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Officers, then paupers/inmates
(Transcribed by J. Mosman, OPC, for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website)

see explantion of entries below


Butler Samuel Master m 41 St.Sepulchre London F16,Pg25
Butler Mary Ann Matron m 45 St.Magnus London F16,Pg25
Pope Mary. schoolmistress u 27 Cardinham . F16,Pg25
Pearce James servnt u 23 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Roberts Angelina nurse w 50 Mevagissey . F16,Pg25
INMATES . . . . . . .
Andrew Margeret dom svt u 22 not given Ireland F17,Pg27
Andrew Charles F. infant u 1 St. Austell . F17,Pg28
Annear Mary Ann field wrkr u 54 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
Barton Jane dom svt w 75 Port Isaac . F16,Pg25
Bassett Charlotte infant u 8mo St. Austell . F17,Pg27
Bassett Mary dom svt u 26 St. Dennis . F17,Pg27
Beaglehole Grace dom svt w 63 Gulval . F19,Pg31
Bennett Emily scholar u 9 Ladock . F16,Pg25
Bennett Anna Maria scholar u 10 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Bennett Charles scholar u 1yr St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Bennett Frederick scholar u 5 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Bennett Elizabeth pauper u 46 St. Enoder fisherman's wife * F16,Pg25
Best Ann charwoman u 50 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Best Fanny dom svt u 26 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Best John genl labour u 61 St. Stephens . F18,Pg30
Bilkey Ann woolspinner w 59 Probus . F17,Pg27
Bilkey Helina scholar u 12 St. Austell . F17,Pg27
Boaze Nicholas decayed w 66 Ludgvan farmer F16,Pg25
Bonds Elizabeth Ann scholar u 16 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Brenton Jane dom svt w 86 Glamorganshire Wales F16,Pg26
Brewer Sarah farm svt u 36 Roche . F18,Pg29
Brewer Charles infant u 5days St. Austell . F18,Pg29
Brewer William scholar u 13 St. Austell . F18,Pg29
Bullen Mary dom svt u 44 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
Burrows Sarah Ann scholar u 15 Truro . F17,Pg27
Calf Mary Jane pauper u 19 Creed weak intellect F17,Pg27
Carne Elizabeth dom svt u 30 Falmouth . F17,Pg28
Carne Elizabeth Jane infant u 1mo St. Austell . F17,Pg28
Chapple John genl labour u 79 Tywardreath . F18,Pg30
Cock Jacob shipwright w 70 Mevagissey . F18,Pg29
Collings John scholar u 14 St. Blazey . F18,Pg29
Collings Mary scholar u 8 St. Dennis . F18,Pg29
Colmer Louisa scholar u 15 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Colmer Mary Ann scholar u 12 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Cook John pattern/last mkr w 77 Camelford . F18,Pg30
Cooke Charles scholar u 2 St. Austell . F17,Pg28
Coom Eliz. Ann scholar u 14 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Coom Richard pauper u 17 St. Austell weak intellect F16,Pg25
Coombe Ann woolspinner w 71 Roche . F16,Pg26
Daddo Elizabeth pauper u 16 Tywardreath weak intellect F18,Pg30
Daddo Mary Ann pauper u 14 Tywardreath weak intellect F18,Pg30
Davey Anna Maria wks at Withey Grdn u 21 St. Austell . F19,Pg31
Davey Catherine infant u 2wks St. Austell . F19,Pg31
Eddy Elizabeth dom svt w 76 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
Eddy William infant u 4mo St. Austell . F18,Pg29
Eddy Ellen scholar u 11 St. Blazey . F17,Pg27
Eddy Hannah scholar u 13 St. Blazey . F17,Pg27
Eddy Peter scholar u 11 St. Blazey . F17,Pg27
Eddy Mary Ann dom svt u 21 St.Agnes . F18,Pg29
Edwards James pauper u 54 Flushing blind F16,Pg25
Ellis Elizabeth dom svt u 32 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Ellis Ellen infant u 1yr St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Ellis Fanny scholar u 8 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Ellis James scholar u 8 St. Stephens blind F18,Pg29
Geake Anna scholar u 8 Lanivet . F18,Pg29
Geake John scholar u 5 Lanivet . F18,Pg29
Geake Thomas scholar u 13 Roche . F18,Pg29
George Ann dom svt u 22 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
George Ellen scholar u 10 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
George Mary Jane infant u 1yr Plymouth Devon F18,Pg29
George John scholar u 9 St. Austell . F17,Pg28
Giles Thomas scholar u 7 St. Stephens . F17,Pg27
Glanville Edward scholar u 17 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
Goudge Ann pauper m 40 Gwennap labourer's wife F18,Pg30
Goudge Elizabeth scholar u 4 St. Austell . F18,Pg30
Goudge John scholar u 6 St. Stephens . F18,Pg30
Goudge Lucy scholar u 9 St. Stephens . F18,Pg30
Goudge Richard Thomas scholar u 10 St. Stephens . F18,Pg30
Green Mary Ann scholar u 15 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Grose Anna clay wrkr u 45 Roche . F18,Pg29
Harper Frederick infant u 1yr St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Harper John scholar u 5 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Harper Mary Ann mine wkr u 27 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Hennah John scholar u 10 Gorran . F17,Pg28
Hennah Thomas field wrkr u 22 St. Austell . F17,Pg28
Hennah Elizabeth field wrkr u 20 St. Blazey . F17,Pg28
Hill Bepia infant u 1mo St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Hill John Charles scholar u 2 St. Blazey . F16,Pg26
Hill Miriam dom svt u 26 St. Martin? . F16,Pg26
Hore Ann pauper w 70 Roche weak intellect F18,Pg30
Hore Joseph ag lab u 70 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Johns Thomas tin/copper miner m 63 St. Mewan . F17,Pg27
Kendall Thomas tailor u 49 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
Leekey William scholar u 10 Liverpool Lancashire F16,Pg26
Little Margeret dom svt u 70 St. Ewe . F18,Pg30
Lowdon Mary dom svt w 72 Penzance . F18,Pg30
Mager Armand pauper u 38 Tywardreath idiot F18,Pg30
Martain Edmund scholar u 4 Plymouth Devon F17,Pg27
Martain George scholar u 2 Plymouth Devon F17,Pg27
Martain Alfred scholar u 5 St. Austell . F17,Pg27
Martain Maria hawker u 36 St. Austell . F17,Pg27
Matthews Mary pauper u 42 Roche idiot F18,Pg29
Matthews Francis infant u 2 St. Austell . F18,Pg29
Mudge Selina woolspinner m 50 Grampound, Creed F17,Pg27
Netherton Richard ag lab u 66 Fowey . F18,Pg30
Nicholls Mary pauper u 23 not given Middlesex F17,Pg28
Oliver William tailor w 70 Mevagissey . F19,Pg31
Pascoe Jane dom svt w 65 Luxulyan . F17,Pg28
Paul Alexander woolcomber m 24 Norwich Norfolk F19,Pg31
Paul Sarah Ann woolcomber m 24 Norwich Norfolk F19,Pg31
Paul Sarah Ann scholar u 5 Norwich Norfolk F19,Pg31
Paul Charlotte scholar u 2 St. Columb . F19,Pg31
Pearce Emily scholar u 4 Plymouth Devon F18,Pg30
Pearce Mary scholar u 10 St. Austell . F18,Pg30
Pearce William scholar u 6 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Pentecost Mary pauper u 39 Creed weak intellect F17,Pg27
Perry Elizabeth dom svt u 21 Portsmouth Hampshire F17,Pg28
Perry Emily infant u 1mo St. Austell . F17,Pg28
Phillips Oliver farm lab w 80 Tywardreath . F18,Pg30
Polglase Mary Ann scholar u 11 Calstock . F17,Pg27
Polglase Elizabeth Ann dom svt u 19 St. Blazey . F17,Pg27
Prynne William farm lab u 60 Tywardreath . F18,Pg30
Puckey Richard genl labour u 61 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29
Ream Mary dom svt u 21 Lanlivery . F18,Pg30
Ream William henry infant u 1yr Tywardreath . F19,Pg31
Roberts Margeret dom svt w 72 St. Austell . F17,Pg27
Robins William gardener u 31 Flushing . F16,Pg26
Robins Elizabeth dom svt w 74 Mevagissey . F17,Pg28
Rosevear Katherine pauper u 28 St. Austell idiot F16,Pg25
Rowe William pauper u 26 Mevagissey idiot F17,Pg28
Rowett Aaron infant u 5 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Rowett Alfred scholar u 8 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Rowett Edwin scholar u 10 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Rowett Mary Jane infant u 1yr St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Rowett William genl labour u 66 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Rowett Maria pauper m 40 St. Mayle? . F16,Pg26
Rundle Selina scholar u 9 St. Austell . F18,Pg30
Salter John letter carrier u 60 Ashburton Devon F16,Pg26
Scantlebury Jane charwoman w 81 St. Austell . F17,Pg27
Scantlebury John mason w 83 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Skinner Thomas scholar u 8 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Skinner Ann monthly nurse w 36 St. Blazey . F16,Pg25
Soloman Fanny dom svt u 21 Gorran . F17,Pg28
Southwood Jane scholar u 9 St. Stephens . F18,Pg30
Spargo Elizabeth copper miner u 32 Calstock . F18,Pg30
Stephens Charles infant u 1yr St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Stone William miller u 80 St. Blazey . F17,Pg27
Teague Sarah scholar u 13 Roche . F16,Pg26
Thomas George shoemaker w 81 Devonport Devon F18,Pg30
Thomas Mary Ann pauper m 38 Fowey sailor's wife F16,Pg25
Thomas Mary Jane scholar u 12 Fowey . F16,Pg25
Thomas Wiliam John scholar u 9 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Tippet Ann dom svt w 88 Lanteglos (Polruan) F18,Pg30
Tremellin Jane dom svt w 75 St. Ewe . F17,Pg28
Truscott Mary dom svt u 26 St. Austell . F16,Pg26
Vercoe James scholar u 13 St. Ewe . F17,Pg28
Warne Phillipa dom svt u 51 St. Blazey . F17,Pg27
Webb Elizabeth pauper w 66 Gorran weak intellect F17,Pg28
Williams Elizabeth scholar u 10 St. Austell . F16,Pg25
Williams William copper miner w 63 St. Hilary . F16,Pg26
Wills George scholar u 3 not given Middlesex F16,Pg26
Wills John scholar u 5 not given Middlesex F16,Pg26
Woolcock Eliza dressmaker w 63 Veryan . F17,Pg27
Yelland Thomas genl labour w 72 St. Stephens . F18,Pg29


Please note: Cn (Condition) = m, married; u, unmarried; w, widow or widower
Entry with * as written. Occupation says "wife", but marked "U"


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