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The Statler Family Photo Album Index

Photo Album

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Churches & Cemeteries
Daniel's Churches & Cemetery Lincolnton, Lincoln Co., NC
Statler Cemetery Shade Twp, Sometset Co., PA
Statler Family Cemetery Sedgewickville, Bollinger Co., MO
Whitewater Presbyterian Church Located in northern Bollinger Co., MO
Groups / Organizations
"Allison Tipple Gang" A group picture containing some Dickens family
Family Coats of Arms A collection of related family Coats of Arms.
Statler/Grindstaff Family Reunion Family Reunion of Andrew J. Statler and wife Verna G. (nee Grindstaff) and the rest of her Grindstaff family
Stotlar Family Reunion 1953 Stotlar Family Reunion held in Matters Park located in Marion, Indiana
Homesteads & Other Places of Interest
Statler/Stotler Inn & Tavern The Statler Inn built by Casper Statler/Stotler in Shade Twp, Somerset Co., PA.
People - Family Photo Albums
Bailey Albert D.
Bailey Brenda Rose
Bailey infant (name & relation unknown)
Bailey James Burley and Mazie A. (nee English)
Bailey Jewel T.
Bailey Sharon K.
Bailey James Theodore and Bertie Anne (nee Wells)
Bailey Virgil E. and Blanche M.
Bailey Will S. and Julia
Barks David and Susannah (nee Seabaugh)
Barks Edward Newton and Sarah Belle (nee Stevens)
Barks John Burlen and Maggie Gertrude (nee Ramsey)
Berry Amos H. and Una Marie (nee Longbottom)
Berry Hiram Jr. and Malinda (nee Barks)
Berry John F. and Jessie J. (nee Kinrick)
  Blansett James and Thalia (nee Raglin)
  Blansett Joseph and Mary Ann (nee Riddle)
  Blansett Millard and Zula Arlene (nee Bailey)
  Blansett William Joseph and Sarah Jane (nee Smith)
Blaylock Columbus, Belinda, and family
Blaylock Donald, Mary Alice (nee Statler), Sue, Paula, Wesley
Blaylock George Peace and Martha Marzella (nee Kelly)
Blaylock Julius, Lillie, Marie and Donald
Bohnenkamp Samuel, Amy, and family
Bollinger Charles W. and Edna M. (nee Linebarger)
Bollinger Christopher Columbus, George, & families from CA
Bollinger Julius. and Reva Rosetta. (nee Seabaugh)
Bollinger Virgil R. and Leatha C. (nee Seabaugh)
Bollinger William Jr. and Sarah (nee Hartle)
Bollinger William Charles and Minnie Anna (nee Fulbright)
Cashion James Monroe and Eliza Jane (nee Blaylock)
Clauser Oscar Herman and Alma (nee Statler)
Coble Ronald D.
Conrad Robert and Bertha (nee Kuhlman)
Davault Wiley and Marada (nee Shell)
Dickens Thomas Marion , Sarah Catherine (nee Statler)
Eastwood James W. and Lucinda Jane (nee Herndon)
  Elliott Benjamin Franklin and Mina Myrtle (nee Niswonger)
  Elliott Solomon Alexander and Melissa Albanie (nee Niswonger)
  Elliott William Manuel and Hassel Lorene (nee Cates)
Fadler John Monroe and Bertha Anna (nee Yamnitz)
Fulbright John W. and Josephine (nee Stammer)
Golightly Glenn Albert and Lillian (nee Johnson)
Golightly Harold Clifton and Delores Marlene (nee Barks)
Golightly Isaac Sanford and Martha A. (nee Lett)
Golightly Jesse Calvin and Willie Florence (nee Stewart)
Golightly Stanley Dollar and Magdaline Elizabeth (nee Medick)
Golightly William Hubbard and Irene (nee Baugh)
Hanners John Thomas and Betsy Jane (nee Shepard)
Hanners William Henry and Sophia Catherine (nee Statler)
Harmon Louis Daniel and Mary Polly (nee Statler)
Hartle George and Mary Polly
Hartle Jessie, Marada, and family
Hartle Peter and Leanna Caroline
Hartle Robert Malachi and Emma Jane (nee Farrow)
Hartle Simon Peter and Hannah (nee Seabaugh)
Hrasky James L. and Mabel Lucille (nee Stammer)
Johnson Abraham and m1-Sarah (Conrad), m2-Amanda (Miller)
Limbaugh Ruthford M. and Frieda
Limbaugh William D. and Ida (nee Johnson)
Lix Louis William and Rosetta (nee Barks)
McClard James Edward and Naomi Jeanne (nee Barks)
McKinney James A. and Mary A. (nee Frazier)
McKinney John and Elizabeth (nee unknown)
McKinney William E. and Ella S. (nee Litch)
McPeek George C. and Virginia E. (nee Golightly)
Mhoon William D. and Willie P. (nee Seabaugh)
Murray Bennett M., Jr. and Mary Ann (nee Spencer)
Murray Benton and Cora (nee Conrad)
Murray Charles and Mary Jane (nee Johnson)
Murray Thomas and Sophia (nee Yount)
  Niswonger Emanuel and Slinda Dell (nee Clubb)
Niswonger Emanuel David and Mae Williams
  Niswonger Jesse Peter and Polissie Malaisie (nee Depro)
Niswonger Peter and Cordelia
Peevey Barton Burnett and Vallie May (nee Mullins)
Peevey Joseph Matthew and Sarah Emma (nee Ryder)
Phillips Francis "Frank" and Ella (nee McKinney)
Price James A. and Martha Frances "Fannie" (nee Shrum)
Pulliam Henry Calvin and Sherilda Jane (nee Long)
Pulliam John Calvin and Fronia Eveline (nee Looney)
Ramsey Benjamin H. and Emma Bernice (nee Bailey)
Reed Henry and Annie (nee Biri)
Richards Nicholas and Mary Ellen "Ella" (nee Shrum)
Ryder Harry and Lucy (nee Tyler)
Sample William A. and Emma (nee Harmon)
Seabaugh Adam and Susan Mary (nee Statler)
Seabaugh Zack Asbury
Shell David Winchester
  Shepard William Frederick and Snowy Jane (ne James)
Shrum Frederick and various family
Shrum Jacob and Winifred (nee Brewen)
Shrum William Nicholas and Melinda Elizabeth (nee Evans)
  Smith Thomas and Sarah (nee Wells)
Stammer John and Anna Mary (nee Zoellner)
Stammer William Henry and Emma Catherine (nee Statler)
Statler Adam Jefferson and Hannah Margaret (nee Conrad)
Statler Albert Ross and Sarah M.C. (nee Bowman)
Statler (or Stattler, Stateler) Alexander and Clarissa Ann (nee Parker)
Statler Argie Thurman and Rosetta "Rosie" Elizabeth (nee Barks)
Statler Beulah
Statler Byrne and Alice (nee Eastwood)
Statler Clyde, Bertha (nee Middleton), Denzel, and Earl
Statler Coy, Mildred (nee Bohnenkamp), Mary Alice and Paul
Statler Daniel Franklin and Mary Elizabeth (nee Yount)
Statler David and Emily Catherine (nee Limbaugh)
Statler Edwin Keith and Eula Mae (nee Hahs)
Statler Eli Wilson and Margaret "Meg" (nee Goza)
Statler Ellsworth Milton
Statler Elmer Edgar and Elva Harveen (nee Cronkhite)
Statler Ephriam and Mary C. (nee Seabaugh)
Statler Everett and Mary Mae (nee Shrum)
Statler Fred Sr., Goldie, Fred Jr., and Charles
Statler Fred Jr. and Alverta (nee Frazier)
Statler George W. and Sarah C. (nee Cheek)
Statler Henry A.
Statler James H. & m1-Emeline Seabaugh; m2-Elizabeth Hartle
Statler Jesse Christian and Mary Ann (nee Seabaugh)
Statler Jessie Albert Lee and Hannah Catherine (nee Barks)
Statler John Henry and Millie Caroline (nee Friese)
Statler John C. and Mahala (nee Seabaugh)
Statler John S. and Jane (nee Seabaugh)
Statler Joseph and Mary Adeline (nee McClard)
Statler Joseph T. and Lousia (nee Freeze)
new.gif (907 bytes) Statler Louis Valle and Sarah Jane (nee Statler)
Statler Malachi, Bertha Alice (nee Statler), and family
Statler Marvin and Hannah (nee Hahs)
Statler Oscar and Effie (nee Lix)
Statler Peter and Sarah (nee Fulbright)
Statler Peter Amos and Sarah Elizabeth (nee Bowers)
Statler Samuel Knoop
Statler Thomas Emerson and Mary Hallie (nee Keller)
Statler Virgil Herbert and Edna Mae (nee Fellows)
Statler Walter A. and Ruby F. (nee Shirley)
Statler William E. and Matilda M. (nee Moore)
Statler William Henry and Belinda (nee Statler)
Statler William R. and Mary M. (nee Travis)
Statler Woodrow A. and Hazel G. (nee Bollinger)
Stotlar Ora and Addie (nee Fannon)
Talley Carl, Mary and family
Talley Jesse Robert and Sarah E. (nee Ford)
Wells Hugh and Lydia
William Henry Lee and Rosa Mae (nee Rice)
Winschel Anton and Anna Helena (nee Meyer)
Winschel Hugo John and Carolina Maria (nee Wibbenmeyer)
  Yount Henry Marshall and Mary Carrie (nee Killian)

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