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Herbert F., Jr.

Herbert is the son of
Herbert F. Hales, Sr. and (mother unknown)

Hales, Herbert F., Jr.

Herbert F. Hales, Jr.

Found at the Hales Website:

Herbert F. Hales, Jr., 26, associated with the W. M. Hales Co.. Inc., has announced his candidacy for the office of mayor in next year's city elections. Hales is a management systems analyst at the Hales firm, a distributor of mining and construction supplies. Hales is also completing educational requirements for a master's degree in public administration specializing in city government administration. Hales, who lives at 1909 N. Gilbert, Danville, Illinois, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Hales of that address. He has a brother Bob, 22, and a sister, Carroll, 25. He graduated cum laude from Georgia Military Academy in Atlanta in 1962. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1966. He served in Vietnam and received the Army Commendation Medal and Bronze Star for outstanding management of million-dollar-a-month exchange operations and competent handling of employees of several nationalities during periods of crisis.


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