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Hales, Burton F. Biography
Hales, Charles H. Biography
Hales, William D. Biography
Death Certificates - Documents in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (PDF)
Andrews, Mary Wife to Luman A. Andrews, Maiden name: Hawkins
Bogart, Cevilla Wife to Wm. W. Bogart, Maiden name: Hood
Chaney, Amanda M. Wife to William Chaney, Maiden name: Johnson
Chaney, James P. Son of Richard and Catharine Chaney
Chaney, James T. Son of James P. and Mary Ann Chaney
Chaney, Malvina A. Wife to Richard Chaney, Maiden name: Osburn
Chaney, Noel W. Son of Otis and Anna Chaney
Chaney, Sarah Wife to James T. Chaney, Maiden name: De Moss
Duncan, Emma F. Wife to John Sterling Duncan, Maiden name: Maupin/Moppin
Duncan, John S. Son to John R. and Mildred Duncan
Golden, Charles H. Son of Jerry and Mary Golden
Golden, John P. Son of Jerry and Mary Golden
Golden, Mary Wife to Jerry Golden, Maiden name: Adams
Hales, Alice Wife to Henry Hales, Maiden name: Hawkins
Hales, Alice O. Infant daughter of Vernon and Amiee Hales (nee Todd)
Hales, Amiee Wife to Vernon J. Hales, Maiden name: Todd
Hales, Bernard W. Son of Simeon and Anna Hales (nee Hawkins)
Hales, Charles Henry Son of George and Almeda Hales (nee Weeks)
Hales, Henry Son of John and Lucy Hales (nee Cooper)
Hales, Isabelle Wife to William Hales, Maiden name: Bogart
Hales, James Son of John and Lucy Hales (nee Cooper)
Hales, L. Anna Wife to Simeon Hales, Maiden name: Hawkins
Hales, Lorena Daughter of William and Isabelle Hales (nee Bogart)
Hales, Norris Son of Henry and Alice Hales (nee Hawkins)
Hales, Simeon Son of William D. and Laura Hales (nee Blackman)
Hathaway, Edwin Son of James and Mary Hathaway
Hathaway, Hobert Infant son of Bert and Nellie Hathaway
Hathaway, Miranda Wife to Edwin Hathaway, Maiden name: Winans
Hathaway, Russell Son of James and Mary Hathaway
Hawkins, Charles E. Son of William and Mary Hawkins (nee Abbott)
Hoffman, John S. Son of Frank and Susan (nee Besser) Hoffman
Hoffman, Joseph Son of Frank and Susan (nee Besser) Hoffman
Jones, John Russell Son of John and Mary Ann Jones
Sneider, John N. Husband to Minnie H. Sneider (nee Hales)
Sneider, Minnie Wife to John N. Sneider, Maiden name: Hales
Winans, Clara B. Wife to Edwin Winans, Maiden name: Dice
Winans, Edwin Son of Albert and Hannah (nee Shafer) Winans
Winans, Emma C. Wife to William Albert Winans, Maiden name: Chaney
Winans, James W. Son of Willam Albert and Emma (nee Chaney)
Winans, Mary C. Infant daughter of James and Elsie (nee Chaney) Winans
Wing, Elbert Hoit Husband to Naomi Wing (nee Hawkins)
Various Documents
Chaney Bible Pages from Otis and Kittie Chaney's Family Bible.
Chaney Documents Emma Chaney and Amanda M.Chaney's Death Certificates and William Chaney's Union Army discharge paper.
Chaney, Amanda Amanda Chaney's Probate Court  and settlement documents filed after her death.
Chaney, William Affidavit Paper William Chaney's General Affidavit
Chaney, William
War Document
Document stating that William was really in the 81st Regt. instead of the 31st Regt. of Company "A."
Hales, Agnes Golden Memorial Tribute to Agnes Golden Hales, wife of Charles H. Hales.
Hales Family History Family history document written by Agnes Hales O'Connor in 1981.
Hales, George Elon Family Article on the family history of George Elon Hales.  This article was taken from the Hales Newsletters - NEW SERIES   Year 2000 Vol. 5. Nos. 2, 3, and 4.  It is based on a book published in 1995 by Arlene and Paul Hales of San Diego, California.
Pioneers of Camden Excerpts from "Pioneer History of Camden Twp., Lorain Co., OH" by F. E. Weeks.
  History of Perrin History of Perrin, Clinton Co., MO as told by Leo Dean Hales.  Recorded on location in Perrin on October 11, 2008.
Video is in the Windows Media Format (WMV).
new.gif (907 bytes) Charles Francis Hales - An Interview An interview of Charles Francis Hales about his WWII experience along with how he became a German POW.
Recorded on location at his home in Plattsburg, MO on December 31, 2010.
Video is in the Windows Media Format (WMV).

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