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1900 13-Jan MILLER . Florence Emma Edward James Annie Slade mason .
1900 13-Jan HANCOCK . Frederick William Sarah Ann Tregonissey Lane End miner .
1900 14-Jan BREEN . John Edward John Edward Lizzie Charlestown builder .
1900 14-Jan TRETHEWEY . William Thomas Richard Gertrude Carclaze clay labourer .
1900 14-Jan TRETHEWEY . Laura Eddy Laura Tregonissey Lane End clay labourer .
1900 26-Feb WILLWAY . Eleanor Lindsay Alfred Phillips Laura Elizabeth Charlestown clerk In holy orders .
1900 28-Feb PAPPIN . Elizabeth William Mary Charlestown cooper .
1900 28-Feb WEST . Joseph William Clara Charlestown dock porter .
1900 28-Feb STEVENS . Emma Louise John Harriet Charlestown cooper .
1900 28-Feb TREGIDGE x Walter John John Henry Eliza Ann Charlestown labourer Boldventure
1900 28-Feb TRETHEWEY . Elfrida William John Elfrida Charlestown miner .
1900 28-Feb WEST . Joseph Ernest John Elizabeth Jane Charlestown deceased? .
1900 28-Feb NANCARROW . Percy John Annie Bethel labourer .
1900 21-Mar WEDLAKE . Richard John William Clara Mt. Charles market gardener .
1900 12-Apr GRAY . Melville Ernest Ernest Albert Ada Mabel Mt. Charles basket? maker .
1900 18-Apr MENNALLICK . Stanley na Annie Fatword tailoress .
1900 9-May COOMBE . Reginald Sydney na Hannah Charlestown na crossed out
1900 24-Apr DINGLE . Frederick Morley Frederick Chas. Wm. Lydia Charlestown cooper .
1900 24-Apr BEARD . Stephen Charles Ellen Pentewan bootmaker .
1900 24-Apr WALKEY . Beatrice John Ellen Charlestown cooper .
1900 9-May COOMBE . Reginald Sydney na Hannah Charlestown na .
1900 9-May EAD . Lewis Albert Bessie Charlestown constable .
1900 16-May LENNER x Joseph Redvers Coleiner Joseph Eliza Jane Carclaze res.. .
1900 16-May JONES Rosina William Kate Charlestown waggoner .
1900 16-May POPE Beatrice Rose Andrew Elizabeth Gertrude Boscoppa Downs carpenter .
1900 16-May ROBINS Ernest John Henry Ernest Edward Mary Ann Union Rd. miner .
1900 17-Jun GEACH William Arthur Eliza Scantlebury Ranelyt Rd. labourer .
1900 20-Jun HANCOCK Sydney George Joe Rose Mabel Boscoppa Downs mason .
1900 4-Jul DONEY Clarence Lindl? William Albert Hetty Mt. Charles miner .
1900 4-Jul SMITH Ivor Francis Charles Hodge Elila Emma Holmbush miner .
1900 11-Jul ROWE Florence Violet Louise William James Louisa Eleanor Holmbush labourer .
1900 18-Jul TRUDGEON Violet May John Verena Mt. Charles cooper .
1900 18-Jul TRUDGEON Agnes Ann John Verena Mt. Charles cooper .
1900 1-Aug BENNY Emma Cecilia Richard John Anna Maria Slades police sgt. .
1900 26-Sep JACOBS Hilda Elizabeth William Elizabeth Heath? Charlestown smith .
1900 26-Sep WILLCOX Frederic Richard Richard Annie Charlestown mariner .
1900 11-Nov WEDLAKE William John Richard Miriam Sandy Bottom blacksmith .
1900 18-Nov OLFORD Violet Irene? William Thomas Annie Union Rd. coachman .
1900 18-Nov POPE Lottie May Wherry na Eliza Bedelva na .
1900 19-Dec HOOPER Frederick John William Henry Mary Annie Tywardreatj labourer .
1900 19-Dec PASCOE Ida May Charles Mary Hannah Holmbush miner .
1900 Nov WALKEY Mary na Elizabeth Hannah Mt. Charles na .
1901 9-Jan ANSTESS Rosa May John Mary Holmbush cooper .
1901 20-Feb CORT Veronica Ellen Wm. Frederick Ellen Jane Sandy Hill sailor .
1901 10-Mar CHUBB Cecil Redvers Thomas Martin Elizabeth Ann Tregonissey miner .
1901 19-Mar PASCOE Andrew Pearce Andrew Pearce Hannah Sandy Bottom gardener ad
1901 19-Mar PASCOE Alfred Andrew Pearce Hannah Sandy Bottom gardener ad
1901 27-Mar GIS.... x Florence Alexandra Annie August Susannah Charlestown mariner .
1901 27-Mar HANCOCK . Ethel Claudene Felix Emily Sandy Hill miner .
1901 27-Mar HANCOCK . Lilian Mildred Felix Emily Sandy Hill miner .
1901 27-Mar PASCOE . Gwendoline Harriet Andrew Pearce Elizabeth Hannah Sandy Bottom gardener .
1901 31-Mar ROKER . Silvion John Charles Harriet Ann Mt. Charles hairdresser Youlden xd out
1901 14-Apr HILL . George Victor George Peter Annie Holmbush farmer .
1901 24-Apr MITCHELL . Hilda Thomas Blewett Sarah Ann Bethel miner .
1901 16-May ORAM . Elsie May William Amanda Charlestown coast guard .
1901 2-Jun ROWSE . George Tom Beatrice May Ranelegh Rd miner .




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