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Brick Walls
Anderson, Barbara Ann (nee Johnston) - wife to Gilbert Anderson
Beam, Grace (nee Hales) - wife to Horace Beam
Beam, Horace
Bemis, Dorothy M. "Dottie" (nee Weidemann) - wife to George A. Bemis
Bemis, Frances Lavinia (nee Ford) - wife to William Edward Bemis
Bemis, William Edward - husband to Frances L. (nee Ford)
Bogart, Carl E., Sr. - son of Walter & Clara Bogart
Bogart, Clara (nee Weese) - wife to Walter Leonard Bogart
Bogart, Walter L.
  Boydston, Eugene Stanley - husband to Mary Majorie (nee Seckel)
Campbell, Anna B. (nee Seckel) - husband to Melvin Rufus Campbell
Cunningham, Ethel (nee Sneider) - daughter of John and Minnie Hales Sneider
Denny, Emil Edward - son of John and Margaret Denny
Denny, John - husband to Margaret J. (nee Egger)
Denny, John Arnold - son of John and Margaret Denny
Denny, Margaret J. (nee Egger) - wife to John Denny
Denny, Martha "Mattie" Alice (nee Cannon) - wife to Albert Simon Denny
Gilbert, Charles H. - husband to Dorothy M. (nee Hales)
Gilbert, Dorothy M. (nee Hales) - wife to Charles H. Gilbert
Goehring, Catharine (nee Dean) - wife to Albert E. Goehring
Hales, Amiee (nee Todd) - wife to Vernon J. Hales
Hales, Anna (nee Schafer) - wife to Ross O. Hales
  Hales, Charles Francis - son of John and Agnes (nee Flanagan) Hales
Hales, Charles L., Sr.
Hales, Donald M. - son of James C. and Elsie Hales
Hales, Dorothy E. (nee Watson) - wife to Charles L. Hales, Sr.
Hales, Elmer Edwin
Hales, Eugene M. - son of James C. and Elsie Hales, husband to Evelyn V. Hales
Hales, Evelyn V. (nee Jochem) - wife to Eugene Hales
Hales, Frank - son of William & Isabella Hales
Hales, Frank E.
Hales, Helen
Hales, Isabella (nee Bogart)
Hales, James - son of John and Lucy Hales, husband to Rose E. Hales
Hales, James Clinton - husband to Elsie Marie Martin Hales
Hales, James W. P.
Hales, Lorena
Hales, Martha Elizabeth (nee Schafer) - wife to Norris Hales
Hales, Mary Juanita
Hales, Myrtle - maiden name unknown
Hales, Norris - husband to Martha Elizabeth (nee Schafer)
Hales, Paul W. "Bill"
Hales, Robert Eugene
Hales, Rose E. (nee Jarrett) - wife to James Hales
Hales, Ross Owen - husband to Anna Hales (nee Schafer)
Hales, William D.
Hart, Grace E. (nee Cook) - wife to Alfred F. Hart
  Harter, Margaret "Norine" (nee Younger) - wife to Dale Harter
Hartman, Lillian Jane (nee Merrill) - wife to Frank Hartman
Hathaway, Maranda (nee Winans) - wife to Edwin Hathaway
Hoover, Rex D. - husband to Thelma (nee Becker)
Hull, Effie R. (nee Vestal) - wife to James P. Hull
Johnson, Leona Fern (nee Jones)
Jones, James Milton "Milt", Sr. - husband to Rosemary Jones
Jones, John Russell - husband to Martha Ann (nee Drais)
Lawson, Gordon "Pop" - husband to Joan (nee Winans)
Lehnherr, Margaret L. (nee Denny) - wife to Fred Lehnherr
Luckenbill, Paul T., M.D.
Merrill, Mary Ruth (nee Hales) - wife to Warner Merrill
Merrill, Warner Earl - husband to Mary Ruth (nee Hales)
Miller, Elmer E. - husband to Marie Theresa (nee Hales)
Musser, Debra Lynn (nee Lawson) - wife to Leonard K. Musser
Neal, Thomas James - infant son of Harold William and Lucretia Neal
Niehaus, Catherine (nee Hales)
O'Connor, Anna Frances
new.gif (907 bytes) O'Connor, John Denis
  Plummer, Judith Ann (nee O'Connor) - wife to Charles Plummer
Rand, Lena M. (nee Denny) - m1: Leonard Glarner, m2: Bruce Rand
  Sanders, Bernard Lee "Bernie" - husband to Sharon (nee Anderson)
Sneider, Minnie (nee Hales) - wife to John N. Sneider
Todd, Edwin Dennis
Wareing, Walter G.
Winans, Hannah (nee Schafer) - wife to Albert Winans
Winans, William "Pat" Earl
Wrobel, Annabel (nee Hales) - wife to Ernest Wrobel, Sr.
Wrobel, Ernest L., Sr. - husband to Annabel (nee Hales)

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