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transcribed by J. Mosman, OPC,
for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website

Grooms are shown on first line, brides on second. Please use Ctrl F to seach by name, and remember spelling of names may vary greatly.

1895 26-Feb STEPHENS John Nancollas 26 b cab proprietor Charlestown James Stephens deceased license s George Thomas s
VIVIAN Beatrice 25 s Holmbush George Vivian deceased s Amelia Vivian s
1895 27-Mar EDEN Alfred x 25 b mariner Charlestown Walter Eden engineer banns s Fred Dingle s
RATCLIFFE Harriet Bond 27 s Charlestown William Ratcliffe labourer s Nellie Dingle s
1895 5-Jun ADAMS Samuel 26 b carpenter Charlestown Thomas Edw. Adams ship broker banns s Henry John Bennett s
BENNETT Emily Martha Julia 22 s Portland Henry Bennett chief boatman Coastguard s Louisa Adams s
1895 29-Jun LUKE William 20 b blacksmith Tregonissey Joseph Luke clay labourer banns s Wm. Stephens Hancock s
HICKS Bessie 26 s Tregonissey John Hicks blacksmith s Helena Stephens Hancock s
1895 27-Jul BENNETT Thomas Ernest 26 b coach builder St. Austell Edwin Bennett coach builder banns s William Thos. Cock s
COCK Martha 30 s Bolventor Joseph Cock miner s Elizabeth Jane Bennett s
1895 4-Aug KELLAWAY Alfred Ernest 24 b saddler Mt. Charles Edwin Kellaway sadler banns s William Benny s
JENKINS Beatrice Mary 23 s Mt. Charles Edward Jenkins deceased s Lizzie Jenkins s
1895 20-Oct SYMONS John Francis 30 b soldier Newry? William Symons mason banns s James Harris x
HARRIS Elizabeth 26 s Mt. Charles James Harris labourer s John Robbins s
1895 4-Nov RICHARDSON Henry harris 24 b plumber Falmouth Harris Richardson deceased banns s Edward Vanson s
VANSON Fanny 20 s Crinnis Edward Vanson gardener s Annie Rouse s
1895 17-Nov ROWE George 24 b cooper St. Mewan William Rowe carrier banns s Richard Whitehall s
EDDY Annie 23 s Sandy Bottom Samuel Eddy deceased s Edith Eddy s
1895 21-Nov GEACH Richard Henry 36 b gentleman Tregonissey Edward Geach deceased license s Sarah Bernard s
BURNARD Julie 21 s Tregonissey Isaiah Barnard attendance officer s Annie Barnard s
1896 1-Jan TREGANOWAN William 29 b hairdresser St. Austell Richard Treganowan stone mason banns s Mary Grace Rowse s
ROWSE Kate 22 s Charlestown James Rowse miner s Thomas Ernest Bennett s
1896 22-Mar PETERS Edwin 30 b carpenter Charlestown William Peters engineer license s Samuel Pearce s
ROWSE Beatrice 20 s Charlestown Thomas Rowse miner s Tom Rowse s
1896 25-Apr CUNDY William John 34 b clay labourer Foxhall,St.Stphns John Cundy clay labourer banns s Mabel Stephens s
MITCHELL Elizabeth Ann 34 s dom. Serv. Charlestown George Mitchell deceased s George Mitchell s
1896 12-May LUCKING William Henry 23 b cooper Charlestown William Hnry .. Lucking cooper banns s Wm.Hnry Lucking x
BETTINSON Elizabeth Mary 29 s S. Looe Wm. Hnry Bettinson fisherman s can't read
1896 14-May HILL George Peter 30 b miner Campdown George Peter Hill deceased license s Wm. Wedlake s
WEDLAKE Annie 30 s Holmbush John Wedlake deceased s Wm. Mutton s
1896 18-Jun RUNDLE William 27 b miner Roseweek William Rundle farmer license s John Rowett s
ROWETT Minnie 23 s Boscoppa Downs John Rowett miner s Hetty Rundle s
1896 25-Jul ROWSE Tom 20 b tinner Mt. Charles John Rowse deceased license s P.B. Williams s
WOOLCOCK Beatrice Mary 23 s Mt. Charles Tom Woolcock deceased s J. Rowse s
1896 30-Jul WOOLCOCK Richard 23 b blacksmith Holmbush John Wedlake deceased license s Wm. Wedlake s
TRETHEWEY Miriam 23 s Sandy Bottom William Trethewey stone mason s James Trethewey s
1896 6-Aug BANBURY Ernest 24 b sailor Charlestown na na banns s Phillip Hammer s
HAMMER Louisa Jane 19 s Charlestown Philip Hammer labourer s Anna Augusta Hammer s
1896 2-Sep ALLEN Frederick 30 b mariner Charlestown Thomas Allen mariner license s Thomas Pascoe s
PASCOE Elizabeth Ann 24 s Charlestown Elias Pascoe poulterer s Elias Pascoe s
1896 1-Oct WILLIAMS William Tonkin 60 w miner Tregrehan Mills William Williams deceased banns s Johney Perry Williams s
BOND Mary Ann 50 w Tregrehan Mills Joseph Rickard deceased s Emily Broad s
1896 1-Nov VIVYAN George Henry 25 b miner Holmbush John Vivyan deceased license s Richard Trethewey s
TRETHEWEY Bessie 24 s Boscoppa Downs Joseph Trethewey labourer s Mary Jane Wilkey s
1896 14-Nov CHAPMAN Rd. Augustus Alex. 23 b cooper Mt. Charles Joseph Chapman miller banns s Wm. Thos. Chapman s
MANHIRE Annie 20 s Greensplat Nicholas Manhire labourer s Olivia Dally s
1896 3-Dec TRETHEWEY Richard 26 b miner Boscoppa Downs Joseph Trethewey miner license s Ishmael Knuckey s
KNUCKEY Fanny 26 s Sandy Bottom Ishmael Knuckey miller s T.C. Combe s
1896 28-Dec OPIE William John 26 b butcher Mt. Charles William Opie farmer banns s Hy. Francis s
FRANCIS Amelia Jane 27 s Mt. Charles Henry Francis butcher s William Opie s
1897 14-Feb CLEMO William John 25 b labourer St. Mewan Simon Rchd. Clemo deceased banns s William Sheperd s
SHEPHERD Mary Ann 27 s Charlestown John Shepherd deceased s Ellen Shepherd s
1897 20-Feb BURLEY William Henry 31 b labourer Holmbush Thomas Burley insurance agent banns s Thomas Burley s
CLARKE Elizabeth Annie 26 s Holmbush Thomas Clarke deceased s Frederick Clarke s
1897 7-Mar COX Edward 31 w labourer Boldventor John Cox labourer banns s Emily Broad s
MARKS Sarah Jane 28 s Boldventor John Marks farm labourer s Charles Hocking s
1897 21-Mar JAGO Alfred 23 b mason Holmbush Ebenezer Jago labourer banns s James White s
WHITE Eliza Ann 25 s Tregrehan Mills Richard White deceased s Rhoda Phillips s
1897 28-Apr TRETHEWEY William John 25 b miner Boscoppa Downs Joseph Trethewey miner license s James Uren s
CLARKE Elfrida 21 s Boscoppa Downs Joseph Clarke miner - deceased s James Trethewey s
1897 13-Jun BEARD Charles 23 b shoe maker Charlestown Peter Beard shoe maker banns s Charles B..t s
DINGLE Helen Louisa 21 s Charlestown Joseph Dingle mariner s Hetty Eden s
1897 20-Jun BREEN John Edward 50 b waggon builder Charlestown Richard Breen waggon bldr - deceased license s Charles Symons s
STABLER Lizzie 36 s Charlestown John Stabler deceased s Jane Symons s
1897 26-Sep SMITH Charles Hooper 26 b miner Holmbush John Smith labourer banns s Mable Bawden s
BAWDEN Elilia Emma 23 s Holmbush Anthony Bawden butcher s John Smith s
1897 6-Nov HAWKIN Thomas 46 w engineer Slade's Mill Benjamin Hawkin farmer - deceased banns s David Cullum s
PELLAMOUNTER Emma Delilah 38 s Boscoppa Downs Robert Pellamounter miner - deceased s Emily Broad s
1897 4-Dec PHILLIPS Jane 23 b clay labourer Trethurgey James Phillips deceased banns s Samuel Wellington s
TREBILCOCK Annie 21 s Trethurgey William Hnry Trebilcock labourer s Pollie Trebilcock s
1897 16-Dec LUCAS Richard Hicks 26 b miner Tregrehan Mills Richard Lucas miner banns s W. Trethewey s
TRETHEWEY Charlotte Anne 20 s Tregrehan Mills John Trethewey miner s Francis Trethewey s
1898 12-Feb REYNOLDS William Richard 34 w coast guard Charlestown Wm. John Reynolds deceased banns s Rd. James Welch s
COLLINS Catherine 39 w Charlestown Charles Jenkins boiler maker s Lilian Jenkin s
1898 30-Apr STEPHENS Richard 42 b miner Holmbush George Stephens miner - deceased banns s Alfred Williams s
VIVIAN Amelia 27 s school mistress Porthpean George Vivian soldier - deceased s Sarah Bursey Trembeth? s
1898 5-May PYATT James 32 b brush maker Holmbush James Pyatt brush maker - deceased banns s Charles Pyatt s
TYZZER Eliza Jane 32 s Charlestown Isaac Tyzzer master mason s Norah Tyzzer s
1898 18-May BASSETT Thomas Quick 21 b horse trainer Boscoppa Thomas Bassett general ostler? banns s William Morris s
MORRIS Minnie Etta 21 s Boscoppa William Morris builder s Wm. Thomas Morris s
1898 29-Jun BRAY Joseph 36 w mariner Devoran William Bray cord winder (not wainer) banns s Frederick wm. Jenkin s
LUKE Elizabeth Moss 28 s Charlestown Wm. Thos. Luke mariner s Emma Tregaskes Luke s
1898 21-Jul PALMER Edw. Jas. Holland 32 w plasterer Holmbush Jas. Wm. Palmer seaman banns s William Little s
SNOW Mary Annie 33 s Holmbush William Snow miner s Elfrida Little s
1898 20-Aug STONE William Henry 21 b cooper Charlestown John Henry Stone railway labourer banns s Charles Henry Werry s
WERRY Mary Elizabeth 23 s Charlestown John Werry farmer s Alexander John Truscott s
1898 6-Sep GERREY William John 24 b engineer Holmbush William Gerrey miner banns s William Caw… s
NORTHCOTE Emma 21 s Holmbush James Northcote butcher s Jane Henwood Northey s
1898 16-Dec HUSBAND John 26 b baker? Mt. Charles Daniel Husband grocer banns s Albert Roberts s
ROBERTS Mabel 20 s Mt. Charles Henry Roberts, decd miner s Mary Ellen Roberts s
1898 25-Dec ROSEVEAR William John 29 b cooper Mt. Charles William Rosevear miner banns s Charly Rosevear s
TREVORROW Elizabeth Ann 34 s Mt. Charles William Trevorrow miner s William Couch Higman s
1898 26-Dec WILLIAMS Harding 28 b school master Tregonissey Arthur Williams fisherman banns s Wm. John Kelly s
KELLY Meta Augusta 20 s Treverbyn William John Kelly peanut? Dealer s Henry Ivey Hugh s


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