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transcribed by J. Mosman, OPC,
for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website

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Year Date SURNAME GIVEN ? AGE Cndtn Occptn Abode Father Occptn Type Sig Witnesses Sig
1875 9-Jan BLEWETT Henry 22 b carriage fitter Tregonissey James Blewett smith banns s William Clemo s
CHRISTOE Harriet Ann 20 s Tregonissey William Christoe miner s Ester Ann Christoe s
1875 18-Jan JENKIN Henry 25 b mgr,smelter St. Austell John Jenkin Mgr, smelter license s James Chynoweth s
HARRY Annie Hext 26 s St. Austell Edmund Harry surgeon s Marie Harry s
1875 21-Feb WOOD Charles 27 b sailor Charlestown George Wood furnace man banns s George Wood s
TREDINNICK Ann 24 s Charlestown Stephen Tredinnick miner s James Stephens s
1875 10-Apr POPE Thomas 24 b labourer Charlestown William Pope labourer banns s Richard Pope s
LITTLETON Rachel 20 s Charlestown James Littleton labourer s Mary jane Pope s
1875 23-May BLIGHT William George 24 B miner Tregrehan Mills William George Blight miner banns s Selina Clark s
RICKARD Rebecca 20 s Tregrehan Mills Joseph Rickard miner x Richard Rickard s
1875 19-Jun BROAD William Henry 29 b porter Charlestown John Broad sailer banns s James Stephens s
BROAD Matilda Ann 30 s domestic svnt Charlestown John Harris farmer x Jane Craft x
1875 24-Jun ROBERTS Lewis 24 b labourer Mt. Charles Lewis Roberts farm bailiff license s Henry Roberts s
HILL Emma Guy 24 s domestic svnt Gorran Ephsian Hill farm bailiff s Grace Roberts s
1876 29 Feb NORTHCOTE Samuel Doney x 28 b miner Charlestown John Northcote butcher banns s James Northcott s
HOSKIN Hester 19 s Charlestown Frederic Hoskin miner s Ellen H. Northcott s
1876 8-Mar SHANNON Adam 33 w coast guard Charlestown Thomas Shannon coast guard banns s James Stephens s
POLGLASE Catharine 21 s Charlestown William Polglass master mariner s Sarah Richards s
1876 18-Apr GRIBBLE John 27 b gardener Gulval John Gribble gardener banns s Thomas Cleave s
CLEAVE Mary 25 s Charlestown Thomas Cleave labourer s Sarah Cleave s
1876 19-Apr BAGSHAW Henry 26 b sailor Charlestown John Bagshaw labourer banns s Jeremiah Job s
JOB Ann 24 s Charlestown Jeremiah Job miner s Ruth Curner? s
1876 21-Oct TRUSCOTT John 22 b miner Bethel John Truscott miner banns x James Stephens s
DINGLE Ellen 22 s Bethel John Dingle grass labourer s Sarah Richards s
2876 24-Dec DYER Joseph 23 b miner Tregrehan Mills Stephen Dyer miner banns s James Stephens s
ROWSE Hannah 20 s Tregrehan Mills William Rowse miner s John Yeats s
1877 17-Mar EASTERBROOK Ambrose 46 w miner Tregrehan Mills Ambrose Easterbrook miner license s Thomas Rickard s
RICKARD Jane 32 s Tregrehan Mills Joseph Rickard miner s Sarah Ann V..ain s
1877 2-May EDDY John 25 b miner Wrestling Downs Joseph Eddy miner banns s Joseph Eddy s
ROSEVEAR Kate 23 s Wrestling Downs William Rosevear miner s James Curtis s
1877 28-Jun UREN John 32 b miner Boscoppa John Uren miner banns s William Peace x
PEARCE Mary Jane 20 s Boscoppa William Pearce miner s Elfrida Uren s
1877 3-Oct SKINER John 31 b miner Sandy Bottom Thomas Skinner miner license s William Marshall s
MARSHALL Emma 33 s Charlestown William Marshall stoneman s James Stephens s
1877 6-Oct MITCHEL Joseph 23 b miner Sandy Bottom John Mitchel miner banns s John Mitchel s
ROBERTS Grace 20 s Union Road Lewis Roberts farmer s Juliann Roberts s
1877 11-Oct COLLINS Timothy 28 b seaman,H.M.N. Charlestown John Collins clerk banns s John Phillips Richards s
RICKARDS Jane Dicken Pascoe 23 s Charlestown John Philips Rickards ropemaker s Eliza Yeat s
1878 16-Feb JAGO Ebenezer 43 w stokes Bray's Row Robert Jago stonecutter banns x Charles Henry Hammer s
EPLETT Mary 33 s domestic svnt Bray's Row Thomas Eplett miner s James Stephens s
1878 12-Mar MEADE William 22 b sailor Holmbush William Meade cabinet mkr banns s Emily Matthews s
WILLIAMS Anna Maria Floyd 21 s Holmbush Thomas Williams pattern mkr s James Stephens s
1878 2-Apr BUNNEY Thomas John Hocking 32 b sailor Charlestown mo. Jane Bunney na banns s George Wood s
WOODS Louisa Jane 27 s Charlestown George Woods fie man s Mary Jane Hendra s
1878 9-May HILL William John 22 b sawyer Charlestown George Hill moulder banns s Nicholas Inch s
INCH Emily 22 s Charlestown Thomas Inch cooper s Bessie Inch s
1878 15-May RICHARDS William Alfred 21 b railway porter Union Rd Charlestown Alred Richads gardener banns s Joseph Hawken s
GILBERT Hannah Jane 21 s Union Rd Charlestown John gilbert miner s Sydne Hawkin s
1878 24-Jul FAULL Charles full w mineagent Boscundle Charles Faull farmer license s Charles James Faull s
UGLOW Susan full w Mt. Charles Samuel Rowse farmer s Emmeline Charles Burn s
1878 15-Oct LOVERING William Thomas 27 b merchant St. Austell John Lovering clay merchant banns s Frederick Richard Lovering s
LUKE Maria Louisa 26 s Charlestown William Luke merchant s William henry Luke s
1878 19-Oct COOMBE Thomas 24 b farmer Charlestown William Coome miner banns s Richard Rowett s
ROWETT Mary Merritt 23 s Charlestown Richard Rowett farmer s Peter Eddy s
1878 7-Nov INCH Tom 22 b miner Holmbush George Inch sailor banns s Emily Johns s
COOMBE Louisa 22 s tailoress Holmbush John Coombe engine ..c...? s James Stephens s
1878 25-Dec SNELL William Henry 21 b labourer Boscoppa Thomas Snell labourer banns s Charles Rowett s
ROWETT Mary Ann 17 s Bethel John Rowett miner s Elizabeth Jane Snell s
1879 18-Feb CUTLER William 27 b coast guard Charlestown Charles Cutler salor banns s John Hammer s
STEPHENS Elizabeth Ann 24 s Charlestown Henry Stephens cooper s James Stephens s
1879 18-Feb JENKIN Henry 27 w mgr, smelter Charlestown John Jenkin mgr, smelter license s Ann Maria Hawke s
HAWKEN Emlyn Jane 19 s Charlestown John Hawken grocer s John Julian s
1879 23-Mar TREGONNING Benjamin 26 b miner Holmbush Benjamin Tregonning miner banns x James Stephens s
IVEY Mary 25 s Holmbush John ivey miner s John Yeats s
1879 2-Apr HANCOCK Joseph 28 b sailor Porthpean John Hancock miner banns s Frank Hancock s
CORNISH Elizabeth 30 s Charlestown Henry Cornish farm bailiff s Annie Baskett s
1879 24-May ROBERTS James 24 b chandler Charlestown Charles Roberts gardener banns s William Henry Stephens s
STEPHENS Elln 26 s Charlestown James Stephens merchant s Bessie Stephens s
1879 3-Jun PETHICK Arthur Henry 23 b contractor Plymouth John Pethick contractor banns s Mary Evelyn Hockin s
WILLIAMS Elizabeth Ann Kernick 24 s Charlestown Richard Harris Williams civil engineer s Richard Harris Williams s
1879 13-Jul HODGE William Charles 21 b engine man Mt. Charles Charles Hodge miner banns x Thomas Hendy x
HENDY Sarah Ann 21 s Bray's Row Thomas Hendy miner s James Stephens s
1879 9-Aug TRUSCOTT William 23 b miner Bolventure John Truscott miner banns s Jane Sheers s
HICKS Eliza 20 s Bolventure Elijah Hicks carpenter s James Stephens s
1879 8-Nov HARIS William 23 b storekeeper Charlestown James Harris gardener banns s Charles Edwin Truscott s
HEMMSETT Jessie Amelia 23 s St. Austell George Hemmsett farmer s William Symons s
1879 20-Nov NANCARROW Thomas 25 b gardener Charlestown Thomas Nancarrow engineman banns s Mary Ellen nacarrow s
EDYVEAN Mary Ellen 22 s Charlestown William Edyvean clay labourer s James Stephens s
1879 29-Nov TRUSCOTT Chales Edwin 25 w cordwainer Mt. Charles James Truscott cordwainer banns s John Hore s
HORE Mary 20 s Mt. Charles Charls Tregonning Hore farmer s Louisa Hore s
1879 24-Dec TREMAYNE John 28 b fitter Charlestown John Tremayne fitter banns x James Stephens s
SHEERS Eva 26 s Charlestown Richard Sheers hammersmith s John Yeats s


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