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                                            The Wickings Family of Staplehurst

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The Wickings Family

There are several variations of the name Wickings including Wicking, Wickens, Wicken, Wickin and Wickins. Even as late as the 1870’s there was inconsistent usage. I record the name as transcribed from the register.

I would like to thank Adrian Wickings who has kindly checked (and corrected) my document and added information of his own.

If anyone has further information on this family, we would like to hear from you.


Robert Wickings 1728 - 1811
Robert Wickings was not born in Staplehurst. We can estimate his date of birth from his age when he was buried as 1728. When he married in Staplehurst in 1756, he was a widower. We do not know who is first wife was or if he had any children by her. Robert Wickings, a widower of Staplehurst, married Martha Harris of Staplehurst on 22 October 1756. Martha was the daughter of James and Mary Harris and was baptised on 26 October 1725.


Robert and Martha had the following children baptised in Staplehurst.

Martha, wife of Robert, was buried on 28 February 1808. She was 82 years old.

Robert Wickins was buried in Staplehurst on 07 December 1811 at the age of 83.

James Wickings 1761 – 1842/3

James Wickings is the son of Robert Wickings and Martha Harris. He was baptised in Staplehurst on 08 February 1761. James married Susanna Rawlins on 04 Dec 1796 at Chatham. James and Susanna are known to have had at least 2 children according to James’ will. James was a carpenter in Maidstone.


Most of the information on James’ family comes from his will.

James and his wife had the following 2 children:

 The death of James Wickens was registered in Maidstone during the 1st quarter of 1843, volume 5 page 250.

Will of James Wickings of Maidstone, Kent (Source: Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1843).

This is the Last Will and Testament of me James Wickings the elder of Maidstone in the county of Kent carpenter.
I appoint my grandson James the son of my late son James Wickings executor of this my will.
I give all those in my two messuages situate in the Rose and Crown yard in Maidstone aforesaid occupied by William _________ and James _________ and also my two cottages situate in Market Street in Maidstone aforesaid occupied by Robert Saxby and Charles Clark with their respective appurtenances unto my daughter Susannah Whibley widow her heirs and assigns and I also bequeath to my said daughter Susannah the large looking ________ in the front room of the house wherein I now reside
I devise the messuage or cottage and premises occupied by Thomas __________ situate in the Fair Meadow Maidstone aforesaid belonging to me to my sister Sarah Gilbert widow her heirs and assigns I give my two messuage or cottages with their appurtenances also situated in the Fair Meadow aforesaid occupied by George Usborn and George Curtis to my grand daughter Ann the daughter of my said late son James Wickings in _____ single
I devise the messuage shop and premises wherein I now reside in the Fair Meadow aforesaid and the messuage or cottage adjoining occupied by Elizabeth Pain and all _______ my real estate not herein before devised unto my said grandson James Wickings his heirs and assigns and I also bequeath to my said grandson all the residue of my personal estate for his own use
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this first day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine James Wickings signed by the said James Wickings in the presence of us present at the same time whoin the presence have hereunto subscribed are names as witness
John Monkton Solicitor Maidstone----- Henry Sears Clerk to Mr Monkton.
Proved at London the 8th April 1843 before the worshipful Thomas Pratt doctor of laws and surrogate by the oath of James Wickings the grandson the sole executor to whom administration was granted having been first sworn duly to administer.

In keeping with the family tradition, James Wickings, his son James and grandson James all were carpenters.

James Wickings, the grandson, born in 1815 married Helena or Eleanor Green, in Maidstone on 31st. October, 1840. James and Helena/Eleanor had 9 children, 5 daughters and 4 sons. James died in April 1862 in Maidstone.

Robert Wickings 1757 - 1825

Robert Wicken was baptised on 26 July 1757, the son of Robert Wickings and Martha Harris.
Robert Wickings married Susanna Smallfield in Staplehurst on 28 April 1786. Robert was said to be of Herstmonceux, Sussex.

Although Robert and Susanna married in Staplehurst in 1786, Robert was said to be of Herstmonceux, Sussex. They probably resided there until 1789 or 1790 as they had two children who were not baptised in Staplehurst.

Robert and Susanna then returned to Staplehurst around 1789 or 1790 and they had the following children baptised in Staplehurst.

 Susanna, wife of Robert, was buried on 05 February 1818 at the age of 65.

Robert was buried in Staplehurst on 05 October 1825 at the age of 68.


Robert Wickings c1788 - 1852

Robert was born in Sussex.
It is probable that Robert is the son of Robert Wickings and Susanna Smallfield. At the time of his marriage in 1786, Robert senior was living in Sussex. Also note that one of the children of Robert and Ann was called Smallfield George; Smallfield was Robert’s assumed mother’s maiden name. I have not investigated the Sussex connection.
Robert married Ann Nash in Staplehurst on 07 July 1809. Ann is the daughter of Thomas and Mary Nash and was baptised in Staplehurst on 14 October 1785.


Robert and Ann had the following children baptised in Staplehurst.

 Ann Wickings, wife of Robert, was buried in Staplehurst on 17 February 1819. She was 33 years old. Robert would have 4 young children to bring up. What became of these children? I can not positively identify them in census or civil registration after the death of their mother.

 In the 1841 census he is 41 years old giving an estimated birth year of 1800. He was a mason not born in Kent and living at the Kings Head. In the 1851 census he is still living at the Kings head and is now said to be a 62 year old widower and a brick layer born Sussex giving an estimated birth year of 1789.

 Robert was buried in the Maidstone Union Burial Grounds in Linton on 09 July 1852. He was said to be 64 years old and from Staplehurst. This gives an estimated birth year of 1788.

 Note that Robert’s sister-in-law Mary Nash had an illegitimate child born 18 November 1811 and baptised 15 December 1811. The child was baptised Harriet Wickins.


Hester Wickings 1818

Hester was baptised as Esther Wickings on the 22 March 1818. She is the daughter of Robert Wickings and Ann Nash.
Hester was in the Hollingbourne Union Workhouse which Headcorn was a union member. The Headcorn overseers had sent her there as she was ill. They were concerned that she was not of Headcorn but was costing the parish.  She was therefore examined (questioned) about her legal settlement on 03 July 1837. The following is recorded. 

 “She is about 21 years of age and was born as she believes in the parish of Staplehurst in this county and that her father whose name is Robert Wickings was also born as she believes in the said parish of Staplehurst. That she has one child, a male bastard child named Charles aged about seven months which was born in the parish of Headcorn. And she further saith that she has never to her knowledge gained a settlement for herself and that she and her said child are now living in the Union Workhouse at Hollingbourne where she was sent by and is now maintained at the expense of the said parish of Headcorn and that she is now too ill to be removed to Staplehurst.”
There is then the mark of Hester Wickings.
The overseers of Headcorn then sent to Staplehurst parish notice, dated 08 July 1837, that Hester Wickings and her child Charles aged 7 months had come to Headcorn and that it was believed her legal settlement was Staplehurst and requested that she be removed.

William Wickings 1764 - 1846

William Wickings is the son of Robert Wickings and Martha Harris. He was baptised in Staplehurst on 06 April 1787. William married Elizabeth Merrell in Staplehurst on 06 April 1787. William was a carpenter.


William and Elizabeth had the following children baptised in Staplehurst.

In the 1841 census William is found living with his son William and his family. William senior was said to be 75 years old.

Elizabeth, the wife of William, was buried in Staplehurst on 27 June 1830 at the age of 64. William was buried in Staplehurst on 14 September 1846 at the age of 82.

William left a will dated 11 August 1846; written a few weeks before he died.  Reference number is PRC 17/111/417. The will was proved on 18 January 1847.
He is identified as William Wickings of Staplehurst, carpenter.
He directs his debts and funeral expenses to be paid as soon as convenient.
To son William Wickings he leaves £50.
He directs that his stock in trade to be valued for William Wickings or sold whichever his son chooses.
The produce of the sale together with the rest of his property, he gives to son William Wickings and daughters, Elizabeth Neal and Martha Buss, in equal shares.
Executors are son William Wickings and son (in-law) James Buss.
A monument in the church yard of Staplehurst reads “ Sacred to the memory of William Wickings who died Sep. 9th 1846 aged 82 years. Also Elizabeth wife of William Wickings of this Parish who died June the 20th 1830 aged 64 years. Left issue 1 son and 2 daughters.”


William Wickings 1803 - 1890

William Wickings was baptised on 25 July 1803 in Staplehurst. He is the son of William Wickings and Elizabeth Merrell. William became a carpenter like his father.

William Wickings married Sarah Curtis Holt on 31 Dec 1825 in Staplehurst.


William and Sarah had the following children baptised in Staplehurst.

 1841 Census and William and his family are living in Staplehurst Village with William’s father. They are all born in Kent.

 1851 census does not find William although his wife and family are in Staplehurst.

I found William and his son James at 13 Compton Street, Maylebone. James is 18 years old and a lodger and a surveyor. William is a visitor. He is 47 years old and a builder’s foreman from Staplehurst.

 In the 1861 census, William and his family are living in Staplehurst village.

 In the 1871 census the family is living at the Ironmongers Shop in Staplehurst.

 By the time of the 1881 Census William is a widower living in Staplehurst High Street with his widowed daughter Maria Fitch.

 Sarah Wickings, wife of William, was buried 05 January 1875 at 73 years of age.

William Wickings was buried 06 December 1890 aged 87 years.

 A monument in the churchyard of Staplehurst is inscribed “ In affectionate memory of Sarah the beloved wife of William Wickings who died Dec 29th 1874 aged 73 years. Also the above William Wickings of this parish, builder, who died Dec 1st 1890 aged 87 years. Leaving issue 2 daughters & 1 son viz. Sarah, Maria & James. I know that my redeemer liveth.”

William Wickings 1827 – 1869

William Wickings is the son of William Wickings and Sarah Curtis Holt. He was baptised on 04 May 1827. We know that William was married to Elizabeth Cole but I have not found a marriage.


William and Elizabeth had the following children.


In 1851, William was living with his parents in Staplehurst. He was 24, unmarried and a builder.


By 1861, William is married and living in Staplehurst village.

 William was buried in Staplehurst on 20 April 1869 aged 42.

 In the 1871 Census, Elizabeth Wickings, unmarried, 17, Domestic Servant at 10 Windsor Road, Camberwell.

 In the 1871 Census, Elizabeth is now a widow and living at Bly Court, Staplehurst with her children and sister.

 Elizabeth Wickings, widow of William, married Frederick Bixley in the 4th quarter 1877.

 1881 Census living in Chapel Lane Staplehurst.

In the 1881 Census, Sarah M Wickings, unmarried, 23, Nursemaid Domestic at Highlands, London Road, Maidstone.

Mary A Wickens, unmarried, 18, General Servant Domestic at 105 King Street, Maidstone

Elizabeth had married and living at West Derby, Lancashire

1891 census the family is living at the Royal Oak in Staplehurst.

Son William James married Anne Elizabeth Worsley in 1881 and is now living in the High Street with his family,

(There is conflicting information about the birthplace of Anne Worsley, 1891 census shows Burwash, Surrey, whereas the 1901 census shows High Halden, Kent, which agrees with the 1861 and 1871 censuses for the Worsley family).

By the time of the 1901 census, son Frank is married and living at Harrow, Middlesex.

Frederick and Elizabeth Bixley are still living in Staplehurst at Horsley Villa on the Headcorn Road. The children have all now left how. Frederick is 47 and a carpenter; Elizabeth is 68.

Elizabeth Bixley, formerly wife of William Wickings, was buried in Staplehurst on 10 March 1905 aged 74.

There is a monument in the Staplehurst churchyard inscribed “In affectionate remembrance of  William Wickings of this parish who died April 14th 1860 aged 42 years. Also Elizabeth Bixley widow of the above who died March 4th 1905 aged 75 years. Leaving Elizabeth his widow two sons and three daughters Elizabeth-Cole, Sally-Maria, William-James, Mary-Ann, and Frank-Edward.

     Wife and children I have left behind.
      Then to the Lord I did resign,
      I hope the Lord will be their friend
      And guide them to a happy end.”


James Wickings 1833 - 1902

James Wickings was baptised 17 March 1833. James married Emily Walter in Staplehurst on 30 July 1861. James was of full age, a bachelor and a builder of Staplehurst. Emily was said to be of full age, a spinster of Staplehurst. Emily is the daughter of Charles and Sarah Emily Walters. She was baptised in Staplehurst on 24 August 1834, the daughter of Charles and Sally Emily Walter.


In 1861 James is living at his parent’s home. He is 28 and an architect.

 By 1871, James is married to Emily Walter and living on the Maidstone Road in Loose.

 On the 29th August 1881 Frederick was indentured to James Clements, carpenter and builder of 12 College Road, Maidstone, for 5 years as an Apprentice in the Art of a Carpenter and Builder at a starting wage of 5 shillings a week.

In the 1881 census, James and his family are living at 157 Upper Fant Road Maidstone.

In the 1891 census, James and his family are living at 157 Upper Fant Road Maidstone.

Neither son Charles or Frederick appear on the 1891 census.

 Son Alfred is living in Caterham, Surrey, as a servant in Godstone Road.

Alfred Wickings, servant, single, 20, Grocer Assistant, born Maidstone.

 By the time of the 1901 census, son Frank Iden Wickings is married and living at 51 Tonbridge Road in Maidstone. His father James is living with the family.

 In the 1901 census, Emily wife of James is found visiting a boarding house at 35 Bouverie Square, Folkestone.

Son Frederick is boarding in Camberwell at 348 Albany Road,

Son Charles ws living at 28 Waddon Road, Croydon, Surrey

Charles Wickens, head, single, 27, joiner, born Maidstone. (I believe the enumerator incorrectly wrote down his age as Charles would have been 37.

 Charles’ death was registered in the 3 rd quarter 1902 in Epsom.

 In the 1901 census sons James and Alfred were both living in the High Street, Cousldon, Surrey.

 James (senior) died in 1902. His death was registered in the 3rd quarter 1902.

 There is a monument in Staplehurst Churchyard inscribed “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. In memoriam Walter William second son of James and Emily Wickings who died at Henhurst Farm in this parish 23rd December 1878 aged 15 years and 5 months.”

William James Wickings 1860

William is the son of William Wickings and Elizabeth Cole. He was baptised in Staplehurst on 14 March 1860. William’s father died when he was just 9 years old. His mother remarried to Frederick Bixley. In 1881 census William is living with his mother and step father and is a carpenter and joiner.

William married Annie Eliza Worsley in Staplehurst on 24 December 1881.  William is a 21 year old bachelor and a carpenter. Annie is a 24 year old spinster, the daughter of George Worsley, deceased.


There are 2 known children by this couple.

By the 1891 census William is married and living at the High Street Staplehurst.

 In the 1901 census William and his family are living in Staplehurst at a house called Hothlea.

John Joseph Wickings c1843

According to the census, John Joseph Wickings was born in Marden about 1843. He was married to Mary Ann whose maiden name is not known.


The couple had the following children baptised in Staplehurst.

From census information we have identified additional children born to this couple.

In the 1871 census, John and his family are living at Dunberry Cottages, Chart Sutton.

John Joseph Wickings, head, married, 28, labourer, born Marden.

Mary Ann Wickings, wife, 23, born Staplehurst.

Ernest Albert Wickings, son, 10 months, born Staplehurst. 

In the 1881 census John and his family are living at 3 Hermitage Road, Boughton Monchelsea.

In the 1891 census John and his family are living at 6 Bridge Row, Boughton Monchelsea.

 In 1891 John’s daughter Emily is working as a servant (nurse) in Maidstone at Springfield Mill House for the Sharp family.
She is 17.

In the 1901 census the family is living at 6 Bridge Row, Boughton Monchelsea.

 Samuel Wicking 1811

Samuel was born about 1811. There is conflicting information about his place of birth; either Cranbrook or Tenterden. He appears in this document only because Samuel and his wife Harriett were living in Staplehurst at the time of the 1841 census. Samuel was said to be 30 years old and an agricultural labourer born in Kent.

Harriet was 20 years old and born in Kent.

In the 1851 census Samuel and Harriet are living at Turks Head, Milkhouse Street Cranbrook. Samuel is 40, an agricultural labourer and born in Cranbrook. Harriet, 45, is his wife and born at Frittenden. There are no children.

Note that there is no baptism record for Samuel in Cranbrook parish church.

In the 1861 census Samuel and Harriet are still in Cranbrook now resident at Golford. He is a 50 year old agricultural labourer now said to be born in Tenterden. Harriet is 41 and born in Frittenden.

Samuel was not found in the 1871 census.


The Later Years
Frederick Wickings 1866-1943

Frederick was the fourth son of James Wickings and Emily Walter.  Although he was a carpenter and builder by trade, as per his apprenticeship and described as a joiner in 1901 on his marriage certificate, his occupation on his eldest son’s birth certificate was given as a coffee house keeper in 1902 and he later became President of the London Coffee House Keepers Association.
Frederick married Mary Ellen Fitzgerald at Camberwell on 15 June 1901.


Frederick Charles Wickings 1902-1970

 Frederick was the eldest son of Frederick and Mary Fitzgerald. His first known trade was as an electrician, although after the World War 2 he worked for the Ministry of Food and subsequently for a Cheese Importers. In1957, Frederick, his brother Gerald and sister Emily founded a delicatessen and sandwich shop in Hammersmith, where they were joined by their younger sister Irene. The premises were due to be compulsory purchased in June 1972, but Gerald died in January that year and as Frederick had pre-deceased him the business was wound up.



Frederick Charles Wickings married Josephine Anna Liell on 18 September 1938. The couple had two sons, both living today.