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transcribed by J. Mosman, OPC,
for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website

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1880 7-Feb ROWETT Charles 22 b farmer Tregonissey Richard Rowett farmer banns s Frederick Best s A. H. Ferris
MAY Emma 23 s Tregonissey William May labourer s Jane Rowett s Richad Rowett s
1880 27-May HIGGINS William 25 b miner Perranzabuloe Joseph Higgins miner banns s Joseph Penkivill (Penhall?) s A. H. Ferris
HAWKEN Annie 28 s domestic svnt Charlestown Benjamin Hawken farmer s Emma Penhall s
1880 5-Jul FAULL Charles James 22 b mine clerk Charlestown Charles Faull mine agent license s Elis Burn s A. H. Ferris
BURN Emmelin Chase 24 s schoolmistress St. Austell Elias Burn leather pedler s Sarah Louisa Mitchell
1880 8-Jul PAPPIN William 30 b miner Tregrehan Mills William pappin miner banns x James Stephens s A. H. Ferris
LAMERTON Sarah 28 s domestic svnt Holmbush John Lamerton miner x John Yates s
1880 9-Aug JOHNS William Henry 25 b clerk Trethurgey William Johns smith banns s James Stephens s A. H. Ferris
HUBBER Mary Teague 25 s Trethurgey Jude Hubber smith s John Yates s
1880 16-Sep WATTS Charles 28 b groom Probus John Watts smith license s William Rowe x A. H. Ferris
ROWE Emma 22 s Charlestown William Rowe labourer s Mary Ann Curtis x
1880 3-Oct LORD Daniel Henry 41 b provost sgt. Charlestown Daniel Lord labourer banns s James Uren s A. H. Ferris
HARRIS Mary Jane 23 s Charlestown na na s John Yates s
1880 9-Oct GAVED Walter James 30 b miner Charlestown John Gaved miner banns s Robert Talber? s A. H. Ferris
ARMSTRONG Lavinia 21 s St. Austell John Armstrong miner s Bessie Rowe s
1880 16-Oct HARPER William 26 b miner St. Mewan Charles Harper miner banns x William Bone s A. H. Ferris
BONE Matilda 23 s Charlestown Edward Bone miner s Alice Jane Bone s
1880 6-Nov SALTER Robert 26 b cellar man St. Austell Edward Salter labourer license s Harry Rowe s A. H. Ferris
ROWE Bessie 24 s Charlestown Thomas Rowe engine driver s James Simpson… s
1880 21-Dec LOBB Richard 34 b blacksmith St. Wenn Chrles Lobb blacksmith license s Elizabeth Lobb s A.H. Ferris
INCH Annie 27 s Charlestown Thoms Inch cooper s James B. Gray s
1880 25-Dec SNELL Thomas 21 b clay labourer Charlestown Thomas Snell miner banns s William Trethewey s J.A. Mason
TRETHEWEY Ellen 20 s Charlestown William Trethewey stonecutter s William Trethewey jun s
1880 27-Dec DAVIES John 32 b engine driver S.GeorgesMellom John Davies miner banns s Philip Bohemia s Cumberland,UK J.A. Mason
BOHEMIA Jane 26 s Charlestown Pilip Bohemia miner s Emily Johns s
1881 12-Mar ROWETT Robert Merritt 24 b farmer Tregonissey Richard Rowett farmer banns s Thomas Rowett s William Rowett s J.A. Mason
GERRY Grace 31 s Sandy Bottom William Gerry miner x Emma Gerry s
1881 18-Apr HAMBLY William 23 b rope maker Charlestown Charles Hambly ropemaker banns s William Warne s J.A. Mason
INCH Bessie 22 s Charlestown Thomas Inch cooper s Hettie Inch s
1881 16-May BORLASE William 21 b clay worker Tregrehan Mills Charles Borlase deceased banns s Selina Bond s G. Woollcombe
BOND Lavinia 19 s Tregrehan Mills John Thomas Bond engine driver s Thomas Roberts s
1881 13-Jun CREBA Frederick 21 b blacksmith Charlestown John Creba blacksmith banns s John Creba s J.A. Mason
HARIS Mary Elizabeth 21 s Charlestown John Harris Sgt,53rd Reg s Mary Maria Creba s
1881 9-Jul COOMBE Thomas Carne 28 b gardener Charlestown William Henry Coombe miner banns s Ishmael Knuckey s J.A. Mason
KNUCKEY Ellen 18 s Charlestown Ishmael Knuckey miller s Lenore Burton s
1881 19-Sep JENKING Charles Henry 24 b pilot Falmouth Charles Jenking pilot banns s James Stephens s J. A. Mason
ANDREW Elfrida 20 s Charlestown Thomas Andrew sawyer s Richard Andrew s
1881 22-Sep STEVENS John 28 b R.N. cooper Charlestown John Stevens moulder banns s John Hocking s Mary Stevens s J.A. Mason
COOMBE Harriet Bond 23 s Charlestown Charles Henry Coombe mriner s Charles Hosking s
1881 26-Nov TRETHEWEY William 24 b stone cutter Sandy Bottom William Trethewey stone cutter banns s Thomas Snell x J.A. Mason
ROWSE Susan 28 s Tregrehan Mills william Rowse miner s Ellen Snell s
1882 8-Mar TRUSCOTT Simon 24 b clerk Charlestown John Truscott mine agent banns s Annie Stephens s J.A. Mason
STEPHENS Bessie 20 S Charlestown James Stephens cooper s James Stephens s
1882 29-Mar ALLEN William Henry 33 b farmer Boscoppa Thomas Allen farmer license s Thos. Snell Allen s J.A. Mason
JAMES Johanna 24 s Trenowah Thomas James farmer s Clara Harris s
1882 21-May ORGAN Tom Opie 22 b joiner Charlestown Joseph Richard Organ mariner banns s William Trethewey s Henry Arthur Thorne
COON Susan Ann 23 s Charlestown John Coon miner s Betsy Coon s
1882 30-Aug LEWIS James 25 b mariner Charlestown James Leavis bargeman banns s William Down s Henry Arthur Thorne
HAMMER Ann 22 s Charlestown George Hammer blacksmith s can't read s
1882 30-Aug ELLERY John 22 b mariner Charlestown William henry Ellery mariner banns s William Lappge s Henry Arthur Thorne
HEWETT Jane 20 s Charlestown Nicholas Hewett mariner s Wm. Thomas Rowse Werry s
1882 21-Oct HOCKING Edward 21 b labourer Mt. Charles Thomas Hocking labourer banns s Joseph Penhall s Henry Arthur Thorne
PENHALL Louisa 17 s Mt. Charles William Penhall ho..keeper s James Stephens s
1882 16-Nov BROWN? Nicholas 62 w miner Holmbush William Brown mner banns x William Brown? x J. Alfred Mason
PAYNTER Mary 66 w Holmbush John Jenkin miner s James Stephens s
1883 27-Jan WELL John 22 b cooper Charlestown John West porter banns x James Stephens s J.A. Mason
SNELL Elizabeth Jane 21 s Boscoppa Downs Thomas Snell miner x Mary Anne Snell s
1883 10-Jun BENNETTA John 28 b miner Tregrehan John Bennetta sailor banns x Bessie Bennetto s J.A. Mason
TEAGUE Emily 25 s Tregrehan Henry Teague blacksmith s Mary Bennetta s
1883 17-Jul MARTIN Edward full b clerk St. Austell Nicholas Martin clerk license s Frances Mary Williams s J.A. Mason
WILLIAMS Annie full s Cuddra Wm. Harris Williams C. E. s Richard Harris Williams s
1883 26-Aug STODDART Robert full b sailor Charlestown Robt.George Stoddart clerk banns s William P…(Paynter?) x J. A. Mason
PAYNTER Harriet x full s Charlestown William Paynter labourer s John Broad s
1883 3-Sep MATTHEWS Joseph full b mariner Charlestown Joseph Matthews mariner banns s John Broad s J.A. Mason
BROAD Jane Ann full s Charlestown John Broad mariner s James Stephens s
1883 20-Oct TRETHEWEY Joseph full b Napema Yacht? Bethel Joseph Trethewey miner banns s John Stocker s J.A. Mason
STOCKER Ellen Delilah full s Bethel John Stocker groom s Milly Stocker s
1883 1-Nov NICHOLLS Frederick Hart full b farmer Trethurgey William Nicholls merchant license s Thomas Floyd s J.A. Mason
FLOYD Selina full s Trethurgey Thomas floyd mine agent s Martha Thoms s
1883 6-Dec TAMBLYN Thomas full b clerk St. Blazey Francis Tamblyn labourer banns s Jane Arthur s J.A. Mason
STEPHENS Jane Nancollas full s Charlestown James Stephens clerk s James Stephens s
1883 9-Dec CHAPPLE Henry 25 b mariner Charlestown John Chapple farmer banns s James Stephens s J. A. Mason
RATCLIFFE Elizabeth True 19 s Charlestown William Ratcliffe labourer s William Ratcliffe x
1883 25-Dec CODING William full b engineer Charlestown James Coding blacksmith na s Nicholas Inch s blank
INCH Mary Beth full s Charlestown Nicholas Inch butcher s James Stephens s
1884 1-Jan HARRIS Alfred full b Charlestown John Luke Harris agent banns s Nicholas Werry x J.A. Mason
WERRY Elizabeth full s mill sawyer Charlestown Nicholas Werry cab proprietor x James Stephens s
1884 9-Jan HAMMER John full w cooper Charlestown Philip Hammer carpenter license s Louisa Hore s J.A. Mason
BLEWETT Catherine full w Charlestown James Hitchens butler s Harriet Eddy s
1884 5-Mar PYATT John full b draper Charlestown James Pyatt b..ady.maker banns s Charles Pidwell s J. A. Mason
PIDWELL Annie full s Charlestown Charles Pidwell ship broker s James Stephens s
1884 11-Mar CORKE John full b gent's companion Foxtell Park Cty Thomas Corke mechanic banns s John Luke Harris s Cty Lancreath? J.A. Mason
HARRIS Clara full s Charlestown John Luke Harris agent s Mary Varcoe s
1884 15-May FROST James full b blacksmith Charlestown Philip Frost blacksmith banns s Richard Rowett s J.A. Mason
ROWETT Jane full s Tregonissey Rihard Rowett farmer s James Stephens s
1884 4-Jun HANCOCK Edward full b mariner Charlestown John Hancock miner license s Joseph Hawker s J.A. Mason
EDDY Harriet full s Charlestown Walter Eddy miner s Elizabeth Hancock s
1884 5-Aug JAMES Wiliam 22 b school master St. Mary Par Richard James miner banns s Philip & John Hore s A. H. Ferris
HORE Louisa 23 s Charlestown John Hore cooper s Mary Jane Knight s
1884 6-Nov WELMAN William Henry 23 b labourer Charlestown John Welman pensioner banns s Thomas Phillips s A. H. Ferris
RICKARD Ann 25 s Charlestown William Rickard miner s William Rickard s
1884 24-Dec PASCOE Alfred 22 b draper Holmbush Andrew Pascoe merchant banns s Arthur Pascoe x A. H. Ferris
BEER Jane 21 s Holmbush John Beer carrier s Albertha Pascoe s
1884 28-Dec HODGE William 32 b butcher Charlestown John Hodge butcher banns s John Broad s A. H. Ferris
PENDREY Drusilla Broad 30 s Charlestown Joseph Pendray farmer s James Stephens s


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