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transcribed by J. Mosman, OPC,
for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website

1885 28-Mar OLVER John Toms full B publican St.Stephens Brannel James Olver agent Mary E. Pascoe s Charles Bennett
PASCOE Annie full S Bugle Silas Pascoe dead Philip Harris s license
1885 5-Apr POAD John Henry full B labourer Carbean Samuel Poad farmer M. Borlace s Charles Bennett
NICHOLLS Emma full S Carbean James Nicholls farmer A. Wake ? s banns
1885 10-May GOUDGE William full W labourer Stenalees William Goudge labourer Philip Harris x Charles Bennett
SMITH Mary Ann full S St. Austell Thomas Smith labourer Charles Bennett x banns
1885 22-May KNOWLES Thomas 26 B labourer Trenance Charles Knowles labourer W. H. George s Charles Bennett
GEORGE Ellen 27 S trenance John George engine driver Bessie Hambly ? s banns
1885 7-Jun KEY Henry full W labourer Blue Barrow John Key dead Philip Harris x Charles Bennett
COURTS Prudence full S Blue Barrow John Courts dead Charles Bennett s banns
1885 10-Oct BURLEIGH John full W labourer Lantern William Burleigh dead Mary Kestle x Charles Bennett
BAKER Anna full W Rescorla Richard Retallick dead Dick Poad x banns
1886 27-Feb GEORGE Walter Henry 23 B gardener Trenance John George engine man Laura Lukes s Charles Bennett
HARVEY Bessie 21 S Trenance William Henry Harvey engine driver John Hancock ? s banns
1886 10-Oct BONE William Henry 24 B driver ? St. Austell Charles Bone livery stable keeper William Allen s Charles Bennett
ALLEN Bessie 25 S Treverbyn Joseph Allen dead Lillie Allen s banns
1887 19-Feb MARKS Charles 28 B labourer Netley Thomas Marks labourer Elizabeth Kestell x Charles Bennett
SINCOCK Mary Jane 24 S Molinnis William Henry Sincock mason Charles Bennett s banns
1887 30-Mar KEAM Alfred David 23 B carrier Mt. Pleasant Thomas Keam farmer William Minear s Charles Bennett
DINGLE Mary Francis 23 S Caudle Downs George Dingle dead C. Bennett s banns
1887 13-Aug TONKYN Richard 25 B farmer Bugle John Tonkyn farmer Mary Pascoe s Charles Bennett
PASCOE Henrietta 23 S Bugle Joseph Pascoe dead Elizabeth J. Tippett s banns
1887 1-Oct MINEAR William Henry 21 B labourer Caudle Downs Henry Minear engineer Charles Bennett s Charles Bennett
TRUDGEON Adeline Laura 23 S Carluddon Samuel Trudgeon engineer Henry Minear s banns
1887 19-Oct HANCOCK John 21 B engineer Burry John Hancock carpenter Philip Hancock s Charles Bennett
TRETHEWEY Anna 19 S Carluddon Joseph Trethewey dead Jane Trethewey s banns
1887 29-Oct KESTELL Charles na B labourer Stenalees Philip Kestell farmer Wm. Minear s Charles Bennett
MINEAR Effie Jane na S Caudle Downs William Minear clay agent Philip Kestell s banns
1887 6-Dec HAMBLY Robert full W waggoner Kerrow William Hambly labourer Mary L. Bennett x Charles Bennett
GILBERT Ann full S Kerrow William M. Gilbert farmer Charles Bennett s license
1887 25-Dec BORLASE John 24 B labourer Mt. Whirtle Tom Borlase labourer Fred Payne s Charles Bennett
STACKHOUSE Hela 22 S Carnerosemary James Stackhouse clay agent Joseph Allen s banns
1888 21-Jul COCK William 20 B grocer Treverbyn Edward Cock farmer W.H. Kellow s Charles Bennett
STEPHENS Lillian 21 S Treverbyn John Dingle Stephens clay labourer Lena Soloman s banns
1888 4-Oct RICHARDS Arthur Maunder full B general merchant Trethowel Richard Richards merchant Henry Hodge s Charles Bennett
HOOPER Ellen 20 S Carthew Henry Hooper blacksmith Caroline Hooper s license
1889 3-Aug HARPER Philip 31 B cooper Trethurgy Charles Harper miner Mary Maria Creba s Charles Bennett
BLACKLER Laura 29 S Trethurgy Mathew Blackler farmer Mathew Blackler s banns
1889 5-Oct PINCH Henry 26 B labourer Bojea Luke Pinch clay agent William Minear s Charles Bennett
TUCKER Annie Beatrice 24 S St. Austell William Tucker clerk C. Bennett s license
1889 20-Oct TREGONING Joseph Isaac 23 B labourer Screeda John Tregoning tin dresser John Tregoning s Charles Bennett
WOODRIDGE Jane 25 S Screeda James Woodridge labourer Tryphena Matthews x banns
1889 30-Nov NICHOLLS William 21 B labourer Carbean James Nicholls waggoner Elizabeth Kestell s Charles Bennett
DYER Emily 19 S Ruddle Moor John Dyer labourer Ella Trudgian s banns
1889 21-Dec SOBEY Joseph 25 B labourer Bugle Joseph Sobey miner Elizabeth Kestell s Charles Bennett
KESTELL Mary 29 S Bugle Edmund Kestell labourer Charles Bennett s banns




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