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Year Day Mon First Name Surname Groom Notes   First Name Surname Bride Notes Place of Marriage Witness Witness Source
1715 Nov 03 George ADAMS of Marden   Mary PARSONS of Staplehurst at East Malling     Register
1768 Feb 15 Edward ADSLY of Staplehurst   Elizabeth PULLEN of Frittenden at Frittenden by banns Richard Pullen John Collings Register
1657/8 Feb   John ADWICKE  husbandman of Staplehurst; s.of Stephen of same, husbandman   Elizabeth  MISKIN Wid.of Staplehurst at Cranbrook     Register
1714 Aug 02 Thomas ADY of Newington   Elizabeth BAILEY of Staplehurst at Langley by Lic.     Register
1734 Apr 14 Solomon ALLEN of Staplehurst   Elizabeth SHARP of Hunton at Hunton     Register
1655 Jun 12 Thomas ALLEN  clothier of East Sutton   Elizabeth DUKE Sp.of Staplehurst at Cranbrook     Register
1656 Jul 31 Thomas AMERY clothier; son of Georg AMERY of Staplehurst, yeoman   Mrs Mary JOHNSON dau of Mrs Elizabeth JOHNSON of Maidstone   published at Maidstone     Register
1781 Dec 24 Richard ASHBY of Staplehurst   Esther GAMMON of Yalding at Yalding Wm. Gladdish Wm. Humphry Register
1847 Oct 24 William ASHBY 26, labourer (Ba) of Sutton Valence, s of John Fielder(Hoy Jobber)   Eliza SISLEY 24,servant(Sp) of Staplehurst, d. of George (labourer) at Sutton Valence by banns Richard Bodkin Elizth Bodkin Register
1652 Oct 12 Mathew ASHDOWNE  of Staplehurst   Anna HARPER   at Sutton Valence      
1655/6 Mar 04 Mathew ASHDOWNE  tailor of Staplehurst; s.of Robt of same   Francis HART Sp.of Staplehurst; d. of Nycholas of same at Cranbrook     Register
1777 May 15 Benjamin ATTWOOD of Cranbrook   Sarah SIMMONS of Staplehurst at Cranbrook Tho. Simmons Henry Simmons Register
1663 Dec 28 Edward AUSTEN of Staplehurst   Elizabeth POPE of Frittenden at Frittenden     Register
1687/8 Jan 10 David AUSTEN of Staplehurst, Wdr & yeoman   Margaret KITCHENHAM Wid.of Sutton Valance at Sutton Valence     Register
1733 Nov 09 John AUSTEN of Staplehurst   Hannah PINE of Maidstone at Maidstone     Register
1886 Mar 06 John AUSTEN of Marden, 27, Ba., (Labourer) S. of Henry (Bailiff)   Ellen BURR of Staplehurst, 20, Sp., D. of william (Lic. Victualler) at Marden by banns Robert Burr Frances Ann Burr Register
1733 Nov 09 John AUSTIN of Staplehurst   Hannah PINE of Maidstone at Maidstone     Register
1657/8 Jan 28 Richard BACHELOR  felmonger of Staplehurst   Mary HUNT of Bedrisden, d of Richard, deceased Published at Maidstone      Register
1639 Jul 16 Richard BAILEY Ba., about 28   Elizabeth SLEYNEY of Staplehurst   at St Margaret's Canterbury by Lic.     Register
1744/5 Mar 22 Richard BAILEY of Staplehurst   Sarah PLANE of Staplehurst at Maidstone     Register
1748 Sep 20 Richard BAILEY Wid.of Staplehurst   Elizabeth BAILEY Wid.of Staplehurst at Langley by certificate     Register
1941 Jan 29 Harry Walter BAILEY of Staplehurst, 21, Ba.,(Farmer), S. of George (Deceased)   Joan Louise  SMITH of Marden, 23, Sp., D. of Sidney Frank (Grocer) at Marden by Banns Sidney Frank Smith Jane Sharp Register
1761 Oct 20 John BAKER of Staplehurst   Mary PEARCE of Marden at Marden R. Baker John Harris Register
1774 Jul 24 Richard BAKER of Staplehurst   Lydia BOUGH of Marden at Marden by banns George Sawlly John Harris Register
1654 Dec 26 Samuel BAKER  husbandman of Cranbrook; s. of Wm.of Lamberhurst   Elizabeth FOSTER Wid. of Staplehurst; d. of John HODLY of Brenchley, cloth worker at Cranbrook     Register
1717 Jul 25 James BALLARD of Staplehurst   Elizabeth NASH of Horsmonden at Maidstone     Register
1738 Apr 07 Richard BALLARD of Maidstone   Mary WRIGHT of Staplehurst at Maidstone     Register
1739 Feb 24 Joseph BALLARD of Marden   Elizabeth WOOD  of Staplehurst Aylesford     Register
1820 Apr 05 Richard BALLARD of Staplehurst   Mary SANDERS of Marden at Smarden Sarah Sanders Job Sanders Register
1722 Mar 26 John BANISTER of Staplehurst   Mary BURREN of Staplehurst at Maidstone     Register
1790 Nov 14 James BARTHOLOMEW Ba of Staplehurst   Mary TUCKER Sp of Yalding at Yalding by banns Henry Boreman Wm Humphrey Register
1815 Feb 26 William BARTHOLOMEW of Staplehurst   Sarah DADSON of Cranbrook at Cranbrook Rich. Seymore Sam. Waters Register
1760 Mar 25 Richard BARTON of Staplehurst   Mary GOLDING Sp. of Loose at Loose by banns J. Charlton Daniel Day Register
1768 Dec 29 Edward BARTON Wid.of Staplehurst   Ann ROBINS Sp.of Ulcombe at Ulcombe by Lic. Wm. Robins Tho. Burbridge Register
1784 Aug 11 Thomas BARTON Ba.of Staplehurst   Ann BOUCHER Sp.of East Sutton at East Sutton by Lic. Jn. Lefeaver Susan Barton Register
1784 Aug 11 Thomas BARTON Ba of Staplehurst   Ann BOUTCHER Sp of East Sutton at East Sutton by Lic. T. Boucher S. Barton KFHS CD28
1795 Nov 11 John BARTON of Ulcombe   Elizabeth SAMSON of Ulcombe at Ulcombe by Lic. Mary Barton Wm. Overy Register
1788 Nov 08 Thomas BASSETT Ba.of Staplehurst   Jane  WESTMORE Wid.of Cranbrook at Cranbrook John Westmore Sam. Waters Register
1655 Jul 31 John BASSOCK  yeoman of Staplehurst; s.of Wm.of same, clothier   Margret ANVILL Wid.of Staplehurst; d.of Caleb BROWNE, of Warbleton, Sx, carpenter at Cranbrook     Register
1598 May 08 Wylliam BASSOCKE     Macell RAMSDEN of Cranbroke by testemony of Roberte Newman Rector of Stapleherst at Maidstone     Register
1739 Jun 27 William BATES of Staplehurst   Ann VINEY of Staplehurst E. Peckham     Register
1739 Jun 27 William BATES of Staplehurst   Ann VINEY of Staplehurst at East Peckham     KFHS CD27
1632 Aug 20 John BAUGHAM Ba of Staplehurst   Susan HONES Wid.of Sutton Valance at Sutton Valence     Register
1654 May 23 Thomas  BAYLY bellowsmaker of Staplehurst; s. of Thomas, of Goudhurst, carrier   Margaret BERRY of Staplehurst; d. of Wm., of Tenterden, husbandman at Cranbrook     Register
1705/6 Mar 19 John BAYLY wid. of Staplehurst   Elizabeth GILBERT Wid.of Biddenden at East Farleigh     Register
1714 May 25 John BAYLY of Leeds   Mary WILKINSON of Staplehurst at Leeds     Register
1710 Oct 07 Robert BEACH of Staplehurst   Dorothy HICKMUTT of Horsmonden at East Farleigh     Register
1785 May 14 Thomas BEASGLEY Ba.of Staplehurst   Susannah CHAMBERS Sp.of Ulcombe at Ulcombe by Lic. David Hope John Bently Register
1843 May 13 William  BEECH   Ba., 22, labourer, of Pluckley, s.of Claron (or Daron?), shoemaker   Harriet HATCHER Sp., 18, servant, of Staplehurst, d. of John, labourer at Pluckley Robert Hatcher Hannah Simmons Register
1789 Oct 26 John BEECHER Ba of Staplehurst   Ann BROWN Sp of Goudhurst at Goudhurst by banns Jvis Lambert Hy Stephens KFHS CD27
1790 Jan 15 John BEECHER Ba.of Staplehurst   Sarah STANDEN Sp.of Goudhurst at Goudhurst by banns Tho. Brook Tho. Standen Register
1816 Dec 25 William BENGE of Staplehurst   Martha SMITH of Headcorn at Headcorn by banns Jas. Dungey Tho. Ottaway Register
1834 Apr 10 Richard BENTLEY Ba. of East Sutton   Amelia WEEKES of Staplehurst at East Sutton by banns Rd Osborne Mary Bentley KFHS CD28
1752 Nov 23 John BIGG of Staplehurst   Sarah LOVE of Staplehurst at Maidstone     Register
1626 Jun 14 William BIGGE of Benenden   Sarah STRONGE of Staplehurst at Benenden     Register
1689 Oct 10 Thomas BILLS of Staplehurst   Kath  HYAMS of Headcorn at Headcorn     Register
1655 Jun 14 Thomas  BILLS  broadweaver of Biddenden; s.of Tho.of Tenterden, husbandman   Anne BEXLEY Sp.of Staplehurst; d.of Wm. of same, narrow weaver at Cranbrook     Register
1694 Nov 08 Thomas BILLS   of Staplehurst   Mary BISHOP of Maidstone at Maidstone     Register
1695 Oct 22 Thomas BLACKBORNE of Staplehurst   Jane WALTER of Marden at Smarden     Register
1907 Oct 30 William Golden BLACKMAN     Rose Edith GEORGE of Staplehurst; d.of Alfred at Maidstone Registry Office     Roy Milner
1925 Nov 04 Frederick BLUNT of Staplehurst, 21, Ba, s.of John, labourer   Alice Eliza JOY of Goudhurst, 21, Sp, d.of Harry, labourer at Goudhurst by banns James Skinner Harry Joy            Margery Ada Joy KFHS CD27
1663 Oct   William BODKIN of Staplehurst   Joan AMHURST of Chart Sutton at Maidstone     Register
1775 Jul 16 Thomas BOLTWOOD Ba.of Staplehurst   Mary  EMERY minor of Frittenden, with permission of father Thomas at Frittenden by Lic. Jas. Tayler Robert Milles Register
1620 Nov 29 Richard BONDE of Frittenden, clerk, Ba.   Alice BATHURST of Staplehurst, wid. of Thomas, 37 at Frittenden by Lic.     Register
1770 Jun 26 William BOORMAN of Staplehurst   Ann WELLER of Maidstone at Maidstone     Register
1842 Jan 04 Joseph BOORMAN Ba,f/a,draper & grocer, of Staplehurst, s.of Wm (Labourer)   Sarah APPS Sp, f/a, of Iden Green, d.of Wm, grocer at Goudhurst by banns Tho Brissenden Eliza Brissenden KFHS CD27
1744 Oct 23 William BOREMAN of Staplehurst   Mercelina KNOWLEDEN of Linton at Linton     Register
1797 Jul 19 Louis BOURILTON of Mardeb   Jane  SIMONS of Staplehurst at Marden by Lic. J. Moncktelow Tho. M. Harris Register
1723 Oct 16 Edmund BOWMAN of Staplehurst   Elizabeth TELLHURST of Staplehurst at Bridge by Lic.     KFHS CD19
1637 Mar   James BOWRNE of Staplehurst   Susan ARGENT of Maidstone at Maidestone by Lic.     Register
1760 Jul 10 John BOYS Wid.of Cranbrook   Hannah WOOLLETY Wid.of Staplehurst at Cranbrook Robt. Renville Bridget Reeve Register
1775 Nov 01 Robert BRAKEFIELD of Cranbrook   Mary PRICE of Staplehurst at Cranbrook by Lic. Wm. Price Rich. Price Register
1801 Feb 19 Benjamin BRAN of Staplehurst   Ann SPICE of Hawkhurst at Hawkhurst by banns Tho. Barns Jas Coldicot Register
1653 Aug 23 Peter BREDGELAND of Staplehurst   Margaret COLLENS Wid.of Tenterden at Biddenden     Register
1613 Jul 13 Thomas BREESLAND of Staplehurst, tanner   Margaret SWYNHOGGE daughter of thomas, Jurat in Maidstone register "Att Lose by Mr Robert Carr precher of Maidstone"     Register
1886 Jan 30 George Edward BRENCHLEY (25) Ba of Staplehurst, son of George     Hannah CHITTENDEN (20) Sp of Kingsnorth, dau of Daniel at Kingsnorth Arthur Chittenden Elizabeth Swaffer KFHS CD28
1646 Jun 11 John BRIDGE of Staplehurst   Mary SCOON of Staplehurst at Sutton Valence     Register
1662/3 Jan 26 John BRIDGE of Staplehurst   Susan  LONGLY of Benenden at Benenden     Register
1681 Aug 02 Thomas BRIDGELAND of Staplehurst   Hannah LOVE of Staplehurst at Frittenden by Lic.     Register
1752 Feb 11 William BROMLEY of Staplehurst   Rebecca REEVE of Staplehurst at Maidstone     Register
1773 Aug 23 Paul BROOKER Ba.of Staplehurst   Sarah GOLDING Sp.of Goudhurst at Goudhurst by Lic. James Weston Tho. Mannering Register
1761 Oct 02 Joseph  BROUNGER of Staplehurst   Mary SANUNDERS of Chart at Chart Sutton by b. John Forster Wm Bassett CD28
1725 Sep 14 Robert BROWN of Staplehurst   Mary DENNETT of Sutton Valance at Maidstone     Register
1660/1 Feb 25 Joseph BRUMGER  yeoman of Staplehurst; s.of Joseph of same, cordwainer   Joane LENNARD Sp.of Cranbrook; d.of Thomas of Goudhurst, tailor at Cranbrook     Register
1639/40 Feb 24 John BUCKLAND of Staplehurst   Sara GULL of Linton at Linton by Lic.     Register
1611 Oct 09 Peter BULLER (BUTLER?) of Staplehurst, shoemaker   Elizabeth   Wid.of Headcorn at Headcorn by Lic.     Register
1657 Sep 24 Thomas BURFORD  of Staplehurst; husbandman    Jane WATTS of Ashford   published at Maidstone     Register
1657     Thomas BURFORD  husbandman of Staplehurst   Jane  WOTTS Ashford at Maidstone, Publication     Register
1878 Jun 15 John Daniel BURT of Staplehurst, Ba, 23, s.of Richard, deceased blacksmith   Eliza LAMBKIN of Finchurst, 23, Sp, Domestic Servant, dau. Of Edward, labourer at Goudhurst by banns Edwin John Harris Emily Crump KFHS CD27
1816 Sep 05 John BUSBRIDGE of Staplehurst   Elizabeth MANNERING of Headcorn at Headcorn by Lic. Robt. Mannering Jn. Berens Register
1825 Feb 23 John BUSBRIDGE of Staplehurst   Louisa LARKIN of Headcorn at Headcorn by Lic. Lews. Barham Tho. Ottaway Register
1695 Apr 02 Daniel BUSS     Ann FOSTER of Staplehurst at Marden     Register
1707 Apr 08 William BUSS of Staplehurst   Susanna DICKSON Wid.of Staplehurst at East Farleigh     Register
1726 Jun 16 William BUSS of Staplehurst   Elizabeth SWATLAND of Hadloe at West Farleigh     index
1650/1 Feb 19 John BUSSE w. of Staplehurst   Christian HARSENET Wid.of Lenham at Sutton Valence     Register
1640 Oct 20 John BUTCHER of Frittenden   Anne  FULLER of Staplehurst  at Frittenden     Register
1793 Oct 11 Thomas BUTCHER of Ulcombe   Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE of Staplehurst at Ulcombe by banns Edw. Fryer Joseph Tassel Register
1653 Jul 21 Thomas BUTLER of Sutton Valance   Joane ANDREWS of Staplehurst at Sutton Valence     Register
1692/3 Feb 16 William CAFFINCH of Staplehurst, yeoman, widower   Mary BEALE of Biddenden at Frittenden     Register
1640/41 Mar 13 William CAROTT of Staplehurst   Margarett BASSOCKE   at Linton by Lic.     Register
1810 Feb 07 William CARPENTER Ba.of Staplehurst   Sophia BOORMAN Sp.of East Sutton at East Sutton by Lic. John Knowlden Lydia Boorman Register
1638 Jul 23 John CARR of Staplehurst   Elizabeth ALLORD of Loose at Linton by Lic.     Register
1771 Nov 18 Job CHAINEY of Staplehurst   Jane ALLEN of Cranbrook at Cranbrook Wm. Boorman Abrm Jenner Register
1801 May 05 Jesse CHAINEY Ba of Staplehurst   Mary Ann LAMBERT Sp of Goudhurst at Goudhurst by Lic. Eley Linney Jrvis Lambert KFHS CD27
1745 Oct 06 Thomas CHANDLER of Staplehurst   Ann BAKER of Goudhurst at Goudhurst by banns     Register
1809 Nov 08 Thomas CHANTLER of Staplehurst   Martha MOON of Marden at Marden by banns Edward Barttell William Harris Register
1685 Sep 30 Abraham CHAPMAN of Staplehurst   Mary RAYMOND   at Linton     Register
1688 Sep 30 Abraham  CHAPMAN of Staplehurst    Margaret RAYMOND of Linton at Linton     Register
1742/3 Mar 05 Jacob CHAPMAN     Elizabeth USBORNE of Staplehurst at Marden by Lic.     Register
1672/3 Feb 10 Solomon CHAXFEILD of Staplehurst   Susannah FOULEGER of Staplehurst at Langley     Register
1705 Apr 11 Solomon CHAXFIELD of Staplehurst   Susanna SIMMONDS of Staplehurst at Langley     Register
1707 Oct 08 John CHAXFIELD of Staplehurst   Ann BISHOP of Goudhurst at Goudhurst     Register
1731 Sep 07 John CHAXFIELD of Staplehurst   Elizabeth PORTER of Staplehurst at Langley     Register
1657 Apr 07 Thomas CHEESEMAN  labourer, wid. of Staplehurst; s.of Richard of Cranbrook   Jane  COSTEN Wid.of Mayfield, Sx.; d. of Richard WESTON of Mayfield, yeoman at Cranbrook     Register
1710 Jun 22 John CHEEVER of St George ,Canterbury   Elizabeth CROWTHER of Staplehurst at East Farleigh     Register
1619 Apr 05 John CHESEMAN of Staplehurst   Margaret GOORE of Lenham at Lenham     Register
1770 Mar 08 Alexander CHESMAR of Staplehurst   Mary JEWRY of Rolvenden at Rolvenden by banns     Register
1732 Oct 24 Markwick CHILDRENS of Staplehurst   Dorothy PELHAM of Lydd at Lydd by Lic.     Register
1748 Feb 07 William  CHITTENDEN of Staplehurst; s.of A. Chittenden   Mary KNELL of Aylesford Aylesford     Register
1758 Apr 27 Stephen CHITTENDEN of Cranbrook   Rebecca CHAMBERS of Staplehurst at Cranbrook Wm.Chainey John Chambers Register
1832 Feb 15 George  CHITTENDEN of Staplehurst   Sarah KINGSNORTH of Bethersden at Bethersden     A. Chittenden
1761 Oct 28 Lambert CLARKE of Staplehurst   Mary GROVE of Marden at Marden Tho. Mercer John Harris Register
1712/13 Jan 14 John CLOUT of Staplehurst   Mary GROOMBRIDGE of Goudhurst at East Farleigh     Register
1768 Aug 21 Thomas COLE of Staplehurst   Sarah SHARP of Chart at Chart Sutton by b. Mrs Hopper Dav Boulden CD28
1938 Apr 16 Franklyn Harold COLEMAN of Staplehurst, 27, Ba., (Farm Labourer), S. of Edward (Deceased)   Elsie Mabel WHIBLEY of Marden, 30, Sp., D. of Charles Henry (Deceased) at Marden by banns Olive Pru Whibley Harry E. Wimsett Register
1889 Oct 19 William Hannibal COLLINS of Staplehurst, 21, Ba (Labourer) S. of John (Labourer   Eliza MILLS of Marden, 21, Sp., D. of william (Labourer) at Marden William Mills Alice Jane Mills Register
1769 Jan 03 Thomas COLLISON of Staplehurst   Sarah CASTLEDEN of Marden at Marden by banns Jn. Castelden John Harris Register
1778 Nov 18 Daniel COLLISON of Staplehurst   Mary LEFEAVER of Marden at Marden by Lic. John A. Walter John Tomkin Register
1803 Dec 21 John  COLLISON of Staplehurst   Mary FANSETT of Marden at Marden by Lic. John Lefeaver Stephen Fansett Register
1819 Nov 01 Daniel  COLLISON of Staplehurst   Ann Carey DEAN of Biddenden at Biddenden Keren Hills William Button Register
1827 Sep 02 John COLLISON of Staplehurst   Ann TAYLOR of Cranbrook at Cranbrook John Taylor Susan Taylor Register
1713 Nov 10 William CONEY of Staplehurst   Lydia COULTER of Staplehurst at East Farleigh     Register
1752 Aug 12 George  CONQUEST of Minster, Shepway   Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Staplehurst at Maidstone     Register
1709 Nov 22 John COOK of Linton   Margaret CHITTENDEN of Staplehurst at Linton     Register
1715 Jun 01 Thomas COOK of Staplehurst   Elizabeth WEBB of Staplehurst at Langley by certificate     Register
1888 Oct 13 Jesse COOK     Emmyline DENNESS of Staplehurst;d.of George at Bredgar     Bill New
1734 Oct   William COOPER of Staplehurst   Mary CASSELDEN of Marden at Marden     Register
1654 Nov 02 Thomas CORD of Staplehurst   Hester DEEDS of Staplehurst at Lenham by Act of P.     Register
1769 Apr 25 Thomas CORK of Staplehurst   Ann SELLUS of Sutton Valance at Sutton Valence S. Luft R. Norwood Register
1781 Dec 19 Mark  CORK Ba.of Staplehurst   Barabara POTTER Sp.of Headcorn at Headcorn by banns Tho. Watkins Wm. Bills Register
1891 Aug 15 William COTTINGTON 34,ba, labourer, of Linton, s. of John, labourer   Mary Ann BAKER Sp of Staplehurst, d. of George, labourer at Linton by banns Eli Baker Florence Butcher Register
1793 Oct 28 John COUCHMAN Wid.of Cranbrook   Judeth EVENDEN Sp.of Staplehurst at Cranbrook Richard Wells Sarah Fowle Register
1659 Nov 15 William COURAGE millwright of Staplehurst,    Alice CAFFINCH Sp.of Staplehurst at Hawkhurst     Register
1783 Oct 21 Richard CRADDUCK Ba.of Staplehurst   Elizabeth BOOTH Sp.of Goudhurst at Goudhurst by banns Moses Hopper Henry Stephens Register
1800 May 01 John CRADDUCK widower of Staplehurst   Sarah BRICHER widow of Frittenden at Frittenden by Lic. T. Smith John Collings Register
1931 Apr 18 Thomas Charles CROSS of Staplehurst, 29, Ba, (gardener), S. of Frank (groom)   Violet Constance FORD of Elm Corner Hunton, SP, 25, d of Edgar Henry deceased (accountant) at Hunton by banns H D Ford R G Kenard         F J Cross Register
1648 Apr 27 Robert CROUE? of Staplehurst   Mary HAMOND of Staplehurst at Linton       Register
1714 Jun 19 John CRUMP of Staplehurst   Elizabeth HOLMSBY of Leeds at Leeds     Register
1736 Jul 29 John CRUMP of Staplehurst   Sarah LONDON of Frittenden at Maidstone     Register
1759 Dec 11 John CRUMP Ba.of Staplehurst   Elizabeth LOVE Sp.of Benenden at Benenden Jn Crump Richard Willis Register
1779     Thomas CRUMP of Staplehurst   Mary WEEKS of East Farleigh at East Farleigh     Register
1783 Feb 25 James CRUMP of Staplehurst   Elizabeth MANWARING of Harrietsham at Harrietsham by Lic. Tho. Hambrook Mary Bottle Register
1776 Apr 05 Nicolas DADSON Ba.of Staplehurst   Elizabeth RUGSBY Sp.of Frittenden at Frittenden by banns Charles Rugsby John Collings Register
1813 Jun 01 George  DADSON of Cranbrook   Elizabeth CRADDUCK of Staplehurst at Cranbrook Sarah Franklin John Franklin Register
1663 Oct 22 John DANES of Staplehurst, tanner, Ba., 30   Nichol BRANDFORD of Cranbrook, virgin, 30 at Biddenden     Register
1732 Nov 15 William DAVIS of Staplehurst   Mary NASH of Headcorn at Maidstone     Register
1797 Oct 31 John DAVIS of Staplehurst   Esther PARKAR of Frittenden at Frittenden by banns James Day John Collings Register
1761 Sep 03 Thomas DAW of Staplehurst   Anne GANDY of Marden at Marden David Baker John Harris Register
1687 May 19 William DAY of Staplehurst   Elizabeth WILSON of Goudhurst at Goudhurst     Register
1765 May 25 Thomas DAY of Staplehurst   Mary PARSONS of Staplehurst at Canterbury Cathedral     Publication
1779 Feb 11 George  DAY Ba.of Hunton   Sarah BAILEY Sp.of Staplehurst at Hunton by Lic. Mary Miller Jn. Bishop Register
1629/30 Jan 28 Edward DENNIS of Staplehurst   Alice OSBORNE of Staplehurst at Frittenden     Register
1775 May 02 Thomas DIPROSE Ba.of Biddenden   Martha PYALL Sp.of Staplehurst at Biddenden Mary Knowlden John Dendy Register
1812 Oct 06 Joseph DOBELL Ba.of Staplehurst   Mary Ann BISHOP Sp.of Cranbrook at Cranbrook Steph Bishop Ann Dobell Register
1938 Nov 12 George Edward DRIVER of Marden, 34, Ba., (Labourer), S. of Frederick (Labourer)   Alice   BOURNE  of Staplehurst, 23, Sp., D. of Edgar James (Deceased) at Marden by Banns B. E. Collins J. Bourne Register
1834 Feb 10 John  DURRANT of Marden, Ba.   Elizabeth WARD of Staplehurst, minor at Marden James Ward Wm. Harris Register
1677 Feb 05 Stephen EARLE of Staplehurst   Elizabeth AMERY of Frittenden at Frittenden     Register
1779 Nov 15 Francis EASTON Wid.of Staplehurst   Elizabeth COLLINGS Sp.of Cranbrook at Cranbrook Wm. Rabbit Ann Jenner Register
1908 Oct 27 Joseph EASTWOOD of Staplehurst, 39, Ba., (Poultry Farmer), S. of Robert (Farmer)   Emily BOURNER of Marden, 32, W., D. of Sibery DAY (Farmer) at Marden by banns Julie Lavinia Day Sibery Day Register
1651 Oct 21 Robert EELI of Staplehurst   Elizabeth AUSTEN of Headcorn at Headcorn     Register
1751 May 30 Richard EXCELL of Hawkhurst   Elizabeth REYNOLDS of Staplehurst at Benenden     Register
1889 Nov 09 Alfred FAIRWAY of Staplehurst, 22, Ba (labourer) son of Alfred (labourer)   Kate WHITEHEAD of Chart Sutton, 21, Sp, dau of William (Labourer) at Chart Sutton by b Thomas Whitehead Harriett Fairway KFHS CD28
1930 Apr 21  William FAIRWAY of Staplehurst, 22, Farm Labourer, Ba son of James (deceased) farm Labourer   Glayds KINGSNORTH of Heronden Farm, Chart Sutton, 25, Sp dau of John KING (farm Labourer) at Chart Sutton by b F. King M Fairway KFHS CD28
1782 Feb 19 William FARMER of Staplehurst   Mary BENTLEY of East Sutton at East Sutton by banns Tho. Watts Wini Wood Register
1655 Jul 10 John FARNCOMBE  husbandman of Staplehurst; s.of John of Dorking, Surrey   Sarah MARTYN of Breadhurst at Maidstone, publication     Register
1846 Oct 12 Arthur FEATHERSTONE F/A, labourer, Ba, of Headcorn, s.of Thomas, wheeler   Eliza GOLDSMITH F/A, Sp, of Staplehurst, d. of Thomas, labourer at Headcorn by banns Ann Goldmill Tho. Goldsmith KFHS CD19
1778 Jan 10 William FERMER of Staplehurst   Mary ALLEN of Marden at Marden by banns William Wells John Harris Register
1731 Dec