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                                                 Fuller House
A 16th Century Wealden Timber Framed House in Staplehurst


Table of Contents
The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century
    The Buckland Family of Staplehurst
    Houses of this Period
    Fullers House Structure
    Hearth Tax
    Inventory & Valuation - John Buckland, 1664
    Richard Turner Esquire
    The Fuller Family
    The Caffinch Family
The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century
    The Simmons Family
    The Staplehurst Tithe Assessment 1841
    Tithe Map 1841
    The Hoare Family
Twentieth Century
    Details from Land Registry
    Major Herbert
    Rights of Ways Established
    Fullers House from 1953
    Fullers Cottage from 1953
    The Quarter
    Sale of Land from Fuller House
    Shepherds House
    Transfer and Release and Extinguishment of Right of Way
    Development in the Quarter
    Appendix 1 Land Tax Assessments
    Appendix 2 - Census Details