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Brick Walls
This page is to present my current "Brick Walls" that I've come up against in my research.  Any information you might be able to provide to help "break them down" would be greatly appreciated!  Please contact me if you can help!  Thanks!

Brick Wall #1:  Two different John Hales or the same guy?

The first wall I've run in to is about John Hales.  I've got two John Hales, close in age, and their families are both in the same locale (Lorain Co., OH).  My current documentation is displayed in a chart which can be viewed by clicking here (a new browser window will open to display the chart).  Note:  Not all family members were included, just the important ones to show the link between the two John's via the marriage of the Hawkins daughters.

The question is, are these actually two different John Hales, or are they actually the same person?  I do not currently know who the father is for the John Hales that married Lucy Cooper.  On the other side, I do not have any marriage information about the John Hales, son of John and Elizabeth Hales.

If anyone would be able to help clear this problem up for me by providing additional information, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Brick Wall #2:  If they are two separate John Hales...

If the above mentioned John Hales are separate people, then the John that married Lucy Cooper is another brick wall for me.  I know he was born in England on September 20, 1812, but I don't know exactly where.  I am also trying to find out when he came to America.  He married Lucy Cooper on January 28, 1842 in Lorain Co., OH.  I am also trying to find his parents as well.

Brick Wall #3:  Albert Winans from NY...

The Albert Winans in my database was born in NY, June 14, 1823 (according to his headstone but the 1880 US Census shows age as 55 which would make birthdate 1825).  He married Hannah Shafer (born. Jan. 1825 in NY).  I haven't been able to determine his parents were.  I have come across another Albert Winans (similar situation to brick wall #1) that was born 14 Jun 1823 in Chili, NY who was the son of Elisha Winans and Laura Sheldon.  Other researchers I've talked to didn't have much information on this Albert (like who he married, place of death, etc.).   Therefore, I can not at this time determine if these two Alberts are indeed the one and the same or two separate Alberts...  Hence, my brick wall...

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