseph s 29 b Labourer St Austell William Cox mariner Banns John Grose s
GROSE Jane Walkey s 24 s St Austell John Grose day works Joseph Hammond George Collins s
1895 26-Feb FORSYTH Charles s 27 b Physician Middleton Lancs Henry Forsyth gentleman Banns Samuel William Heg???? s
ACKERMANN Beatrice Maud s 29 s St Austell George Ackermann cashier Joseph Hammond Jane Ackermann s Maria Jane Ackermann
1895 7-Apr PELMOUNTER William s 23 b Horse trainer St Austell William Pelmounter miner License Frederick Waddleton s
PALMER Emily Brown s 24 s Charlestown blank Joseph Hammond Hannah Mallalue s
1895 11-Apr LEWIS Samuel George s 27 b Farmer St Austell Alfred Reed farmer License Alfred Reed s
VENNING Annie Parnell s 25 s St Ewe Mary Parnell farmer Joseph Hammond Mary Parnell s
1895 13-Apr TREVERTON James Henry s 22 b Labourer Workhouse Lane Samuel Treverton (deceased) sexton Banns Selina Kestell s
DUNGEY Annie s 20 s Gover Bottom Joseph Dungey clay labourer Sathern Rogers Richard Wherry s Hon Canon of Truro
1895 16-Apr CORRIE Robert John s 31 b Glove merchant St Pancras John Corrie gentleman Banns William Corrie s London
GEORGE Mary Ann s 33 s St Austell Thomas George mining engineer Joseph Hammond Rose Lukes s
1895 21-Apr STEPHENS Edward x 22 b Labourer St Austell Edward Stephens cattle dealer Banns William Cock s
HAWKEN Louisa s 22 s St Austell Jonathan Hawken miner William Wingfield Collings George Collins s
1895 24-Apr WILLIAMS John Henry s 24 b Carpenter St Austell Thomas Williams miner Banns Ernest A Gray s
LAKEMAN Bessie Louisa s 23 s St Austell John Francis Lakeman carpenter Joseph Hammond Annie Lakeman s
1895 5-Jun WOOLCOCK Alfred Edgar s 33 b School master St George's Joseph Oliver Woolcock miner Banns John Napton Kendall s Truro
HARE Harriet s 35 s School mistress St Austell George Hare farmer Joseph Hammond Leila Ada Woolcock s
1895 16-Jun MOON William s 59 w Hotel keeper Liskeard John Moon ostler License Edgar N Rolling s
CAWRSE Leonora s 33 s St Austell William Cawrse gamekeeper Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson Fanny Kent s
1895 20-Jun BROAD Thomas Henry s 24 b Police officer St Miniver Johnathan Broad farmer Banns Minnie Ethel Rogers s
ROGERS Lucy Jane s 21 s St Austell Joseph Henry Rogers engine driver Joseph Hammond John Broad Edith Trenberth
1895 20-Jul BARNICOAT William Henry s 26 b Blacksmith Porthpean James Barnicoat blacksmith Banns William Kendall s
KENDALL Elizabeth s 25 s Porthpean Nicholas Kendall sail maker Joseph Hammond Lily Maria Kendall s Rose Kendall
1895 28-Aug MARTIN Frederick s 27 b Engine driver Treverbhyn blank Banns William Driscoll s
DRISCOLL Hannah s 21 s St Austell blank Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson Bessie Driscoll s
1895 7-Sep ROWE George Henry s 19 b Clay labourer Tregonissey Edwin Rowe miner Banns Eddy Trethewey s
BUSCOMBE Sarah Ellen s 20 s Tregonissey blank Joseph Hammond Edith Jane Rowe s
1895 14-Sep WATERS John s 28 Butcher Par John Waters miner Banns Alice A Champion s
CHAMPION Elfrida s 26 St Austell James Champion mason Joseph Hammond Pollie Waters s C Champion
1895 2-Oct TAYLOR James Augustus s 24 Farmer St Austell Richard Taylor farm labourer Banns William Henry Trebilcock x
TRIBILCOCK Eliza Maria s 26 St Austell William Henry Trebilcock labourer Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson Annie Trebilcock s
1895 10-Oct SMITH Henry Curwen Biscoe s 29 b Solicitor St James Bruce Neilson Smith Officer in the Indian army Banns Herbert Bashford s Emsworth, Hants
COODE Louisa Margaret s 25 s St Austell Arthur Coode banker John Truron Louisa Catharine Coode s Hugh Adams
1895 13-Oct HARVEY Richard x 43 b Mariner Millbrook Richard Harvey labourer Banns Tom Barnicoat s
BARNICOAT Sophia Ann s 37 s St Austell Joseph Barnicoat shoemaker Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson George Collins s
1895 16-Oct HITCHINS Arthur Slade s 27 b Merchant St Austell Thomas Hitchins merchant Banns Richard Elias Pearce Martyn s F C Hitchens
MARTYN Sophie Mary Pearce s 25 s St Austell Richard Uriah Martyn gentleman Charles T Ward Isabella Slade Hitchens s Vicar of Chudleigh
1895 19-Nov BALL Frederick William s 27 b School master Kettering William Edward Ball engineer Banns John Slade Luke s
LUKE Keziah s 26 s St Austell John Luke tailor Joseph Hammond William Barner Luke s
1895 29-Dec ALLEN James Jose s 26 b Labourer St Ewe Robert Allen farmer License Edgar Stephens s
STEPHENS Emily s 24 s St Austell William Stephens engineer Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson Ellen Stephens s


1896 1-Jan BRAY Charles s 26 b Carpenter Bodmin Robert Bray carpenter Banns Elizabeth Ellen Gommo s Fanny Bray
GOMMO Fanny Cordelia s 27 s St Austell Sampson George Gommo hawker Joseph Hammond Catherine Gommo s
1896 1-Feb BUNT Richard s 30 b Gardener St Austell William Bunt labourer Banns Mary Elizabeth Roberts s
ROBERTS Annie s 21 s St Austell blank Joseph Hammond William Henry Trethewey s
1896 23-Feb LAKEMAN William Henry s 28 b Carpenter St Austell John Francis Lakeman carpenter Banns Philip James Tucker s John Francis Lakeman
OSBORN Evelina s 30 s St Austell blank William C Tuting Nellie Clemo s
1896 23-May PEARCE George Thomas s 23 b Butcher St Austell William Pearce labourer Banns James Hocking x
HOCKING Ellen s 21 s St Austell James Hocking labourer Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson Bertha Pearce s
1896 26-May PEARCE Charles s 27 w Mine agent St Austell William Pearce Mine Captain License Bessie Hosking s Eleanor Michell
ROWETT Ann s 21 s St Austell Joseph Rowett Mine agent Joseph Hammond Rosie Uren s
1896 1-Jun HICKS John Henry s 30 b Butler Plymstock Willilam Hicks Coachman Banns Richard Matto s
WOOD Elizabeth s 26 s St Austell John Wood farmer Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson Lucinda Bessie Hicks s John Bray Hambley
1896 8-Jun OWEN Edward s 30 b Farmer Llanfair Dhyffryn Samuel Owen (deceased) farmer Banns Joanna & Edith Floyd s Clwyd
FLOYD Cecil Louise s 28 s St Austell James Floyd solicitor Joseph Hammond Mary Ellen Hodge s Robert Owen
1896 27-Jun THOMAS Charles Henry s 25 b Tailor St Austell Charles Thomas engine driver Banns Charles Thomas s
TRENBERTH Ellen Jane s 29 s St Austell James Trenberth engine driver Joseph Hammond Richard Trenberth s
1896 8-Jul BRAY John s 30 b Painter Charlestown John Bray miner Banns William Jacob s
JACOB Jane s 22 s St Austell William Jacob tea dealer Richard Tolson Schlesinger Tolson Mary Ellen Oxenham s G T Oxenham
1896 8-Jul PENROSE George Brown s 31 b Assistant overseer & collector St Austell Edwin Cook Penrose carpenter Banns Ellen Nancollas s A B Nancollas
NANCOLLAS Mary s 25 s St Austell Christopher Nancollas grocer Joseph Hammond Edwin Cook Penrose s Mabel Bessie Tetley
Henry Sydney Hancock s A M M Hancock
1896 13-Jul WASLEY Stanley s 24 b Accountant Redruth Matthew Wasley auctioneer Banns Janie Alice Binks s Mary Louisa Cook
GROSE Phenie Fanny s 23 s St Austell Walter Grose book seller Joseph Hammond F Maybell Grose s signs Fannie
Frk A Coon s
1896 18-Aug ELLIOTT William John s 23 b Miner Charlestown John Elliott miner License Richard Trenberth s
TRENBERTH Edith s 22 s St Austell James Trenberth engine driver Joseph Hammond Ellen Jane Thomas s
1896 19-Aug BARNES Reginald Garrould s 27 b Solicitor St Martin's Gospel Oak John Matthew Barnes farmer Banns Walter Hicks s Caroline Hicks
HICKS Mary s 27 s St Austell Walter Hicks brewer Joseph Hammond Peter Hicks s W I Garrould
Gerard J Barnes s
1896 8-Sep MOCK William John s 35 b Accountant St Austell Willilam Mock retired builder Banns William Gale s
GALE Nora Louise s 25 s St Austell William Gale butler Joseph Hammond Ada Smith Gale s Morley George Gale
1896 27-Sep CREBA Edward George s 26 b Smith St Austell John Creba smith Banns John Henry Williams s
LAKEMAN Annie s 26 s St Austell John Francis Lakeman carpenter William C Tuting George Collins s
1896 29-Sep BUNNEY John s 47 w Farmer St Austell John Bunney farm labourer Banns George Jago s
BARNWELL Fanny Marsha s 46 s Cook St Austell Alfred Barnwell plumber Joseph Hammond Daisy Jane Goff s
1896 8-Oct COHRING Henry s 42 w Mariner St Austell Henry Cohring farmer License B D Frances Sawle s
SAUNDERS Jessie s 29 s St Austell Henry Saunders Coachman Joseph Hammond Henry Francis s Amelia Vivian
1896 11-Oct HUNKIN Henry Arthur May s 22 b Mariner St Austell William Hunkin fisherman Banns John Vivian s
GILBERT[STEPHENS] Bessie s 21 s St Austell blank blank R T S Tolson Jane Vivian s called Stephens
1896 20-Oct ANTHONY Thomas s 29 b Chemist St Mary's Truro Thomas Anthony harbour master License John Bray Anthony s
TANK Margaretta Brewer s 35 s St Austell Thomas Tank miller Joseph Hammond H Mann s
1896 24-Oct HILL Thomas s 25 b Electrical engineer St Austell Ephraim Hill labourer Banns John Guy Hill s
CRADDOCK Ellen s 23 s St Austell John Craddock labourer R T S Tolson E C Pyatt s
1896 12-Nov ROSEVEAR Samuel s 24 b Cooper Charlestown William Rosevear miner Banns Thomas Buscombe x
BUSCOMBE Elfrida s 22 s St Austell Thomas Buscombe gardener R T S Tolson Ginnie Rosevear s
1896 19-Nov HOCKEN William s 71 w blank St Austell John Hocken farmer Banns William Gale s
PETER Sarah s 46 s St Austell Robert Peter farmer R T S Tolson Susan Jane Waterer s
1896 26-Dec MATTHEWS William John s 23 b blank St Austell George Matthews mason Banns John ??? s
URAN Annie s 22 s St Austell James Uran mariner Joseph Hammond Jane Clems s


1897 2-Jan THOMAS William s 39 b Customs House official Falmouth David Thomas mariner Banns John Yelland s
WOOLCOCK Mary s 30 s St Austell William Woolcock driver R T S Tolsen Emily Yelland s
1897 9-Jan STEPHENS Fred s 27 b Farmer St Austell Edwin Stephens butcher License John Wesley Treleaven s
TRELEAVEN Mary Annie s 24 s St Austell William Treleaven farmer R T S Tolsen George Collins s
1897 11-Jan TRIST Harry s 29 b Steward St Austell Harry Trist coachsmith Banns Thomas Pascoe Ed Coode s
LEVERS Lavinia s 33 s St Austell Francis Levers merchant Joseph Hammond Nellie Trist s J M Burchell
1897 17-Jan GROSE James s 22 b Mason St Austell John Brose labourer Banns Joseph Cox s
STRONGMAN Catharina s 23 s St Austell James Strongman labourer R T S Tolsen George Collins s
1897 30-Jan McVENIE Charles George s 25 b Porter Kingswear William Joseph McVenie shoemaker Banns Ernest albert Henwood s
HENWOOD Hannah Jane Hawkin s 25 s St Austell Richard Hawkin Henwood hind Joseph Hammond Blanche Williams s
1897 8-Feb RIPPON George s full w Marine engineer Newport Monm George Rippon tradesman License Caroline M P Hart s Eliza Sandys Coode
HART Bessie s full s St Austell William Rosevear Hart baker Joseph Hammond Emily Hart s Susan G Hammond
1897 27-Feb STARK John x 34 b Farm labourer St Austell Thomas Stark labourer Banns Richard Oliver s
OLIVER Fanny s 28 s St Austell John Oliver labourer R T S Tolsen Alice Mary Greenslade s
1897 4-Mar LOCKETT John s 20 b Mason St Austell Tholmas Lockett ironmonger Banns Thomas Lockett s
WOOLF Edith Mary s 23 s St Austell Frank Nicholas Woolf miner R T S Tolsen Bessie Amelia Rowe s
1897 1-May OLIVER Edward s 24 b Gardener St Austell John Oliver miner Banns William Drew x
GREENSLADE Alice Mary s 21 s St Austell John Greenslade clay labourer Joseph Hammond George Collins s
1897 23-May LUKE Frederick Gared s 31 b Tailor St Austell John Luke (deceased) tailor Banns John Kendall s
TRETHEWEY Ellen Josephine s 25 s Mt Charles John Trethewey (deceased) miner J C Fred Brinkley Ernest A Luke s
1897 19-Jun WESTAWAY Frederick James s 27 b Railway fitter St Austell John Westaway gardener Banns William Manley s Elias Samuel Manley
MANLEY Edith Mary s 21 s Trethowel St Austell William Manley blacksmith J C Fred Brinkley Phillippa Ann Westaway s Ada Westaway
1897 21-Jul POWELL Edward John s 22 b Mechanic St Austell John Powell labourer Banns William Clemo s
CLEMO Lily s 20 s St Austell William Clemo gardener R T S Tolsen John Powell s
1897 17-Aug WONNACOTT James Henry s 27 b School master St Austell James Wonnacott farm bailiff License William Burnard Papperwell s
HUNKIN Margaret s 29 s Mevagissey Henry Hunkin fisherman Joseph Hammond Henry Hunkin s
1897 2-Sep REYNOLDS Willilamson John s 35 b Musician St Michael's Cornhill EC john Burall Reynolds stock and share dealer Banns John B Reynolds s J E H Stephens
STOCKER Marie Louise s 34 s St Austell Francis Edward Stocker ironmonger Joseph Hammond Mary H Reynolds s E Wright?
Beatrice M Stocker s
1897 2-Oct CANE Reuben s 52 w Labourer St Austell Frederick Cane labourer Banns Arthur Bunt s
BUNT Rachel s 39 s St Austell William Bunt labourer R T S Tolsen Elizabeth Ann Ede s
1897 6-Oct GIBSON James s 50 b Gardener St Austell Charles Gibson gardener Banns William Ed Brendon s
BRENDON Christiana Ward s 45 s St Austell William Edward Brendon chemist R T S Tolsen George Collins s
1897 14-Oct CROCKER Joe s 27 b Carpenter Ladock John Crocker carpenter License Minna M Luck s
JAMES Agnes Emily s 33 w St Austell John Ough farmer Joseph Hammond George Collins s
1897 25-Dec HOBBS Frank Thomas s 33 b Provision merchant Taunton George Hobbs carpenter Banns Maybel Annie Opie s
OPIE Alice Maud s 22 s St Austell James Opie (deceased) butcher Joseph Hammond Eva Rowse s
1897 25-Dec REAL Arthur s 22 b Fitter St Austell William Real cabinet maker Banns Willilam Real s
STEPHENS Frances Ann Ada s 19 s St Austell John Collins Stephens ladder maker Joseph Hammond Fred. T Rowe s Mabel Stephens
1897 26-Dec KENT Hedley Glanville s 26 b Fitter Plumstead Felix Kent carpenter License Richard Stephens s
GREGG Julia Stephens s 24 s St Austell James Gregg farmer Joseph Hammond Maggie Gregg s


                      OFFICIANT     WITNESSES
1898 19-Feb DINGLE Arthur s 25 b Blacksmith St Stephens in Brannel Thomas Dingle blacksmith Banns John Kessell s
BARRON Mary s 23 s St Austell William Barron Joseph Hammond Emma Kessell s
1898 19-Apr FOX Wilson Lloyd s full w Solicitor Falmouth Alfred Lloyd Fox Ship broker Banns Edith Mary Rogers s
ROGERS Constance Louisa Grace s full s St Austell Saltren Rogers Canon of Truro A Robertson Saltren Rogers s Principal of Kings College, London
1898 23-Apr ROBINS William s 27 b Seaman RN Porthpean Samuel Robins (deceased) cooper Banns William Trethewey s
ROBERTS Mary s 24 s Priory St Austell thomas Roberts (deceased) labourer J C Fred Brindley Alma Trethewey s
1898 28-May MANLEY Elias Samuel s 27 b Blacksmith Trethowel William Manley blacksmith Banns William Manly s signs Manly without 'e'
MOORE Bessie s 28 w Bodmin Rd St Austell Samuel Hawker carrier J C Fred Brindley Sdamuel Hawke s
1898 25-Jun HEAMAN William s 24 b Clay labourer Charlestown Jacob Heaman clay labourer Banns Tom Hambley s
TRAYS bessie s 28 s St Austell John Trays farm labourer Joseph Hammond Emma Jane Hambley s
1898 29-Jun HILL James s 27 b Engine driver Charlestown John Hill carpenter License Burtram K.. Cunningham s
OLIVER Lucy s 25 s St Austell Richard Oliver signalman Joseph Hammond George Collins s
1898 31-Jul LANE Ephraim s 22 b Gardener Union Rd Mount Charles Benjamin Lane labourer Banns John Little s
LITTLE Annie s 21 s Union Rd Mount Charles John Little hawker H Fred Brindley George Collins s
1898 15-Sep ROBERTS Charles s 32 b Farmer Ruan Linkinhorne ? John Roberts (deceased) farmer Banns Walter Samuel Giles s
GILES Emily Mabel s 24 s St Austell Walter Samuel Giles auctioneer surveyor A P Willway Elizabeth Anna Giles s Vicar of Charlestown
1898 22-Oct BALL Edwin s 23 b Clay labourer Roche David Ball farm labourer Banns Kate Truscott s
HANCOCK Bessie s 22 s St Austell Henry Hancock farm labourer Joseph Hammond William Henry Nancarrow s Maude Hood
1898 20-Dec LOCKETT Thomas s 24 b Mason St Austell Thomas Lockett miner License Jonathan Pinch s
FRIEND Emma s 25 w St Austell Jonathon Pinch labourer Joseph Hammond John Lockett s Edith Lockett
1898 26-Dec SAUNDERS Percy Ernest Howard s 24 b Cashier Fareham Hants Abraham Hoskyns Saunders accountant Banns John Michael Williams Mabel Louoise Williams
WILLIAMS Katie Leonora s 25 s West Hull Sutherland John Michael Williams grocer J C Fred Brindley Francis John Philp
1898 28-Dec WARD Charles Richard s full b Vicar Falfield, Glos Charles Edward Ward Solicitor License N E Rogers Constance H Fox
ROGERS Julia Beatrice s full s St Austell Saltren Rolgers Canon of Truro Gerard S Rogers W W Ward Julia Lucy Rogers
W L Fox


1899 25-Aug SMITH William s 30 b Engineer St Austell William Henry Smith builder Banns William Henry Smith s Nicholas Dyer Smith
HOYTE Annie Hettie s 30 s St Austell Henrietta Loyte (per curate) Joseph Hammond Charles Henry Whetter s M E Whetter
1899 9-Feb ROBERTS John Robert s 30 b Lance Sgt Duke of Cornwall L.I Bodmin Thomas Roberts (deceased) soldier Banns Robert Burns s
LOMER Mabel Lucy s 22 s St Austell James Lomer accountant Joseph Hammond Norah Grigg s Frerk N Lomer
1899 13-Feb PENROSE Albert Hearle Radmore s 24 b Grocer Mt Charles William Penrose cook Banns John Treleven s Victoria Road
TRELEVEN Lily Edith s 22 s Mt Charles John Treleven carpenter J C Fred Brindley William Henry Hearle Radmore Penrose s Victoria Road
1899 8-Mar ANDREWS Arthur John s 25 b Carpenter Walton Robert Andrews house decorator Banns Robert Andrews s Suffolk
BEST Nellie s 24 s St Austell Willilam Henry Best postman Joseph Hammond Annie Louisa Best s
Beatrice Mary Best s
William Henry Best s
William Henry Best s There are two William Henry Bests!!
1899 15-Apr COCK Frederick s 26 b Clay labourer St Austell Edward Cock labourer Banns Richard James Welch s
WELCH Lizzie Julia Mary s 26 s St Austell George William Welch pensioner RN Joseph Hammond Annie Cock s
1899 15-Jun WEDLAKE John s 31 b Miner St Austell John Wedlake miner License Henry Hodge s
VERRAN Nellie s 24 s St Austell Samuel Verran chief engineer Charles J A La Touche Ernest Sarah s Rector of Cardyngham
1899 29-Jun GEACH Francisw Rogers s 39 b Agriculturalist Tywardreath John Geach (deceased) agriculturist License Alfred Reed s
CORY Eva s 32 s St Austell William Henry Cory cattle dealer J C Fred Brindley George Collins s Truro Rd.
1899 24-Jul CAVILL Thomas s 25 b Railway porter Padstow Robert George Davill farm bailiff Banns Ernest Prior s Broad St.
PRIOR Fanny Ada s 25 s St Austell Henry Prior labourer Norman E Marsh George Collins s Eastbourne Rd.
1899 26-Jul COOMBES Thomas s 31 b Manager Iron Foundry St Luke's Charles Coombes sea captain Banns Beatrice L Tozer s Torquay
HAWKE Ellen Elizabeth s 27 s St Austell William Hawke plumber Joseph Hammond William Hawke s
1899 13-Aug COOMBER William Charles s 33 w Cabman Westhoe William Charles Coomber cabman Banns Archie John Jewell s 12 Garden Cres. Plymouth
WARRICK Lena s 29 s Servant St Austell William Warrick clay labourer Norman E Marsh George Henry Ellis s 7 High Cross
1899 2-Sep CROSSMAN James s 24 b Fireman Plymouth John Crossman labourer Banns John Prophet s 4 Frances St.
PROPHET Frances Charlotte s 27 s St Austell John Prophet gardener J C Fred Brindley Annie Prophet s Larah? Rd
1899 2-Sep WILTON James Thomas s 41 b Pensioner RN Cawsand Richard Wilton seaman License Mary Bullock s
MITCHELL Sally s 38 s St Austell Edward Mitchell farmer Joseph Hammond Fred Cundy s
1899 7-Sep ROGERS Ralph Baron s full b Gentleman Tresmeer William Rogers clerk in Holy orders Banns Anna Rogers s Gladys Evelyn Saltren Rogers
ROGERS Edith Mary s full s St Austell Saltren Rogers Canon of Truro Gerard S Rogers Saltren Rogers s Constance L G Fox
Alice Trerelyan Rogers s J Beatrice Ward
Arthur [Sogns?] s
1899 27-Sep TRUDGAIN Joseph s 23 b Cooper Mt Charles John Trudgain cooper Banns George Collins s Trugain/Trudgain - corrected 31 March 1900. Note in margin by Norman Marsh and witnessed by Joseph and Mary Elizabeth Trudgain
JULIAN Mary Elizabeth s 29 s Servant Elm Terrace Richard Julian clay labourer Norman E Marsh Millicent Julian s
1899 14-Oct VARCOE Edmund s 25 b Clay labourer St Columb Major Thomas Vardoe clay labourer Banns William Drew x
GREENSLADE Laura s 26 s Mt Charles John Greenslade clay labourer Norman E Marsh Mary Penrose s Edward Nancollas
1899 3-Dec WILLILAMS William James s 23 b Labourer St Austell John Williams labourer Banns George Collins s
CLEMANCE Mary Jane s 25 s St Austell James Clemence coachman Norman E Marsh Ellen Clemence s
1899 10-Dec KELLOW Frederick William s 32 b Decorator Market Hill William Kellow decorator Banns Arthur Kellow s
RICKARD Sylvia s 22 s Market Hill William Rickard clay labourer Norman E Marsh Jessie Kellow s
1899 23-Dec CURGENVEN Thomas Henry s 25 b Labourer St Austell Samuel Curgenven mariner Banns Jane Ann Clemes s
UREN Eliza s 26 s St Austell James Uren mariner Joseph Hammond William John Matthews s
1899 25-Dec LE PEDVIN John William s 33 b Mariner St Austell John William Le Pedvin (deceased) mariner Banns Frederick Lawrey s 37 East Hil
RIDGWAY Bessie Hannah s 26 s St Austell John Ridgway (deceased) china guilder J C Fred Brindley Charles Solomon s 37 East Hil
1899 27-Dec JEFFORD William Robert s 24 b Labourer St Austell Walter Jefford labourer Banns John Webb Snr s
WEBB Mary Ann s 25 s St Austell John Webb carpenter Norman E Marsh John Allen Webb s






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