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Other "Statlers" Of Interest

This page is dedicated to the other "Statlers" (people, places, and things that bear the Statler name, but that are not "really" family, but hey, you never know) that are out there.  If you happen to come across any that are not listed here, please let me know.

The Statler Brothers

The Statler Brothers Probably the most famous "Statler" is the singing quartet known as the Statler Brothers.  Pictured left to right: Don Reid, Harold Reid, Jimmy Fortune, and Phil Balsley.   The group first started off as the Four Star Quartet, later changing their name to the Kingsmen.  After another group called the Kingsmen released a hit song, it prompted another name change.  Sitting in a hotel room one evening discussing what to name the group, Harold spotted a box of Statler Tissues and the rest is history.  For more information on the Statler Brothers, visit their official website.

Update Jan 2002:  On January 9, 2002, it was announced that the Statler Brothers will retire at the end of the year.  A brief statement released from the Statlers' office in Staunton, Va., says the group will conclude their concert schedule Nov. 1, 2002. "The reasons cited for their decision to retire," the statement continues, "were simply to free themselves of a rigid travel schedule and to spend more time at their Shenandoah Valley homes."

Update 04/02/2003:  I was informed that the hotel that the group was staying in when they saw the Statler Tissue box was the Sonesta Hotel located in Cambridge, MA.   Also, the Statler Brothers' last public concert was held Oct. 26, 2002 in Salem, Virginia.  Tickets for that concert sold out in one hour and twenty seven minutes.


Statler Hotels

Due to the amount of information I have accumulated on this famous hotel chain, I created a dedication page for it.  The Statler Hotel chain was started in 1908 by Ellsworth Milton Statler, who has been connected to the family through the diligent research of Andrew Edmonds and Mary Alice Blaylock.  View Ellsworth's entry in our Family Database for more information about this famous Statler. Statler Hotels

"Statler" Muppet

Waldorf and Statler The Statler Muppet character first appeared on The Muppet Show which was created by Jim Henson.  Jim also created a lot of the characters we have grown to love from Sesame Street such as Kermit the Frog, Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster, etc.  Statler (the one on the right) was one of the two hecklers (the other was Waldorf, see the connection?) in the balcony of the Muppet Show theatre.   These two were always giving the "act" on stage a hard time.  For more information on Jim Henson and the Muppets, check out these web sites: and Statler Muppet


Statler Ballroom

The Samuel's Statler Ballrooms are owned and run by Samuel Grande Manor and are located in the Statler Towers at 107 Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, New York.   Click on the following link for more information about the Samuel Grande Manor. Statler Ballroom

Statler Stitcher

Statler Stitcher Logo The Statler Stitcher is an add-on computerized attachment to manual hand-guided quilting machines.  Researched, designed, and invented by Paul Statler (son of Coy and Mildred Statler), the Statler Stitcher has revolutionized the machine quilting industry.  Quilt Patterns are drawn on a computer and then can be quilted by the Statler Stitcher instead of by hand.  To find out more about this amazing machine, visit the Statler Stitcher website.

Update 01/05/2005:  The Statler Stitcher company is acquired by the Gammill Quilting Machine Company.  Read the press release HERE.   Gammill's website is HERE.

Update 05/19/2006:  Paul Statler received the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award at the 10th annual International Machine Quilter's Showcase (IMQS) on Friday, May 12, 2006, held in Overland Park, KS.  You can view a video of the event HERE.


Statler Racing

Jason Statler of Statler Racing Sprint car driver Jason Statler leads the way to the checkered flag.   Find out more about this great driver and his crew at their website. Statler Racing


Statler Management Group

Statler Management Group SMG is a career management organization designed to help manage your career transitions. They help with resume creation, biography, references, and all collateral material together. Then they target companies that are appropriate for your aspirations; notify executive search firms; get you posted on the Internet; show you how to work the classified ads; get you started on networking your way to your next career opportunity.   Update 9/4/02:  I don't know the status of this company now, as their website is no longer functioning.

Statler Chiropractic

The Statler Chiropractic clinic is located in Huntington, New York and is run by Richard Statler.  The website contains all type of information related to chiropractic care and healthy living.  Statler Chiropractic

Statler's Fun Center

Statler's Fun Center Statler's Fun Center (formerly Statler's Golf Center) has an Autobahn GO-Kart race track, mini-golf, paintball, and much more.  They are located at: 407 Frye Farm Road, R.D. 7 Box 261-B Greensburg, PA 15601 Phone 724 539-7655.  Also,  visit them at their website.   The Fun Center is owned and operated by Scott Statler, who is a PGA Golf Professional and coach of the men's and women's golf teams at the University of Pittsburgh - Greensberg.  You can read more about Scott at the school's website.


Statler Sporting Goods

Located at the intersection of Highway 62 at Highway 412 in Ash Flat, Arkansas, is the Statler Sporting Goods store.  Statler Sporting Goods is owned and operated by Michael Statler, who is the great-grandson of Walter and Ruby Statler.  The store's phone number is 870-994-3651.


Statler's Fort

Statler's Fort

Statler's Fort was located Monongalia County, (West) Virginia.  John Statler built the fort in 1770.  In the summer of 1778, a Jacob Statler was killed and scalped by Indians while defending the fort along with many others.   The fort itself was destroyed by fire during the Indian attacks.

The fort is also known by other names such as:  Stradlers Fort, Minors Fort, and Fort Statler.

Thanks to Dan Shane for providing this photo!


Statler Tissue Corporation

Statler Tissue Co. Rose Logo

The Statler Tissue Corporation was located in Augusta, Maine and began shutting down in January 1995.  For more information about this company, visit this page.

If you happen to have any information regarding Statler Tissue that you'd like to share, please e-mail me.


Dan Statler's "Vulture Kulture"

Dan Statler is the Production Designer of Monster Garage, the Discovery Channel show. He is a metal artist, and among other things, he also writes, shoots and directs video.  He also runs a company called Vulture Kulture.  You can find his bio and picture here.


Statler Concrete & Supply

This concrete supply company's main office is located in Kalamazoo, MI and is operated by Fred and Holly Statler.  They have two locations in Kalamazoo, one in Battle Creek and one in Three Rivers as well.  You can check their website out here.

Statler Concrete & Supply


Statler Associates

Statler Associates Statler Associates has created a seamless organization to provide copier and network print vending systems to Academic and Public Libraries, Court Systems, Registries of Deeds, Government and Municipal entities.  They are located in Belmont, MA.  Check out there website here.


Statler Apartment Locators

Statler Apartment Locators is a company based that help people find apartments in the San Antonio, TX area.  They have a good moving guide on their site also.  Check out their website here. Statler Apt. Locators


Statler Center

Statler Center The National Statler Center for Careers in Hospitality Service is an organization that uses a unique and exciting concept in hospitality-employment training that provides physically disabled individuals or those who are blind or visually impaired with the right tools for successful careers in a rapidly growing industry. Hotel operations. Travel and tourism. Sales and marketing.  Check out their website here.


Statler Dancing Shoes

The Tic-Tac-Toe shoe company produces various styles of dancing shoes, one of which is called the 'Statler,' as seen at the right.  They produce other styles such as the 'Waldorf', 'Ritz,' 'Benny,' 'Doral,' and many others.   These styles and more can be seen at this website. Statler Dancing Shoes

Statler & Waldorf Music Label

Statler - Waldorf Music Label Statler & Waldorf is a music label based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and run by Lars Pellarin and Stefan Mylleager. They focus on no specific style or genre, but quality music of all kinds.

Visit their website here.

Statler Florist

Statler Florist features a variety of quality floral services and products to ignite your heart. From a gentle daisy to a royal parade of roses, they carry all of the fresh and silk flowers you adore. They are located in the Cleveland, Ohio area.   You can visit their website here.


Statler Construction, Inc.

Father and son team of George and Jeremy Statler operate this construction company in Washington, Iowa.  They serve as a local authorized builder for John Wick Homes, Wick Buildings, and their newest production addition, Amwood Custom Homes. You can find out more about this company at their website. Statler Construction, Inc.

Mark Statler

Mark Statler From Mark's Bio:   With a smooth, progressive country/pop sound similar to B.J. Thomas and the late, great Marty Robbins... Mark delivers an emotion-packed concert with refreshing, unreserved candor and sincerity.    Amazingly, within a few short years, Mark has gone from singing in three tiny country churches he pastored for the East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church... to making a career in gospel and country music... to becoming an honored member and regular performer with the world famous Jamboree U.S.A, opening for such country greats as The Judds, Glen Campbell, Loretta Lynn, Brenda Lee, Barbara Mandrell, Tammy Wynette, Marie Osmond, The Statler Brothers, Lorrie Morgan and many others.

Mark is based out of the Ohio area and you can find out more about him at his website.


Statler's Rabbitry - Operated by JoAnn Statler

JoAnn imported her Lionheads in 1999 from England. The five rabbits she brought into the United States provided a foundation for this lovely little breed of rabbit here in North America. Her willingness to share her knowledge and her rabbits with those around her helped the Lionhead breed grow in popularity. You will find Statler Lionheads behind many of the Lionheads bred in the USA today.

JoAnn only breeds purebreds Lionheads, so she has used these imported Lionheads as the base for her entire breeding program. With careful breeding of type to type she feels she has made great progress in improving head and ears. Her bloodline produces many Lionheads with great manes and many that hold manes as adults.  As she has watched the Lionhead breed grow in the United States she has found great pride in the fact that she was the first serious breeder to bring the Lionhead Rabbit into America and begin promoting them to the fancy.

Find out more about the Statler Lionhead rabbits and view pictures at their website.

Statler's Rabbitry
A Statler Furbie


Statler House

Statler House Statler House is a Canadian Manufacturer and Wholesaler of quality sewn goods for horses and dogs. Their products are available through first rate tack shops throughout Canada. Contact them for the name and number of a dealer nearest you.

You can find out more about this company at their website.


Statler Dairy

Sometime in the past, there was a Statler Dairy that operated out of Piqua, Miami Co., Ohio.  Recently a bottle from this dairy (pictured on the right) was offered up for bid on the auction website ebay.  If you happen to have more information on this dairy and which family ran it, please let me know.

Statler Dairy Bottle

The Statler Project

Statler Project Band From the group's bio:  "In 2004, from the mouth of Glasgow's East End , erupted The Statler Project, a 5-piece indie-rock-punk-dance amalgamation comprising of Bob Speirs, Robert Parkhill, John Mitchell, Stewart Tees and Roddy Hutchison. With influences ranging from The Stone Roses and The Charlatans through to Joy Division and Carl Cox, The Statler Project produce an undeniably powerful, intense and groove-orientated sound."  You can find out more this band at their website.


Statler Chicken

There is a cut of chicken that is referred to as a "Statler Chicken" which is described as a boneless chicken breast with the drumette attached.  It's roots are from the Boston's Hotel Statler.

You can read more about this delectable dish at these links:

Statler Chicken


The Statler Law Firm, LC

statlerlawfirm.jpg (3048 bytes) Located in Cape Girardeau, MO, brothers Travis and Daniel Statler, along with partner Phil Dormeyer, help people with debt relief, bankruptcy, workers compensation, etc.

You can find out more about them at their website.

statlerlawfirm2.jpg (8306 bytes)


Statler Billboards

statlerbillboards.jpg (5416 bytes)Bob and Scott Statler were both born and raised in Latrobe, PA and continue to live and do business in the community they have grown to love. Bob is an ordained pastor and in addition to spending time with the responsibilities of Statler Brothers Signs, he travels throughout the globe training and encouraging pastors and missionaries. Scott is a PGA golf pro and operates Statler's Fun Center (see above) east of Greensburg, PA which has been a part of the community since 1948.

You can find out more about them at their website..

Bob StatlerScott Statler


Statlers Piano Lounge

STATLERS is a real live New York Style “off Broadway” DINNER THEATRE and piano bar where professional musical artists are featured every night and industry insiders are all found frequenting and mingling in the warm, elegant and chic atmosphere of a real New York Style Piano Bar. In the audience, you can always find famous Jazz, Opera or Musical Theatre stars as well as many writers, composers, directors and producers. 

STATLERS is located in the heart of the Church-Wellesley Village in beautiful downtown Toronto, Canada.  More info at their website.

statlerslounge.jpg (5728 bytes)


Statler Records / Statler Music and Video

Statler Records Statler Records was a dance studio library music supply label. Apparently existed from the late 1950's up until the late 1980's, possibly even into the 1990's. Contact info was: 200 Engineers Road, Smithtown, NY 11787

Here's a website that lists their music library.

Looks like Statler Records is now Statler Music and Video and provides various styles of music for dance performances.

You can find out more about them at their website.

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