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Family of John HALES
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Family of Albert WINANS
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The Hales & Winans Family Photo Album
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Hales GenForum
Winans GenForum
Photo Album
Mailing List Info
Brick Walls
Perrin Perrin, Missouri Cemetery
Groups / Organizations
A Day at the Beach Hales and Schafer families at Crystal Beach
Chaney Reunion Circa 1900 Chaney family reunion in Gower, MO
Hales & Schafers Group picture
Hales & Schafers 2 Another group picture
Hales Brothers Vernon, Rosss, and Norris Hales - sons of Henry & Alice Hales
Stewart Reunion Stewart, Winans Family Reunion Group Picture circa 1930.
Watermelon Day Group picture of Hales and Schafers holding watermelons
Winans & Hathaway Group picture of Lee Winans family and Hathaway family
Newspaper Articles
Anderson 1941 Family Reunion for Judge and Mrs. H. D. Anderson
People - Family Photo Albums
Cannon John William and Mary Agnes (nee Drais)
Chaney Anna Elizabeth
Chaney James - This is a guess... It's really an unknown family photo!
Chaney Otis and Katherine "Kittie" Ann (nee Fagan)
Cooper Anson and Phebe (nee Pelton)
Cooper George and Adeline (nee Rankin) - George son of Anson & Phebe
Corington William Tandy and Bula (nee Winans)
Denny Albert Simon and Martha Alice (nee Cannon)
Denny John and Margaret (nee Eggers)
Dunlap Stephen and Dicy (nee Runkle)
Farrell Felix G. and Mary Jane (nee Dunlap)
Fitch Humphrey and Phoebe (nee Runkle)
Hales Alice Oleva
Hales Burton F.
Hales Charles Henry and Agnes (nee Golden)
Hales Charles L., Sr. and Dorothy (nee Watson)
Hales Frank (son of William and Isabelle Hales)
Hales George and Frances Virginia "Jennie" (nee Stanley)
Hales George Elon and Dasalina (nee Rosa)
Hales Helen (daughter of William and Isabelle Hales)
Hales Henry and Alice (nee Hawkins)


Herbert F., Jr.
Hales James W. (son of Vernon and Amiee Hales)
Hales John and Lucy P. (nee Cooper)
Hales John George, Sr. and Agnes (nee Flanagan)
Hales Lorena (daughter of William and Isabelle Hales)
Hales Mary Juanita (adopted daughter of William and Isabelle Hales)
Hales Norris and Martha (nee Schafer)
Hales Paul William (son of Charles L. and Dorothy Hales)
Hales Pearl (daughter of William and Isabelle Hales)
Hales Ross and Anna (nee Schafer)
Hales Vernon James and Amiee (nee Todd)
Hales William and Isabelle (nee Bogart)


William Eugene and Mary Patricia (nee Winans)


William M., Jr. and Florence (nee O'Kane)


William McKinley Sr. and Ada (nee Van Steenburg)
Hathaway Bert, Nellie (nee Wagers), and family
Hathaway Edwin and Maranda (nee Winans)
Hawkins Charles E. (son of William and Mary Hawkins)
Hawkins William and Mary (nee Abbott) and daughter Vesta
Hudson Jack Denny (birth name: Jack Lynn Denny)
Hughes Merritt E. and May Lucy (nee Hales)
Johnson Leona Fern (nee Jones)
Reese Robert A. and Georgia B. (nee Hales)
Runkle William and Mary (nee ?)
Winans Albert and Hannah (nee Shafer)
Winans Edwin and Clara (nee unknown) - son of Albert & Hannah Winans
Winans James W. and Elsie Lee (nee Chaney)
Winans Lee and Etta (nee Stewart)
Winans William Albert and Emma Catherine (nee Chaney)
Winans William Earl and Emma Berniece (nee Jones)

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