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St. Paul's Church of England Parish Registers   -
authorized transcription by Julia Symons Mosman

These Parish Registers start in 1847; however, the church was not built at that time. On page 28, Clobery S. Woolcock, B.A., Perpetual Curate of the New Parish of Charlestown, June 2nd 1851, proudly stated:

"The Above 218 Baptisms were solemnized in a Room licensed for divine worship by the Bishop of Exeter. The New Church was consecrated by Him on Friday, May 30th, 1851, and on Sunday, June 1st, the first Baptisms, namely those in items 225 and 226 on the Opposite page, were solemnized therein. Those on this Page numbered 219 to 224 both inclusive, contains no entries as Charlestown has become a New Parish and it is desirable to head the page in a Proper manner."

The second curate, George Lambe, started including actual birth dates when families brought in several children to be baptised on one particular day; his successor, J. G. Simcoe, continued the practice. So please be sure to look at "Notes", as more than 90% of the entries carry the actual date of birth. This practice stopped in 1869 - after July, there are no birth dates given until the practice resumed in 1874. Please be sure to check the GRO Index for birth registrations.

Also, please do check for variations in spelling: Anstis, Austess, and Anstess are probably all the same family, and Palleymounter may be Pellimounter. At times, the curates wrote very carefully - other times, especially when the ink was 'blobby', it was impossible to decipher all the letters. See the name Enon - which seemed to be Snow in places, as the "E" was unique. (New curates, unfamiliar with parish surnames, account for much of the 'creative' spelling.) If I couldn't read the writing, I made a 'best guess' or left dots to indicate a gap - and checked the "?" column.

While I've tried to make these trancriptions as correct as possible, human error can always become a factor. Please do check these against the originals, or the LDS films.

Place name abbreviations: Mt.Chs = Mt. Charles   Hlmbsh=Holmbush  Chstwn= Charlestown
                     BosDwn = Boscoppa Downs    BryPl = Bray's Place  

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