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                               Staplehurst 1841 Census
                                    About the Data

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Source of Data
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Data Contents
Column 1: District
Column 2: Folio
Column 3: Household
Column 4: Address
Column 5: Names
Column 6&7:  Ages
 Col. 8:  Occupations
Column 9: BiC
Column 10: Foreign




Source of Data

The original data is in the custody of The National Archives (TNA) in the UK. The enumerator books have been filmed and can be found in some local archives, libraries and Family History Centres. Dependent on the  area of interest, there are some surname indexes available and I would recommend you contact the Family History Society for the county of interest. The Kent Family History Society has various indexes available.    As far as I am aware, there is no other 1841 surname index available for Staplehurst.

Data Reference :   TNA (PRO) HO 107/475/22


TNA is The National Archives which was previously known as the Public Records Office (PRO).             HO 107 is the reference for the 1841 census while 475/22 is the Staplehurst reference.

I would like to thank the TNA for their permission to include the census details in this site.

Census Date:   06 June 1841.

The instructions for the enumerators stated:

  • To include every living person who slept in the dwelling the preceding night.
  • If there were 2 first names, only enter the first one.
  • The correct age was to be written for everyone under 15 years of age.
  • For persons 15 and over, the age was to be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5.
  • Under occupations, widows, single woman or men having no occupation but living on their means  were classed an Independent or Ind.
  • The profession of wives, sons or daughters, living with their husband or parents and assisting them    but not receiving a wage, need not be entered.
  • For professional trades ‘J’ is for journeyman, ‘AP’ for apprentice, and ‘SH’ for shop man.
  • The last column shows ‘S’ for those born in Scotland, ‘I’ for Ireland, and ‘F’ for  Foreign.
  • ‘Yes’ or ‘Y’ in the column Born in County is used to denote those born in Kent while ‘No’ or  ‘N’ indicates they were born in another English county.


Quality of Data

I have transcribed this data from a copy of the film held at the Centre for Kentish Studies in Maidstone.    Like all transcriptions, there will be errors which I will apologize for in advance although the use of this data 
is at your own risk. If you do find errors in the transcription, please notify me and I will correct.

Some pages are extremely difficult to read due to fading of the writing. Other pages are difficult to read  
due to the quality of the original writing. I have done the best I can.

You need to also note that the spelling of names is transcribed as written and this may well differ to what    you expect.

Regional Description
County of Kent
            Lathe of Scray
             Hundred of Marden
               Parish of Staplehurst

  Superintendent Registrar’s District of Maidstone

  Registrar’s District of Marden

  No. of Enumeration Districts 5, 6, 7 & 8


The first column headed with the character ‘D’ contains the District. Staplehurst was divided into            4 enumeration districts for this census which are as follows.

  •  District 5: All that part of the parish of Staplehurst which lies to the east of the Turnpike road     leading from Cranbrook to Maidstone and south of the road leading from Cuckold Corner to Hawkenbury Bridge.
  • District 6: All that part of the Parish of Staplehurst which lies to the east of the Turnpike                 road leading from Cranbrook to Maidstone and north of the road from Cuckold corner to         Hawkenbury Bridge.
  • District 7: All that part of the Parish of Staplehurst which lies to the west of the Turnpike road               leading from Cranbrook to Maidstone and south of the road from Cuckold corner to                Marden Thorn.
  • District 8: All that part of the Parish of Staplehurst which lies to the west of the Turnpike road     leading from Cranbrook to Maidstone and north of the road from Cuckold corner to                Marden Thorn.

For those people with a road map of Kent, the Turnpike road mentioned above is today the A229 .         The  road leading from Cuckold corner to Hawkenbury Bridge is today referred to as the Headcorn          Road; and, going the opposite direction towards Marden Thorn, it is called Marden Road.

There is an excellent map on the Old Maps  web site dating from 1873 which clearly shows               Cuckold’s Corner and many of the larger farms.

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The second column holds the folio number as defined by the TNA with the addition of the character            ‘a’ or ‘b’ with ‘a’ being the left hand page and ‘b’ being the right’.


The enumerators used a bold stroke to indicate a change of household.  I have numbered the         households starting at one again for each district. This number is not held on the census sheets and                is included purely to simplify identification of households.  


The address is in the third column. Some people will be disappointed as many addresses are either         blank or generic such as ‘village’. The larger houses and farms are named.



When in doubt either from quality of the film or poor handwriting, I have indicated so with a ‘?’.          Spelling (where readable) is as written in the original.



Ages are in 2 columns, M for male and F for female. The enumerator was directed to record the            actual age of children under 15 and to round the age down to the nearest multiple of 5 for those                over 15 years. For children under the age of one, the number is followed with mths for months and           wks for weeks. When the pages were summarized and checked, a large line was drawn through ages.      This means that sometimes they are difficult to read and again I use a ‘?’ if unsure.



The occupations are generally in abbreviated form.

           M.S.         Male Servant

           F.S.           Female Servant

           Ag.Lab.     Agricultural Labourer

           Ind.            Independent Means.

           J.               Journeyman

BiC - Born in County
 The 1841 census only reference to place of birth is the 'Born in County' indicator. It is purely a 'y'                to indicate that the person was born in the current county (Kent) or 'n' to indicate otherwise.

The enumerators were instructed to use this column to indicate where someone was born outside of 
England. They were to use ' I '  for Ireland, 'S' for Scotland, 'W' for Wales and 'F' for everywhere else.          I only found one instance of this column being used.

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