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taken from LDS film 1545385, with thanks for their full permission,
by Julia Symons Mosman

Please note - the entries are arranged as follows:

* The first line has information on the groom, the second on the bride.
* "Sig B&G" indicates if the person signed the register, or made their mark.
X indicates a mark, S a signature.
* The same letters indicate the Witnesses' signatures or marks.
* The letters "B" and :"S" stand for bachelor and spinster in the column "CON" (condition). * "W" is either widow or widower.

As there is quite a bit of information on each, pages have been kept small, in an effort to make them easier to open.


1850 through 1852

1853 through 1854

1855 through 1859

1860 through 1862

1863 through 1864

1865 through 1869

1870 through 1874

1875 through 1879

1880 through 1884

1885 through 1889

1890 through 1894

1895 through 1898



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