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Who's This?

Can you identify any of the individuals in the following pictures?

Unknown Missouri Relative

Info from Sharon Calkin:
This is a copy of a Tin Type of an unknown relative from Missouri.

Photo was sent in by Sharon Calkin.

If you know who this might be, please contact me.

Unknown Sheppard

Info from Helen Butler (nee McCraken):
This picture I call "Unknown Sheppard." The picture was glued in an album at some point and I can't make out the first name. I know that Fuller Shepard had a brother and I'm not positive who it is.

Photo was sent in by Helen McCraken Butler

If you know who this might be, please contact me.


unknown02statler.jpg (24901 bytes)

Info from Marty Cummins:
It's labeled as "Great-great-grandma Statler."  This would have to be John C. Statler's relative.  Since I've not figured out exactly which family he belongs to...I'm hoping someone else has this photo and can tell me her name.  My guess is that this could be Mary Polly James (b. 1806) who married Joseph H. Statler (b.1805).  I have a theroy that John C. is their son, but was out of the house by the 1850 census and is not named in the 1840 one

Photo was sent in by Marty Cummins.


Info from Pat Golec (nee Montgomery):
My Grandfather and his brother had always told us that their great grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian Princess who was purchased for a hoghead of whiskey.   The thinking is that she might be that person, based on the beads and the length of her fingers.

I have not been able to verify that information, but any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Photo was sent in by Pat Golec.


Unknown Statler

It is suspected that this is the offspring of William Stalter (1848-1911) and Belinda Statler (1850-1930) but don't know for sure.

Photo was submitted by Michael Gilbreath

If you know who these people might be,
please contact me.

unknownStatlerOrSeabaugh_sm.jpg (16877 bytes)

This person is believed to be either a Statler or Seabaugh.
It is believed to possibly be Mahala Seabaugh Statler
mother of Polly Statler.
Photo was sent in by Marty Cummins.

UPDATE 10/09/08:
Marty sent in an update to say that this is a photo of Mahala's first born daughter Elizabeth  The identity was discovered by information on the back of another copy of the photo in the possession of a relative.

StatlerHaley2_sm.jpg (12316 bytes)

Photo is labeled:
"Grandma's Aunt Haley - Polly Statler's Side"
Photo was in the collection of Polly's daughter Lillie
and was sent in by Marty Cummins.
You can view Polly's obit here.

If you know who this person is, please contact me.

Unknown Family

If you know who they are, please contact me.


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