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transcribed by J. Mosman, OPC,
for the St. Austell History & Genealogy website

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YEAR DATE SURNAME GIVEN ? AGE Con Occupation Abode Father's Name Occupation by Sign Witnesses Sign 3rd Witness Sign
1863 28-Feb MENEAR Thomas 23 b labourer Gwallon Moor Thomas Menear tin dresser banns x James Bohemia s
MICHELLS Mary 20 s Gwallon Moor Jacob Michell miner x John Yeats s
1863 24-Mar TUCKER William 25 b policeman Boscoppa Downs Christopher Tucker blacksmith banns s James Melten? s
LIBBY Jane Rosever 22 w Boscoppa Downs Joseph Molten? Melten? miner s Samuel Northey s
1863 6-Apr MOSS Samuel fa b agent Par Thomas Moss custom house officer license s Wm. Martyn s
MARTYN Elizabeth fa s Boscundle Joseph Martyn yeoman s William E. Martyn s
1863 30-May CONSTANTINE Henry 25 b miner Boscoppa Downs Thomas Constantine miner banns s Charles Thos. Rowett s
ROWETT Anna Maria 21 s Boscoppa Downs Charles Rowett mine agent x Nicholas Hore s
1863 14-Jun UREN James 22 b miner Sandy Bottom John Uren miner banns x James Bohemia s
HARRIS Arsinah 26 s Sandy Bottom Robert Harris farmer x William Clemo s
1863 23-Jun PERRY Richard 29 b mariner Charlestown Richard Perry mariner banns s Henrietta Rowse s
ROWSE Mary 37 s Charlestown Edward Rowse labourer s James Bohemia s
1863 14-Jul PAPPIN William 30 b sailor Charlestown William Pappin sailor banns s George Pappin s
INCH Elizabeth 22 s Charlestown Joseph Sloggett Inch cooper s Mary Ann Inch x
1863 2-Aug ROWSE James 21 b miner Holmbush Thomas Rowse miner banns x John Hill s
GOUDGE Grace 22 s Holmbush Thomas Goudge carrier x Jane Goudge s
1863 8-Aug HAMBLEY John 25 b miner Menear Downs Richard Hambley miner banns s Richard Hambly s
TINNEY Ann 22 s Union Road Thomas Tinney miner s James Bohemia s
1863 8-Aug TREGONNING John 21 b miner Fatwork Downs Charles Tregonning miner banns x James Tregonning s
BARTEL Elizabeth 21 s Fatwork Downs Isaac Bartel miner x John Hambley s
1863 11-Aug CORNELIUS William 19 b miner Gray William Cornelius miner banns x Edward Gichard Geach s
GEACH Anna 26 s Gray Edward Gichard Geach miner x James Bohemia s
1863 22-Aug WEDLAKE John 21 b miner Holmbush Richard Wedlake labourer banns x William Vivian(by curate) s
VIVIAN Harriet 20 s Holmbush William Vivian mine agent x William Vivian s
1863 13-Sep COUMBE Josephus 21 b miner Boscoppa Downs John Coumbe engine man banns x John Coumbe s
ROWSE Eliza 22 s Boscoppa Downs John Rowse miner x Richard Bilkey s
1863 1-Oct ANDREW Luke 24 b sailor Charlestown Luke Andrew farmer banns s Samuel Parsons s
PARSONS Elizabeth 35 s Cuddra Samuel Parsons carpenter s Thomas Parsons s
1863 5-Oct CLARKE William 22 b miner Three Doors John Clarke miner banns s Richard Clarke s
NICHOLLS Sarah 24 w Holmbush William Spargoe miner x James Bohemia s
1863 3-Dec PELMOUNTER William 24 b joiner Mt. Charles William Pelmounter miner banns s John ..vesen s
EPLETT Jane 20 s Mt. Charles Thomas Eplett miner s Thomas Julyan s
1863 13-Dec BECKERLEGGE William Trevelyan 25 b policeman Charlestown John Nicholls Beckerlegge mariner banns s William james Couch s
COUCH Helen 21 s Charlestown Edward Couch mariner s Joaima Couch s
1863 24-Dec PHILLIPS Walter 20 b miner Trenowah Thomas Phillips miner banns x James Bohemia s
ROWSE Mary 20 s Trenowah William Rowse miner x William Rouse s
1863 26-Dec GILES David 23 b miner Spit William Giles labourer banns s John Langdon s
LANGDON Caroline Jane 22 s Spit Thomas Langdon labourer x Mary Ann Sause? s
1864 13-Feb JOHNS William 21 b miner Sandy Bottom Zachanas Johns labourer banns x Samuel Johns x
BARTEL Mary Ann 24 s Sandy Bottom Isaac Bartel miner x James Bohemia s
1864 23-Feb COTTLE William 29 b sailor Charlestown James Cottle labourer banns s Elizabeth Honey s
TRUDGIAN Elizabeth 29 s Charlestown Edward Trudgian shoemaker s James Bohemia s
1864 17-Mar BENNETT Thomas 27 b shoemaker Holmbush Thomas Bennett shoemaker banns s Richard Bennett s
INCH Mary Ann 21 s Holmbush William Inch cooper s Margaret Ann Phillips s
1864 26-Mar DUNN Thomas 22 b cooper Charlestown John Luly Dunn carpenter banns s William Dunn s
RIPPER Elizabeth ann 20 s Mt. Charles William Ripper miner s Jane Parkla? s
1864 18-Apr CHAPMAN John Francis 27 b gentleman's servant Cuddra William Chapman labourer banns s James Bohemia s
BARRETT Emma 22 s Cuddra John Barrett miner x John Yeats s
1864 22-May BOHEMIA James 18 b parish clerk Charlestown William Bohemia parish clerk license s George Alfred Cowl s
STEPHENS Elizabeth Ann 18 s pattern maker Charlestown James Stephens cooper s Mary Stephens s
1864 8-Jun LOAM, jnr Michael 23 b engineer Liskeard Matthew Loam engineer license s Emma Daniel s James Thomas s
THOMAS Susan Agatha 25 s Charlestown James Thomas engineer s Agnes Loam Rowe s Michael Loam s
1864 12-Jun JENKIN John 20 b labourer Mt.Charles Richard Jenkin basket maker banns x John Warrick s
MENEAR Emma 20 s Slade Thomas Menear labourer x Jane Warrick s
1864 18-Jun STANDLICK William 21 b miner Trenowah base born na banns s James Bohemia s
ODGERS Philippa 19 s Trenowah William Odgers miner x William Odgers x
1864 29-Jun KERNICK Samuel 65 w gentleman Charlestown Richard Kernick gentleman license s James Thomas s
WILLIAMS Agnes 42 w Charlestown James Thomas engineer s Susan Clyl… s
1864 28-Jul CURGEVEN Thomas 29 w smelter Charlestown Thomas Curgenven labourer banns x Thomas Myer s
ELLICOTT Elizabeth 26 s St. Austell Richard Ellicott woolcounter x Eliza Hodge s
1864 17-Aug CONSTANTINE Joseph 22 b miner Union Road William Constantine miner banns s Phillip Nicholls s
STURTRIDGE Isabella 23 s Union Road Thomas Sturtridge farmer s Grace Bennett s
1864 15-Sep NORTHEY Richard Cox 24 b miner Boldventure John Northey miner banns s Thomas Harris s
THOMAS Eliza Ann 19 s Charlestown William Thomas mariner s George Northey s
1864 1-Oct DEAR Abraham 22 b sailor Charlestown Abraham Dear coast guard banns s Thomas Polglass s
POLGLASS Elizabeth Ann 22 s Charlestown Thomas Polglass tailor s Mary N…te Polglass s
1864 8-Oct LOBB William 18 b miner Three Doors John Lobb miner banns x William Daniel s
GOUDGE Jane 20 s Holmbush Charles Goudge potato dealer s Maria Jane Uren s
1864 22-Oct WERRY John 21 b miner Boscoppa Downs John Werry miner banns s Joseph Northey s
NORTHEY Sarah Ann 17 s Sandy Bottom Samuel Northey mine agent s Thomas Harry s
1864 17-Nov NANCOLLAS Joseph Dyer 23 b miner Mt. Charles Robert Nancollas farmer banns s Robert Pearce s
PEARCE Kendrahyce? 20 s Mt. Charles Robert Pearce sawyer s James Bohemia s
1864 17-Dec JOHNS Benjamin 24 b miner Holmbush Benjamin Johns sailor banns s James Bohemia s
BARRETT Caroline 22 s Holmbush William Bennetts miner x John Yeats s
1864 24-Dec SNELL John 22 b miner Boscoppa Downs Nicholas Snell labourer banns s Thomas Constantine x
CONSTANTINE Hannah Jane 18 s Boscoppa Downs Thos Constantine miner x Nicholas Snell s
1864 24-Dec HARPER Joseph 25 b blacksmith Charlestown William Harper miner banns s William Harper s
BARKLA Selena 26 s Holmbush Richard Barkla miner s Richard Barkla s
1864 27-Dec ORGAN John 26 b shipwright Charlestown John Organ master mariner banns s William Organ s
RIDDELL Elizabeth 28 s Charlestown Philip Riddell coast guard s William Organ s



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